Wyze Cam v2 Install Outside under Eaves with No Housing

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Dave Dugdale 2nd YouTube Channel

2 years ago

Wyze cam v2: amzn.to/2M5fSPC
SD Card for cam: amzn.to/2VCZ2Ml
10 foot cable: amzn.to/2D0MneS
Mounting bracket: amzn.to/2M3xbjG
UPDATE 1/14/20: Here is my 1 year update.
In this video I show how I installed the Wyze Cam v2 camera for an outdoor installation. I also show the software setup for the security camera as well.

Dave Dugdale 2nd YouTube Channel
Dave Dugdale 2nd YouTube Channel 2 years ago
Wyze cam v2: amzn.to/2M5fSPC SD Card for cam: amzn.to/2VCZ2Ml 10 foot cable: amzn.to/2D0MneS Mounting bracket: amzn.to/2M3xbjG
Jadamion Cole
Jadamion Cole 2 months ago
@Jeff Mathisen Do U Have Wyze Cam V2????
Joe Benforte
Joe Benforte 3 months ago
@Sean Tisdale yes you can. Around 3-14 days depending on video quality
Jeff Mathisen
Jeff Mathisen Year ago
​@Richard Rodriguez​, Search Amazon: Dewalt DCF680N1
Richard Rodriguez
Richard Rodriguez Year ago
What electric screwdriver are you using?
Sean Tisdale
Sean Tisdale Year ago
I assume without the SD card you cant save video?
MiT Lei
MiT Lei Month ago
4 screws is a bit of overkill for that tiny camera.
GamingNet Month ago
Bro I did it and it broke why do you do this
Mr.Bond Month ago
Awesome video and very clean work
Kel M
Kel M 2 months ago
Great job Dave, I suggest your daughter to upgrade to the V3. The new night vision is amazing.
Jason Matthew
Jason Matthew 3 months ago
I subscribed btw 😁
Jason Matthew
Jason Matthew 3 months ago
Yes I just got mine today works decent for the price I got it in the living room nanny cam
W W 3 months ago
I have this low profile mounting bracket. I wish they will make it for V3 as well.
Isaiah Bonilla
Isaiah Bonilla 5 months ago
Good thing my house is riddled with bullet holes so no need to drill anything
Tim Miller
Tim Miller 5 months ago
Where did Dave Dugdale go??? Please come back 🙏
Jamal Khalid
Jamal Khalid 6 months ago
Not sure if you did a follow up video after an year for the wyze cam outdoor installation. Is it holding up well?
Gina Pickett
Gina Pickett 6 months ago
Thanks for the links and the informational video
Earl Grey
Earl Grey 6 months ago
Funny guy... Yeah hehehe
Kennith Medlin
Kennith Medlin 9 months ago
Duck tape on the back of the camera
robin212212 7 months ago
yep, or electrical tape.
Adam Wakefield
Adam Wakefield 9 months ago
Thanks for posting these two videos. Just installed three of them and so far, feeling great about it!
Scott Converse
Scott Converse 10 months ago
I did this with one of these right after they came out. It's under an eave on our back door. We're in Colorado so COLD and wet winters, HOT summers... no problems. It's been running non-stop for well over a year with no issues.
Mark Clark
Mark Clark 10 months ago
My cam yellow light is not working right.when I plug it up it's yellow.. when it supposed to blink it goes out.everything else seems to do ok but it want connect .it's keep saying ready to connect
Mark Clark
Mark Clark 10 months ago
Anyone have any idea how to fix this problem.mark c lark
Delfi Crakle
Delfi Crakle 10 months ago
So is it still working?
Pipiris Nice
Pipiris Nice 10 months ago
funny guy. really authentic. i enjoyed this review
lisap 10 months ago
I love how calm you are. Is this normal for you? what about when your wife is watching? We cant do simple picture hanging without a lot of stress, and arguments. :) Thank you Dave!
Terk Franks
Terk Franks 11 months ago
The "big port" is USB to daisy chain and power another cam... 👍
Augustin 11 months ago
Lol cool vid bruh👍thx for the useful info
Ashley Madison
Ashley Madison 11 months ago
Measure none drill some!
Ashley Madison
Ashley Madison 11 months ago
I enjoyed the video, but I am amazed that you have lived this long.
Rj Miller
Rj Miller 11 months ago
Nice to see a real person. It's easier to identify with.
andres m suarez
andres m suarez 11 months ago
a plastic cover like the one on phones can helps
Brian Sh
Brian Sh Year ago
Today all cameras stopped working, the phone application doesn't load the cameras
frank james
frank james Year ago
q bui
q bui Year ago
Im scared to drill a hole thru my wall in my house
808 Year ago
Defiantly Trump 2020
christopher olexovitch
christopher olexovitch Year ago
Did you check to see if there were wires behind the board where you drilled? If so were the wires hot? Or did you turn off the circuit breaker?
R F Year ago
So a year later. Thoughts? I am about to buy one the pivot/pan one that just came out
netdoctor1 Year ago
Dave! I have that same Craftsman drill! I bought mine almost 40 years ago.
Mike and Dixie
Mike and Dixie Year ago
Wrap in Saran Wrap for weather proofing
D Topa
D Topa Year ago
Dave, I guess in your formal electrical/video training that no one one ever said: NEVER, EVER, EVER PENETRATE THE EXTERIOR MEMBRANE OF YOUR WALLS!!!???? When you sell your house in the future and the new owner discovers mold near your penetration, I guess the executor of your will will say, oops or Dave wasn't a contractor. You should be sued just for putting this DIY up (btw, I am not a contractor).
Ray Baker
Ray Baker Year ago
The last reviewer really got it wrong . The drilling next to the box was correct it was a surface mounted box and looking into it you can see were the 110 v entered it . It was very obvious the wiring entered from the right side and he drilled on the left side of the peg board which most likely he installed . The USB connector on it is used for 5 volt DC power only, NO data. I have done a number of outdoor installs the wire is 2 pair ( red, yellow, black, and white ) I cut the wire and splice it after it's all mounted this way you can drill a very small hole . Dave very good video maybe Thomas should have his pic on the poster at Home Depot . RB 34 yrs Retired Electrical Worker ( local 134 IBEW)
Drizzled Dominance
Drizzled Dominance Year ago
Great video.....n u made it look too easy, been a year is it still WORKING... n where is the update??
Joel R G Gizmo
Joel R G Gizmo Year ago
Switcher outlet to outlet with two USB www.homedepot.com/p/Leviton-3-6A-USB-Dual-Type-A-In-Wall-Charger-with-15-Amp-Tamper-Resistant-Outlets-White-R02-T5632-0BW/205092277?MERCH=REC-_-pipsem-_-301767685-_-205092277-_-N
Roger Pereira
Roger Pereira Year ago
Great video. Thanks, I bought three cameras love them and they work great. Considered mounting them outside but operating temperature is above 32° living in New York the temperature does go below 32°.
Dag TheWog
Dag TheWog Year ago
A good sideways rain and that's your ass! Should've gotten a weather-proof/resistant housing. What everyone else says about the drilling/wiring.
Erika NoLastName
Erika NoLastName Year ago
Great video. Watched the update as well. Thanks for the info!
David Fritzel
David Fritzel Year ago
LOLOLOL.... 32 gig card will record for 14 days?? muhahahahahaha
Johnny Lee
Johnny Lee Year ago
what's with all the corded tools? I thought they were obsolete other than the crazy heavy duty tools.
Jet Fuel
Jet Fuel Year ago
Its now over a year later. Whats the consensus on its outdoor experience? Have water issues migrated into the Cam?
Pete Year ago
Couple years later mine is getting a beating. I notice the color has a pink tint to it now. See if it survives this winter.
Randall Ledbetter
Randall Ledbetter Year ago
"It will fit , if you just give it enough pressure" That's what she said.
Isaiah Bonilla
Isaiah Bonilla 5 months ago
Michael would be proud
Andy m
Andy m Year ago
Mine lasted about 6 months before dieing after being out side in the winter and summer
Preston Cheap BT headphones test guy
Preston Cheap BT headphones test guy 10 months ago
Andy m 👍🏽
Andy m
Andy m 10 months ago
Preston Cheap BT headphones test guy yeah just buy one of them cheap Wyze cam out door cases for it. I put those on my new cam and it’s perfect
Preston Cheap BT headphones test guy
Preston Cheap BT headphones test guy 10 months ago
Skyla Schwalm
Skyla Schwalm Year ago
Still working?? Might purchase tomorrow
Lu Tor
Lu Tor Year ago
Dave is almost a year any updates on the camera ? Thnx
dege13 Year ago
I was going to ask the same thing.
Willie Year ago
For folks with 3D printers, there are some cool designs for the Wyze cams like this one I found: Wyze cam outdoor cover mount www.thingiverse.com/thing:2932013 Heck I might print this before I order my camera... then I will have it before it arrives. There are even designs for corner brackets.
Euan Year ago
We look forward to your one year update Dave!
Mangold Year ago
a bit of Duct Tape wont hurt for protection.
Mangold Year ago
how long the battery last?
Kryptospotted Year ago
No battery. It needs to be connected to the USB cable for power.
KeeplookingUP777 Year ago
12/19 How has this cam been working for you? Have you had issue with it's functioning...like stopped playing back recorded motion. Or did not record a whole day....? or other issues?
Tryp Year ago
Picked one of these up recently and was curious how it was holding up for you. Looks like it's been about a year since you posted this one. I've been debating the housing thing as I was going to mount it about in the same spot as you have yours set up. Just curious.
ozricus Year ago
Any update on this? It's been almost a year :)
808 10 months ago
@Preston Cheap BT headphones test guy 🤣
Preston Cheap BT headphones test guy
Preston Cheap BT headphones test guy 10 months ago
thealize808 lol.
808 Year ago
M MMM Year ago
warp00009 Year ago
I got a USB power adapter that has a 90 degree bend in it, for installing my WYZE camera power feeds behind pieces of furniture close to the outlet. For the last 10 years I've use my old, "indoor only" SMC IP camera outside, with no special case or any problems, just covered by the eves of the house. Only weird thing was the bird that attacked it a few days after I'd originally installed it, obviously noticing its white and black pattern and getting concerned about it. Biggest problem I have with the WYZE cameras is the unreliable, beta firmware they provide for RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) streaming to PC based surveillance software like iSpy. This firmware requires a manual reset every few days or hours because it just stops working after a random amount of time. Sad when my simple, 10 year old IP camera (that no one makes anymore) works better than newer, higher resolution WYZE cameras with open protocols like RTSP. I hope someday WYZE will fix this, but as they're primarily focused on just their proprietary protocols that support their smart phone app - it hasn't been any priority for them to fix. Nice video, keep up the good work!
King Pin
King Pin Year ago
How is this Wyze Cam holding up?
Kevr Year ago
My Wyze camera has been a lot more realizable then the amazon blink camera. USB powered is a bit of a pain but worth it if camera works better.
Lynn Wallish
Lynn Wallish Year ago
Buy a mounting case off Amazon
afterrain71 Year ago
There's no way that this is still working long term. Water infiltration from the top where the microSD slot is was inevitable.
Living the Spu Life
Living the Spu Life Year ago
Mines been outside under an eave for 2 years.. we hit minus 30 some days in the winter
basdfgwe Year ago
I Hope no one follows this video as a guide, obviously he's done research on his house on what to do.
Chris M
Chris M Year ago
Nice video, I wish Wyze supports 5GHz wifi
joshx413 Year ago
1:55 omg🤦‍♂️
Phẩm Quách,Bầu trời Connecticut
Phẩm Quách,Bầu trời Connecticut Year ago
How connected 2 cameras torether?
RSS Year ago
CHRISJ0AN Year ago
how are the cameras holding up? any water damage?
Connie Xiong-Moua
Connie Xiong-Moua Year ago
So is it still working? I judt got one
Preston Cheap BT headphones test guy
Preston Cheap BT headphones test guy 10 months ago
Anthony Fig lol.
Anthony Fig
Anthony Fig Year ago
Connie Xiong-Moua maybe it got stolen
Roland's World
Roland's World Year ago
Well done and appreciated!! Thankyou for doing this. It made my installation much easier.
Kurt Padua
Kurt Padua Year ago
isn't wyze waterproof is it?
99% Perspiration
99% Perspiration Year ago
Cameras on the eaves are worthless. try to identify a crook by the top of his hat. Place them down low where the crooks crawl.
Steadfast Patriot
Steadfast Patriot Year ago
So whats the update on this for 2019... is it still going? Did you catch any suspicious activities?
EL EVO Year ago
Don't they sell an outdoor housing for this Wyze Cam V2? I think it would help protect you from the rain than no protection at all?
Jake Jacobs
Jake Jacobs Year ago
Great Vid, i know its not been a year yet, but have you made part 2, i need to know the outcome😁
DynaCentral Year ago
wyze cameras are awesome! I use them for my customers for their businesses! and for my home!
Callahan Covington
Callahan Covington Year ago
Everyone watching this video, *DO NOT* do this at home. What he should've done is ran an AC extension cable from the outlet to the Wyze cam. Then, plug the USB in from there. DC degrades over cable length much faster than AC and why your power company doesn't send power to your house using AC current, ask Nikola Tesla about that.
iKingRPG Year ago
The big USB type-A port is for accessories like of you buy their wyze sensors, or you can plug another wire into there to power a 2nd wyze cam
JOHNNY Year ago
Do you know what's the max micro SD card capacity? I know on the official Wyze cam website, it says up to 32gb, but I want to know what's the max. Also, for continuous video recording [with micro SD card inserted], is it true that old videos taken on the camera gets replaced with new videos after the camera runs out of space? And when this happens, does it replace everything or just a few? Lastly, does the camera allow you to access the files via WiFi or mobile in any way without having to pay a fee [if so, how much would it cost and can you access those files via WiFi from the micro SD card itself, rather than using cloud storage] or subscription?
Desmond Cheah
Desmond Cheah Year ago
Good Job.. great video.. gave me lots of idea to do mine.
blxtothis Year ago
I hope the power feed for that socket didn’t come from above it!
Chris Perry
Chris Perry Year ago
How’d it hold up? I’m doing a similar install in an unfinished basement and was curious how the little mounts hold up.
Manuel Haro
Manuel Haro Year ago
drill directly above a light switch. I smell low levels of IQ or maybe you wanted to commit not living
Amy Peterson
Amy Peterson Year ago
I live in phoenix. How much heat can this camera take under the eaves in the summer when it gets over 110 degrees?
B Year ago
How cold was your winter and how did it do in that wearher??
Dennis Barnes
Dennis Barnes Year ago
How do these camera hold up in winter months outdoors? I bought 2 I keep inside the house facing at windows and the glare renders them useless. I will put them outdoors now that I’ve seen your helpful videos. Thank you. I really needed the info you shared.
Ted Hallett
Ted Hallett Year ago
There is nothing wrong with drilling above or around a jbox if you know where the power enters the box, which you can see by looking into the jbox. Speaking before thinking is much worse.
Jim Schmidt
Jim Schmidt Year ago
Would not drill next to live electrical line, outdoor housing is inexpensive, Would suggest purchasing.
To Kai
To Kai Year ago
That's amazing! Good job
Dennis Mathias
Dennis Mathias Year ago
Now Doug, I love your videos but it looks like a rat nibbled on your pegboard after you got done with the hole drilling. Carpet knife would have worked better. And you have a cord on that 1/2" drill. OMG. Hey, use your critter trap for that rat. BTW, I have the same Dewalt screwdriver.
Foxie Dog
Foxie Dog Year ago
Thanks Dave, have 4 I need to do as well but learned not to drill above the light/electric box. Glad you're safe.
Vietnam Vet
Vietnam Vet Year ago
the outdoor housing works great on these cameras $ 11.88. There are a lot of videos on youtube that show some extream weather with them
Kirk Year ago
If you mount the bracket on the wall and it could have been right side up instead of upside down keeping the water out.
Smufter16 Year ago
If are worried about water getting in thru the top just get a large clear plastic cup. Cut just enough of the side of the cup so it slips completely over the camera base. Leave enough of the bottom of the cup to adhere to the surface via 2 sided sticky pads. Also cut enough of the height of the cup so it hangs over the top of the camera without obscuring view of camera. Use the 2 sided sticky pads to attach bottom of cup (upside down) to surface. Use a big enough diameter cup so you can still rotate camera once your "plastic shield" is installed. Cheap and easy. Infinite variations of using clear plastic to act as a rain guard.....
Samuel Sandoval
Samuel Sandoval Year ago
Hey Dave, how is it holding up? :) I just bought a Wyze Cam yesterday and saw this.
Brian J
Brian J Year ago
that maniacal laugh when you're drilling the hole... lol Same sound I make when i use power tools!
Yes Sure
Yes Sure Year ago
Why not use some duct tape over all the holes?
Skittle Year ago
it will not store footage for 14 days on a 32gb
H.Cruzz10 Year ago
Skittle huh
RCMJC Year ago
Great video but you know the housing costs only around $16 cdn on amazon LOL .. are you that cheap??!
Jack Heris
Jack Heris Year ago
Ebay has them cheap, about $7.
Everette Pfennig Jr.
Everette Pfennig Jr. Year ago
So it's been about 8 months how is it working out for you?
Preston Cheap BT headphones test guy
Preston Cheap BT headphones test guy 10 months ago
Greenid Guy lol. Lol.
Greenid Guy
Greenid Guy Year ago
Everette Pfennig Jr. it’s been 10 months now and no answer...apparently he finally drilled a hole in the wrong spot. 😂😂
Kyle Moyer
Kyle Moyer Year ago
i have security cameras outside that aren't meant to be outside and i soaked one of them with a hose and it still works perfectly!
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