Customer States Ep7 Fan speeds not working.

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Aaron's Garage

Month ago

Lets check out the blower resistor. Also the beard is always changing! 😆

writerconsidered 7 hours ago
This was actually educational, thank you.
Aaron's Garage
Aaron's Garage 7 hours ago
No problem!
Eric the Hiking
Eric the Hiking 13 hours ago
Did the 1999 Century suffer from the Y2K bug?
Aaron's Garage
Aaron's Garage 13 hours ago
It sure did!
Phenomental1ty 10 days ago
This is the same thing i did in my chevy astro. Same problem and i replaced it with the update resistor and all the speeds work again. The old design i pulled from my vehicles circuit board was toasted black just like this one in the video!
EliteCasual 16 days ago
You just helped me diagnose this issue for my 06 sebring. I've been wondering what it could be for a couple months lol
Iowa Sucks
Iowa Sucks 18 days ago
We got all spee-
radon360 19 days ago
Seen this happen with several 2000-ish GM cars. Wonder if there was a weak design on this part back then.
BuriedFlame 25 days ago
*Microsoft fanfare*
SoulSnatcher 25 days ago
I've replaced resistors in so many Jeeps it's not even funny.
Nobody 26 days ago
Good one mate. It's an old bunky so I just hit it when it misbehaves 👍😄
Nathan Ross
Nathan Ross 26 days ago
That’ll be $1400
Sopan Kotbagi
Sopan Kotbagi 26 days ago
wow how incredibly inefficient doing resistive speed control. how hard is PWM really?
Donz Milky
Donz Milky 26 days ago
Why would anyone spend money on that shitbox of a car? Brakes ok, oil change sure, headlight whatever. But fixing the least useful blower speeds? People waste their own time and others.
Rory P
Rory P 26 days ago
That's a thermal fuse not a resistor... Resistors on the PCB
Jason Drennen
Jason Drennen 26 days ago
I don't know why that manufacturer wasn't smart enough to use pwm on blower motors. This is one of those parts designed to fail.
Juppie902 26 days ago
I like you dude not just because you do a funny "customer states some ignorant statement thats totally not the problem but they are sure they know better" but also because you explain in the simplest form what is wrong and where it is, and what the solution to that would be. *NICE*
Daddy deez
Daddy deez 27 days ago
What is with you clowns and the “customer states” videos wicked original
Joel Manglass
Joel Manglass 27 days ago
It's not rocket science, don't forget that. I do probably a better job than you for half the cash i bet
Adam St
Adam St 27 days ago
seen plenty of gmc work trucks with this issue but never cared to look into it. This is actually really usefull info.
David Ghaemi
David Ghaemi 27 days ago
They are the best 2 settings that are still working, no need to fix.
Panjab Born
Panjab Born 27 days ago
It blows harder
The Rice Potato
The Rice Potato 28 days ago
Man looks like connor macgregor's less successful cousin
Jay Em
Jay Em 28 days ago
They normally blow for a reason such as blower motor bearings begininng to seize, increasing electrical load on resistors. Check the actual blower spins freely or the customer will be back soon...
S A 28 days ago
$1724 later....
the Mechanic
the Mechanic 28 days ago
But the question is how did the resistor burn out what made it do that? Its called for the fans at home a parts changer lol
UltraGamma25 28 days ago
Thank you for an honest video not making fun of people for not knowing about cars. Subbed
lake rouse
lake rouse 28 days ago
Could this be why my 2013 Ford Explorer‘s blower is stuck on high or is the resistor one of the new ones that’s just gone bad?
bimmermac 28 days ago
I’ve seen this happen before. Someone someone took the dial and put it back on wrong. Lol. Maybe it was a prank. 😂
FreakingDoomShroom 29 days ago
Bimbimbim ... overspeed ... overspeed ...
Berzerker God
Berzerker God 29 days ago
Take a shot for every time he says blower
FaZe CrAzY626
FaZe CrAzY626 29 days ago
I thought this was gonna be a meme but turns out super helpful.
Jeffrey Whitlatch
Jeffrey Whitlatch 29 days ago
Those resistors have been used for damn near ever. Remember when I used to just be three different coils of bare wire
Ribble Dean
Ribble Dean 29 days ago
This dude knows his stuff man!! I can appreciate that, thanks for the awesome videos
Jonathan Saidah
Jonathan Saidah Month ago
It's a Buick naturally
Link Knight
Link Knight Month ago
With Australian fords it right behind the switch and you've got start pulling the dash apart.
Chaz Danielle
Chaz Danielle Month ago
I had an 02 malibu that was like this. Hell yeah always wandered
Brandy B
Brandy B Month ago
What would make it switch from ac to heat when you hit a bump? My dads truck is doing this ...FWI it's about 13 yrs old!! Lol
corvettebob Month ago
Too many variables. Probably related to the blend door motor. Not a repair for the faint of heart if it gets complicated.
rob Month ago
Thanks so much for fixing that for me! The mechanic: no problem! that will be 1500 dollars. Cash or credit?
Chip D
Chip D Month ago
Seems to my like replacing that resistor costs more than the car is worth
Justacuase18 Month ago
I had to replace one of these, all the speeds slowly went out one by one and my wife thought I was going crazy, she never noticed I fixed it because she always ran it 9n high
Andrew Beeman
Andrew Beeman Month ago
Some modern cars don’t use a blower motor resistor anymore, the fan is PWM (pulse width modulation) controlled. Basically it sends pulses of 12v to the fan motor, slow speed is achieved by shorter pulses, so it sends 12v power as a short pulse, as you increase the speed the frequency of the pulses increase until you hit Max where it sends full power. Usually used in rigs with automatic climate control with automatic fan speed control.
Andrew Beeman
Andrew Beeman Month ago
These are always fun to change when you go and pull the knee bolster out and the heater box had gotten full of leaves and caught on fire and burned out the heater box lol
Alexander Gooding
Alexander Gooding Month ago
Lol shhhh gotta keep charging the normies
Steve's Channel
Steve's Channel Month ago
Dodge Van's, they are outside in the engine compartment.
Rob Jurena
Rob Jurena Month ago
Ahhhhhh the good ol days at GM
spudthegreater USA
spudthegreater USA Month ago
90s model Cherokees burn through these things like light bulbs.
Electric Guitarist
Electric Guitarist Month ago
Well I guess I gotta take the resistor out my girlfriend if you know what I mean
Unchained Wings
Unchained Wings Month ago
I'm having this same issue and was about to replace the blower motor. Maybe I should check this too.
Daniel Faraday
Daniel Faraday Month ago
If it's turning on at all it likely isn't any kind of electric motor, just for future reference.
7980flh Month ago
Thank God for guys like you. I can't work on today's car's. Give me the 60's car's.
myboy051 Month ago
Just fix the resistor and blower motor together. The blower more then likely has high resistance in the motor and will over time keep burning up the resistor.
Backyard-Built-Trucks Month ago
Remember the old blower resistors , 3 coiled wires of different sizes .
Adrian Osuna
Adrian Osuna Month ago
The real problem is people driving those shit cars
Anonymous Slayer
Anonymous Slayer Month ago
His beard looks so weird
Greg The Leg
Greg The Leg Month ago
What If there's no air flow in the mid vents, only the side ones??
scott margerison
scott margerison Month ago
That ginger thing on your chin is disgusting......
XZeeter Month ago
Actually sound like linus tech tips no cap
ForgivenBob Month ago
I had that problem once.. No blower at all for two North East Ohio winters.. I froze for 2 years.. After all that, it turned out the knob was just stripped.. Lol.
AntiA Month ago
I never knew how this worked, I just knew what to fix if I had that problem.
josh furnell
josh furnell Month ago
That's what mine does. The 4the one only works. On rare and I mean rare occasions the others will work
flipnotrab Month ago
That blows...
DG Month ago
Great educational content but I’m afraid this guy doesn’t understand what a “customer states...” video is. Very disappointed click bait.
Mark Fuston
Mark Fuston Month ago
Man, I worked at a junk yard(salvage yard as they called it) specializing in foreign cars and had to pull a resistor for someone. I can't remember which car it was exactly, probably a BMW or Benz, but I had to pull the dash and everything outta that car. Few hour job, for a less than 50 dollar part. I wish they were all smart enough to just put em by the glove box.
Jaalan Month ago
Thanks for showing people this man. I work in auto parts and arguing with customers that think they know what they are doing is the worst 🤣
Frankless Month ago
Bad alternator
Randy Higgins
Randy Higgins Month ago
I like how he says “settings”..... Seddins lol
foosmonkey Month ago
replaced the new resistor, and ohm my god it worked!
Harry Manilow
Harry Manilow Month ago
She just spent 7 times more than that car is worth.
Mockingbird Redacted
Mockingbird Redacted Month ago
Thank you 🙏! I am going to fix my fan now I always thought it was a fuse and every time I looked it up I looked it up with my car so I got limited results. I appreciate this a lot
walkie talkie
walkie talkie Month ago
How many men are going to run down to their local adult gag shop and ask for a blower resistor for their wife or girlfriend lol
Samuel I
Samuel I Month ago
Wide ass open or nothing at all. We don't do halfway here!
Just Vibin
Just Vibin Month ago
Looks like a part of a cactus
Tyler Baumgartner
Tyler Baumgartner Month ago
That thing on top is a wax fuse meant to melt and shut the component off if it over heats to prevent fires and is in fact not a resistor.
Bóbr Bobrowski
Bóbr Bobrowski Month ago
Just newly designed ones... Owner of 26 years old vw as you say in States eurovan - I did lot around this models and they all seem to have resistor pack like this. I think it's old proven tec and this pcb thing is just some accountant design kind if thng
Niko Bella-Khouf
Niko Bella-Khouf Month ago
My uncle used to have a Buick Century and when you turned the car off, the engine would keep running at very low RPMs until you pressed the defrost button.
Justin Partridge
Justin Partridge Month ago
Josh Costa
Josh Costa Month ago
So common on GM
JoeyTheFoxxo Month ago
One thing he forgot to mention. Usually the lower speeds go out first, as the higher the resistance, the more heat that is being created due to energy dissipation. They rely on the air cooling of the blower motor itself. So if you have low airflow (say a dirty cabin air filter) you may burn up your resistor quickly. Make sure the resistor can stay cool!
Eat your Cereal
Eat your Cereal Month ago
What is that attachment on your drill and can you tell me where you got it
Kamloops and Area Roads
Kamloops and Area Roads Month ago
Now I know how to fix my Subaru! Thanks!
Desert Reefer and Son
Desert Reefer and Son Month ago
Lol got on enough extensions and adapters for that 10mm socket?
Turk February
Turk February Month ago
The hot chic who lives next door resists blowing me too. How do I fix that?
Garrett Green
Garrett Green Month ago
Had to do this before, thought I was a super pro lol
Lunchbox1017 Month ago
I fucking love buicks. Good grandpa cars worth the money maintenance and will last forever.
MeiKurey Month ago
I had my blower motor resistor blow in my 96 Grand Marquis, it was a nightmare changing it cause it was DIRECTLY behind the engine block and under the hood
Daniel Hagan
Daniel Hagan Month ago
Probably best to go ahead and replace the blower mower too. There's a reason the resistor went out.
Andrew Jack
Andrew Jack Month ago
Customer was correct...for once.
Jyle Gabel
Jyle Gabel Month ago
And for all of you like me that know this car and all the same cars that have these exact parts if that doesn't fix it like it didnt for me 8 months ago funny enough it will be the ignition switch
HereFishyFishy Month ago
1999 Buick Century? Instead of buying that resistor, they should have totaled the car out.
Generalx5 Month ago
It’s 2021, why are you still driving 20th century vehicles
A&R Farms
A&R Farms Month ago
You’re the fkn man. My Chevy Colorado has had this problem for a year and our local dumb ass dealership couldn’t fix it. Said I needed to replace everything which was thousands
james arundel
james arundel Month ago
Who would fix the fan on a old dirty stained scrapper
Campbell MacKinnon
Campbell MacKinnon Month ago
Holy shit. This is so basic and dumb. Next I'll be watching a video on how to hammer a nail. Fuck my life and all this spare time.
Dana Kotze'
Dana Kotze' Month ago
Matty P
Matty P Month ago
Just put some fucking air in the tire and call it good.
Todd Amtmann
Todd Amtmann Month ago
Good man. Knows his *hit.
Hunts By Chainsaw
Hunts By Chainsaw Month ago
My van had a failure in the TIPM which cooked the blower motor and resistor and all the wiring between the blower controls and the blower motor. Not sure how I didn't have a fire.
Jason Bailey
Jason Bailey Month ago
Ok.. I got one for you. 2005 Chevy Tahoe. Driving down the road and the truck stops all on its own. I have to turn the truck off for 5 mins to be able to drive it again. What's causing it to brake by itself??
Sal Month ago
I've had this issue in every GM car I've ever owned. Luckily it's an easy fix!
Wicked Games
Wicked Games Month ago
Whats the best way to get rid of those sonic plastic welds ? Anyone anyone?
Merk1904 Month ago
Whats a sedden
Devin Smith
Devin Smith Month ago
On my 98 Lesabre it blows great on 1 2 and 3 but does literally nothing on 4
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