Wyze Lock + Keypad Review: cheap, but can you trust it?

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Year ago

The Wyze Lock has officially launched! I’m reviewing it with its add-on keypad to see if it’s a good smart lock option. Wyze Lock can auto-lock/unlock and detect if the door is open or closed. I’ll show you how well these features worked for me and try out the accessory keypad.
Trusting a company with your front door security is a big deal, so I’ll also explain if the Wyze Lock is secure enough for keeping your home safe.
LINKS (affiliate):
Wyze Lock: wyze.com/wyze-lock
Wyze Keypad sold separately here: wyze.com/wyze-lock-keypad.html
Wyze Cam: amzn.to/2VtdMPU
Wyze Sense + Cam bundle: amzn.to/2wNfXDU
Other upcoming products from Wyze: forums.wyzecam.com/t/wyze-product-updates-02-17-2020/89116
Wyze security breach info: forums.wyzecam.com/t/updated-02-13-20-data-leak-12-26-2019/79046
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Disclaimer: Smart Home Solver was sent the Wyze Lock and Keypad in this video for an unbiased review. Our opinions are 100% our own and not influenced. We have never been paid for any reviews.

Sean McKenzie-Mardelli
Sean McKenzie-Mardelli 14 days ago
March 2021 and they are still selling these half-baked products with a highly unreliable door open/close status detection feature
aparano1a 26 days ago
may I take keypad with me away ?
Ali Man
Ali Man 27 days ago
Hi So this can work with smart things?
zach r
zach r Month ago
what do you think of the lock now, if your still using, and has there been updates for it
greg blackford
greg blackford 2 months ago
My problem is color selection. They need to make more colors match your door hardware. I have the rubbed bronze color deadbolt and door handle. Why would I want silver ?
God Xavi
God Xavi 3 months ago
Wyze is a amazing company, my brother has all the cameras and sensors and I ordered the head phones and their all great
Eli Keathley
Eli Keathley 4 months ago
Such a great Video. I did a review video on the Wyze headphones @ usposts.info
Randell Griffith
Randell Griffith 4 months ago
:),I like your videos, I received the same one from newigstyle..com three weeks ago, delivery by Fedex,wonderful quality !!!
Grant West
Grant West 5 months ago
My auto-open works great! Arms full from the store, walk down the hall & I hear it unlock.
JohnDoesTech 5 months ago
Can you use this for a bedroom door (I have a spare bedroom and that is where I work)?
Seohn Aranys
Seohn Aranys 6 months ago
I’m surprised they don’t have a solar panel that you can attach to the bottom or top of the lock to charge the batteries.
Juan Rivera
Juan Rivera 6 months ago
Thanks for the video. I have the wyze lock. Have not run any problems. It's working well. I thought about the key pad but it seems to be too bulky. I can see it as another option of accessing the home. Thing is I use my keys either way because I lock both locks. If there is a few people that live in the house then some of those features wouldn't be use or will be a waste of time to use them.
Ann Lynd
Ann Lynd 7 months ago
Six months later, are you still having the same issues with the lock?
SHOT CALLER 7 months ago
After leaving your home, can you set it up where even if someone has a physical key can't get in?
Luis Aguilar
Luis Aguilar 4 months ago
If you have 2 locks on your door. (The bottom one that locks and unlocks your door, and the top one that just locks it from the inside/with no outside plate). You are able to do that. Just install the Wyze lock on the inside top lock.
anthiacc 7 months ago
Ednei Castro De Sena
Ednei Castro De Sena 8 months ago
I will be able to send one to Brazil, here it is not. it only has wyze cam pan.
TeBa 8 months ago
Is this compatible with SmartThings?
Frank Biz
Frank Biz 8 months ago
Great review. 👍🏻 Just subscribed. Looking forward to more reviews. Thanks.
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 8 months ago
Awesome, thank you!
gullreefclub 8 months ago
I am willing to bet that a strong magnet will be able to confuse the mechinism that locks and unlocks your lock. It should be noted that this simple hack is well known and as a result I would not trust that lock as my primary deadbolt lock. Don't take my word for it check out the lock picking lawyers youtube channel
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 8 months ago
He has a great channel! That's an interesting point about using a magnet, I'll have to test out that vulnerability.
Steve Hinrichs
Steve Hinrichs 8 months ago
I use HOOBs to bring in Wyze devices into HomeKit. Have you tried this, and do you know if the lock would show up in HomeKit with HOOBs?
TDO 9 months ago
I got a Wyze lock as well for my front door, had it for a few months now and just installed the keypad yesterday since I came close to locking myself out with the auto-lock feature. Overall it’s a good smart lock for the price you pay but I probably wouldn’t recommend it just yet. I have the same issue with the lock being out of calibration with my kids not closing the door all the way or leaving it open. Have to recalibrate constantly and so it’s definitely a pain. The auto unlock feature worked for me every time I drive home from work but one time it unlocked by itself in the middle of the night so I ended up disabling that feature .
T Ramirez
T Ramirez 9 months ago
Hi. I purchased the lock. And never had the issues you had but I’m glad I saw your review because I had doubts about the keypad and not being able to secure it better makes me want to wait for some improvements
Nathan McMahan
Nathan McMahan 10 months ago
I like my wyze lock. It has worked really well and I haven’t had the issues you had in the video. The keypad I like as I placed it out of view so nobody knows I have a smart lock.
Nathan McMahan
Nathan McMahan 6 months ago
Yolanda Nelson No you can still use your key which is a nice option and another backup with the keypad as well.
Yolanda Nelson
Yolanda Nelson 6 months ago
Hello, do u have to use the key paid since you can still use a key?
Haris Najeeb
Haris Najeeb 10 months ago
What happens if the batteries run out? Is the lock open automatically? What if I'm outside? Am i locked outside?
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 10 months ago
You will need to use the key just like a normal lock if the batteries run out.
ea0529 10 months ago
The lock+keypad would be perfect for that service door leading from the garage to the backyard. We keep the keys on a hook inside so we have to bring the key with us when using that door for every little thing.
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 10 months ago
That could be a nice place for a smart lock and keypad!
UncleKratos 10 months ago
I’d be more concerned that your door is installed wrong. Hinges should be on the inside. Someone could pop those hinges off from the outside and it doesn’t matter what lock you have at that point. I hope this is something you fixed after making this video!!
David Shula
David Shula 10 months ago
All the sensor issues you outline, door ajar, proximity unlocking, i had as well. i did a more finite recalibration, changed the ajar gap just a little bit more, and that issue went away. leaving the geo fence issues were more related to my phones, it's Internet and Bluetooth.. once straightened out.. lock had been flawless. early access and haven't had a single issue. keeping in mind, cost differences, they kept the keypad separate for this. not everyone wants it needs one. As far as it getting stolen, it would be useless I would imagine. MAC id could easily be disabled by WYZE.. average criminal doesn't know that, but would anybody really want to steal a keypad for? Vandals mostly. it's 20 bucks to replace.. even still if you had to replace the entire lock and a key pad you would still come out way ahead of most commercial lock systems available today.. try recalibrating the door, allow inferred just maybe another three-quarter inch to an inch of door open gap.. see how that performs with door ajar alerts.
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 10 months ago
Good tips, thanks! I'm glad that the lock is working well for you now.
Blue Frog
Blue Frog 11 months ago
Amazing review, thank you!!!
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 11 months ago
Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for watching.
Susan Noh
Susan Noh 11 months ago
Where can you buy the wyze keypad? This is perfect!!!
Susan Noh
Susan Noh 11 months ago
@Smart Home Solver Thanks! I couldn't find it on their website from my side.
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 11 months ago
At this link: wyze.com/wyze-lock-keypad.html
Tupac512 11 months ago
This dude really said he's running out of room for a small thing? So stupid
Marji 11 months ago
Which dead bolt do you recommend using w/a Wyze lock?
GeorgeandDad Decker
GeorgeandDad Decker Year ago
Is the base plate or adapter plate made of plastic or metal that the lock attaches to ?
Not J
Not J Year ago
Probably just need to recalibrate your daughter.
Jared Bzdok
Jared Bzdok Year ago
My geofence works great I love it!
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver Year ago
That's good! I'm hoping the software will improve as time goes on.
Home Stuff Review
Home Stuff Review Year ago
PSA: I ordered one and didn't realize it didn't come with the keypad. What a waste. You can't even get one now and it says available in May. I don't know how much these are going to cost, but I wish you would have said that you got some kind of early version of this keypad and that we can't get this yet and it will cost more.
Home Stuff Review
Home Stuff Review Year ago
@Smart Home Solver Thanks.
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver Year ago
Thanks for your comment. I didn't meant to make it seem like the keypad comes with it. Sorry for any confusion. I agree that it's annoying that it comes separate. I updated my pinned comment to make sure everyone seeing this video is aware that the keypad is separate and unavailable right now.
I would rather hide the keypad in the gas and electrical box near the door and kept out of site.
Sam MushroomMan
Sam MushroomMan Year ago
Hi, I've had my Wyze lock for a few months now and it works great! The auto-unlock works for me. I had issues with it at first but playing around with the geo fence area and re-calibrating my lock got it to work everytime now. It now works with Alexa! Bonus.
Jason Headley
Jason Headley Year ago
I received and installed my lock a couple of weeks ago. I really need the keypad... like right now! I've had trouble with the open/close indicator as well as the lock losing calibration. This is my first smart lock, but I am very satisfied with it. My wife likes it as well, so that is a huge plus. Install was super easy. I do not see the battery lasting 5 months, but we will find out. I currently have it connected to Alexa, and via the Alexa routines and Smartthings virtual switches I have it integrated into my ecosystem. It's nice to say goodnight to Alexa and she locks the front door! Once the keypads are made available I'll purchase two more locks.
GiancarloXmusic Year ago
Best part is the staff is always on their forums, constantly taking questions and suggestions to improve their products. We’ve seen things like being able to enable the IR cut filter in the Wyze Cam without the IR leds engaging, allowing users to place their cameras inside a window, while using an external IR illuminator to light the outside up. I’ve done this in my backyard and the results are amazing!
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver Year ago
That's cool they added that feature. I agree that Wyze is always improving and updating based on user feedback!
Logan's lab
Logan's lab Year ago
How do you get the keypad I can’t find it on the wyze website
Julian Urban
Julian Urban Year ago
I had the same issue. Go to>Settings>Location (Make sure setting is turned ON. On the same screen go to>Improve Accuracy and make sure "Wifi Scanning" and "Bluetooth Scanning" are both turned on. Once that is done Go to>Settings>Privacy> Permission Manager> Location>WYZE Scroll down until you find it. Click on WYZE...it should give you 3 choices. Click on the radio button to the left of ○ Allow all the time. Back out of everything and make sure the WYSE app screen is closed. That should work for you. ENJOY. Regards, Julian
Kenneth Jensen
Kenneth Jensen Year ago
I have just talked to their support. I wanted to hear if there were any api or way to communicate with it from an alarm system or smart home gateway. In my interest it was the Home Assistant. But it does not, no api or any other way to use it with any other system...so it's a pass. As an it engineer and solution architect, I cannot understand why they have avoided or decided not to implement such a feature. They are going to lose so many customers. It's the same with their cams. They should work on a common framework, create an api to access their products.
Frank Dimaggio
Frank Dimaggio Year ago
How do you setup the unit to lock itself at a certain time. Struggling with getting that feature to work.
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver Year ago
Create a Wyze Rule and select schedule time.
Brendan White
Brendan White Year ago
Is the keypad weather resistant? A keypad inside, the way most show it, would be pretty useless.
David Tierney
David Tierney 5 months ago
Why would you put it inside?
Bull City Reader
Bull City Reader Year ago
The Auto Unlock for me is hit or miss. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn't. Kind of sucks when you are carrying a baby, diaper bag, and some groceries. With the keypad, can you do fake numbers before and after or do you have to pick just before or just after?
Jason Year ago
Don’t do it‼️ Try Schlage. I have the WyzeCam v2 & PanCam. I’m not satisfied with Wyze products. Lowe’s carry’s them now, so buy there to test. Easier to return if not satisfied. Both Wyze products have issues and when Internet drops for whatever reason, the cameras are useless. I also have “SD card not installed” happening quite often, so no “motion” recordings and no warning that it stopped being detected. I use them as “nanny cams” only now, so they are off most of the time. I have the Schlage lock that connects directly to WiFi, and works great. No issues. It’s been a year. I moved my older Schlage (no WiFi) to my garage/house door. It’s better suited there.
raven Joyner
raven Joyner Year ago
Thank you for your excellent and all this review keep the good work up.
Chris K
Chris K Year ago
Can you still use a key if the batteries start failing?
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver Year ago
Yes you can always use a key.
Jay Will
Jay Will Year ago
Chris K nope
tw HomeShow
tw HomeShow Year ago
You GOT ME at the "Breaking Bad" referrence! AWESOME Review...Now I have to go re-watch Breaking Bad again :)
Ken Smith
Ken Smith Year ago
I hear you like backdoors, so I put a backdoor in your backdoor so China can bookdoor its way into your backdoor so they can violate your backdoor.
Jay Will
Jay Will Year ago
Ken Smith Don’t threaten him with a good time😂
Danny Winget
Danny Winget Year ago
Too bad about the open and close feature but this does looks like a nice alternative to the more expensive offerings.
Konnor Gannon
Konnor Gannon 29 days ago
@Weston Nasir Checking it out right now. Looks promising :)
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver Year ago
Hey Danny thanks for checking out the video! I agree it's a nice alternative and hopefully will help drive down the price of smart locks. Which is great for everyone.
Pushing Limits
Pushing Limits Year ago
It might be nice for you to do a secondary review on this if you still have it on your door in 6 months to see if some of those issues have been ironed out, great review
Head n Heart Space
Head n Heart Space 6 months ago
Smart Home Solver How is it going for your Wyze lock now 6 months later?
Liban Abdi
Liban Abdi 7 months ago
@Smart Home Solver so its been 6 month ... update please !
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver Year ago
That's a good idea. I think I will revisit the lock in 6 months.
Artie VanDelayo
Artie VanDelayo Year ago
A door lock needs to be dependable 99% of the time.
David Mauduit
David Mauduit Year ago
Too bad that you have a different lock system in the US than in Europe. Most of the smart locks aren't compatible over here.
alec Year ago
Review the homey some times soon, it has al the smart home hubs in one
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver Year ago
I'm waiting for it to arrive in the US and then I will review it for sure!
ahmedadelhosni90 Year ago
A strange review. You are mentioning that all the features are not working and it is a crap. On the other side "theHookup" review for 4 smart locks showed that he never faced those false locks or issues. Thats strange that both of you are the opposite.
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver Year ago
I wouldn't say this lock is crap. The bonus features need some software updates to be more use able. Everything else seemed to work well. Since theHookup was looking at 5 locks in that video he might not have gone into as thorough testing on just one lock like I was able to.
Dan F
Dan F Year ago
The failing of geofence would kill the deal for me. That’s disappointing. I have been waiting for it to be available.
mporth Year ago
I’ve got 4 wyze cameras but I’ve noticed that their reported MAC address changes when they get updates which should never happen. Needless to say that doesn’t give me a good feeling about them. I now only have them pointed out the windows and never watching the inside and I’ve added wemo plugs to make sure they are powered off when we are home. I won’t be buying or recommending wyze in the future. It’s too bad because they have decent products at great prices
Danish Ajanee
Danish Ajanee Year ago
I have a Reagle smart lock and it is so amazing. It works with apple homekit and the auto-unlock and auto-lock features work perfectly.
JIMMYH2011 Year ago
I think a smart lock is just one step in home automation too far for me. I've no confidence that it will always work and I'm not sure of the impact on home insurance. Great review, as usual.
fuzziebunnie 9 months ago
you're kidding right? A brick is easier than "a smart lock" hack. Also, a pick gun.
Agent_X Year ago
Well, I guess I'll wait on this one. Going to go with the Schlage Connect first.
madDog gaming
madDog gaming Year ago
I got my door lock yesterday.....just waiting for the key pad to come out
Kevin Lu
Kevin Lu Year ago
I've literally held off buying this until I watched your review.
Graph Guy
Graph Guy Year ago
I have 20 Wyze cameras and 6 plugs, 4 contact sensors . I was going to get this until you stated it needs a hub... ain’t happening. Then the issues you have noted. I’ll skip
jamba1aya Year ago
This does not need a hub. The lock comes with what they call a "gateway". The gateway plugs into an outlet near the door and handles the wifi communication with the door. I assume this enables the lock to be more energy efficient. I also haven't experienced the issues he noted. I haven't needed to recalibrate at all. Also the auto unlock geofence is much larger than 16 feet so I think he just didn't get far enough away to trigger the fence. So far I'm quite happy with the lock.
Michael P
Michael P Year ago
Wouldn't touch it. Too many if's, but's and maybe's
How To Videos
How To Videos Year ago
Amazing review, thanks for reviewing this. I've got my Wyze cameras on a "guest ssid" WiFi network, everyone else should too. ALL modern routers in the last few years have this function, do it.
David Tierney
David Tierney Year ago
Why a guest ssid?? Many guest networks are open and unsecured. If you do, make sure to put a password on.
sean costa
sean costa Year ago
If your router supports it, putting your IoT devices on a VLAN is a better option.
Adam Replies
Adam Replies Year ago
Not all, mine doesn't and I only got it a year ago :( once I buy a house I'll definitely be setting up guest networks for smart devices though
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver Year ago
Thanks! Yes that's a great tip!
Bill P
Bill P Year ago
Your viewer comments that its a Chinese company and spying on you/or could spy on you. Get a grip, there isn't a camera/smart home device not made in China, so IMO you should assume that "they" have all of your data/info on their cloud. Remember, that you gave them your router/wifi password??? If any of that bothers you, check out google's data on you. I found out that they have every "trip/movement" that I have made since I got an Android phone. Apparently, you can delete it, but I decided, "What the hell, it might give me an alibi if I'm accused of something".
Rachal Nelson
Rachal Nelson Year ago
Can you use your smart assistant to lock and unlock the door?
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver Year ago
It's not compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant yet, but it might be possible when it is compatible.
Steven Carrier
Steven Carrier Year ago
The Auto Unlock is the main feature I wanted. Then the bridge being mandatory is a deal breaker for me.
Steven Carrier
Steven Carrier Year ago
Kira Capelli I really need to read up on it. I do think it will get better too.
Stiixgirl Year ago
Steven Carrier - The bridge is needed yes but other smart locks like the August lock request one as well. Only difference Is that with the Wyze lock, it is included with the lock. August smart lock is more expensive and their bridge isn’t included, it costs an additional $60. Plus Wyze’s door sensor is built in, August’s is separate. If I didn’t already have the August lock, I would’ve gone with Wyze. I wish I could remotely control my front door from wherever but I’m not going to spend the extra $ to get the bridge. In a perfect world, the sensors AND bridge are built-in 😀.
Niles Black
Niles Black Year ago
Would me interesting to see how far away the keypad works from the lock. Is it like a 1-2 feet kind of thing, or like a 'other side of the house' kind of thing? Because that could be useful.
Bradley Adventures & More
Bradley Adventures & More Year ago
Great video! It looks like it’s about 95% there. Just some crucial errors they need to fix before I’ll get one
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver Year ago
Thanks! Yeah I think that it can almost all be fixed with software.
EJĎO Year ago
High Ten!
High Ten! Year ago
Very interesting as always. Looking forward to you next review!
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver Year ago
Ethan Turner
Ethan Turner Year ago
I want to see a Wyze smart light switch. I don’t want to use wyze bulbs in my living room, as it doesn’t make sense economically. And TP Link has a good offering, but I’m sure wyze could beat them on price and I wouldn’t have to get another app.
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver Year ago
I would like to see those as well!
Abdullah Al Ghaithi
Abdullah Al Ghaithi Year ago
Thanks and great review, will it work on Euro Cylinder Lock?
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver Year ago
Thanks! It had 3 adapters in the box for different style of locks. I'm not sure about Euro Cylinder though.
Vgp 1982
Vgp 1982 Year ago
How did you get the keypad? I just checked and it said the keypad won't be available til may
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver Year ago
Wyze sent me an early access unit to review.
Robert M
Robert M Year ago
I don't think buying this is a Wyze choice 😆
Abhijeet Ghosh
Abhijeet Ghosh Year ago
off brand august lock ..... i have the august lock and it is almost the same....even the magnets
ColdChills01 Year ago
😁Omg thanks so much for Another Smart review! I can't fault your style of videos are made.. No one can plus I'm always curious how your endings are just like The Simpsons intros when the family gets to the couch.. Even though Im not going to buy this specific product, you make everything entertaining. So I always stay til the very end! The visuals, audio and your usage of the product in the video is really awesome, Keep this channel rollin' 👍🏾😃
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver Year ago
Thanks I really appreciate everything you said! I love the Simpsons and that means a lot that you watch the entire video. Thank you so much!
dsolomon Year ago
I could tell the geofencing thing was going to be a problem. I'm a fan of Wyze, but I feel like they don't completely think things through. I have a Quikset 910, and I'm a big fan of it. Hopefully Wyze will improve on their lock by the time I need to replace my current lock.
NateB Year ago
I'm a bit skeptical. Bought the August equivalent without the bridge for $45 on Amazon warehouse and I didn't use it much; use the MyQ garage door so much more, but that's not a knock on this product as it is a statement about my usage. This is a good price for the WiFi compatibility, especially since I already have Wyze on my network and use their app. Great review as always and I appreciate your honest summary
Ron M
Ron M Year ago
Thank you.
Redimido Year ago
I love this review! It helped me make a decision regarding this product.. thanks 😊
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver Year ago
I’m glad to hear it was helpful!
DaB Year ago
Wyze products suck as they are not available outside USA!
Carl Golden
Carl Golden Year ago
I see one benefit to having the keypad separate is that you can conceal it so would be robbers don't see it.
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver Year ago
That’s a good point!
dong li
dong li Year ago
u tech finger print dead bolt is much better lock!
michael douglas
michael douglas Year ago
Hi Reid, I saw GE released some new C products during CES 2020, are you planning on reviewing their products anytime soon? Their motion detection smart light switches really caught my attention.
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver Year ago
Yeah I was able to check them out at CES and I’m looking forward to the new light switches. I’ll review them when the new stuff is released for sure.
BenderTube Year ago
Just got mine in today. Having some of the same troubles, but like you said firmware/software updates can hopefully fix them.
Shiv Murali
Shiv Murali Year ago
You should make like an ultimate smart home video of all the best of (in your opinion) smart locks, hub, globes, strips and all things smart home (IoT). This would be cool especially after we are starting to see all the CES products on the market.
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver Year ago
That would be a great video. Thanks for the suggestion!
Pranav Rajagopal
Pranav Rajagopal Year ago
Great video!
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver Year ago
Brandon Meadows
Brandon Meadows Year ago
Can you use the gateway to use other zigbee items?
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver Year ago
Yeah that would be great to use it for more devices. I'm glad to hear you like the videos and I appreciate the support!
Brandon Meadows
Brandon Meadows Year ago
@Smart Home Solver love your work by the way. You've been my guide since I decided to get an echo dot.
Brandon Meadows
Brandon Meadows Year ago
@Smart Home Solver thanks for the reply. I'm on a fixed income so I figured it may save me what little money I've got haha.
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver Year ago
I haven’t heard anything about that yet.
Dennis Harris
Dennis Harris Year ago
I just waited to see your combination so I can get my hands on that Batman light
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver Year ago
I wouldn't be smart if I left my code 1234... actually... I better go change that!
Stiixgirl Year ago
I wish Wyze came up with their smart lock a couple years ago, I already have an August smart lock. Once I get a deadbolt hole drilled into my back door, I plan on getting one of these though. I like how their door sensor is built into the lock and the wifi bridge is included. For that alone, the price is a steal, and if Wyze puts out updates for the lock like they do with their other products, I can only see the lock getting better. Thanks for the video, I blame you for my addiction to everything smart! :)
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver Year ago
Yeah those things add up pretty quick with August don't they. I appreciate the support!
Mikahl757 Year ago
WYZE now needs to consider we have a spouse approval factor. Spouse spent a lot of time and money making all these handles and knobs match, only alternative would be to get dbrand or some vinyl decals to attempt to color match :*(. Look fwd to rev 2 and 3. The cameras and sensors are 👌🏾
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver Year ago
I agree matching is a big thing and dbrand covers is a good idea! Yeah the cameras and sensors are great though.
Mikahl757 Year ago
Thx for the honest feedback, ill likely add these to my ecosystem after the 2nd or 3rd revision.
ModernDayTech Year ago
Good review Reed. With the Auto Unlock i have to be outside the geofence for extended period. Can’t say specifically but around >30 minutes.
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver Year ago
Thanks Eric! That makes sense about the auto-unlock. Too bad they don't allow any customization with the auto-unlock right now. I couldn't even change the geo-fence radius. I'm sure that will change though.
Tyler Booth
Tyler Booth Year ago
Are you going to do any reviews on “C by GE” products?
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver Year ago
Yes I'm planning on reviewing them when their new stuff gets released that they announced at CES.
James Black
James Black Year ago
Does it work with ifttt?
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver Year ago
I don't think it works with IFTTT right now.
iblackfeathers Year ago
here’s a product idea: create a gateway which controls all gateways. then that’s one more gateway to add to your network. lol. i have a feeling someone might actually come up with that because: convenience. the wyze lock looks like a good toy for unessential entry to something like a shed or indoor area or a custom made lock box, but not for a main entry point.
TAKV Gaming
TAKV Gaming Year ago
Nice vid!
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver Year ago
Rowan wright
Rowan wright Year ago
Love your vids
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver Year ago
I appreciate it!!
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