Super Mario Bros. 2 (dunkview)

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oORodeaOo Day ago
It doesn't make you feel like mario
weiming21 Day ago
when you CASH IN your years of reputation to make a GREAT joke...1.7M views on a 14 sec vid - GOLD
Pedro Branco
Pedro Branco 2 days ago
Game of the year
Rayco 3 days ago
Daneg 3 days ago
Am I the only one who kinda agrees? I’m all in for change, but this game is really hard. I got a game over by World 3 because the controls are really funny.
Gaia Ruxpin 2004
Gaia Ruxpin 2004 4 days ago
Irate gamer anyone
Riko Vladimir
Riko Vladimir 5 days ago
welp that's it this year is going to be the end of the world
Djay T.
Djay T. 5 days ago
This one is kinda controversial but I have to say, he had good arguments to justify his opinion
Clints Parkour
Clints Parkour 5 days ago
This game has exceeded da big boys to it no even being a real Mario game
Clints Parkour
Clints Parkour 5 days ago
Knack 2 is still number two because this game exists😂
Sarkis Babikian
Sarkis Babikian 7 days ago
Only dunkey can upload a 14 second video, get 1.7 mil views and only have a few thousand dislikes
Ludibrious Games
Ludibrious Games 8 days ago
But it's my favourite game :(
DoubleBit Studios
DoubleBit Studios 8 days ago
This game is actually a port of a Japanese game called "Harry Potter and the F***ing Wizard"
Splatalyst 8 days ago
I literally had deja vu when I heard Dunkey say "This one kinda sucks."
The Meme Workshop - LordXaedin -
The Meme Workshop - LordXaedin - 8 days ago
I like it, but that's just me pal...
bingle 9 days ago
CINEWHOOP Hungary 9 days ago
The moment when you start the video, lay back and it ends... b r u h
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith 9 days ago
Don't worry guys he didn't spell dunkey correctly in the credits he's not being serious
DHdoesstuff 6 days ago
I was shaking and crying but now you’ve told me this I can die happy
thhro 9 days ago
oh thank god
KoolaidMan4585 10 days ago
call me goferhole
Gambanese 10 days ago
Too long, couldn't make it through the whole video. Anyone got the time to summarize his talking points for me? I'd be very appreciative. Thanks!
Helshake 10 days ago
This game slaps. Nuff said.
Bob Bigglebar
Bob Bigglebar 11 days ago
[𝔼𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕪𝕠𝕟𝕖 𝕕𝕚𝕤𝕝𝕚𝕜𝕖𝕕 𝕥𝕙𝕒𝕥]
Noah 11 days ago
Finally you've encapsulated every Super Mario Bros. 2 review in 14 seconds.
Brand 11 days ago
me: SHENANIGANS!!!! I CALL SHENANIGANS!!! you..... you....... TRAITOR!!! How could you Dunkey? You promised these people a tribute to the greatest game in the world, But all I saw was...a Cheepy Cheapskate review...... Dunkey: Hey, I ain’t cheap! Now go emulate Super Mario Bro. 3; before Nintendo sues sites into taking down the best game in the galaxy.
Nicholas Coffey
Nicholas Coffey 11 days ago
I like how the majority of this video is the end card.
Michael Bass
Michael Bass 12 days ago
no one cares
GrassMann 12 days ago
This was IncReDiblE
Sir Scrubington
Sir Scrubington 12 days ago
Almost 2 million views for a 15 second video
Rendell Draw
Rendell Draw 12 days ago
I am actually hoping they make a sequel of the Mario 3D series featuring Subcon again. - No Level Timers - No brick blocks and ? Blocks replaced by Grass to obtain 'Power Ups' - Power Ups replaced by Vegetables and other objects you can throw around (they can spice things up by giving vegetables unique effects when held and/or thrown). - Wart and the gang are back - Basically all the SMB2 mechanics but evolved.
shwamzad 13 days ago
this is the first time to dislike one of your videos. I don't know who are you any more
Dominic Jackson
Dominic Jackson 13 days ago
It is a rip off of a game that isn't a mario game called doki doki panic...but everyone knows that by now
Sebastian Colón
Sebastian Colón 15 days ago
Review Sonic R
Ikrium 15 days ago
This game helped forge the path for death stranding
MuffinMike 16 days ago
I hope this is the end of the Super Mario Bros 2 joke. Very fitting
jkeuwk 16 days ago
Mr. Black
Mr. Black 17 days ago
bin 17 days ago
But it won game of the year like 5 years in a row? You're nitpicking and biased.
Green Claw
Green Claw 18 days ago
Since He didn't rate it we can all assume its a 5 outta 5 mastapeice
FinalSepheroth 18 days ago
Yeah I agree
Peace Walker
Peace Walker 18 days ago
The amount of effort Dunkey puts in his reviews are incredible. This review won’t make sense to the average Joe Shmoe but to an intellectual like me who has scored well over 200 on their IQ test I can appreciate the finer details and inside jokes Dunkey has made. Truly a work of art for someone with a brain.
Kurotarosama 18 days ago
I used to think Dunkey was just trolling that Super Mario Brothers 2 was the best game ever, but here he is singing its praises. Damn Dunkey, who knew you were such a Nintendo fanboy.
Haydn Hersemeyer
Haydn Hersemeyer 18 days ago
everyone knew
Braxton Hewitt
Braxton Hewitt 18 days ago
When the game isnt real so USposts just doesn't reccomend the video
Fish3rFrito 18 days ago
you're not dunkey.
Derek The Seagull
Derek The Seagull 18 days ago
after being game of the year for like 10 years in a row, he finally does a video on it. and its 15 seconds long and shits on it. love it.
MasterB8or 19 days ago
Sunny Y
Sunny Y 19 days ago
How the fuck did dunkey get so many check mark people in the comment section. Edit: I HAVEN'T EVEN FINISHED COUNTING AND THERE IS ALREADY 20 BRO
Jagadeesh GR
Jagadeesh GR 19 days ago
And that's the easiest way to earn 3000+ bucks.
Abdallah Ismail
Abdallah Ismail 19 days ago
No way I loved this game so fucking much
DarkGenji 20 days ago
so many layers to this video im dead srs
David Ramirez
David Ramirez 20 days ago
Holy shit I was waiting for the rest of the vid n it just... ended🤣 I'm dead
Trashley Trash Girl
Trashley Trash Girl 22 days ago
this is the bad video actually
Thederper2 22 days ago
Nah dunkey you are nitpicking and biased I win bye bye.
Reuben Jameson
Reuben Jameson 22 days ago
It only has a little something for almost everyone
Liam Horan
Liam Horan 22 days ago
You no what dunk I let you have your opinions on last of us part 2 right but this shit is unacceptable
Ethan Brown
Ethan Brown 22 days ago
This one kinda sucks, it's not even a real mario game...
murderducky 20 days ago
Yeah, that’s what he said.
segoviate 22 days ago
I've pretty sure he made about 1000 USD in ad revenue from this 14 second video. Kudos to him.
Xeno Escaro
Xeno Escaro 24 days ago
Big Boy
Big Boy 24 days ago
Yeah, I stopped watching Dunkey after he said Super Mario Bros. 2 sucks
Goose Game
Goose Game 23 days ago
I stopped watching him after he didn't give glover game of the year
Slimmy Wicked Craz
Slimmy Wicked Craz 24 days ago
i was waiting for "SUPER MARIO BROS 2"
DoodleBopGames 24 days ago
dunkey ur gae
scamperly 24 days ago
Amazing as always
Jaime Jimenez
Jaime Jimenez 24 days ago
This game has literally been the best game for *years* and now you say it’s a bad game?! Well I agree ☝🏼
Αλέξανδρος Κυρίτσης
Αλέξανδρος Κυρίτσης 24 days ago
Mike Tacos
Mike Tacos 25 days ago
It’s got nothing on SOOPAH MARIO 2 BaBEEEEY
just mechs
just mechs 25 days ago
bruh wasnt expecting that
Matato 25 days ago
1.6 mil views for that
Morgan Uche
Morgan Uche 25 days ago
A frase has 1 million views, think about it
Skizzo Freniq
Skizzo Freniq 25 days ago
Still better than death stranding
RottinMcGee 25 days ago
agreed. even 5 year old me hates it
Radical Gaming Channel
Radical Gaming Channel 26 days ago
15 second video okay dunkster
2cool4you27 26 days ago
before i used to think supermario good game, Buft nir thanks to conky i think it bad game.
Lonnell Jones
Lonnell Jones 26 days ago
William Faker
William Faker 26 days ago
i can't stop watching this. i don't know why, please help.
Carson DeAngelis
Carson DeAngelis 26 days ago
Dunkstein please dunkview Killstreak TV it's fun but only like 60 people play it
J D 26 days ago
David Cobb
David Cobb 27 days ago
This is a bigger set-up than Dunkey making daily videos. Don’t fall for it, SMB2 Game of The Year 1988-???
Pumpkin Empire 20
Pumpkin Empire 20 27 days ago
What do you mean Bonkey Kong 7 was a masterpiece
Sparky 27 days ago
I rate this game a (Knack 2 )/ ( Mario Bros.)
Jacob Owens
Jacob Owens 27 days ago
But DUNK this was video game of the year 2016 !
sam 9786 S
sam 9786 S 27 days ago
A very sleepy octopus
A very sleepy octopus 27 days ago
Ahh the culmination of a series of jokes first started years ago, beautiful.
Christopher Snyder
Christopher Snyder 27 days ago
Zelda II though...
Christopher 28 days ago
Did you know that this wasn't even a real Mario game? It was originally a Japanese game called Harry Potter and the fucking Wizard!
Georg Folwerk
Georg Folwerk 28 days ago
the dlc makes it so much better tho
TheNoxidc 28 days ago
Worst Video EVER 10\10
HippoLord 28 days ago
Thats it, Dunkey is officially a modern art artist
Joe Schmoe
Joe Schmoe 28 days ago
Can't hold a candle to his Superman 64 review...
Logan Fredrickson
Logan Fredrickson 28 days ago
We finally got that video promised at the end of his last league video
Randall Rogers
Randall Rogers 28 days ago
he finally sold out
Toast Hungee
Toast Hungee 28 days ago
Not even 3 secs, this Mario game sucks
Ethernet 28 days ago
Quincy Kane Morris
Quincy Kane Morris 28 days ago
Fair review.
Juan Aguilar
Juan Aguilar 28 days ago
The bad ending
Edward Quigley
Edward Quigley 28 days ago
The ad was longer than the vid
Hanson Gorham
Hanson Gorham 28 days ago
Oh wow typical USposts content creator... the outro was longer than the video. What a pathetic attempt to get ad revenue.
Spooky Scare
Spooky Scare 28 days ago
I really can't tell if this is irony or not
João Kenzo
João Kenzo 29 days ago
Yeah i stopped listening to dunkey after he said super mario bros 2 sucks
Doris 29 days ago
Shatter my expectations
Frank Staggs
Frank Staggs 29 days ago
This review sucks. SMB 2 won game of the year every year since 1988. Unsubscribed
SilversidesInc 29 days ago
Abdulmajeed Alothman
Abdulmajeed Alothman 29 days ago
What a madman
Istaka 29 days ago
Now this is what I called unbiased review.
Istaka 29 days ago
@MeatBall Gaming yeah okay
MeatBall Gaming
MeatBall Gaming 29 days ago
@Istaka hahaha it’s cool😂 you should check my channel out if your not to busy
Istaka 29 days ago
@MeatBall Gaming changing name is probably better than getting spit out like that lol
Istaka 29 days ago
@MeatBall Gaming well he likes Taco more than a meatball... Idk lol
MeatBall Gaming
MeatBall Gaming 29 days ago
@Istaka lol 😂 why!?!?
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