The Wyze Video Doorbell Isn't for Everyone... Plus, CT Capetronix Smart Bulbs

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Month ago

UPDATE #1: My biggest issue (reliability) was caused by my power supply. It was outputting 10v AC so I replaced it with a 24v AC transformer and it works perfectly now. No issues.
UPDATE #2: It looks like the $30 price tag was an introductory price. They are now selling for $45 USD. With Wyze, it's helpful to get on their mailing list to get the best pricing.
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Jeff Dewd
Jeff Dewd 12 days ago
Did the Wyze doorbell price jump from 29.99 to 44.99? Or maybe that new price comes with Cam Plus? Does the doorbell have the same 5-minute cool down period between events like the Wyze cams?
LRN2DIY 11 days ago
Also, for the cooldown, it appears to have the same cooldown period as the other Wyze cams for event recording but not for the actual button press/ring. If three people ring the bell within 5 minutes, you'll be notified about each but if three people show up in front of the camera within 5 minutes and don't ring the bell, I think you'll only see the first event.
LRN2DIY 11 days ago
I think the price went up. I just took a look and the $29.99 may have been an introductory price because it appears to be $45 everywhere now. Dang.
unixsteven 20 days ago
Wyze doorbell has a hidden micro usb under back cover
MrAndylangham 20 days ago
Try using usb on back of WYZE door bell to power it ,it behind the sticker
Attila Tevi
Attila Tevi 23 days ago
Great review dude.👍🏼
Perry Gupta
Perry Gupta 27 days ago
Those bulbs arent compatible with homekit
Tayo Thanni
Tayo Thanni 29 days ago
My #1 problem with it is the local storage, my #2 it doesn't ring on your phone when the doorbell is pressed, it just send a notification, my formal doorbell rings like a phone call to let me know there's someone at my door.
Bryan Hawley
Bryan Hawley 29 days ago
It’s your wiring, when the light comes on or the other things you mentioned, the device draws more amps, or try’s to
Lost Month ago
I’ve been a customer with ring for a little over a year THEY SUCK!, I have one Waze camera I’m thinking about getting a couple more
Socman86 Month ago
7:17 that issue you’re having is a power issue. You probably need to cap your old connector better or that adapter thing u bought is messing it up. Mine did that till I placed the caps on the old doorbell and that closed the circuit and didn’t reboot after that.
T El
T El Month ago
How did you get to the ringtone menu ? I updated the wyze app a few days ago and couldn't find it anywhere. Right now, it's silent when I push the doorbell. Thx for the detail review.
LRN2DIY Month ago
I went to the doorbell, then to the settings/gear icon in the top right, then to Extended Devices > Wyze Chime > Tunes.
Waylander Month ago
Is there compatible wall adapter that will work with this doorbell?
MEfoo Month ago
Actually, there is a micro usb port behind a sticker on the back. There is a video here in yt. Look it up
Ayush Month ago
The Ring one looks way better. Personally I wouldn’t want people coming up to my house and seeing a cheap plastic white Wyze doorbell.
Juan Rivera
Juan Rivera Month ago
Good review. I have many wyze products that have been performing very well. Just got the wyze door bell and so far it's doing a very good job. I can't complain about the wyze video doorbell because the price point. It does what I need it to do plus some. I didn't even know it came with a chime, another plus, that has a sound that is loud enough for most to hear. Just can't bring myself to complain about a video doorbell that's $35.00 including shipping. The fact that it's echo compatible, like most of wyze products, makes it even more enjoyable.
Timmy Tadlock
Timmy Tadlock Month ago
None r not problem for me you spoke of for wyze
Csmooth2213 Month ago
How did you setup yours with your echos. I want to do the same. Please share.
Ryan Mish
Ryan Mish 13 days ago
Connect Wyze to Alexa with the skill. Go to Smart Home, Devices, Your Doorbell, and flick the switch in its settings
Tropic-Al Month ago
I can buy a pair of pants at Wallyworld for $20 or a pair at Kohls for $60-80. They both serve the same purpose. The only difference is I have extra $$$ to get me shoes. That's the difference between Wyze and Ring.
Giovanni Turco
Giovanni Turco Month ago
Hi fantastic video I did pre-ordered the wyze video doorbell sent it to my American address they it got shipped to the UK couldn’t believe how small it was all the wyze products I ordered they all worked in the UK I do have the Wyze monthly prescription and it does work in the UK did pre-ordered the Wyze Watch and the Wyze Home Monitoring can’t wait to receive it’s a shame wyze don’t sell they products in the UK
Kimosabe Month ago
try a more powerful, 24VAC, 40 VA AC transformer, the Elk on amazon is good, but there other brands too. Wyze doorbell hardware details recommends 16vac - 24vac and greater than 10VA. but the low power 16vac transformers cause a lot of video issues for me and my neighbors, switching to the more powerful 24vac 40VA helped a lot on steady video live feeds. Also to parrot what Wyze said, try to just have wires go directly from the transformer to the wyze doorbell camera, all the added wires running through whole house to the old wall chime and back to the doorbell causes a loss in power. It's not totally accurate to measure voltage at the end of the wires without a load on the doorbell, like when someone is standing at the doorbell pressing it. I would love for Wyze to please add a device health check on the app so I could check what the power was at the doorbell when pressing the button and live video, it would help to diagnose a transformer that was too low powered or perhaps thin gauges wires that are way too long and causing too much of a drop in power. I know my friend's house, when it was remodeled, we discovered over 100ft of wire from the basement transformer to a mechanical chime on 3rd floor, and then back to the doorbell, no way that would be good for a video doorbell. I suggested to her we just make a new wire directly from the transformer to the doorbell which would only be 12ft. Another friend only had 12ft of wire from a new ring doorbell to a transformer and thought his old transformer would be ok, but the power drop was too much with an active load (live video), and as soon as we replaced his transformer, he had no more video freezes.
Wyze Month ago
Ah… It looks like you’ve hooked your doorbell up to your mechanical chime system which has a transformer inside. In cases like these, your chime is typically not going to serve enough power for the doorbell. It’s freezing and rebooting because it’s not getting enough juice! :( You had the right idea with the dedicated transformer around 4:50. You’ll need to run the power directly to the doorbell instead of using the wires that come out of your chime. If you don’t want to fiddle with the wires, we are working on a battery-operated doorbell for the future… ;)
Kimosabe Month ago
@Kevin yes, but it's hard to read that with doorbell installed, Ring has a version of this and it's helpful so you can get live power reads on the app. it's much more convenient that trying to read it with a multimeter while doorbell dangling off wall and also gauging changes to power when there is a button press versus video feed.
Kevin Month ago
@Kimosabe ever heard of a multimeter?
Kimosabe Month ago
Wyze, please could you add a health check option to the doorbell app so we can see how much power we have during live video, this would greatly let us diagnose transformers that are too low powered, or too long of wire lengths. Right now it's hard to know if you have wifi issue or just a power drop issue. It could be a simple health check with the actual power at the device that I could see in the app while standing in front of the doorbell and a simple guide like if this says 0-10 you are good, 10-20 power is iffy, etc. Ring doorbell app has something similar to this. I have probably installed over 30 video doorbells and would love this feature in the app. In old houses, it can be deceiving how much wire is running all over the place before it gets back to the doorbell. It's hard to convince people to spend more money on a transformer or wiring differently without some proof that the app could easily provide I think. thanks
LRN2DIY Month ago
Thanks so much for the reply! I was wondering if that might have been the issue. I finally got my new multimeter and the in-wall transformer that I'm using outputs 10v so I have ordered another transformer that meets the needed power criteria. I'll post an update as soon as I get it wired up. Thanks again for chiming in here (pun intended) ;)
lakeguy65616 Month ago
I just installed my WYZE doorbell. How do I set it up to work with Alexa as shown in the video? Thank you.
LRN2DIY Month ago
Make sure you have the Wyze skill enabled in Alexa, then go to devices and find the doorbell (whatever you named it) and it should have the option for doorbell press announcements.
Jaz Month ago
Color is a con?? I like that color because it alerts people they are being watched. And ring also doesn't have local storage. I hate that ring doesn't include the free chime as well.
Kindred Kai
Kindred Kai Month ago
Not enough about Ring for me
Kory Hay
Kory Hay Month ago
I'm a long time Ring owner but a diehard wyze fan. I will be taking my ring down shortly to setup my wyze doorbell. I love ring and thought my whole house was going to be ring but I think all my wyze products together cost the same as the 2 ring doorbells I have purchased lol and I have damn near everything wyze has come out with
Aaron Month ago
I have that same exact NICOR door bell and I can’t figure out how to get it to work with my WYZE Doorbell? How did you do that?
Brian Hanifin
Brian Hanifin Month ago
@LRN2DIY I was coming to comment that your problem sounds like the doorbell is almost getting enough power, but the lights push it over the limit and it resets. But it sounds like you’ve diagnosed it.
LRN2DIY Month ago
If you look at 5:05, the two wires coming out of the transformer side are snipped and hooked directly up to the doorbell wire. That said, I don't think this is a proper solution. I finally got my new multimeter yesterday and tested the voltage coming out of the NICOR transformer and it's only 10v, which is insufficient. I think I need to order yet another transformer and try again. The NICOR doorbells are a nightmare for trying to do video doorbells unfortunately.
Noble STeeD
Noble STeeD Month ago
Hi Nils, I'm not sure how else to contact you. Feel free to delete this message once resolved... I'm trying to watch your honeycomb shelves post but it says the video is private. FYI 🙂🙏
Noble STeeD
Noble STeeD Month ago
@LRN2DIY It's all good, Nils! 😁👍
LRN2DIY Month ago
Thanks for the heads up, man. I really appreciate it. I had some major struggles with that video this morning and have had to remove it twice now. I finally got it working so it's uploading the final version as we speak and should be public in about 20 minutes. Really sorry for the multiple notifications. This has never happened before and hopefully won't again!
Kye McLachlan
Kye McLachlan Month ago
Can you install this without having an existing doorbell? I’m assuming that a power supply will be required then.
netzyo98 4 days ago
or you can utilize the micro usb on the back of the Wyze door bell to power it and install anywhere you’d like. It’s behind the sticker on the back of the device.
LRN2DIY Month ago
You can as long as you have a properly rated transformer running power to it.
Vibush Ramadas
Vibush Ramadas Month ago
Your power supply doesn't have enough amperage to support the wyze light or the IR led. Either your wire is too long or too thin or the transformer doesn't have enough current capacity at 24volts. Or a combination of these.
mcmozzo Month ago
He wired it into the homes existing transformer/digital chime unit which is a big no-no. Every time I encounter one of these the voltage is all over the place when monitored with a multimeter. A properly installed dedicated transformer would take care of it. I’m afraid his current configuration is going to eventually burn up the wyze unit, and possibly the “makeshift” transformer as well. At least the doorbell is cheap.
matt3775 Month ago
I have a Ring on my front door. Can I put a Wyze on the back door and still use my Ring wired doorbell?
netzyo98 4 days ago
You can utilize the micro usb on the back of the Wyze door bell to power it and install anywhere you’d like. It’s behind the sticker on the back of the device.
LRN2DIY Month ago
If both your front and back doorbells currently route to the same chime and power source, then I don't think so. If you have completely separate chimes/power sources, then yes.
Tom William
Tom William Month ago
Great review I really appreciate it
Danilo Pezzotti
Danilo Pezzotti Month ago
Great video, what do you think about the notifications speed? How fast do you receive the notification when someone is approaching the door and the notification when the person actually presses the doorbell???
Dan Month ago
@LRN2DIY oh that's why it takes so long. I've always wondered why in the hell out takes so long, now this makes sense to me. 🙏
LRN2DIY Month ago
@Danilo Pezzotti Great point. I know that the biggest part of that delay on regular Wyze Camsis the fact that they have to finish the 12 (or more) second recording before they'll send the notification but yeah, if someone actually presses the doorbell button, you get it almost instantly. Great question.
Danilo Pezzotti
Danilo Pezzotti Month ago
@LRN2DIY great to know, I was asking because if you’re familiar with the Wyze cams the notification takes about 17 secs to arrive, and I was a little hesitant about that with the doorbell, it would be really helpful if you could make a quick review of the Wyze doorbell performance 🙂🙂, thanks for the content
LRN2DIY Month ago
The time from someone pressing the doorbell to the time I get a notification is literally about one second. It’s actually super fast so I have no issue with that at all.
Dave Dialogue
Dave Dialogue Month ago
One thing to note is that if you don't pay for the online service, you will have a five minute cool down period between notifications vs no cool down.
Dave Dialogue
Dave Dialogue Month ago
@A WYZE. Definitely a push to sign up for the Cam Plus subscription.
Chris Perry
Chris Perry Month ago
I’m pretty disappointed about there being no sd card slot. I doubt they support the rtsp firmware either. (Which I couldn’t ever get to flash onto my v2s anyway)
Chris Perry
Chris Perry Month ago
Oh dang! I’m still waiting on mine. Let’s see what you have to say…
Mark H
Mark H Month ago
Not getting enough or to much power could be your problem and or poor internet connection...but let's not forget you could have a defective device..Definitely a great price...but I'LL stick with my Maximus Answer dual cam video doorbell..
Pat Higgins
Pat Higgins Month ago
Hi, can the notifications go to a phone, possible 2 phones ? Love the review, thanks
Pat Higgins
Pat Higgins Month ago
@LRN2DIY thank you for replying.... Its almost impossible to get Waze here in Ireland tho... Oh well, u got a new subscriber 👍
LRN2DIY Month ago
They can and do, yes. I have mine set up to and you can add other devices or people to those notifications as well.
Tech & Lifestyle
Tech & Lifestyle Month ago
Check the signal strength on the spot where your doorbell is. The signal maybe the problem.
Auroramystic Month ago
As a wyze user I would not consider the wyze doorbell. I just simply don’t want a Wyze doorbell and ever since I saw the new ring wired doorbell I wanted that over the wyze doorbell even when I saw it came out I just didn’t want it. I just want a ring and considering the brand recognition and how iconic ring is for doorbell Cameras. I just love how ring doorbell cameras can work with my stand red chime and still puts use for it unlike how you have to plug in their electronic chime for the wyze doorbell. I just love the simple good old chime box sound of my doorbell. I’m also willing to pay for ring protect. I also prefer the design of the ring and the build quality. If you want an affordable doorbell camera with no subscription and is small design witch is why I like the wyze doorbell camera then sure go for it. But for me I’m still getting that ring wired doorbell witch caught my eye since I first seen in it and at $59
LRN2DIY Month ago
*UPDATE:* The #1 issue was just my underpowered transformer. Replacing it with a 24v AC transformer solved any reliability issues, so *_you can ignore issue #1_* . Also, here are the products mentioned in this video: •CT Capetronix Smart Light Bulb ($18 USD for 2):​ •Ring Video Doorbell Wired:​ •Wyze Video Doorbell:
Allen Downs
Allen Downs Month ago
I know so many people that signed up for this Wyse doorbell and all who returned it. They say it’s trash.
LRN2DIY Month ago
Yeah, definitely hoping that a firmware upgrade fixes some things but now that I figured out those two switches (LED and night vision), it's been working pretty solidly. Wyze makes some solid products so it's disappointing that this one doesn't seem fully baked.
Joel Hoeksema
Joel Hoeksema Month ago
The #1 con for the Wyze is the fact I can’t buy it, nor the Wyze cam v3. Many Wyze products have been out of stock for months with no word in when they will be available!
RichMade Knives
RichMade Knives Month ago
Add your name to the notify list, I did and within one week I was notified that the V3 cams where available.
Dan Month ago
Something with a world wide supply of silicone that they can't get is slowing the build down
All-out action
All-out action Month ago
That’s what happens when they come out with too many products at once and not enough supplies from the supplier to make the products. I preordered my door bell back in October and still don’t have it
LRN2DIY Month ago
So true. They've obviously generated a lot of demand and a week or two delay seems manageable but when it's months, people just buy something else.
aRhzzz Month ago
I used to work for smarthome system company. And in regards to wyze when you ring the doorbell then it reset itself. Maybe the power amp of your doorbell wiring is too low for wyze dbcam. Great job with the content very informative.
nguyenvo76 Month ago
This is happening to me as well. Let us know what you find.
LRN2DIY Month ago
I tried using my multimeter to test the outgoing power but the multimeter wasn't working so I have a new one on order to text exactly that. I'm hoping that'll shed some light on it.
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