NBA "Most Intense" Moments

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The most intense NBA plays, highlights and moments of 2017-2021!
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V M 36 minutes ago
Definitely miss the fans blowing the stadium up during a huge play.
Lil Scarr
Lil Scarr 46 minutes ago
Biraz Meczup
Biraz Meczup 21 hour ago
Oysaki Furkan Korkmaz’ı görmeyi umut ediyordum...
igi pop
igi pop 21 hour ago
every third dunk is off foul..... WWE for sure sometimes
Colby Wyatt
Colby Wyatt Day ago
Tatum lost us the series when he tried to show up lebron smh can’t make that man mad
Reverance 2 days ago
pause at 11:01 is that Bill? lol
joanel powell
joanel powell 2 days ago
joanel powell
joanel powell 2 days ago
joanel powell
joanel powell 2 days ago
6:41 ⛹️⛹️🏀
joanel powell
joanel powell 3 days ago
Night Parade
Night Parade 3 days ago
be careful with the guard on the side.. he's a 3 pointer shooter
Matthew Kuiper
Matthew Kuiper 3 days ago
LeBron James is absolute garbage. This video proves it.
Fawaz Eid
Fawaz Eid 4 days ago
It hurts watching the end of game 1 in the 2018 finals.
Cesar Montero
Cesar Montero 4 days ago
falto la de greivis
mj deciembre
mj deciembre 4 days ago
lt dun kay joel embiid HAHAHAHAHAHAHA kulit ng mukha amp
Finn Cotter
Finn Cotter 4 days ago
These plays are amazing!👍
Bryzen Ishizuka
Bryzen Ishizuka 5 days ago
3:53 i felt that rip voice
tevesmaxy 5 days ago
Leonard traveled like united airlines
Big Pickle
Big Pickle 5 days ago
Thank you Kawhi Leonard for the most iconic season.
Timothy Simpson
Timothy Simpson 5 days ago
Irving high key killed that when he slipped still managed to cross up the D
Señoritas Top's
Señoritas Top's 5 days ago
momentary I would say
Gabriel John Pastor
Gabriel John Pastor 6 days ago
that jeremy lamb half court shot was the most intense game i've ever seen
MrNoname 17
MrNoname 17 7 days ago
I hate when ppl get easy dunks on ppl who take charges and stare them down
walangkwentang tv
walangkwentang tv 7 days ago
NateBlox 7 days ago
The referee can defend more than some players 😭
Khamaad Young-Robinson
Khamaad Young-Robinson 7 days ago
Save the best for last
Bam Yoru
Bam Yoru 7 days ago
1:52 trash ref
Ianツ 7 days ago
its the real nba climate
Mamako Oosuki
Mamako Oosuki 8 days ago
Who was laughing at 10:28?! It was a cool move by kyrie but i could not stop laughing because the commentator was laughing as well😂😂
EthanX.1608 8 days ago
Why did you not put the end of the match OKC VS PHIL Westbrook destroy Embidd after
MariusG 8 days ago
That Kawhi moment at the beginning hits different, everytime! :)
Nick Cosellian
Nick Cosellian 8 days ago
Draymond stealing the rebound from KD and going the full length of the court turning the ball over is pure entertainment 😂
Omen Plyy
Omen Plyy 8 days ago
iam_edwardcarol 8 days ago
Omg Davis just kick that guy haahahahag
Mark Guillermo
Mark Guillermo 8 days ago
raptors should've of lost that kawai traveled
anjana vadiveloo
anjana vadiveloo 9 days ago
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Awilda Kaci
Awilda Kaci 9 days ago
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thomas jeanjot
thomas jeanjot 9 days ago
What about celtics rockets with smart vs harden offensif fouls 😅
Jack Yeh
Jack Yeh 9 days ago
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Timothy Marc Ilano
Timothy Marc Ilano 9 days ago
That jeremy lamb heave and lowry's reaction will always be gold hahaha
Shazia Yates
Shazia Yates 9 days ago
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Shazia Yates
Shazia Yates 9 days ago
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Ohan Qlanjiyan
Ohan Qlanjiyan 9 days ago
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José C Ortiz
José C Ortiz 9 days ago
Que paso no puedes de dejar de pensar en mi ah jaja?!
Tommy Srsich
Tommy Srsich 9 days ago
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Theodor Witmer
Theodor Witmer 9 days ago
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Reid Curry
Reid Curry 9 days ago
More like "most intense upsets against the raptors"
taviko yabore
taviko yabore 9 days ago
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mnmf15 9 days ago
Hornets announcers are so funny “oh nooo!”
mnmf15 9 days ago
God I love sports, cannot wait for the fans to be back at full capacity
Izzy D361
Izzy D361 9 days ago
The Celtics vs cavs game with Tatum was absolute fucking amazing to watch
Kenneth Williams
Kenneth Williams 9 days ago
JR Smith is on some drugs.
Pichael Thompson
Pichael Thompson 9 days ago
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Floyd Reyes
Floyd Reyes 10 days ago
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Eric Foote 10 days ago
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Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith 10 days ago
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Joe Knepp
Joe Knepp 10 days ago
The one wear JR smith brings it out Draymond had a lane violation
gabs 10 days ago
0:54 Conley could pass to the Mitchell, He was trying to be whose is not him xdd
amari simmons
amari simmons 10 days ago
Kyle Lowry couldn’t take it anymore 😂😂3 TIMES!!!
Spicy Boii
Spicy Boii 7 days ago
Clark Loeffler
Clark Loeffler 10 days ago
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Jr Belanger
Jr Belanger 10 days ago
If Joel Embiid let Ben Simmons contest Kawhi Leonard shot, I feel like he would've missed
NateBlox 10 days ago
I felt so bad when Joel embid started crying 😢
TAROY LEDESMA 8 days ago
that game was a nightmare for him
pudpud kirkpatrick
pudpud kirkpatrick 10 days ago
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Afdhal Niz
Afdhal Niz 10 days ago
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Bob Best
Bob Best 10 days ago
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BalYeet 9 days ago
Are you alright
Ifeoma Anagbogu
Ifeoma Anagbogu 10 days ago
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KidXclusive 10 days ago
Kyle Lowry need to be in those old "need to get away?" vacation commercials dawg!!!!!
Duke Watson
Duke Watson 11 days ago
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Spidah 11 days ago
Great video.
Stella Richards
Stella Richards 11 days ago
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Lalchhuansanga Chenkual
Lalchhuansanga Chenkual 11 days ago
Where's James harden's game winner vs gsw though?
Jesus Ferguson
Jesus Ferguson 11 days ago
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Jeremy Delgado 11 days ago
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Alvis Nguyen 11 days ago
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Rose Olson 11 days ago
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Jesus Ferguson
Jesus Ferguson 11 days ago
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someasiankid 11 days ago
kawhi shot is the most legendary shot
Simon Wang
Simon Wang 11 days ago
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Peter Draper 11 days ago
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Jon Guerrero
Jon Guerrero 11 days ago
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Chiraq Mack
Chiraq Mack 11 days ago
1:25 love it
Phong Le
Phong Le 11 days ago
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Phong Le
Phong Le 11 days ago
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Shakalaka Mecca Lekka
Shakalaka Mecca Lekka 12 days ago
For more NBA talk Subscribe to NoDunks Inc formerly named The Starters from NBATV they got their USposts channel 📺💯✌
Denyse Carroll
Denyse Carroll 12 days ago
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Ryan Tschetter
Ryan Tschetter 12 days ago
can’t believe the game winner from CP3 in game 7 against the spurs wasn’t included
Even rakatis
Even rakatis 12 days ago
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ITZ Kevin
ITZ Kevin 12 days ago
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William Tolliver
William Tolliver 12 days ago
10:10 My mans said "Theres a LID ON THE RIM!!"
vera salem
vera salem 12 days ago
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Brendan McCabe
Brendan McCabe 12 days ago
To sum it up, the Celtics will never catch a break
Fluxuate X
Fluxuate X 12 days ago
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Jolas Veranga
Jolas Veranga 12 days ago
10:02 the bench reaction lol 😂
Oday Ahmad
Oday Ahmad 12 days ago
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Salwa Morcos
Salwa Morcos 12 days ago
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Mathias Zanotto
Mathias Zanotto 12 days ago
8:48 this is some Slam Dunk shit
Dillon Djie
Dillon Djie 12 days ago
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Dream Fire
Dream Fire 12 days ago
Damian lillard got robbed that game🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Verica Lisanin
Verica Lisanin 12 days ago
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