Cardi B’s Confession

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The Wendy Williams Show

Month ago

Rapper Cardi B joined the legendary Mariah Carey for an in-depth conversation in the latest issue of Interview Magazine. Cardi opens up about being nervous around other celebrities including Mariah.
Then, the drama continues between Jackie Goldschneider and Teresa Giudice on the 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey'.
Plus, Yaya Mayweather was criticized for taking her newborn to her father, Floyd Mayweather's yacht party.
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Ambi Victoria
Ambi Victoria 17 days ago
Nice dress today Wendy 👗
mango emojis
mango emojis 20 days ago
Yaya is a beautiful young lady
Ilse Wippenaar
Ilse Wippenaar 27 days ago
Hair doin great, Wendy
Carolyn Allgood
Carolyn Allgood 27 days ago
Polores Anderson
Polores Anderson 29 days ago
WW..this the first show that you were on point with everything...Even the laugh about YAYA son would be 100...l love it l lol right with you
Alissa Month ago
I love the new Wendy! That husband was bringing her down
Susie Johnson
Susie Johnson Month ago
Your blonde producer looks so much better!!!! Good food her. Remember Windy your employees are a re a reflection of your.
SultanGiftd Month ago
I actually wouldn’t mind a New Diana Ross record. She can always tour and have a residency in Vegas.
SultanGiftd Month ago
Teresa G. Needs to be an actress. I can see her in a romance movie 🎥 🍿
SultanGiftd Month ago
Cardi B. & Mariah Carey needs a bra line &. Song together 🎶
Just yall have to know, Cardi is Libra and Mariah is Gemini. MATCH! BFF 👭
Dominic Zhai
Dominic Zhai Month ago
You don't desert to talk about Miss Mariah , She's legend , but you‘re kinda “Nothing”’
Jeremiah Dacanay
Jeremiah Dacanay Month ago
Why is pitting women against each other such an entertainment for some people? srsly
Manya Lillie
Manya Lillie Month ago
I'm always excited to see what Ms Wendy would wear!
Camvin Month ago
I didn't even no that Mariah (first and foremostly) and Nicki didn't get along, what happened here????
sumkindalady Month ago
Wendy you look great 👍
Leona Larson
Leona Larson Month ago
like Kate plus eight, talking about Teresa
Arlene Valentin
Arlene Valentin Month ago
Wendy looks amazing
adriana aranda
adriana aranda Month ago
Lmfao haven't seen the wendy williams show since covid 🤣 there's like 15 ppl there max?
tosomt Month ago
wendy has lost all lust for this job
Modern GEAIsha Music
Modern GEAIsha Music Month ago
Violet L.
Violet L. Month ago
Housewives topic is SOOOOOOOO BORING 😴
denise salt
denise salt Month ago
I am a huge Cardi B fan. Really odd for the other type of music I listen to but she seems so authentic and that is what I like about her. She cracks me up. But she is serious about her business and I like her Boss attitude.
Viverly Sumlin
Viverly Sumlin Month ago
Diana Ross should make a song with young boy never broke
Koala's humble home
Koala's humble home Month ago
Wendy i luv ur show
Justmy2cents Month ago
This woman shapes like a spoon!! I don't get the infatuation with her at all! Very messy & disingenuous from my point of view!!
Tranquilino Uy
Tranquilino Uy Month ago
I'm an obsession -nicki minaj
nancy b
nancy b Month ago
Love Mariah and Cardib ❤️🙏
jmanley1486 Month ago
Thats a normal rolex w/prob a few links removed to fit the baby... that cant tell time. 2 mins later, links returned & its back on floyds wrist
david rivera
david rivera Month ago
Whatever happen to the energetic popular guy who sat in front row?
Courtney Brock
Courtney Brock Month ago
How does someone look better in a mugshot than on a red carpet? How? How?
honey313bee Month ago
Yes I'm here for a Diana Ross come back, your never too old for a love song.
Kitisha D
Kitisha D Month ago
Wendy be in everybody business and try to play like she didn’t know offset was Cardis husband 🤣
AntonyLamontboogs Month ago
The phone interview is sooo much better and in depth the magazine has no where near the real of the interview
MK MK Month ago
Wendy took that Tresa story, cheating with the mechanic, daughter walking in on them then children services coming wayyyyyyy too far. 😂😂 where does she come up with this sh*t
SouLoveLee_ Month ago
To Cardi: "Leave Mariah ALONE with your ratchetness!"
Facts over feelings
Facts over feelings Month ago
Cardi B is disgusting
Erica Martinez
Erica Martinez Month ago
Ms. Ross should have a Vegas residency.
rola rola
rola rola Month ago
Diana ross with french montana or a new artist. Everyone would love it
Jardyn Pepe LaFlame
Jardyn Pepe LaFlame Month ago
Wendy Wendell Bartholomew Orenthal Rufus Williams
ASMR lil VezZy
ASMR lil VezZy Month ago
I’m just here for thee Mariah Carey 🤣🤣♥️
Makeup by Ife'
Makeup by Ife' Month ago
Yay Mike, congratulations
Bri Month ago
no they did not talk about nicki minaj so imma mention her to get some engagement cause my show is going down hill. miss p body leave nicki alone they didn’t mention her why do you have to. nicki is an obsession
Tara Hill
Tara Hill Month ago
Wendy have been showing us you can look good the older you get. It ain’t over til it’s over. Dnt let age make you give up, the show must go on yesss 🔥🔥
Tami A
Tami A Month ago
1) she says Cardi is not dumb but says Beyoncé can’t talk. Hmmm 2) she praises Cardi body and says she works hard for it even though Cardi gets lipo and plastic surgery. Hmmm 3) wtf does Nicki have to do with that convo, Nicki is a new mom that is also grieving the loss of her dad, like Wendy shut up
Missfattitties Month ago
I'm here for Cardi
Moe MO
Moe MO Month ago
Bih stop..... how u doin Wynndale
Cutie S
Cutie S Month ago
How Wendy described Cardi & how she be "shy" Alotta celebs are like that. Their super comfortable in front of alotta ppl & in elaborate settings, but if 1 on 1, in a intimate setting it's not the same. They get real shy. It's like having that closeness is to intimate. It makes them nervous ETC....But when on stage etc they can detach from that closeness. So I get it 💛
Ru Month ago
wendy never likes new music from anyone that's been in the industry for over 5 years.......
Joy Eyitsede
Joy Eyitsede Month ago
I love Wendy, can't believe when she was struggling recently people had nothing but nonsense to say. She still got it!👏🏾👏🏾
Kara Brooks
Kara Brooks Month ago
I give ZERO cares about the Real Housewives....blah
J B Month ago
Cardi B is an example of what’s wrong with society. She’s crass and gross. She shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence as Mariah and she can’t compare to Nicki as a rapper. Yuck. She talks about crapping on Jimmy Fallon 🤮
xo maraj
xo maraj Month ago
Nope Month ago
The Obsession with Nicki Minaj (Queen of Rap) is all too real chile.
jaycoub john
jaycoub john Month ago
So good butefull
Sandeep n
Sandeep n Month ago
Can she shut up about Nicki Minaj, Nicki don’t care about both of them
Marcent Mayweather
Marcent Mayweather Month ago
Hey Wendy! Never mention the icon Nicki Minaj! Love you ❤️😘
Mel H
Mel H Month ago
Floyd needs to take some of that money and hire a tutor to learn how to read.
dreama townsend
dreama townsend Month ago
Tereasa needs a new story line to stay "relevant"
dreama townsend
dreama townsend Month ago
I love you 'Wendy you keep it so real! Its refreshing watching you just being yourself God bless you and may our Saints bless and keep you always.
Cynthia Carr
Cynthia Carr Month ago
Personally I Love Miss Ross I'd enjoy hearing from her again👸🏾🎶🎶💎😁💯❤👍🏾
Audrey’s Universe
Audrey’s Universe Month ago
7 kids and 21 .. omg
Jaas Daan
Jaas Daan Month ago
nicki doesn't like them either.
becca queen
becca queen Month ago
She’s so obsessed with Nicki it’s actually embarrassing
Jaheem Gritten
Jaheem Gritten Month ago
It’s more than an obsession
Andy Wilson
Andy Wilson Month ago
This show is more incoherent everyday, I’d feel embarrassed doing a talk show, and needing to have my staff, clap at me when you can tell they don’t even care or agree with what she says, having to have a Suzanne as a replacement for the applause sign lol
loulou nana
loulou nana Month ago
Chandrakant Mahapatra
Chandrakant Mahapatra Month ago
This is the best wig she's ever worn!
Ez Staples
Ez Staples Month ago
Teresa won't be satisfied until everyone especially Melissa turn on Jackie. Longtime fans have seen this story line played out before. Teresa and only Teresa can say and do whatever she wants.Period.
Ronda Brashear
Ronda Brashear Month ago
Wendy: Who’s That 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Niz Month ago
I see Mariah, I clicked..
Cay Mann
Cay Mann Month ago
Teresa is hypocrite she puts it out but can't take it when it comes back to bite her.
illuminate the mainstream
illuminate the mainstream Month ago
I have haven't watched Wendy in a super long time and she is showing a lot more empathy, I like it
Naliah Nabelung
Naliah Nabelung Month ago
Lovely 😊 love ❤️ Wendy Williams Show ok ✅
Susan Chapman
Susan Chapman Month ago
Wendy please go for Jeff!
drew anna
drew anna Month ago
Auntie Wenty slaaaying!!#please try a bang
Sasha Rowe
Sasha Rowe Month ago
Jeff, Julian and Tyrone.
Luna Bella
Luna Bella Month ago
Lmao 😂😆😆😆😆!!!! The mamma June of Jersey 😬 😂 say it ain’t so.
Isabella Estevez
Isabella Estevez Month ago
CARDI B: 1992 Confession. She Respected Herself With Everyone in Death & Dying, Whether Or Not There Was A Proper Funeral Service. She Felt Bad Aout Post Mortem Care. Q
Victoria Kabeya
Victoria Kabeya Month ago
Wendy looking great
Girl on fire
Girl on fire Month ago
Ugly and rude.
B Rated
B Rated Month ago
Cardi looks hot!!! ....I think they could've chosen a better photo. To me it's just blahhhh. All that hair, makeup, and lights. It should've been jaw dropping. It's just mediocre at best.
Cydnei Jordan
Cydnei Jordan Month ago
Ok Wendy in her Telfar Global
SweetHeart !
SweetHeart ! Month ago
Say what ever about the mayweathers but they are well taken care of. Period!
girls shallow
girls shallow Month ago
Zombies show
7lyheavenly Month ago
Wrong title for this video as it only spills a little tea.
Haile Benoir
Haile Benoir Month ago
Fabulous Wendy , absolutely fabulous✨
Bon’ Jean
Bon’ Jean Month ago
All three of these women have an issue with Nicki. Let that sink in. How did I know Nickis name would be mentioned before I even watched it. I’ll read the comments- no thanks.
Dennis George
Dennis George Month ago
Cardi and Mariah ain't mentioned Nicki though in the interview at all.
N. V.
N. V. Month ago
Teresa RHONJ is super jealous of Jackies’s life. She wishes that was her husband. Stop it and get your own life!
Neeko Month ago
Why must Wendy say Yaya so awkwardly?
Eva Grecco
Eva Grecco Month ago
I'm confused. Wendy kept saying Yaya's daughter and this is Floyd's first grandchild and then posted about the Rolex and Floyd's grandson?
TheReal OG
TheReal OG Month ago
Sounds like Wendy needs a "storyline".
Mogol Nor
Mogol Nor Month ago
I can't wait for this dating thing to start. It looks interesting.
Sarah Shady B Honest-Tea
Sarah Shady B Honest-Tea Month ago
Wtf is the attraction with nba yb. He's got all the kids AND THE USHER/PISSEY PIED PIPER R KELLY GREEN HOTMESS🥴🙄🤮🤮🤮🤮
sharon kendricks
sharon kendricks Month ago
Why not put that money into a an account for the baby instead of doing crazy stuff because at the rate because at the rate you're going you may not have money long
Sarah Shady B Honest-Tea
Sarah Shady B Honest-Tea Month ago
Please stfu,, bout the housewives. We are OVER THEM 💯READ THE COMMENTS, apart from that. Outfit slays
Roberto Parez
Roberto Parez Month ago
Who else wanna see Wendy wearing high heels again?
Eric Li
Eric Li Month ago
Wendy fam! How yo doingggggggggg?????? 😊
Xi Xi
Xi Xi Month ago
Omg the irrelevancy of these topics.... Housewives and Mayweather's daughter..... you need to hire new people in your bureau.... this show needs to start talking about actual relevant celebrities!!
21 years old with 7 kids! I think he needs to change his name from Never Broke Again
David Figueroa
David Figueroa Month ago
They don’t have much to say that’s why they show there bodies because they dumb
Debra Slone
Debra Slone Month ago
Wendy Williams your hair it’s amazing today
David Figueroa
David Figueroa Month ago
So stupid why does Mariah have to do with cardi so stupid these days
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