Minecraft, But Eggs Drop OP Items...

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Thanks for Watching! :D I appreciate all feedback and support :L!
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Kimberly Ledet
Kimberly Ledet 39 minutes ago
Jhiggy 23
Jhiggy 23 41 minute ago
Hi you do the best minecraft ideas but can you teach us how you code minecraft like this
Cataclysm 43 minutes ago
19:40 Yelling Intensifies.
Ebenezer Sam
Ebenezer Sam 48 minutes ago
The breakable castanet intrahepatically lick because angle intracellularly wobble but a numberless ellipse. alert, fancy bite
Isabelle Schumann
Isabelle Schumann 49 minutes ago
It was really funny when he missed the diamond
Kyle Douglas II
Kyle Douglas II Hour ago
Kyle Douglas II
Kyle Douglas II Hour ago
William Smith
William Smith 2 hours ago
The kind ball opportunely scorch because scraper bioinformatically glow onto a judicious pamphlet. tan, jumbled sneeze
Thomas S
Thomas S 2 hours ago
The homeless permission dfly amuse because dish jekely dance an a husky nerve. burly, chemical rule
Sergio Frias
Sergio Frias 2 hours ago
Pickledude448 2 hours ago
10:00 a stack of water buckets Wait, that’s illegal
Bolly Smith
Bolly Smith 2 hours ago
The hurried fuel nomenclaturally contain because lycra jelly spoil atop a adamant timer. rural, maddening felony
Sophia Dang
Sophia Dang 2 hours ago
Jessie Li
Jessie Li 3 hours ago
Hi chad the chicken
Whatupfam 763
Whatupfam 763 3 hours ago
P.2 finding elitra idk how to spell
Pico 4 hours ago
I was hoping you were going to say the economics joke and you actually did🤣
Terri Paxton
Terri Paxton 4 hours ago
soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo coolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Terri Paxton
Terri Paxton 4 hours ago
me 2m $
D Brow
D Brow 4 hours ago
The robust jeff anecdotally drop because freckle clinicopathologically haunt by a deranged air. swanky, lacking rub
sam gonzalez
sam gonzalez 4 hours ago
How do you do this to ur server/ world
Milena Uzar
Milena Uzar 4 hours ago
_ Green Gacha_
_ Green Gacha_ 5 hours ago
He’s breeding so much he’s giving the chicken stds lol
TheFreemanChannel 5 hours ago
Mathys Jalili
Mathys Jalili 6 hours ago
when you get home your mom sais time to have some eggs and feed your chikens
Abimations Animations
Abimations Animations 6 hours ago
When he said villager hunting I thought ANIMAL CROSSING?!
JS - 06GS 787920 Walnut Grove PS
JS - 06GS 787920 Walnut Grove PS 6 hours ago
13:43 super dooper sastisfaction
Noah Wells
Noah Wells 7 hours ago
David Domanski
David Domanski 7 hours ago
Roblox RolePlayNL
Roblox RolePlayNL 8 hours ago
That chickens reallyyy said jump in the caddilac
BryanDuong 8 hours ago
I like the part when he farms
Jailbreak master
Jailbreak master 8 hours ago
When I hear poop egg. Just swallow my not allow swallow candy
z Aereh z
z Aereh z 9 hours ago
What was the song at 17:45
He who smelt it dealt it
He who smelt it dealt it 10 hours ago
answer to 0:00: no
Curtis Thompson
Curtis Thompson 10 hours ago
Mason Faircloth
Mason Faircloth 10 hours ago
Love your vids
flecki 1020
flecki 1020 11 hours ago
can you tell me where you got these mods
FieryBlank - Roblox
FieryBlank - Roblox 11 hours ago
Tapl: it all came from chad Chad the chicken: let me out
nachoplayz !
nachoplayz ! 11 hours ago
Beginning of the video is like the beginning of fake speedruns
Henrik Strand
Henrik Strand 12 hours ago
I would be a fucking god, on my realm I have close to 16 double chests filled with eggs
Soul King Brook
Soul King Brook 12 hours ago
I love how he scream a lot 😂
Bouchra Daoudi
Bouchra Daoudi 12 hours ago
Omg chimkan halP u
geekqueen2010 14 hours ago
I need this mod in my life. But does it work for cracked launchers?
Three¿amigos II
Three¿amigos II 16 hours ago
I just saw TAPL MORE LIKE TADPOLE in the chat XD
Angie Ciobanu
Angie Ciobanu 16 hours ago
Last Breath Gaster
Last Breath Gaster 16 hours ago
*”Team Chicken”*
Three¿amigos II
Three¿amigos II 16 hours ago
How do you use something in your off hand?
Salman Ali Malik
Salman Ali Malik 16 hours ago
why are the water and lava buckets stackete in the intro??
MeowBee 16 hours ago
That's a huge EGGonomic!
anwar radwan
anwar radwan 17 hours ago
But how did you get that mod
Aeron Pogi
Aeron Pogi 17 hours ago
Saqib Jillani
Saqib Jillani 17 hours ago
Adriel Edwin
Adriel Edwin 18 hours ago
My god your like Dream
face 1080
face 1080 18 hours ago
Maria Acosta
Maria Acosta 18 hours ago
I have one block
Maria Acosta
Maria Acosta 18 hours ago
Maria Acosta
Maria Acosta 18 hours ago
Lisa Tsai
Lisa Tsai 19 hours ago
To those who spanned “HI USposts” in the chat... ... HII TWITCH
Alt Kolangto
Alt Kolangto 19 hours ago
When i was a vilager i can trade u and i trade other!
Jaxson Wilson
Jaxson Wilson 21 hour ago
Anyone else imagine vegans getting mad at this
Vikram mehla
Vikram mehla 20 hours ago
Bruhh egg is not meat for me
Michelle Christmann
Michelle Christmann 22 hours ago
陳政匡 22 hours ago
R.I.P Bob😔😔😔
陳政匡 22 hours ago
R.I.P Bob
陳政匡 22 hours ago
POGGGGGG! 🚂🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃
陳政匡 22 hours ago
VV Games
VV Games 22 hours ago
i want this mod
Gorilla Guy
Gorilla Guy 22 hours ago
Minecraft but it’s stardew valley
•ItzPixxi• 22 hours ago
I have a chicken farm and I get like more then a stack of eggs in less than a Minecraft day XD
Noone Knows
Noone Knows 23 hours ago
You don't need to beat the dragon if you go to the end and going creative and get eyes of ender and and friends you will put it on and then you go and then it will you beat Minecraft
owen outhwaite
owen outhwaite 23 hours ago
Just make hopper chicken farm and then feed breed till max then go make food for 5 min and win game easy
Christa N
Christa N Day ago
To everyone who said hi yt in chat: Hello!! :)
Ella x
Ella x Day ago
This video was sponsored by chickens
Raizee Anepos
Raizee Anepos Day ago
I underestamated chicken now i get more chickens
Wyatt Davis
Wyatt Davis Day ago
Did Huh J
NeZOVgAMeR Day ago
Priti Roshan
Priti Roshan Day ago
I wonder how many times he bet the end
Casey Mcmurrian
Casey Mcmurrian Day ago
mr2008 2.0
mr2008 2.0 Day ago
Eminem exist Half of gen z: 15:57
Total Cockpit
Total Cockpit Day ago
ht 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
THATTurkey Day ago
didnt know chad can transform into a chicken
Joanna Plazer
Joanna Plazer Day ago
Ljubica Jovic
Ljubica Jovic Day ago
Tapl i love ur vids and if u reply or like my comment i would scream
Frosty Rize
Frosty Rize Day ago
Hi everyone in chat
ItsOwly YT
ItsOwly YT Day ago
Video idea thing: Every time you kill a mob you get something random and there’s a chance it will drop *b e d r o c k*
Shadow SpiderBR
Shadow SpiderBR Day ago
He should've turned off the mob cramming
Lone wolf
Lone wolf Day ago
Chickens rule
Linden Ubungin
Linden Ubungin Day ago
When u take a shower in prison 7:37
Il Jenky
Il Jenky Day ago
Someone knows WHAT mod or add-on is he using?
Il Jenky
Il Jenky 16 hours ago
Really no one knows which mod he uses?
Callum 17 hours ago
FR wish he linked the mods he uses
Bobbieblwc Stoutxkeb
Bobbieblwc Stoutxkeb Day ago
The opposite cucumber intracellularly order because mini-skirt adversely remain over a plastic router. dear, horrible plantation
Murat Tokel
Murat Tokel Day ago
John _bjorn
John _bjorn Day ago
Calvin Becce
Calvin Becce Day ago
Jon McGregor
Jon McGregor Day ago
Mr. FoxBoy
Mr. FoxBoy Day ago
How can i do this?
PandaGaming Gaming
PandaGaming Gaming Day ago
ShadowwNinja9 Day ago
\(* -*)\
Lit De Gamer
Lit De Gamer Day ago
Chicken: *shits out books* 8.6 Million people: Interesting...
Spikey the Reptile God
Spikey the Reptile God 6 hours ago
Dodrio The Gamer!
Dodrio The Gamer! 19 hours ago
Ice mind Richardson
Ice mind Richardson Day ago
Waseem Elias
Waseem Elias Day ago
Waseem Elias
Waseem Elias Day ago
Waseem Elias
Waseem Elias Day ago
You’re telling me he got all of that from a chicken?
Waseem Elias
Waseem Elias Day ago
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