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Trying out the new Hassio Pi4 image speed (runs pretty good!) along with the new component that allows you to run all the Wyze sensors locally without the cloud and or camera. Impressive for the price!
Wyze Sense Pack w/ Camera -
Wyze Sense Pack Only -
Raspberry Pi 4 -
RGB Night Light Switch (write up soon) -
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John Kiniston
John Kiniston 9 months ago
hidraw is Human Interface Device RAW
digiblurDIY 9 months ago
I was there about 2 to 3 years ago. It's a little bit of a curve but oh so nice to not be stuck.
John Kiniston
John Kiniston 9 months ago
@digiblurDIY Your video was great BTW, I bought a Pi4 and a zigbee/z-wave stick and I'm moving all my stuff from Smart Things on over.
digiblurDIY 9 months ago
Indeed it is!
Cyber ISSO
Cyber ISSO Year ago
Followed your instructions and they worked like a charm. Using VMWare so I had to change to port setting. Thanks!
Rickr Year ago
I just deployed 7 RF door sensors with an Sonoff RFbridge flashed with Tasmota to work with MQTT. AND ordered another 'bridge for the other half of he house as I found the signal too weak to serve the whole house with 1 'bridge. But, it works well. Then i see this! I really like the range, size and cost of the sensors but like MQTT...... tough decision. Do you think this is something Wyze may be able to block at some point much like Tuya? Oh, and always - great video!
digiblurDIY Year ago
They actually have a docker container that interfaces with MQTT as I like it too! Really doubt it as the receiver is a simple design and it seems they would just reverse engineer it again. The read I linked on the reverse engineering was pretty cool. I linked it in the bottom of the description. Great read.
Ion Busila
Ion Busila Year ago
Hi Travis! Maybe you want to edit a wyze sense home assistant integration only video tutorial.
digiblurDIY Year ago
Yes. I will probably do a short little one on it since I have done the process a couple times. Too many stop and starts to really edit down. Easier to just record a new one.
Desert Garden Prepper
Desert Garden Prepper Year ago
just ordered the starter kit! can't wait to add this to my home assistant! thanks for showing us this travis.
CC CC 10 months ago
Did u
zapro_dk Year ago
TasmotA :)
Davin Dameron
Davin Dameron Year ago
Have you figured out the pinouts for that RGB switch yet?
digiblurDIY Year ago
Soon!! Actually decided to do a teaching style video on it. Stay tuned!
Steve Leary
Steve Leary Year ago
@digiblurDIY Any update on the write up for the RGB switch. Have one and not sure where to go.
digiblurDIY Year ago
Yep, doing a write up about it. Have it working with Tasmota.
Jesus Torres
Jesus Torres Year ago
Any info on the zettaguard s31, I just saw it when you were scrolling in Amazon looking for the sonoff s31
digiblurDIY Year ago
Not sure. I will have to go back and look at it.
Jesus Torres
Jesus Torres Year ago
How about a flow sensor
Jim Brewer
Jim Brewer Year ago
Bummer.... I didn't get the "going live" notification until it was posted. Watching now. 7.2K subscribers. Congrats Travis!
digiblurDIY Year ago
YT seems to be iffy on that notification thing at times, I only did an @here in the Discord and not an @everyone
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