Project Hazel | World's Smartest Mask

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12 days ago

Introducing Project Hazel, the world's smartest mask. Designed to provide a safe, social, sustainable, comfortable, and personalized experience, this mask ensures the highest degree of safety with the best quality of life enhancements. Face the new normal with protection that’s far from average:
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Chilly Freezy
Chilly Freezy 7 minutes ago
Low-key thought of project mcfly as soon as I saw this
INAFO 8 minutes ago
Let me guess this mask is going to be $16 million
Md Reza
Md Reza 47 minutes ago
They should make one where you can tint the glass on your command
Ghost 58 minutes ago
Is this a troll
Frogggy Hour ago
wait I think you forgot to mention what processor it has
Tiger_Junge04 Hour ago
when can i buy this mask i want it lmao
Jacob Fischer
Jacob Fischer Hour ago
This is what it has come to...?
Maxvdb 2 hours ago
the music is waaayyy too loud man
Balodius 2 hours ago
how much and when
Bill Kemp
Bill Kemp 2 hours ago
Two questions, when is available and what is the cost?
Luke.Meyers 2 hours ago
Breathing at 240 FPS
Felipe Belmontes
Felipe Belmontes 2 hours ago
Yo razer, wanna give me a gaming setup?
Mr President
Mr President 2 hours ago
great now i have to charge my mask also
Klxpzy 2 hours ago
I hope it has RGB
PB&J Racing • 13 years ago
PB&J Racing • 13 years ago 3 hours ago
PB&J Racing • 13 years ago
PB&J Racing • 13 years ago 3 hours ago
It seems awful early for an April fool's joke, but I'm not complaining or anything
Storky RL
Storky RL 3 hours ago
What if you sneez 😂
Shurayh Bux
Shurayh Bux 3 hours ago
I'd honestly buy it
Shurayh Bux
Shurayh Bux 3 hours ago
Not willing to pay more than 200-300 dollars
Shurayh Bux
Shurayh Bux 3 hours ago
Please make it
Pook 3 hours ago
Nice job turning comments on...
Vencislav Stoichev
Vencislav Stoichev 3 hours ago
Razer are so crazy
Normal Guy Playing Games
Normal Guy Playing Games 3 hours ago
I was into it until I saw that they can still see my face
HIHITO K. SHOHE 3 hours ago
Parth 3 hours ago
Cyberpunk 2077 by razer to be like
AHMED Alsalmi
AHMED Alsalmi 3 hours ago
2021: rgb mask
tiagoaguiarguitar 3 hours ago
When you realize is not 1st April...
Ace XO
Ace XO 3 hours ago
Voice changer not included. Sold separately
Jim Apa
Jim Apa 3 hours ago
siendo de un pais humile ojala que no supere los 100 dolares.
4LPH4 JON 3 hours ago
BunMellow 4 hours ago
about 3 months too early
Mohammad Sameer
Mohammad Sameer 4 hours ago
These are masks are definitely designed for hackers👍👍👍
pro savage 23
pro savage 23 4 hours ago
I love the mask but the one thing that bothers me is that they can see my mouth which I like wearing mask so people can't see the bottom of my face if they could come out with the same mask but make the plastic non see through that would make me want to purchase it as soon as it drops
Deval Little
Deval Little 4 hours ago
I need it I want it I'm willing to pay anything for it if you need help convenienceing the FDA and CDC for approval let me know cuz that important 😀😃 love it love it.
Pill Sus
Pill Sus 4 hours ago
lame video old man. why don't you stop uploading lame videos like this. stop wasting our time. and die peacefully without getting comments like these
Pill Sus
Pill Sus 4 hours ago
how can u even woah. can u even breathe . u want us to die really. nice joke lol leave youtube and act your age
Pill Sus
Pill Sus 4 hours ago
nice joke old man
Pill Sus
Pill Sus 4 hours ago
project hazel
Lel_ Magic
Lel_ Magic 4 hours ago
How much will this cost?
Roswell 4 hours ago
It's the first part to the master chief suite
Pill Sus
Pill Sus 4 hours ago
the world's smatest mask ofc
Cxndition 4 hours ago
Hold. On,let me charge my mask
Hanhanhann 4 hours ago
does it run cp2077 ?
Loop 4 hours ago
Me with normal mask: *Cant breathe properly* Me with RAZER mask: *Breathes in 200fps*
Wibu Sableng
Wibu Sableng 4 hours ago
this is not April Mop Videos right ?
FlyZom _66
FlyZom _66 5 hours ago
The music is too loud wtf
Mr Mewlax
Mr Mewlax 5 hours ago
i would never wear this
Nobel Budi Nugroho
Nobel Budi Nugroho 5 hours ago
If 2022 is a war zone Razer 2022: Introducing Gaming Gloves +Armor + Helmet Gloves: When equipped, immediate knowledge on how to use all weapon perfectly. Armor: Not only protecting you from bullet, but also deflecting it with 2x times speed and accuracy. Helmet: Lightweight good for war, anti head shot mechanic.
UnOfficial Gamer
UnOfficial Gamer 5 hours ago
Like we even go outside our rooms.
威威 5 hours ago
People: Why wear mask , look so dumb Also : Oh wow lets get futurelistic super technology RGB gaming mask
Simpy 5 hours ago
2:03 zero two
Krish Agrawal
Krish Agrawal 5 hours ago
Brand ambassador of Project Hazel : Alan Walker
Voxi 5 hours ago
I can finally breathe at 240hz
Paul Denovich
Paul Denovich 6 hours ago
I want one of these masks they look so amazing
Bacon Sushi
Bacon Sushi 6 hours ago
People need this, Razer, please let this work, make it on the market, please!
Evan Harland
Evan Harland 6 hours ago
Could you turn the music up a little bit? I can still hear you talking.
Ibrahim Ahmed
Ibrahim Ahmed 6 hours ago
wait it's not april yet
Natuek 6 hours ago
SMH Another waste of money... I’ll take 2 please!!
Tharun Perera
Tharun Perera 6 hours ago
Starting at $999 (Base Model) with Usb C (No Thunderbolt)
wotb Livestream
wotb Livestream 6 hours ago
I never tought that i would breathe in 120fps
Joshua Abiog
Joshua Abiog 6 hours ago
Finally, I can breathe in 8K
Shadowedvenom 6 hours ago
It better have RGB
WkeyFN 6 hours ago
1 year later: *introducing the project hazel microphone* “the *in face* microphone”
WkeyFN 6 hours ago
imagine how heavy that’ll be......
WkeyFN 6 hours ago
woah the very first gaming mask
Alvin Ng
Alvin Ng 6 hours ago
cool, but l'm broke
Radia Goenadi
Radia Goenadi 6 hours ago
Does it come in RGB? And can run 4K?
NoLocity 6 hours ago
this a joke?
Grellison 6 hours ago
Jesus Christ ur just giving the 12 year olds a way to mic spam irl
Mr Pineapple
Mr Pineapple 7 hours ago
Yeah no I wanna hide my ugly ass face
Loki Fellrath
Loki Fellrath 7 hours ago
Shut up and take my money! 🤑
Rb1 Sensa IQ
Rb1 Sensa IQ 7 hours ago
I can breathe 144 fps
Coolkie酷奇 7 hours ago
Wait, Today is April fool?
Dante 7 hours ago
When I first saw it i though its funny but then I realized its not april 1 yet.... oh boi
SpeedTrial 7 hours ago
people bout to breathe 60 fps :D
Ardian 7 hours ago
MTX 3090 Watercooled mask when?
Galaxy _
Galaxy _ 7 hours ago
Add some ear pods
kak_has_eyes 8 hours ago
Oh shit i can finally breath in 45mbps
Lee Stacey
Lee Stacey 8 hours ago
Thanks razer i can now breathe in 250FPS!
xylonious 8 hours ago
Can you get one with the glass not being seethrough or something. Tbh id rather have that part of the mask not being seethrough if I accidentally spit or something and so it also doesn’t fog up and look wierd
kirei. 8 hours ago
2077 be like no cap
ayu kuscahyani
ayu kuscahyani 8 hours ago
even the gameing factory save our live
kulartüp 8 hours ago
The music is a lil quiet would make it louder
The Lyrics of this Song
The Lyrics of this Song 8 hours ago
wait what is this??? is this for real??
logos1099 9 hours ago
Hahahahahahaha, omg Gaming toaster when?
Satyajeet 9 hours ago
Why this mask was charging itself, does it fight viruses on battery?
Quartel Music’s
Quartel Music’s 9 hours ago
Please make a Rocket with Razer logo
Sturmling 9 hours ago
You should actually don't expose the mouth to make it even more cooler. Just Saying!
Brayzz 9 hours ago
Oh yeah rgb mask now i can breath more fps
SageD360 10 hours ago
I legit would buy one of these if they actually release it.
RayD Official
RayD Official 10 hours ago
Really nice! Got a few questions tho: - how useable is it in the medical field? (Will I be able to disinfect it in a good way or once it’s contaminated it’s pretty much over with it) - how does the airflow work? Is it a two site filter? Since air is able to get out of the mask it seems like I am only protecting myself instead of my surrounding as well. Which will make it hard to use in ambulance services or hospitals...
BRITICAL HIT 10 hours ago
soo... in other words, RGBreathing at 120fps? hmmmmmm... neat
Hoi4 noob
Hoi4 noob 10 hours ago
Valve masks are banned in most places
North Face
North Face 10 hours ago
People from 2019 watching this vid: 😐 (visible confusion)
Kyle Neasham
Kyle Neasham 10 hours ago
Waste of FOKEN money
StationVGames 10 hours ago
I bet everyone's gonna hear 100% pure sound and have fast DPI with it
Arne Olemans
Arne Olemans 10 hours ago
this is a joke right XD
nigel ngwarai
nigel ngwarai 10 hours ago
get ready to breath in 4k
Lego John
Lego John 10 hours ago
Pls make this real for real I need this plz don’t care the price I’ll pay
Moses Byju Dreams
Moses Byju Dreams 10 hours ago
Sounds like a Johnny english idea
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