The NEW Apple iPhone 12

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Dave Lee

18 days ago

Apple's iPhone 12, 12 mini, Pro and Pro Max are finally here!
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Dave Lee
Dave Lee 17 days ago
If you're an Apple user, which iPhone appeals to you the most?
based bazzle
based bazzle 11 days ago
@Farran Jonker 💯% agreed. iOS devices last the longest.
based bazzle
based bazzle 11 days ago
12 Pro Max but I just got my 11p-m so i plan to keep it for a long time
Katan pangkam
Katan pangkam 17 days ago
Miem Jay
Miem Jay 17 days ago
@Clorox Bleach iPhone 12 is enough for me but I’m keeping my iPhone 11 for next couple years
Elangovan N
Elangovan N 17 days ago
12- 6.1 inch
MUJAHID RAUL 2 days ago
Get iPhone 12 features on your current iPhone by *dystic_hacks * ⭕️n instagram
MUJAHID RAUL 2 days ago
Get iPhone 12 features on your current iPhone by *dystic_hacks * ⭕️n instagram
Mihail G
Mihail G 3 days ago
You need to buy a new phone and keep in the package 📦 in till new one comes out then test and don’t do any update on the other phone because the iPhone it’s a Scammers last you three updates they long down the iPhone show the new one that’s for sure when in real life in the same way :(( Before they use to show the batteries better until they got sued they were slowing down the barriers on the phone your head now they Lauren different just putting a virus is slowing down the phone apps everything Else phone it’s a bigger scam, ripping off people :(( The same way care is doing what the Internet and service they’re all working together they slowing down the 4G 3G show the 5G is more powerful one in the reality is the same shit
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 3 days ago
What if someone buys his first iPhone of his life and not getting charger with it .... that sucks man😭
yanaingmusic 4 days ago
I've been a long time supporter of your content. but today's the day I lost my respect on you after you said you fully support Apple's idea of removing power brick and headphones for "environment". I don't think you're that ignorant to believe this bullshit. This is an obvious lie from apple and you're convincing your audience to believe this bullshit. I immediately unsubscribed you and I will never watch your contents again. I'm not anti apple or anything. I just lost respect on you as you're feeding lies which you don't even believe by yourself to your audience. I know one person unsubscribing your channel is nothing to you. Bye bye my fellow burmese USpostsr.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 3 days ago
Everybody : where is the chargeur ? apple logic : 4:27 sunglass in the night
Dave Daniels
Dave Daniels 4 days ago
Rock girl
Rock girl 4 days ago
I pray whoever likes this comment becomes a billionaire someday..
Ramezk23 4 days ago
People are just now realizing that iPhone is garbage, it's been garbage since like 2014
Jesus Bagsit Jr
Jesus Bagsit Jr 5 days ago
Bought the iPhone 8 for my first iPhone ever and I like the 12 mini the most cos of the size and I have small hands lol. I think the 12 Pros are for those into film making.
Rock girl
Rock girl 4 days ago
single penny.
Maurício Avellar
Maurício Avellar 5 days ago
Won't costumers have to buy the charger separately which will come in a different box and bag producing even more garbage than if they have included in the box? Plus now that they can fit twice as much iPhone in a single container cutting shipping in half, removing important items from the phone they're gonna profit a lot more even if the price is same as last year's iPhone.
Kostasfil 5 days ago
Speaking in favor of environmental from the ommission of the charger, is absurb, given the fact they still sell it.
David Justin
David Justin 5 days ago
*Adunlocker* is without doubt the best when its comes to getting something like this done, I got a hack from them that allows me to see what my wife does or who she talks to on her snap, without her knowing about it
David Justin
David Justin 5 days ago
*Adunlocker* is without doubt the best when its comes to getting something like this done, I got a hack from them that allows me to see what my wife does or who she talks to on her snap, without her knowing about it
Oladushky Corp
Oladushky Corp 6 days ago
Oh, the new durable glass. I will wait to see it scratch on level 6 with deeper grooves on level 7
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 6 days ago
your iPhone like you've never been before. Its amazing!
Leeco Holland
Leeco Holland 6 days ago
It's obvious that the iPhone 12 camera is not on huawei or xiaomi level.
Jid Ofole
Jid Ofole 6 days ago
Them lights
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 6 days ago
blink twice if ur blackmailed
kolim jone
kolim jone 7 days ago
Everybody : where is the chargeur ? apple logic : 4:27 sunglass in the night
Justin Schwarz
Justin Schwarz 7 days ago
So Amazon will put 450,000 more cars on the road to get us our chargers since Apple wants to “save the environment....”
J van der Merwe
J van der Merwe 7 days ago
Why did they go for the Iphone Mini and not for a Iphone Air branding?
kolim jone
kolim jone 7 days ago
Every new corning "gorilla" glass: "5 times better than previous glass"... Me: Shatters it dropping on my pillow
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 7 days ago
Everybody : where is the chargeur ? apple logic : 4:27 sunglass in the night
Vishesh Jain
Vishesh Jain 8 days ago Please watch this #takeastand
gentuxable 8 days ago
Don't forget, most businesses buy midrange iPhones. They run the same apps, they are as manageable and affordable. My company gave me an iPhone 11 64 GB for Outlook, Whatsapp, Teams and stuff. And 120Hz I will miss, you will miss but anyone who hasn't seen it won't miss. Heck my huge PC monitors still are 60 and even if I notice it is just "nice" for non-gamers nothing more.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 7 days ago
eyüp kökan
eyüp kökan 8 days ago
I am an apple fanboy and i absolutely believe apple excluded the charger and the earphones only for environmental concern and doesnt make any profit from this act even a single penny.
And we never gonna get gaming mode and huge low battery warning gonna pop up and ruin our game
Kavyansh Shah
Kavyansh Shah 8 days ago
Can u make a new minimalistic and clean setup for monitors please
Xaddre 8 days ago
They should give you a voucher for a free power brick if you buy the iPhone 12 because most users are going to need a usb-c power adapter I mean I’m a tech enthusiast and I don’t even have a usb-c power adapter that isn’t being used in my house
destroyer806 8 days ago
I had to buy a 20w charger. It comes in separate packaging and was delivered by ups 3 days before my iPhone. So because apple is so eco friendly, i bought another item with more packaging that was delivered on another truck.
destroyer806 8 days ago
They seem to have replicated the schrodingers cat with the charging brick. We know its in there but when we open the box its not, but it is in there
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 8 days ago
Dave makes you listen as you watch his videos. You never end his USposts video the way you started. Very helpful and informative insights! I love this guy... and MKBHD!
Charly Pico
Charly Pico 8 days ago
McKing Alexandre
McKing Alexandre 8 days ago
blink twice if ur blackmailed
Agent Davis Dickson
Agent Davis Dickson 9 days ago
I want to say a very big thank you to hackerrobert00 on Instagram for helping get new iphone 12 at cheap and affordable price and my phone issues I confidently recommend him he is so amazing
Mitchell Hu
Mitchell Hu 9 days ago
60hz screen still. These paid off reviewers will never criticize this. "the rest of the world doesn't care about 120hz?" are you sure?
a s
a s 9 days ago
Every new corning "gorilla" glass: "5 times better than previous glass"... Me: Shatters it dropping on my pillow
Michael Rey
Michael Rey 9 days ago
หล่อมาก ☺️💗
Miguel Agawin
Miguel Agawin 9 days ago
I feel like their mid generation upgrades might bump up the refresh rate. Love the mini size but good point about the battery. Don’t care though finally a small new phone!! Only waited forever. If there are hints by next year that a next gen will come without a notch I’ll definitely wait for that. Then it’s all complete. Everything I want in a phone.
lild 9 days ago
I always wondered, does anyone really want a lighter and thinner phone? obviously, no one wants a brick, but shaving off 0.01 inches and 1/2 an ounce isn't really that big of a deal
Syed Jawahar
Syed Jawahar 10 days ago
Next year's iPhone will be screen less iPhone!!
Zerger84 10 days ago
"new type of formfactor"? think I'll get my iphone 4 running again and sell it as a 12 mini (charger included ofc)
John Lost
John Lost 10 days ago
Come on man, you used to do a better reviews than this
Rudy_Dstroys 10 days ago
wasn't this design already used previously? well, not exactly the same but similar....
Ardal 10 days ago
That could not be more commercial. So yeah you make a smaller box and save 450k cars but still you need to get the charger that also comes in a box :/
Shonie 4 Caplan
Shonie 4 Caplan 10 days ago
Why is the iPhone SE screen so dark?
DiversityNeverSolvedAnything 10 days ago
How about if CEO's of companies didn't fly private jets...that would help the environment too.
Amie Eichstadt
Amie Eichstadt 10 days ago
Safe and sound
Bihar-ka-Beta 10 days ago
Apple is Cheating Indians
kodefa Shmodefa
kodefa Shmodefa 10 days ago
I wonder what the environmental impact is when you have to buy the new charging “brick”. Lol apple thinking about the environment my foot. Just make the charging “brick” smaller for gosh shakes, so simple. Pay me engineer monies.
No You
No You 10 days ago
and then there is me sitting with my Note 20 Ultra laughing my ass off at them Apple die-hard fans
Karel Vařeka
Karel Vařeka 11 days ago
If Apple really cared about the environment, the would switch to USB-C. This way they just found an excuse to charge people for something extra.
Aaliyah Singh
Aaliyah Singh 11 days ago
iPhone 7 gang
Isaak Wang
Isaak Wang 11 days ago
Well, you still have to buy that charger, and they will have to be delivered in, you guessed it, boxes. So logically removing them from the box doesnt make that big a difference
Nour Sherif
Nour Sherif 11 days ago
so now i know how people act when they get paid to market shitty stuff to other stupid people
DepressednWondering 11 days ago
Apple is full of shit- they should at least lower the price of their products if they're not going to include any accessories with the purchase- an accessory that's necessary to make the phone WORK. Just include the magsafe charger since nobody has it. They're literally just profiting from separate sales now since people aren't upgrading phones as much as they used to and therefore can't profit as much as they did in the past... and idk if the extra packaging of their new magsafe charger and accessories will help the environment tbh.
danne sea
danne sea 11 days ago
removing the power brick is BS from apple.. new iphone buyers still have to buy a brick bq its usb-c.. all old bricks dont have it..
azr79 11 days ago
Why in the name of holy god am I getting a notification for this old video, I'm disabling the bell notification.
G G 11 days ago
Fr man absolutely bias...
syarif basri
syarif basri 11 days ago
We asian dont use iphone
justino flores flores
justino flores flores 11 days ago
So cutee
Alexander G
Alexander G 11 days ago
Come on Dave. This isn't even a review, it's just a spec summary with no analysis. Also, the majority of the world 'doesn't care' about 120hz? Not only is that incorrect, but the point of progress is to innovate, not take a straw poll.
Prophet46 11 days ago
If the charger cable they gave you in the phone was compatible with the bricks everyone has then sure, maybe it would have an ecological impact. But since everyone is going to need to buy new bricks for their new phones, Apple is still going to need to produce, package, and ship just as many bricks. It’s a bold face statistical lie
Devi 11 days ago
you full of shit dave... howmuch they pay you
Tomáš Pavlík
Tomáš Pavlík 11 days ago
Apple: we wont inlcude charging brick not earbuds because ecology reasons Also Apple: lets inlcude USB-C->USB-C cable so a lot of people have to buy a charging brick anyway Also Apple: lets release a bunch of totally useless accessories Fuck Apple.
Imon Bhattacharya
Imon Bhattacharya 11 days ago
Dave please review the iPad Air 2020 with respect to MS Office usage along with your usual review Fan from India
Benjamin Vesenjak
Benjamin Vesenjak 11 days ago
when does LoL mobile come out?
Peter Vlčko
Peter Vlčko 11 days ago
the phone aesthetically is just i like. i get that samsung is very beautiful but i prefer this kind of beauty.
Blue Haze
Blue Haze 11 days ago
Whole new shape? That's just an iphone 5
Sebastian Guerrero
Sebastian Guerrero 11 days ago
Think i might switch back to iphone because of the design on 12. Been waiting soo long on a flat screen and super annoyed with my samsung s10 curved edges
ANG 11 days ago
We love Earth, So, Buy Iphone12
Abang Idlan
Abang Idlan 11 days ago
you know dave, if it was me as a head of the company.. i wouldn't say, "nope. let's not include the charger this year." Instead, i would say, "you know what? if they want the new charger, told them to bring their old charger and we'll swap that." Then use that old charger for.. idk maybe recycle it and then use the material for a new product? I think it would bring the same impact.
mashfour 11 days ago
Why do they include USB-C to lightning cable....but you have to buy that charger? Suckered Dave
hann anneepp
hann anneepp 11 days ago
I wanna watch this video all day
NIDO 11 days ago
The notch is garbage.
Trigger 11 days ago
I really want to jump back on to team apple, now that they have embraced quad core on the laptops, but until they can figure out how to get a type C port on their phone's it's a no go
lseul 11 days ago
If Apple cared about the environment they would support right to repair and make their phones more easily repaired
ARIJIT DEY 11 days ago
They can spend millions on those extravagant ads but can not provide a charger! And that environmentalist excuse is so lame!
shadowheart43 11 days ago
but selling a charger and accessories separately will produce waste as well...
azwan zainol
azwan zainol 11 days ago
Well they got a child level of excuse for disposing the charger. Apple is actually creating a problem and solving it. It's that simple. It is what it is. Can't deny it 😝
Scott Anderson
Scott Anderson 11 days ago
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Scott Anderson
Scott Anderson 11 days ago
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Malav Bhatt
Malav Bhatt 11 days ago
5:38 Nope. People will be buying airpods, earphones and new chargers anyway which will come in new packaging, boxes, plastic coverings and manuals printed on paper. There is no math to verify here, basic common sense can solve that problem for you. Over that, every accessory has a life of its own, not more than 4-5 years, at best(even apple accessories for all its claims of quality) , and people WILL be buying those replacements over time. And then there is this specific issue of proprietary charging portals and cables, Apple’s industry will never be green, they don’t want to be green, they want to earn money.
Arturo Mucino
Arturo Mucino 11 days ago
Notches are so 2017
Mercy Romin
Mercy Romin 11 days ago
Could they not just put those accessories in the box but still provide us with it in that price range. 🙄 i hold onto my 5SE for this? I was excited for 12 mini. But not anymore. Good strategy to increase business by removing the chraging adapter and earphones.
Mike Turco
Mike Turco 11 days ago
Watching this from my 7+. She’s still kickin’
jetson wu
jetson wu 11 days ago
the problem is , the cable that the iphone 12 come with the box is C to L cable apple probably doesn't remember that the power brick they shipped before are all based on type A. so, in apple's theory : shipping phones with a power brick ------environmental pollution shipping phones without a power brick and let them to buy one -------environmental protection
The Digital CEO
The Digital CEO 11 days ago
Apples explanation of removing accessories from the box to save the planet is a bit scammy since people will have to buy them anyway. Cancels itself out no? Apple you're slick.
jose miguel
jose miguel 11 days ago
Apple pushing the "wireless" movement.
John Preston
John Preston 11 days ago
They can save money on the charger, and make it look like they care about the environment. Genius. Apple genius
REE KID 11 days ago
Bruh the iPhone 12 is just smaller than the iPhone 11 what is next iPhone 69,420 🤔🤔🤔🤔
zhang fan
zhang fan 11 days ago
Steve won't let others leads the technology. I'm going to oneplus 8t. Bye apple bye Tim
Casual User
Casual User 11 days ago
okok no charger brick fine idc, the tiny 5-watt brick wasn't doing me any good. I already have a powerbrick... Wait what they changed the cable from USB type a to c. Frick. So what I can just buy one, I'm already buying a phone a couple bucks more isn't a problem. Huh apple sells them for 30?, ehhh it doesn't matter third party. WAIT THE FRICK? WHERE ARE MY EARPODS? I paid how much for this phone? Wait what port does the plug need to be? Lightning? GOD DANG IT. I don't want to buy one., my wallet. Why is it so expensive? I'll buy one from Apple at least it will last. my wallet rip. But at least the environment is better. yea yea at least the environment is better. Apple truly is a genius at business and marketing.
Flo 12 days ago
The all new iCondom Condom sold separately
Omellys Perez
Omellys Perez 12 days ago
And we're still paying for no cars in the box
hen ko
hen ko 12 days ago
Everybody : where is the chargeur ? apple logic : 4:27 sunglass in the night
Francois 12 days ago
Really Dave, so all Apple have done is pass the carbon foot print onto us and considering that 80% of the bricks out there are USB-A then people will need to go and buy them anyway. 🤦. Then there is half the box allowing Apple to print even more money now that shipping costs just dropped by 50%. C’mon Dave, never took you as an Apple fan boy
hen ko
hen ko 12 days ago
Mid Tier ?? LOL 909€ is not mid tier.
danielpryme 12 days ago
I would choose mini and pro, 120hz will come next year as a new feature 😅😅
anoop gec
anoop gec 12 days ago
Cars off the road. That's biggest bs. People are going to buy the chargers anyway so how is that cars off the road. It's a scam They just want you to pay more money for the carger
Kerstan Chung
Kerstan Chung 12 days ago
So if I'm new to Apple.. I'll have to spend even more for the charger and cable.. and potentially earbuds lulz
Matt 12 days ago
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