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A crooked legal guardian who drains the savings of her elderly wards meets her match when a woman she tries to swindle turns out to be more than she first appears. Starring Rosamund Pike, Peter Dinklage, Eiza González, Dianne Wiest, and Chris Messina.
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I Care a Lot | Official Trailer | Netflix
A court-appointed legal guardian defrauds her older clients and traps them under her care. But her latest mark comes with some unexpected baggage.

Luyanda Nkolisa
Luyanda Nkolisa 55 minutes ago
If you have the time check out guardianship episode of last week tonight they talk about this exact thing
TRAV3L3R Hour ago
shit movie. don't bother
antipathy17 2 hours ago
I wanted to give this movie a chance. Why is it, within 5 minutes Rosamund Pike's character reacts to a guy angerly losing his mother to Rosamund Pike's character by exclaiming it's because he is a man? Wouldn't the most obvious fact that he is losing his mother be the reason he is an aggressor? of course but not for this movie, its because he's a man. I guess man-hating can get you somewhere in this industry now days. I believe we call that sexism.
ah999_soma 2 hours ago
الفلم فيه شواذ بمعنى الكلمه الفلم سيئ
R N 3 hours ago
so the bad girls won over the bad guys...yippee! sooooooo SJW! and they had to be lesbians, one POC...soooooo holiywood! only part that did not fit was the capitalist!
Viantz Pradz
Viantz Pradz 4 hours ago
Congratulation for your Golden Globe Rosamund...!!!
Sylvia 5 hours ago
Too much music -___-'
Godofredo Grafia
Godofredo Grafia 5 hours ago
between Marla and the Russian Mafia, the latter was the lesser of 2 evils.
Andres Ripoll
Andres Ripoll 6 hours ago
After watching this trailer I don't need to watch the movie, basically a summary.
Justin Colby
Justin Colby 7 hours ago
Song name?
Not a Doctor
Not a Doctor 9 hours ago
I thought this is a romantic movie or some sht
David Gonzalez
David Gonzalez 9 hours ago
The Feldstrom dude is the real MVP! Lol
Dante Whale
Dante Whale 10 hours ago
Pike and peter.... I am sold
Zara Nadeem
Zara Nadeem 10 hours ago
Rosamund Pike won the Golden Globe for this!!!!
Shaw na na
Shaw na na 10 hours ago
Wtf like who makes a movie like this to take advantage of old people. Whoever made this needs to be ran over by a semi truck. Worst 2 hr movie I've seen in awhile. Drags on. Makes me angry how this lady robs older people. I seriously will never get back the time I wasted watching this lame movie
Shaw na na
Shaw na na 10 hours ago
So stupid
DarkDays 12 hours ago
I know I'm not the only one who wanted the Russian mafia to blow this chick's head off, then they become friends in the end? Pretty lame ending.
noor rahik
noor rahik 14 hours ago
Omfg I need to see this man in action.
Sage M
Sage M 14 hours ago
I’m getting some crazy gone girl amazing Amy vibes 🤔 I’m in 🤘
timothy jones
timothy jones 14 hours ago
I’m tired of women vs man sh!t just make a dam movie got almost to the end glade I didn’t pay for it
Nick Grant
Nick Grant 15 hours ago
This movie will give a psychological blue balls man it’s infuriating!!
Paul Rainwater
Paul Rainwater 15 hours ago
People like the character Marla in this movie are pure evil exactly like a family member lawyer 'Harlot of the devil' who is trying to legally steal my inheritance who worked for an estate law firm for 10 years and thinks they know all the 'tricks of the trade' and how to cover thier tracks. Convincing my 104 year old father suffering from dementia to sign Trust documents leaving the entire estate worth near a half million dollars to this evil family member. Moreover this horrible devious person wrote in a clause giving them the authority to determine the amount and timing of any funds distributed to me one of only two siblings. Also this horrible person included a clause in the Trust document preventing me or anyone else from seeing the accounting figures/net worth of all of my father's accounts pre and post his death (unbelievable this could be legal). The justice system is corrupt allowing people like this to legally steal from the elderly and thier rightful heirs. There is a line in this movie "I'm the worst mistake you ever made" I also say "Revenge is a dish best served cold"... Spoiler alert: Why only a single shot to Marla's heart in the end, I would have emptied a fully loaded Glock 9mm of 18 rounds into this spawn of Satan.
AJ Brothers
AJ Brothers 15 hours ago
You know how i know she is a great actress and played a great villain? Because I hated her!!! I loved the ending btw!
Jeff86 15 hours ago
It's ok everyone. She's a lesbian!
Regina Davis
Regina Davis 15 hours ago
Rosamund Pike is so underrated.
GreNerd 16 hours ago
Worst movie I’ve seen in years.
John Sevilla
John Sevilla 16 hours ago
One of THE WORST movies ever. The entire movie I was rooting for the Mob and honestly wanted a Law Abiding Citizen torture scene. She took advantage of old people and ruined their lives. The ending sucked. 1 weak ass bullet didn't come close to what she and her gf deserved. This movie gives you anxiety and makes you hate the main character the entire movie. They should have chosen to mess with the mom of a cartel leader. This movie would have ended in 30 mins.
Browean 16 hours ago
I’m gonna save everyone the 2 hour headache. There’s movies that can get passed a far fetched story, this is definitely not one of them. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME.
dukevega1972 16 hours ago
I won't lie, I'll watch it for Peter.
Leftie Vlogs
Leftie Vlogs 16 hours ago
Great film but damn it had me rooting for the Russian Mafia
Bacon Lady
Bacon Lady 16 hours ago
This was utter trash. I'm still angry about this movie. Watching it was like a slow painful death
Mister3Pac 17 hours ago
Boy is this movie awful
Diana S O
Diana S O 17 hours ago
Película mala, mala, mala, una pérdida de tiempo
Kayla Wintz
Kayla Wintz 17 hours ago
am i the only one who liked this movie 😁?
KLGoodman 18 hours ago
Maria Bakalova is robbed of her Golden Globe because of this ?
VirulentWalrus 18 hours ago
this movie sucks. save yourself the time lol
John Yang
John Yang 18 hours ago
I really liked the well dressed lawyer. He was cool.
Alexander Gonzie
Alexander Gonzie 18 hours ago
A (fake) feminist's fantasy, to do what they want to whomever, and think they're smart enough to get away with it.
Nobody4president 18 hours ago
An accurate portrayal of the nihilism, materialism, and amorality of the post modern lesbian feminist.
Charlee e
Charlee e 18 hours ago
She is such a good actor playing this kind of role.
Safari Leé
Safari Leé 18 hours ago
Soooo we’re watching from the villains point of view so we can agree to what she’s doing and be on her side.
Kashif Mahmood
Kashif Mahmood 18 hours ago
This movie is pathetic. The message of success it portrays by praying on the weakest as shown is shameful.
REVALUID 18 hours ago
It’s just old people they already lived their life might as well take advantage of it
Manx Keys
Manx Keys 18 hours ago
Ending is unrealistic, no one with that amount of money will walk without bodyguards.
JE.SUIS. DIEUDO 19 hours ago
J'ai adorer la dernière scène du film je dirai même c la meilleur
Mr Filo
Mr Filo 19 hours ago
Were about 40 mins and the Russian is no match for girl power lol. Let's see they pay a visit and then she would either be dead or wish she was oh wait it's Holloyweird and the mob is scared of her. What a joke.
Ming the Merciless
Ming the Merciless 21 hour ago
well I feel like I am watching the Amazing Amy strikes again, only this time she is a total sociopath from the very beginning, she is not even pretending to be nice!
Michail Gvozdev
Michail Gvozdev 21 hour ago
Best thing about this movie, is that this b**ch got killed at the end. I never hated a movie character like that since Jeffrey from GOT.
Tihomir Godek
Tihomir Godek 21 hour ago
I CANCEL NETFLIX AFTER THIS hahah omg hollywood/netflix you are done👎
BigChris Man
BigChris Man 21 hour ago
Karma is a real thing. I love the ending. Mistreat people in this world and Karma will find you and it will be painful.
Tommy Hooligan
Tommy Hooligan 21 hour ago
This movie was trash, started off good enough but quickly becomes a poorly written joke. Some lame Hollywood garbage. 👎🏻👎🏻
BrandonScott RobinsonMusic
BrandonScott RobinsonMusic 21 hour ago
The ending was hilarious.
Cou Plex
Cou Plex 22 hours ago
The most stupid movies in my life ... The director and the producers are totally stupid please for realising this movie , dont waste your time watching this movie !
127 H
127 H 22 hours ago
*There is a 3rd type of people, those who grab a cup of tee, lay down and watch NETFLIX.*
Lord Flame
Lord Flame 23 hours ago
Another "women are smart men are dumb" movie. Getting tired
Billy Jonathan
Billy Jonathan 23 hours ago
lol what if they made a movie like this, except instead of elderly scammers they exposed CPS.
Billy Jonathan
Billy Jonathan 23 hours ago
You wanted people to sympathize with this awful woman?, Netflix? NO *smacks with newspaper* People save yourselves 2 hours and just skip to the ending.
Alexander C
Alexander C 23 hours ago
An exaggeration on modern toxic Feminism, pointing out how ruthless and means to a stupid end a movie can be! It’s a poorly thought through Storyline, with somehow basic flaws that any 2nd year film major would avoid. It is also a poor manner of lifting up female overpower stupidity, that ends up exactly where it should! With a bullet in the heart .
Olivia Paniagua
Olivia Paniagua Day ago
Eiza Gonzalez👸
D'Jhane Costin
D'Jhane Costin Day ago
I feel bad for liking the movie . I understand where she was coming from especially in the intro . This is really how the world is ..
Billy Jonathan
Billy Jonathan 23 hours ago
No, those 2 minutes showing her working a regular job do not justify her actions.
Dendeng Banturi
Dendeng Banturi Day ago
never ever, messed up with someone else's mother. Even the sweetest kids, would go crazy if you bother their mother. Initially, I thought she will escaped her actions. and she continues with more poor older victims. makes me wonder, where is the child of all those parents ?? i mean, dont have to be a mafia to go crazy for what she had done. and so be it. the ending, that's really feels like a savior. if humans won't make a right things, then GOD will. in unexpectable way. it served so well. but killing is not good. but also. do not messed up with someone's mother/parents. 👌🏻 And that’s all, making this as a good movies 👍🏻
Sancaktar Devlet TÜRKOĞLU
Sancaktar Devlet TÜRKOĞLU Day ago
En son adamın yaptığını ben ilk başta yapardım ... her halde beni annemi görmekten alıkoyacak ben bir şey yapmayacağım öyle mi ??? hele ki o mafyanın niye ilk başta vurup öldürmediğini anlamış değilim orası da saçmalık ... genel olarak güzel film olmuş ama.
Stephan Davis
Stephan Davis Day ago
*Spoiler* As i was finishing this movie thinking she got away with it while making millions and being scummy ironically i was submitting my timesheet for my 9 to 5 and let me tell you i was pissed. Then the true ending happened all was right again.
Stephan Davis
Stephan Davis Day ago
Bruhh the first 15 minutes of this is strait elder abuse.
krishnan srinivasan
krishnan srinivasan Day ago
Impressive plot :)
Antoniu Pavel
Antoniu Pavel Day ago
This is an awesome movie!!
Milton Harris
Milton Harris Day ago
Those girls got away too easy..I wanted them dead in the movie
GunzZ Pumpkin
GunzZ Pumpkin Day ago
Ending sucks
Carlos Polidura
Carlos Polidura Day ago
Great movie just had to fast forward through some undesirable scenes but great plot nonetheless.
Marija Day ago
Is this kind of a propaganda ? Because it’s super disgusting .
Emir yz
Emir yz Day ago
I was almost gonna go on here and spill out my guts on how i hated the ending. And then she got what she deserved.
B Day ago
Stellar C’s at best Oh yeah Think people don’t know ....is not only old And there there No real justice is being served by this either Soulless C’s
tazman plok
tazman plok Day ago
I also fcking hate the stupid judge.
ParanoidPixel Day ago
This movie was awful and I hope the writer/director is never hired again.
Walton Brown
Walton Brown Day ago
Worst movie ever so the bad guy/girl wins...Moral of this story you do really bad things you get what you want....👍🏾
Jay Bee
Jay Bee Day ago
Superpower Girl that beats the russian mob by herself. Stupidest * i have seen in a Long Time. Waste of time.
Srishti Ramaprasad
Srishti Ramaprasad Day ago
I cannot forget what she did in gone girl
Mars Kahn
Mars Kahn Day ago
the second I saw her insult a man and kiss a woman I knew that she'd be posed as the undefeatable feminist icon anti hero badass 🥲 Netflix has the cheapest writing. zero payoff. all flash. quick fashion. uninspired. cheap. and utterly clichéd.
Annie Yeiter
Annie Yeiter Day ago
This movie sucked balls. Sad because it had so much potential.
XanderShiller Day ago
She terrifies me more than every horror film I've seen, combined.
Grinch Briggete
Grinch Briggete Day ago
Jeff bezos you are cute. I'm your legal guardian. I'm just someone who cares
Turbold Tseveenjav
Turbold Tseveenjav Day ago
Throughout the whole movie I was hrdly holding myself from getting into my screen and beat the shit out of her. I was rooting for the Lannyster guy here. The ending was the perfection!
any4003 Day ago
I have a rawring fire hate for situations like this with the state and services who get involved that act like they are taking control because "they care" with an outrages passion I hate them. This movie hit an emotional button for me I lost my grandmother to horrible treatment. I didn't get the specific satisfaction I was looking for but I got some....
Jamie Cee49
Jamie Cee49 Day ago
Great Movie. Very annoying with that Blonde and her Girlfriend. But very good. I give it 5 Stars. Pore B.... couldn't win at anything. LOL. She is a B.. in a half. OMG......Finishing the movie. Why do I think there is going to be a twist at the end? Hmm. Oh geesh here we go again with her being a legal Guardian BS. lol. Such an annoying movie. Just don't take advantage of old people with money. That's just wrong. Don't take advantage of them at all. OMG....Yeah she cares about her self.
Kyle Ranard
Kyle Ranard Day ago
Awesome movie
Jair Carinhato Junior
Jair Carinhato Junior Day ago
Shitty movie, don't watch it !
folladordeprostis Day ago
This movie was good but is being promoted like a comedy when is not
This movie sucks, i thought i was going to watch an intellectual battle between Marla and Miss Peterson, instead it was just an action movie with a lesbian couple.
folladordeprostis Day ago
the ending was great, she got what she deserved lol
Thiccy McDunk
Thiccy McDunk Day ago
God I hate that woman. That ending is so satisfying to watch.
folladordeprostis Day ago
yeah lol
Raider Warrior
Raider Warrior Day ago
I’m watching this now no I’m just here to comment how I hate this woman so much. I hope the ending doesn’t disappoint.
Thiccy McDunk
Thiccy McDunk Day ago
Oh trust me it doesn’t. I won’t spoil anything but the ending is pretty satisfying.
D'shawn Cherry
D'shawn Cherry Day ago
Well that was dumb.
Douglas De León
Douglas De León Day ago
If you want to waste your time, go for it. Made me really mad and after an hour I stopped watching it.
folladordeprostis Day ago
is great
Iceman Day ago
I know a lot of lesbians and feminists that would have no problem doing this to seniors. They were raised without a daddy in the household and don't respect anyone.
cashappDavidshake1 cashapp
cashappDavidshake1 cashapp Day ago
Great movie a twist and turn of emotions but a perfect ending. Great Job Netflix
okokok02 09
okokok02 09 Day ago
Please do it for me. Don't waist your time for me
teeemoy Day ago
I tend to avoid movies she does. She always disappoints. This one was no exception. She's a great actress. She's so good in fact, that I genuinely hate her. I also hate the stories she's in. She never gets what's coming.
Moritz Day ago
I cried when she died :(
Truestar Day ago
It's the most ridiculous movie I have seen in a long time.. Making a mockery of old people suffering from diseases.. It's in bad taste and I don't think it's funny.. if I had money I would sue the filmmakers
Zelämyr Shiru
Zelämyr Shiru Day ago
You know she's a good actress when her character makes you hate her. Loved it
David Hagan
David Hagan Day ago
The movie could have been interesting from the trailer, but was a solid waste of time to watch and a wasted opportunity to have made a good movie.
Patrick Pereira
Patrick Pereira Day ago
I wanna watcjjjj
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