Princess Protection Program doesn't make any sense

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Alex Meyers

Month ago

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The Hunger Games is kinda dumb...
Sharkboy and Lavagirl 2 is even dumber than the first one
After 2 is hilariously dumb
Shake It Up was a weird show
Emily In Paris is pretty dumb
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Alex Meyers
Alex Meyers Month ago
finally getting deep into the Disney Channel pantheon. Install Zooba for Free ✅ ANDROID: ✅ IOS: ✅ and get 50 coins and 40 gems!
ACE GAMMING 23 days ago
scheccid Nunez Beato
scheccid Nunez Beato 24 days ago
Lol I just watched this movie
FireEnhanced 25 days ago
Timmy fell down the well vance
Niyorkona Saikia
Niyorkona Saikia Month ago
Can you do one on Avalon High
RubyGrace Moseley
RubyGrace Moseley Month ago
I love you so much! 😂😂😂 You’re so funny! Love your videos
Polly 6 minutes ago
my favorite part is the sign at 13:06 that says "good BO OK"
Kenya Childers
Kenya Childers 6 hours ago
damn some of y’all young asf 😭 i was 7 when this came out
Qutub Kothari
Qutub Kothari 7 hours ago
Hey needs to do a Debby Ryan movie
Ian Place
Ian Place 2 days ago
2:10 what did she say
Funworks 163
Funworks 163 2 days ago
I don't know if I just have the wrong movie, but I remember a completely different version of Princess Protection Program. I remember Selena taking a trip to London with her friends and finding out she looks identical to the princess and the two switch lives for the day and they both learn about the pros/cons of both lives.
tallulaheatsleaves 2 days ago
Idc it's my childhood
Nick Mahyr
Nick Mahyr 4 days ago
My sister is clearly mental if she actually enjoyed this.
Nick Mahyr
Nick Mahyr 4 days ago
OffBeatNightcore 4 days ago
"what was YOUR favorite part of the movie?" Me: *The part where it ended.*
Kayla Wise
Kayla Wise 5 days ago
I don't mind Alex making fun of this movie, I even hated it when it came out, but if he rips on Another Cinderella Story I'll feel attacked.
Aliyna Sophia Rose
Aliyna Sophia Rose 5 days ago
melike 6 days ago
LMAO the part when Demi speaks French, the translation 😅
Pokemon master5678 Musser
Pokemon master5678 Musser 6 days ago
Can u make me an animated character
Minty Games
Minty Games 7 days ago
oh, is that how it works, I had a lot of friends in high school. 😂
Skylar Hylian
Skylar Hylian 7 days ago
"Queen of madeupastan" lol
Lily of Chastity
Lily of Chastity 7 days ago
Why would general himself come to kidnap her? Wouldn't he have spies to do that?😂😂😂😂😂
Blueberry Bomb
Blueberry Bomb 8 days ago
5:54 sis rlly said *”wait a damn minute-“*
grvngerbyers 8 days ago
Grace Compton
Grace Compton 8 days ago
“The only good thing about Iowa is it’s not Louisiana”
Ines Bally
Ines Bally 9 days ago
Carter Inosencio
Carter Inosencio 9 days ago
I love that a dude just showed up and was like I’m the President now and nobody objected at all
Carter Inosencio
Carter Inosencio 9 days ago
The dude that designed the dress is named Mr. Elegante. Real original
Jake A
Jake A 9 days ago
Alternate title: Alex insulting Louisiana for 17 minutes straight
ChaoticButInAGoodWay 10 days ago
Can you do Sky High please it's one of my faves.
Alva 10 days ago
"The Prettiest Girl in the School" Um Excuse Me but Selena Gomez is literally Right There!!! But Demi's Pretty too💖
•Starr Galaxy Gacha•
•Starr Galaxy Gacha• 10 days ago
I loved this movie when I was younger and you just roasted it 😂
Eliza Anna
Eliza Anna 11 days ago
Ahh I used to love this movie so muuuch
Daniella Ogbazi
Daniella Ogbazi 11 days ago
Demi Lovato totally butchered the french language🤣
Bear Necessities
Bear Necessities 11 days ago
“So what was your favorite part of the movie?” Me: The part where it ended
IzzyMotion 11 days ago
Hey Alex do the “Swap”🤮 it is the worst
Eilish O'Brien
Eilish O'Brien 12 days ago
what was your fav part: me WHEN IT WAS OVER!
Vicentia K
Vicentia K 12 days ago
SemajPlayz 13 days ago
Ita funny cuz proms and homecomings are pretty much solely american cuz disney was the only reason I knew what a prom was.
Addy Lai
Addy Lai 13 days ago
I don't usually post, but something about this movie is that in all its silliness and overdone topic of "friendship is powerful"... I know this isn't a masterpiece. Like far from it lol. But considering when this movie came out, I appreciated having a movie during my teenage years that basically made me question whether or not the guy I'm enamored with is actually a good person or not. In a lot of movies at that time, the guy the lead would like is almost always the nice guy (there are exceptions but it isn't the norm). And the whole story is how the main girl and the girl's crush end up getting together. But with this movie, I really did like that it tackled the whole idea that you can like someone but those feelings can blind you from the truth of their personality which is so needed for teenage girls. ALSO, this theme was a big part of why Frozen was so loved. I mean we can all google the whole "you can't marry a guy you just met" meme... it is everywhere lol. But yea, idk this theme is always appreciated especially to younger girls. Anyway if you happened to read this all the way through, thank you so much for reading and if someone hasn't said this to you yet today, I hope know that you are worth it. Have a great day!
Saarah Ali
Saarah Ali 13 days ago
I loved this movie!
ruffnekscout74 13 days ago
so good
Jaguar Memez
Jaguar Memez 13 days ago
What Spanish country has a monarchy?I know Spain has one but it’s not really a true monarchy
Jaguar Memez
Jaguar Memez 13 days ago
I know it’s a fake country but like no Hispanics like kings so that’s why they probably did the revolution
Gentle Man
Gentle Man 14 days ago
I live in ageisjustanumbersville
Kyeboh Oh
Kyeboh Oh 14 days ago
Wow I had completely forgotten this movie existed
Olina Plašilová
Olina Plašilová 14 days ago
Actually that was my favourite disney movie + HSM :D They look dumb now but i really love them.
aNGEL 14 days ago
Ur life must be miserable
F4rily Iishaaa
F4rily Iishaaa 14 days ago
This whole movie is legit pick me girls who don’t think they’re like other girls because they have to drive the bus but the bus is quirky so who cares 7 year old me: *NO! NOT TRUE YOU MEANIE!*
Tanii 15 days ago
Mariana Lucia
Mariana Lucia 15 days ago
IAmLookingForANick 15 days ago
Well, i did not expect polish language in your video... super weird thing to see ha :D
Treasure Mage
Treasure Mage 15 days ago
Why would General Whatsisface even bother looking for her? If she isn't showing her face she can presumed dead which lets him by default.
Vasanthi K
Vasanthi K 15 days ago
I am grateful that I found ur channel where else could I find full movies.
Hallows Auto
Hallows Auto 15 days ago
I'm convinced Rosy is secretly an android because she, like Data from Star Trek, is unable to use contractions when speaking.
MxD 15 days ago
😫😫😫i love this movie only because selena.
블링크원스hoho 16 days ago
"Emotional depth of a kitchen sponge" 😭
Annabelle Ridler
Annabelle Ridler 16 days ago
Alex: Luisiana is trash Tiana watching: EXUSE ME! btw i come from England so i can spell 'American' words
Toga Himiko
Toga Himiko 16 days ago
Me listening to the accents: I can’t understand what they’re saying because I just finished watching 3 Entire anime’s all in Japanese
Cammy Deal
Cammy Deal 16 days ago
I am a 47 year old father of two 17 and one 11 year old who introduced me to this channel...THIS IS THE FUNNIEST YOU TUBER I HAVE EVER WATCHED. Please keep up the great work you now our official movie night.
Aubrey Santamaria
Aubrey Santamaria 17 days ago
I’m also from Iowa anyone Else btw it’s true Iowa is very boring
ali 17 days ago
I never knew this movie or tv series existed, thanks Alex for sharing your knowledge. P. S. I agree. PPP doesn't make sense. 😅
Romalzyn GC
Romalzyn GC 17 days ago
Alex: so, what was your favorite part of the movie Me who randomly said: Non Alex: that was mine too I got surprised but also laughed a little
Maria Kinsey
Maria Kinsey 17 days ago
OI! I live in Louisiana and sure it’s awful, but YOU’RE not allowed to say that! 😂
LALA LOCO 18 days ago
I love your videos dude you always make me laugh
A messed up weeb
A messed up weeb 18 days ago
And to think... I used to actually like these things...
Rita Teixeira
Rita Teixeira 19 days ago
Sam Keating? 😳 How didn't I associate that earlier? 😭
Miss Twisted
Miss Twisted 19 days ago
I honestly think this movie is really well made
Unsplattable Wallace
Unsplattable Wallace 20 days ago
Do Alvin and the chipmunks
Unsplattable Wallace
Unsplattable Wallace 20 days ago
Do it
Foxiefruit 20 days ago
Why is rosie pretty much a robot tho
Saiful Islam Khan
Saiful Islam Khan 20 days ago
Why do princesses and Spanish people have long name
Anika-banika kee-kee
Anika-banika kee-kee 20 days ago
4:03 .... i felt that on a spiritual level.
Emma Toth
Emma Toth 20 days ago
XxReaper7xX 20 days ago
Kamil Rozanski
Kamil Rozanski 20 days ago
Omg he wrote it in polish, @ 8:08, can someone tell me if he’s done it in previous videos
Quintero, Tomas 26
Quintero, Tomas 26 21 day ago
I love Zooba
Conrad Kuntz
Conrad Kuntz 21 day ago
I grew up in Iowa too
WeebLuna 22 days ago
I thought her name was Rosie, and not Rosy.
Macey Garcia
Macey Garcia 22 days ago
youre the only youtuber who i get games from
EternalHikari NoTenshi
EternalHikari NoTenshi 22 days ago
Okay I never saw this movie. I outgrew disney movies since High School Musicals came out to know that they were not being daring and creative with it anymore and I was right Disney you have this princess look like Don Bluth's Anastasia with that yellow dress and blue sash. Also this Chelsea skank is threatening the life a princess of her country who is hiding from getting killed just to give up a plastic crown and lame title as homecoming queen? What the F*ck?!
fiction is good
fiction is good 22 days ago
This movie really helped me recognize and start down the path of getting rid of my internalized misogyny tbh.
Maria 23 days ago
Amanda Johnson
Amanda Johnson 23 days ago
mountains in Louisiana......sure....
JackJustin Awesome Jay
JackJustin Awesome Jay 23 days ago
I like this movie tho!! WAAAAA wtf! what did I just do?
Mateo Vitola
Mateo Vitola 23 days ago
Deep fried
Coolhusky 24 days ago
this movie was filmed at my school
Small Savage
Small Savage 24 days ago
*petition for Alex to watch the Swap*
LifeExpression 24 days ago
Thank you the shoes yessssss ! I was obsessing on it until you mentioned it ! Omg I see that all the time in american movies and shows ! :O
Andrew McKlveen
Andrew McKlveen 24 days ago
Bro why you hating on my home state
Tiya Inko-Tariah
Tiya Inko-Tariah 24 days ago
LMAOOO Disney had us feeling bad for Carter but she was being a pick me over the Danny guy
Tiya Inko-Tariah
Tiya Inko-Tariah 24 days ago
“Ed” the guy who worked at the bowling alley was literally in every Disney minute back then
Mommy long Legs Draco
Mommy long Legs Draco 25 days ago
I’m from Iowa to and I hate it
Conrad Kuntz
Conrad Kuntz 21 day ago
Angel Hernandez
Angel Hernandez 25 days ago
Is Edwin a simp?
Gabe Delaney
Gabe Delaney 25 days ago
Alex: This is what my girlfriend calls the worst Disney movie ever made 7 year-old me: *pizza time stops*
malia 25 days ago
8:06 really took me out lmao i didnt expect to see anything in polish here and pls don't smell your finger after that it cant be good
Tiziana Bartoli
Tiziana Bartoli 25 days ago
Why in American film people who come from another countries have a terrible accent? I'm Italian and I don't think of have a so marked accent
Mara McCormack
Mara McCormack 25 days ago
4:00 the memories. Pain.
Jasmyn Jackson
Jasmyn Jackson 25 days ago
Alex needs to stop crapping on Louisiana. It’s the best state in the country
Wao Nae
Wao Nae 26 days ago
What town is ageisjustanumbersville and nowheretown? I know the keepitinthefamilyston is Alabama but rest I don't know.
AG Hobs
AG Hobs 26 days ago
those types of girls go from elegant to elephant
DeKa C.
DeKa C. 26 days ago
I love the part of the movie where they rent the bus and take all girls that were bullied or ignored to buy Gowns for the ball!! That part is most of the time forgotten
Mira kween
Mira kween 26 days ago
You should do Upside Down Magic, I think you'd have fun roasting it
Just Another Random Disney Fanatic
Just Another Random Disney Fanatic 26 days ago
WhAt I lOvEd tHiS MoViE!!
Ogechi Ome
Ogechi Ome 26 days ago
Rosalinda's French is the worst I've ever heard 🤦🏽‍♀️
Suramya Singh
Suramya Singh 26 days ago
ESTHER AWE 26 days ago
Is no one going to talk about how Carter's dad plays Sam Keating in How to Get Away With Murder
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