Everything the Amazon Echo (4th Gen) Can Do

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Tech With Brett

6 months ago

Amazon has released its 4th gen Echo speaker. It comes with a new design, Zigbee hub, temperature sensor, and much more! This video is designed to teach you how to use every function of this device.
Echo (4th Gen) on Amazon: geni.us/Z6CqAJ
Philips Hue Bulb on Amazon: geni.us/F4vg3X
Ecolink Door Sensor on Amazon: geni.us/hMsUTi
Table Lamp on Amazon: geni.us/BTQne
00:00 Echo 4th Gen Intro
01:05 Unboxing
03:14 Setup
05:12 Device Controls
06:19 Voice Activation
07:03 What to ask
08:51 Home & Play Tab
10:27 Echo Settings Menu
11:36 Wireless: Bluetooth & Wifi
14:00 Connected Devices: Speaker
15:06 Stereo Pair / Subwoofer
17:28 Multi-Room Music
19:47 General Settings
22:16 Temperature Sensor
22:48 Sounds
24:24 AUX Audio
25:32 Freetime
26:45 Do Not Disturb
27:28 Communications
31:37 Calling with @Jimmy is Promo
34:10 Share & Drop In
39:06 Announce
39:46 Messages
41:37 Change Wake Word
42:09 Follow-Up Mode
43:37 Zigbee Hub
48:51 Routines
53:28 Skills
55:47 Fire TV Stick
57:29 Alexa Guard
59:45 Music & Podcasts
01:01:42 Activity & Voice History
Echo Dot Kids Edtion: usposts.info/vision/qdaoldenkIqprtQ/video
Echo Show 5: usposts.info/vision/hsezpszeqJ-Ahro/video
Amazon Fire TV Stick: usposts.info/vision/ea243dvIi2yfhZk/video
Amazon Echo Dot Home Theater: usposts.info/vision/eK-qrZu4sJuZh5E/video
Ring Video Doorbell Pro: usposts.info/vision/bcbLpZiue7CEpsg/video
Halloween Routines: usposts.info/vision/eJrSndbLp36NnK4/video
Thank you, Amazon for providing the Glacier White Echo (4th Gen), Philips Hue bulb, & the Ecolink Door Sensor for this video.
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Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 5 months ago
Welcome to my first official Echo tutorial video! This video is to catch you up on all the features available on with an Amazon Echo. What feature do you want to see next?
Razzak Abdul
Razzak Abdul 31 minute ago
Google OK Google tennis or nightscreen hey Google change the light to
Angela Stidham
Angela Stidham 23 days ago
Day 26 days ago
Day 26 days ago
Oh well hun mwa is a little better soon enough for me your birthday is lol It’s not really good for for you a tryouts lol lol y TQ y you try
Teresa Pelham
Teresa Pelham 2 months ago
@John Stephens D Z: !
Brog9 15 hours ago
My name is Brett
Addison Knox
Addison Knox Day ago
My App does not have the Aux option menu, was this feature removed recently?
Eileen Solomito
Eileen Solomito 2 days ago
Buying this for my 95 yr old mom. After we set up, we live across the country and want to know if we would be able to troubleshoot remotely this device should something go wrong?
Aston Martin
Aston Martin 3 days ago
I told mine to make me a cup of tea and nothing happened.lmao
burt panzer
burt panzer 7 days ago
No third party exists who historically had an interest in eavesdropping... if there were, do you think the button that turns off the mic would do just that, or boost the sensitivity instead?
Serab Dordze
Serab Dordze 10 days ago
Hi. Can I change the message of the Ringing Bell if someone rings and Alexa announces it? I mean the announcement for others, for example, is there a visit in front of the door?
Joseph Acocella
Joseph Acocella 10 days ago
Will it turn on and off TVs and devices that are off but have Alexa in them
Rocketskibee 11 days ago
Can you use Alexa to play USposts videos on Chromecast? Like how you do with Google nest?
Eliz Donovan
Eliz Donovan 13 days ago
Just got an echo. Amazon should put a link to your tutorial with each unit the sell. Thank you 🙏. 🌲🌝☘️
thanh nguyen
thanh nguyen 13 days ago
can alexa alert me when amazon stock reach a certain price
varispujols 13 days ago
Is the Echo dot 4th gen also a Zigbee hub?
Lindsey Lim
Lindsey Lim 13 days ago
JK Rowling's owl message voice option has come true. Not in the form of owl, but in the form of echo dot. I look forward to having Echo Owl Dot or Google Owl Nest!
Buri Gitique
Buri Gitique 14 days ago
never again! i regret i bought amazon echo. it wont work in the Philippines unlike google home max. amazon echo is absolutely RACIST!
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 14 days ago
Where did you buy it from?
Thedarkknight47 14 days ago
Terry says " damnnnnn "
Robert islit
Robert islit 15 days ago
How to set up Amazon music for no adds?
Amir Lingam
Amir Lingam 17 days ago
Can I make a call and speak, hear via this device?
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 17 days ago
Butterfly 17 days ago
Oh that's super cool with the open/close sensor. I might actually get that.
Kirk Shalosky
Kirk Shalosky 18 days ago
Thank you
Colby Phillips
Colby Phillips 21 day ago
Is this better than echo plus gen2
gingiszoo 21 day ago
Thanks for explaining so clearly
Arthur Page
Arthur Page 23 days ago
a good video but eveytime you said the word Echo which was a lot, our devise activated because that is our wake word so thanks a bunch
ED_ZOMBIESkiller 23 days ago
Why i dont have apple music in my menu??im from asia..im already made us account..:(
It is me .
It is me . 26 days ago
I'm a bit skeptical concerning 'temperature sensor' . Does it work like a thermometer ? Have you found some differences between a real thermometer and this sensor ? I don't want Alexa to activate my fan just because she is dreaming and believes to be on a Caraïbe beach.
masere 26 days ago
I just tried a Star Trek phase "set auto destruct" and it took me ages to actually stop it repeating itself doing the countdown.
Reshon McCoy
Reshon McCoy 28 days ago
He have no life
Jenny Jones
Jenny Jones Month ago
Thanks !!!
divinemaster2k2 Month ago
"Alexa" Can you fix my sex life?
Blender Rookie
Blender Rookie Month ago
Sounds like Cortana... I always deactivate cortana.
sasi thar
sasi thar Month ago
I have watched some bunch of videos but other videos were shit.... Your video review was top quality ...Subscribed.... Surely a top review... I doubt whether amazon tester teams gave this kinda info to people.... Lol
Edgardo Gamarra
Edgardo Gamarra Month ago
Global Air Travels
Global Air Travels Month ago
Hello i am planning to buy Alexa, which Generation do you recommend ? budget within $150
Adewale Oladoye
Adewale Oladoye Month ago
Which wired multi room av receiver works with Alexa or google
Vladimir Peykov
Vladimir Peykov Month ago
I have Alexa and she is very good
Dae4 Christ
Dae4 Christ Month ago
Soooo bluetooth but not wireless ?
Dae4 Christ
Dae4 Christ Month ago
@Tech With Brett from what i seen if i try to use it outside without wifi i cant
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett Month ago
It has both. But if the music app you used isn't supported you can use Bluetooth.
Cantar Karaoke
Cantar Karaoke Month ago
Louis Kenny
Louis Kenny Month ago
How come your box shows more applications then mine does. On the side of the box that tells the content well above thatvyou have like 7 or 8 applications and mine only has 4, the 3.5MM line, the Bluetooth, Hands Free, and Microphone. Why?
Haox Month ago
I've never seen an ultimate guide as good as this one. Subscribed!
Jadamion Cole
Jadamion Cole 15 days ago
@Tech With Brett Good Morning!
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett Month ago
Thank you and I'm glad you found it helpful!
William Kerr
William Kerr Month ago
Do you still prefer Google for home automation?
youngeek Month ago
I read a lot of people's reviews on Amazon saying this version of the Echo is deaf. Can you confirm that? Meaning that you borderline have to yell for it to listen.
Halima's World.
Halima's World. Month ago
My dad just got me this one i love him so muchhhhhhh
walter lopez
walter lopez Month ago
i want to know how you did the beam me up thing and vanished? thanks
Yasmin Okten
Yasmin Okten Month ago
Has it other languages ?
greg mcpherson
greg mcpherson Month ago
"lets get started", so dosnt start till he gabs for further minutes.
greg mcpherson
greg mcpherson Month ago
@Tech With Brett My friend, kudos for your attempt. USpostsrs have millions of vids to choose from. Many producers love the sound of thier own voice and consequently load their vids with pointless explanations and video of them selves. To be successful, cut to the point. Your click bait already tells what your vid is about. We dont need minutes of self explanation again. Because we all have short attention spans, you will lose us if you dont get our attention quickly.
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett Month ago
I'm trying to simplify my videos. Should I cut all that out?
Joe Tarlos
Joe Tarlos Month ago
Tech with Brett Can Alexis adjust your nest thermostat and a nest lock??? Also I have a Bosch cd changer and a turntable that was near by. Would nest operate the Bosch cd changer to start the cd changer or change songs??? With the Alexis can you ask it to start playing the turntable and play the songs to listen to??? Also if I wanted to add other speakers in other rooms of the house can I use the bose speakers seeing how they can be played through blutooth or should I use the Alexis speaker system to listen to music in other rooms??? TIA very much with getting back to me with these answers I would appreciate it....
Chadisms Month ago
One of your most viewed videos. Key take sways: 1. Do more echo device videos. 2. Do full tutorial of each device. Great job!
Mr10Residentevilfan Month ago
Just bought it. Gonna put the 3rd gen somewhere else in the house.
Mario van den Elzen
Mario van den Elzen Month ago
I tried pairing two of my echo dots and when I did it tells me to make sure I am all on the same network but I am. All of them note my network but beside them Network Error. Love your video but to fast for me. I have continually rewind back and note which menu you are on. I also have 5 Dots in which one is the flat pancake type and the other 4 as you describe in video. Also have in the kitchen the 8” screen Echo. Have to say I am now getting confused as I am trying to verify which DOT is marked correctly. Maybe I bit off more than I can chew at the moment.
Carl Lewis
Carl Lewis Month ago
I just placed a Echo 4th gen in my cart and was not sure about buying it along with my fire TV stick. Your tutorial was great and going to place the order as soon as I can. Going to watch your Fire TV stick tutorial now. Thank you very much.
Ro_BLOCKS Month ago
Roblox is the Best!!!!!!!
Ro_BLOCKS Month ago
BeatxZ Month ago
Now I can't wait to turn my home into a smart home!
Ans Wisp
Ans Wisp Month ago
Im from Philippines restricted from any apps to any android or IOS device which we need downloaded alexa apps ?
Tonyy Butler
Tonyy Butler Month ago
Is it me or does his echo look bigger than mines 🤨
Moses Celis
Moses Celis Month ago
You Can Say to Echo
Soxz Month ago
So this Alexa does not support USposts Music?
Pablo Deuces
Pablo Deuces Month ago
I want to know if you can connect it to your Android tv
Liam B3642
Liam B3642 Month ago
Once my Alexa is setup do I need to keep the phone in the house connected to Wi-Fi to be able to use the Alexa? For example if I have bought an Alexa as a present for someone who only has internet can I set Alexa up at their house with my phone and then once I leave will they still be able to use Alexa as normal?
Benjamin Lee
Benjamin Lee Month ago
I really like the features that Amazon offers with its mediatek powered Echo 4th Gen. A good addition in a smart home.
Nirmal Shrestha
Nirmal Shrestha 2 months ago
Superb. A very well explained. Just ordered. Thank you.
Jc Adventure HD
Jc Adventure HD 2 months ago
What I want to know is if you have new echo 4 and zigbee device can you use echo 3 to controls the zigbee device. Or will I need to get echo 4 in every room
Conrad Gibbs
Conrad Gibbs 2 months ago
Why don’t he say Alexa
Robert McGregor
Robert McGregor 2 months ago
Brett, I bought a First Alert Wifi smoke detector. It communicates using Z-Wave. So I bought a Amazon Echo. Now I am hearing about OneLink nd I need that too. Is that correct. I assumed I could connect these smoke detectors right to the Echo and then onto my router. HELP! Mr. Frustrated!!
Jinfer Galvez
Jinfer Galvez 2 months ago
Why is my alexa app buttons different? I cant find the device pair button
Psychotic Shine
Psychotic Shine 2 months ago
Makes Sense "That everything The 4th gen Echo can do" is Longer than "Everything The google nest audio can do"
rony Ahmed
rony Ahmed 2 months ago
Saudi Arabia have no Amazon alexa app at app store. How do i get the alexa app?
Potenza Bubba
Potenza Bubba 2 months ago
Why bran why are you why is your trailer here you have to get away
Joy Applewhite
Joy Applewhite 2 months ago
I have echo show 5
ChiPrincess23 2 months ago
I just got this as a bday present today. I'm scared to set it up though. I don't want it listening to everything in my house and I don't want to constantly have to turn it off to avoid that. That would defeat the purpose. So leaning on returning it but you made it look really cool!
Donald McKenna
Donald McKenna 2 months ago
Can I use the line out speaker to enhance Alexa's voice? I've got my treble all the way up and the bass and mid-range all the way down and it still sounds like she's talking with a hand over her mouth.
Nick Widis
Nick Widis 2 months ago
Maybe you can help me with an Echo Dot issue we're not able to figure out. My wife has an Dot 1 in her office. She has a new Dot 4 in the kitchen. If she is listening to music in the Office, and I ask the Kitchen Dot to play something else, what I ask for in the Kitchen plays in the Office, and nothing plays in the Kitchen. I know you can have it play the same thing on different devices at the same time, but how do you play different things on different devices?
dave w
dave w 2 months ago
Just unboxed DOT 4th Gen with clock. Device Settings/General..... Aux In/Out is no longer there!? Any update? Just want to use 3.5mm or BT to make this Dot4 my primary TV speaker. Just a 40” TV in my bedroom, no Home theatre
dave w
dave w 2 months ago
Also, got DOT4 to finally work with BT, but no volume control via TV remote. Looking for simple, not finding it. Perhaps the longer road via Fire Stick will be the way
Nick with two c's
Nick with two c's 2 months ago
Can they say the nword
Cindy Sandoval
Cindy Sandoval 2 months ago
Can I still use it without plugging it in?
Cindy Sandoval
Cindy Sandoval 2 months ago
@Tech With Brett ok thank you
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 2 months ago
The device is required to be plugged in. There are some accessories you can get to make them a bit more portable.
Ryan ahmed
Ryan ahmed 2 months ago
hello , if I want Alexa to send record conversations to my emil account? I mean when I m not at home nd the conversion in my absence ?
Ryan ahmed
Ryan ahmed 2 months ago
@Tech With Brett I mean can alba spy for me what ever the conversations headed in my absence and can send it to me live or later ?
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 2 months ago
You can use Alexa to send yourself a voice message that will be accessible in the Amazon Alexa app.
Luis Ramos
Luis Ramos 2 months ago
I can’t find the audio out please help
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 2 months ago
In the app? Do you have a cable plugged in?
Dennis Davids
Dennis Davids 2 months ago
thank you lot of information i will have fun play
Simon Gilmore
Simon Gilmore 2 months ago
Can I transfer my phone calls over to the echo?
Brian O'Leary
Brian O'Leary 2 months ago
Hi Brett - When you pair via Bluetooth or Audio out to another speaker (i.e. Bose), can you play music from BOTH the Echo and this speaker as a group? I've noticed it only does one or the other on Bluetooth, but wondering if using Aux will allow for that.
Jack W
Jack W 2 months ago
i recently bought an amazon echo 4th generation after watching this video, thankyou for the great video and information, keep making great videos! :)
Pavan Kumar
Pavan Kumar 2 months ago
Can it be paired with Echo plus 2nd gen??
Feby Mohan
Feby Mohan 2 months ago
Bruh, you are the only one who does'nt use Iphone for USposts videos lol. Loved the video btw. My echo dot 4 will reach me by this tuesday.Thanks for the review
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 2 months ago
Android = This is the way. Enjoy your new device!
marcosbombi 2 months ago
i have a alexa
marcosbombi 2 months ago
its a Echo dot
TING Animations
TING Animations 2 months ago
is the vid 1 frame off?
Oliver Smith
Oliver Smith 2 months ago
All of the mediatek powered Amazon echo devices are really cool and very convenient to have for a smart home
Soup Bread
Soup Bread 2 months ago
such a missed opportunity, they could have called it the "Amazon Echo Orb"
David Lowles
David Lowles 2 months ago
Excellent video. Thanks
Kevin Pantoja
Kevin Pantoja 2 months ago
Thank you very much for this video
Bryan Reese
Bryan Reese 2 months ago
Is it me or is that a virtual boy in his background
Vicious 2 months ago
I watched the full video ...it's morning now ...but not for me
First Class
First Class 2 months ago
Play at 1.5x speed, thank me later
anant tayade
anant tayade 2 months ago
Hello! I liked your video it was thorough. I just want to know about the led strip settings on echo speaker.
Yorkshire Pud
Yorkshire Pud 2 months ago
I do not like the look the size of the 4, The 3 is smaller looks better and fits under a tv, the 4 looks cheap made and ugly why Amazon Why ?
Nati Ben Ezri
Nati Ben Ezri 2 months ago
A device is so funny
Nati Ben Ezri
Nati Ben Ezri 2 months ago
The only way I can be used for this weekend
Marco Ponce
Marco Ponce 2 months ago
Great info Thaks
Marcia Jones
Marcia Jones 2 months ago
I don't want him y'all
Αλέξανδρος Παπαγρηγορίου
Αλέξανδρος Παπαγρηγορίου 2 months ago
If I have the Amazon Echo 4 can I call someone to an Amazon Echo 3?
Lee Green
Lee Green 2 months ago
is there an Alexa App for PC or does one have to purchase a Table? the Phone seem to small for Seniors. thanks you for the channel!
Lee Green
Lee Green 2 months ago
Two household member, can we both have separate Alexa app on our phones, connected to same system, whos in control. Any hard copy information?
Heather 2 months ago
41:48 😂
Virgovibe 888
Virgovibe 888 3 months ago
This video was very very informative. Purchased one and will purchase another one next week for my grand children so they can contact me when then feel like it, LOL Awesome video thank you
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