Do the Past and Future Exist?

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PBS Space Time

16 days ago

Is all that exists just whatever exists right now? Is the past erased and the future a void yet to be filled? Well, the answer lies in between the past and the future - in the elusive, ever-moving eye-blink that we call the present.
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Hosted by Matt O'Dowd
Written by Matt O'Dowd
Graphics by Leonardo Scholzer, Yago Ballarini, & Pedro Osinski
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Jason 48 minutes ago
The crazy part to think about is what and why is this moment where the "present" is for me. And is it the same for everyone else? Is "now" for me years in your future, or your past? Or is some neanderthal who has been dead for 10's of thousands of years to me currently experiencing "now" for him?
Pierre Vincent
Pierre Vincent 3 hours ago
5:24 when did the noun "science" become a verb? when did this event enter the sound cone?
Aspie737 7 hours ago
If the past does not exist, then how can we remember it? 'the past is history, tomorrow is a mystery, that is why now is the present.'
Biglover29 11 hours ago
What do you mean there is no definable now? Sometimes I think scientists over think things.
J T 13 hours ago
The universe... what a concept.
Reese Gomes
Reese Gomes 18 hours ago
its like stars. The stars we see now are actually stars from years ago. The closest star to us Alpha Centauri takes 4 years for its light to reach us. So when we look up and see Alpha Centauri we are seeing it as it was from 4 years ago. Space time kills me 😂
Elio Stalteri
Elio Stalteri 20 hours ago
What if there are two entlagled particles, one still and the other traveling almost at the speed of light. Than we trigger the collapse of the state of one particle, does the other particle that is in a different time slice collapse in the same "time"?? To me it's almost like there is an other time dimension that rule on top of the relativity.
Patrick Fahnlander
Patrick Fahnlander 21 hour ago
duh yes, if they didn't... you would have never heard of them
Rafael Leão Guerreiro
Rafael Leão Guerreiro Day ago
i really want see a video about the milliseconds of our perception of present, i really can fell it beiing delayed on hard drugs like dmt
Wil Ezekiel
Wil Ezekiel Day ago
Time is a tool you can put on your wall or wear it on your wrist The past is far behind us The future doesn’t exist
Smart Piggy
Smart Piggy Day ago
Past, present, future, exist simultaneously, within a margin of error. You, in the present, can accurately "predict" your future to some point in time, within the margin of error. The future beyond the margin would become too uncertain to be useful. By the same token, you should be able to travel back in time, outside of the margin of error. Your actions would not affect the present because the margin of error would be too great, thus changes in the past place no effect on your present. However, you must leave the past when you come close to the margin, or else you would risk changing the present AND the future.
Ruben Young
Ruben Young Day ago
Sounds pretty intelligently designed
VJ Joseph
VJ Joseph Day ago
You didn't really explain now slice in detail. It's too short in detail. Guys, go to ted youtube channel and watch it in detail. I think brian does a very good job of explaining it.
tony papastamatis
tony papastamatis Day ago
terry ruiz
terry ruiz Day ago
now do one on the world we go to when we dream
Qishi Li
Qishi Li Day ago
Very difficult to watch your videos because I don't know if your eyes are open or closed. Looks like you're looking directly into the Sun or something. Please just wear spectacles.
Qishi Li
Qishi Li Day ago
Very difficult to watch your videos because I don't know if your eyes are open or closed. Looks like you're looking directly into the Sun or something. Please just wear spectacles.
vmwindustries Day ago
Why isn't past a constant?
Marc Bell
Marc Bell Day ago
It's smart till the end. How do smart people discount all the ufo sightings/encounters and still think the fermi paradox means anything? Time to start dealing with the fact we aren't the only race using this solar system.
Rasyid rita
Rasyid rita Day ago
Sudahlah.. teori hanyalah ilmu kira2 .. Kami bisa merubah teorimu krn kamilah pemilik ilmu . Aku hanya tinggal berdoa.. maka teorimu hanyalah catatan kisah belaka, tanoa arah tujuan dan akhir cerita
Dan Holt
Dan Holt Day ago
I recall from a college philosophy class that this notion of eternalism has roots in some eastern philosophy (can't remember which). I still remember trying to write an essay explaining the theory but being completely unable to conceptualize time as anything other than a temporal sequence. Guess that's why I was a history major.
Wakko Sick
Wakko Sick Day ago
you got a big head
Slaterdom Day ago
The past is only a memory, the future is only foresight. Because we have a mind that can remember and predict. Things with no mind exist as a constant thing, it just happens to be moving. And we measure that motion. Time is the measurement of motion. With no motion theres no time, with no mind, theres no one to measure, so it only exists as a conscious measurement of motion. That's the definition of time. Thanks
Don G
Don G Day ago
A person cannot travel to the past because it no longer exists
beerbe zarba
beerbe zarba Day ago
consider #
John MacIver
John MacIver Day ago
Finally!!!! I've been trying to say this for over 20 years. You got it. Every particle in the universe is nothing but billiard balls (and the118 elements in the Periodic Table they create), all with exact physical properties, calculable to whatever variable we have the capability to measure. Picture a never ending or beginning book, already written, and you are an energy wave flowing through this book. The future, past and present all exist, but you are only perceiving where, and when your energy wave is, in this book. Which is amazingly awesome, since the reverse of this in the equation that is the reality before us, means, all the physical properties of everything, has absolutely no choice but to do what they do and be where they are, based on the parameters of those billiard balls physical laws. There is nothing but the Aether. Saying that the vortices and waves are particles, is like saying a whirlpool in the ocean is matter. Next subject, consciousness and determinism, and the millions of forms of life.... from their perception.
david chamberlain
david chamberlain Day ago
Sometimes you can be too clever for your own good 😉😉😉😉😉This world is all a fleeting show !for mans illusion given.!!!!!!!! Draw a dot on a piece of paper..then draw a circle around it ....around that circle is Infinity.!!!GOD is that Infinity ..!😇😇😇😇😇
Thomas Chrombly
Thomas Chrombly Day ago
I know my past exists because my wife is always reminding me of it... Anyway - About determinism and free will... Free will exists as long as you want to do exactly what the universe already has planned for you. And you do. No matter which decisions you make, I can guarantee you the universe already knew what you were going to do and totally agrees with whatever decision you make. Even if you change your mind just to be obstinate, it was predetermined.
Thomas Chrombly
Thomas Chrombly 16 hours ago
@Richard Conway Because my sarcastic version means that the universe is deterministic and free will is an illusion. A very complex illusion but an illusion just the same. Its like random number generation in cryptography only on a much more massive scale. It looks random. But its entirely predictable with enough computing power.
Richard Conway
Richard Conway 16 hours ago
What's the difference between this and circular logic?
Raul D Durand
Raul D Durand Day ago
All of us are imprisoned in the Universe flow.
Toxis Day ago
LOL @1:18 - please give your editors a high-five... or a fist bump, or you know, a friendly nod from afar ;) about that vinyl record analogy... So, after a candy-flip, once, I saw a "vision" - where we all were just tiny tendrils of a multi-dimensional slimy creature crawling up our spacetime-cone and sampling is it ripe for plucking.... Just spinning the space-time cone backwards and forwards, searching for the right configuration... p.s. drugs are bad m'kay ;) p.p.s no they aren't - it was an interesting trip=)
excusetheblood 2 days ago
Do materialists, by definition, deny the existence of anything outside of the objective physical universe and the laws that define it? I tend to have a more philosophical mind, and I’m trying to learn more about the scientific viewpoint
justastranger 2 days ago
This video presupposes the existence of a block universe. Doesn't even consider the possibility of it being a model that's wrong, just like the rest.
Réal Morrissette
Réal Morrissette 2 days ago
I do have a question for Matt. Could you show us what you look like without your beard. Well, we could virtually shave you but since we are a bit nerd, we prefer the real thing vs the fake thing. So, could you shave to show your true "naked" face? I bet anyone reading this comment a million dollar that nothing at all will happen.
yadunath mahadeo
yadunath mahadeo 2 days ago
Now we have handled that, let's talk about the present ....does it exist
Réal Morrissette
Réal Morrissette 2 days ago
That Aussie, I believe, is a true genius. He deserve the Nobel Prize for his remarkable winning fight against ignorance of the masses, which I am part of, I humbly suggest. Stockholm guys, where are you? Is this possible that the future and the past have relevancy only when applied to one thing since the clock of everything is different, perhaps by the tiniest amount imaginable, because nothing is really in exactly the same gravitational field or have exactly the same velocity in their moving timeline?
thestarsinsideus 83
thestarsinsideus 83 2 days ago
It felt a little odd when you said early on “we’ll Come Back to this in a Future episode.” :D
DeAd BaBiEs in VoMiT
DeAd BaBiEs in VoMiT 2 days ago
What I want to know is. did I tell my young self a warning,in a dream, which came true down the to the very last detail . and another dream I had, I hit a wall of bushes with fish flying from the top . and I could see the past below it. And I saw myself older. Which also came true. And it's all around now. I got no devices or equipment or anything. I also had other premonitions, but they were abstract. But, I have travelled to underground army bunkers. And used other people's eyes and could hear their thoughts. I respect their temples, and the gift I have, by not making them look around the corner,just because I want to see. So I learned to jump from temple to temple. I'm still wondering how. But you don't look a gift horse in the mouth. As they say
drones r us
drones r us 2 days ago
I had a salvia trip that explains this theory I was in every demotion like flipping a pic book
asher platts
asher platts 2 days ago
Motion isn't required for another observer to experience a different present from you though because the information itself must travel at the speed of causality. The second observer only need to be sufficiently far away. A second observer at the event horizon of the observable universe can be completely stationary relative to you, and yet their light cone will only intersect with yours billions of years from now. When we look into deep space, we see the CMB, we are literally looking into the past. Distance in every direction sends us further and further back into the past. The idea of simultaneous events is ridiculous if you are thinking about the CMB. The question of "what's there now?" is a strange question to even ask when we can only see the birth pangs of the big bang. Is it more universe? Impossible to verify. Probably? Maybe it's literally our own past traveling along a curved time dimension. There are questions about whether or not the universe repeats or folds back on itself spatially (I'm currently reading Janna Levin's "How the universe got it's spots), but I have yet to see anybody demonstrate say, a time torroid, or a time sphere. Like, perhaps spacetime is spatially flat but curved only in the time axis. This seems to be the case, since the further away you go, the further back into the past you can see. Actually there might be something there... The question of gravity being like acceleration, what if it's actually something really simple, like mass causing expansion of spacetime into the future along the time axis. The idea that massive gravitational objects cause time to slow down may actually be the wrong interpretation: what if the inverse is true, that mass literally causes acceleration-- but along the time axis-- away from the past we see in the distance, moving "inward" in the time sphere toward the "center" (which is of course everywhere... spatially, but not in time, remember that objects that are distant are in the past, this may be a purely geometric function of curvature of the time part of spacetime), and the corresponding effect would be the same as pushing distant objects further away, and further into the past. A massive object doesn't experience time more slowly, it is accelerating the matter that is there into the future, and the edge of the observable universe increases it's distance further into both the past, and space itself, which to observers on a less massive planet somewhere it would appear that time is more slowly passing. A black hole is like the bow wake that forms around a supersonic jet, but the motion of travel is along the time axis. So then if gravity (which is equivalent to acceleration according to relativity) is a literal acceleration, but along a curved time dimension, inflation is perhaps also caused by mass itself... acting in large quantities to both accelerate towards one another, and push the distant past further into the past, and time itself, are all just different aspects of one fundamental property of the curvature of the time dimension of spacetime. So time, gravity, and inflation are all fundamentally geometric properties. And then finally, if we can actually think about time as being a 4th spatial dimension along a hyper-spatial axis, it is entriely possible that a black hole and the edge of the observable universe may be connected, similar to how a mobius strip has only one side, or how the inside becomes the outside of a Klein bottle. A mobius strip represents a 2-d surface bending into a 3-d space to invert itself. A Klein bottle requires a hole for the 3-D bottle's inside to become the outside. Without a hole, it would need to bend into a 4th hyperspatial dimension, which, if we are serious about time being a geometric spatial dimension, could well be the extra dimension for 3-D space to bend back on itself to form a spatially compact, finite universe, but instead of shaping glass, we are shaping the fabric of spacetime. The inside is the present, always accelerating toward the future due to some fundamental property of mass, the outside is the past, literally moving away from us due to expansion. Or maybe that's a load of rubbish, and I should stick to Biology.
Syn 2 days ago
Not quite...
jiohdi 1960
jiohdi 1960 2 days ago
mistaking observation of different rates of events as those events seems at the heart of this blockhead stupidity. 1. you assume a motionless block and then you talk about motion as if that can make any sense at all. you don't explain how we can move through slice by slice and still exist in both the past and future, this is the first fundamental stupidity. You can't have both motion and motionless. WHAT is moving in a block universe? you talk about our consciousness being smeared out over many slices... how? what is moving? what is consciousness? are you saying you believe in a soul that is not physical as this is the only way to make sense of something moving through a motionless block... you blockheads just assume this and don't bother even trying to explain it in terms of physics cause if you did you would see the instant stupidity of it. 2nd you mis-interpret the light cone, in an eternal present universe, distorted by motion and gravity and acceleration, no one is ever outside the present and so no one can ever see another's future... they can disagree on when things happened but the lorenz transformation can be used to understand the different perspectives and acknowledge only ONE event actually occurred, even if there may be disagreement on when... which I believe can be resolved as well. After all, we may not know what is going on in Alpha centauri right this second, but when information arrives we won't be stupid enough to think it did not happen 4.3 years ago as that is when that information comes to us. We won't ever see something from anyones future, ever.
Viking Child
Viking Child 2 days ago
Superdeterminism....prove me wrong
scott b
scott b 2 days ago
Lieutenant. Prepare for total monkey speed.
Youtuber 2 days ago
The "Present" is: the relationship of every particle in existence to each other. A past point of time would replicate that exact relationship, which is near neigh impossible. Our future can be altered because our free will can alter the.... well you get the idea.
Dm Suja
Dm Suja 2 days ago
EXCALIBUR 4040 2 days ago
Maybe after we die the next thing that happens is we are all borne again at the exact same time. :p
Tlead er
Tlead er 2 days ago
Quick question which has been bothering me for a bit. If time is relative and the universe is supposedly 13.9 billion years old, the universe is expanding and celestial objects move around the universe and incredible speeds. Does that mean the universe' age is not evenly distributed, such that 13.9 billion years would be the age from our perspective? I would assume the age 13.9 would be the universal age. Can someone help me grasp this better?
Ryan 2 days ago
But when will then be now?
7john7able 2 days ago
Give this Guy enough time and he could well disappear up his own backside.
Sea The Marc
Sea The Marc 2 days ago
Video posted Oct 13th, 2020. Perhaps I will watch it in November when I am with another person as we continue to build a lasting relationship. Yes, the past and future exist. Do you want to be removed from history? I can remove this inquiry from my browser history, delete this comment, though the time I chose to make in the past for this comment exists for a reason. And I'm choosing to publish it for a reason. And when you read it, it will be published. What a nonsense title. How are your children doing? Grow up, and perhaps appreciate that your parents sacrificed their own life so you could have yours. With love, develop a rational line of reasoning. We grow through and with the present moment. Go outside, create a need to wash your clothes, fold them, unfold them, iron them, wear them. Did the wrinkles exist? This is fallible logic at best, or heresy that any rational atheist is capable or recognizing at worst. Those wrinkles and your effort, though perhaps you get bored ironing, would not be "erased", we develop cognitive skills through practice and application. Applying the lack of logic/reasoning in the video description- what on earth would the need be for an iron, or a shelf? @PBS Space Time HOW MUCH TAX MONEY ARE YOU TAKING FROM US? WHAT'S YOUR GOAL? I SEE YOUR WITCHCRAFT ATTEMPTING TO CAST A SPELL... POSE A QUESTION, AND AS YOU CLEARLY STATE, THE ANSWER LIES. NOW PUT ON YOUR MASK AND GET IN LINE, THE PIGS TROUGH YOU THEIF FROM IS DIRTY AGAIN. IT'S GOING TO BE QUITE THE CLEANING PROCESS.
Jeffery C
Jeffery C 2 days ago
Folly, this calls for an endless slap. Let me start #Slap everything else is irrelevant.
R. A.M.
R. A.M. 2 days ago
3:00 So because we can imagine it means it is more true? Similarly to the time traveler observer collapsing the wave function, his paradoxical state still applies when it come to observing time. Any reality, any consciousness and any information all stand on this constant universal and paradoxical framework that applies to every theory that can exist: We can't prove that a proof was or was not created just before we observed it. It is paradoxical not only in its direct meaning, it is paradoxical because it will always be the case no matter the information we have about any reality from any state of consciousness about any type of information, but it will never be atteignable, pinpointable, its meaning undermine its own existence.
Ben Goody
Ben Goody 3 days ago
Looking at this time cone (at 7 minutes) doesn't this look representative of universe expansion. Like time IS inflation.
Chip Matthews
Chip Matthews 3 days ago
It seems to me (a non-physicist layman) that this all describes the limits and subjectivity of observation, given relativity and the speed of light, rather than describing the nature of time itself. What if all those multiple points of observation spread out across the current time slice belonged to a single consciousness? If we pretend for a moment that consciousness was not limited by the speed of light it would be possible to know of something happening millions of light years away even though it wouldn't be visible to all of those observation points for millions of years. Doesn't that imply that this is really just about our ability to perceive?
Zeal 3 days ago
PartenersInTrueCrime 3 days ago
does the empty space in the atom increase with the expansion of the universe ie:- are they more tightly packed so smaller in the early universe
Vincent Gray
Vincent Gray 3 days ago
This presentation lacks cohesion. You tried to cover far too much for 16 minutes. Comes off like it was written by committee. Everyone is stupider for having watched this.
I Own Me - You Own You
I Own Me - You Own You 3 days ago
"Science" will never be able to answer this question as long as they pretend consciousness is a result of biochemistry and the brain. Look up the work of Rupert Sheldrake if you really want an understanding of where we fit in this universe.
Mark IV
Mark IV 2 days ago
"researcher in the field of parapsychology" Yes, let's watch episode of looney tooney what is going on.
I Own Me - You Own You
I Own Me - You Own You 3 days ago
“Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Here’s Tom with the weather.”
Mr SISTA 3 days ago
The future is created in the NOW from knowing what is to be followed from the past.
John Mateu
John Mateu 3 days ago
I understood what he said... but I'm still fuc*^*^g confused.
Roy Anque
Roy Anque 3 days ago
What about quantum entanglement clocks? What if a particle clock is entangled to another clock from a galaxy far far away? Shouldn't that be immune to the lightcone effects? And shouldn't that tell a more accurate time for both galaxies? I mean like in Einstein's train, where 2 lightning bolts hit the front and back of the train and you're in the train, you should see a discrepancy. But what if there were entangled particles on both ends of that train, each connected to one in your hand? And once lightning hits them, you'll see the change immediately? I mean is time simply information? Isn't it causality?
Nico Coetzee
Nico Coetzee 3 days ago
Can we please try the B-side of 2020?
Adan Phu
Adan Phu 3 days ago
I like PBS 😊
Adan Phu
Adan Phu 3 days ago
Is life really real? I think all of this is not real.. It’s like you are just watching a movie :)
Adan Phu
Adan Phu 3 days ago
I always thought when I was about 14 that there are an infinite instants of past still existing but we just have no access to it. Since there is an infinite instants in a second..
Adan Phu
Adan Phu 3 days ago
Discovering the possibility of traveling to the past is like Isaac Newton just discovered the apple fell to the ground is just gravity 😚😝😝😬
Adan Phu
Adan Phu 3 days ago
I always wondered when I was young, where did the past go. There did just less than millisecond ago go?
Adan Phu
Adan Phu 3 days ago
It’s a good idea that the US has one website to share all their discoveries 😊
non-matter pro
non-matter pro 3 days ago
Simranjyot Gill
Simranjyot Gill 3 days ago
Anyone aware of the tool being used to make such awesome videos.
mouthpiece200 3 days ago
A lot of smart minds in here I'm sure. Anyone read "The Oracle, The Jubilean Mysteries"? Its a prophecy book about Israel. Can anyone confirm it or debunk it? I believe its true but interested in the commentary of any intelligent person. Or if you've read The Harbinger Books.
Eric Malmstrom
Eric Malmstrom 3 days ago
I have been watching for years, this is ABSOLUTELY the best written and delivered episode. The graphics were great, but the writing and delivery were amazing! Thanks, Matt!
internet writer
internet writer 3 days ago
Troy Mosher
Troy Mosher 3 days ago
Dudes like the Jim Morrison of science. I can't follow half of what he's saying but it always trips me out.
John Smith
John Smith 3 days ago
Philosophically I feel that there is no past or future. Time probably isn't what we think it is. Time is just an illusion we created because it feels like we are moving forward and we know that a "past" existed. Our intuition created time.
Mark Shiman
Mark Shiman 3 days ago
It took me a few watches to understand, but the video get's wonky around 8:00. Why is what's present only based on what you are currently observing? If we observe a super nova and know how far it is, we know how distant in the past it exists. We know that it didn't happen "now," we would know exactly when it happened and where. If everyone agreed to calculate the relative distance and speed of the objects distant they're observing, we would all agree on the same exact now-slice. This would be the same no matter how far away or fast traveling the other observers are.
Trent Michael
Trent Michael 3 days ago
This video was updated 6 days ago, but many of the comments are reported as being made a week ago. USposts's awareness is smeared out over hours.
Cynthia May
Cynthia May 3 days ago
Without meaning to sound hyperbolic, I suspect that was the most facetious ending to a video ever. Bravo, Cheers! ;) Well, if time doesn't really exist then maybe I am being overly hyperbolic...Hmmmm... Future, Past and Present do not exist, only the multiverse at the quantum level. They all exist together as one wave rippling giving way to the space/time illusion that provides the course of entropy. All space/time, now, then, there, was, & what will become is just the same as the space left behind between two pizza slices. The illusion is that there are two slices but the truth is that it's a pizza even if it's sliced, diced or chop suey-ed. The basic fundamental laws (pizza) never change through entropy, concluding that ALL is ONE and it's and not separated by time/space entropy. This concludes there is but one dot expressing itself in unlimited possibilities that the course of entropic expression will allow with constraints of physics law.
Computer Scientist
Computer Scientist 3 days ago
the fundamental flaw in this presentation although I really do like it and think 99% of it is accurate, is that there isn't a lack of civilizations in the universe as a whole or even just in our own local galaxy for example. They're just hiding from us and sometimes they don't hide because ... well just look up alien encounters and alien abductions in addition to reading declassified US Government documents regarding the subject and you will see that we are not alone and never have been.
Steven Schmidt
Steven Schmidt 3 days ago
Would time exist in a universe with no observers? Would this change the equation? If so, does consciousness and then multiple consciousnesses change spacetime?
Charles Smith
Charles Smith 3 days ago
We are always living in the present.
Jim Whitted
Jim Whitted 3 days ago
There is no past and no future. Only the now exists.
Sami Naser
Sami Naser 3 days ago
It seems that science in all its fields is heading towards misstry and dreams!
lieninger 3 days ago
Maybe before asking the Venusians to shut down their heavy industry, we should ask what kinds of deals they might offer on goods...
Allan Moynihan
Allan Moynihan 3 days ago
There is no space or time in the next life.
Peter Croxford
Peter Croxford 3 days ago
So, relative perception rules out a deterministic universe, but all star and planetary predictions are deterministic. Is this because you use the earth as a perception point so all people have the same perception. Does this make the atmosphere a relative boundary. Is this a comparable to the boundary between the standard model and quantum mechanics.
GT Beemer
GT Beemer 4 days ago
How do you know that "nothing plays the block universe?"
salinagrrrl69 4 days ago
Is there....Anti-TIME? Anti-space gotta be anti-there too
Eliot McLellan
Eliot McLellan 4 days ago
Frank Heuvelman
Frank Heuvelman 4 days ago
The present is preserved in distance. I don't know about the past.
Part Of
Part Of 4 days ago
Tadesse H
Tadesse H 4 days ago
The past exists as long as memories exist.
David Thomas
David Thomas 4 days ago
"There wasn't a time when there wasn't." Dai Bach - My Psychic Life
mark jaycox
mark jaycox 4 days ago
You cannot talk of what you have not measured, so until you define Eternity 10,000,000,002,020 you cannot be defined by it. Time travel begins like this: 10,000,000,002,020. Did you feel that? You just moved Eternity. You moved it from thought to sight- space travel!. There is no 2020 because trees are there 5000 years and they are fact. Fact you can touch and see, and yet your mind does not measure the space sticks sticking out of the ground have stuck. You are not conscious of fact, you are conscious of the feed 2020 fed you. The illusion is what you are conscious of, and the illusion of time can only provide the illusion of mind. You are not conscious you are not conscious until you are conscious-0-of beginning consciousness. Can you tell me the moment your consciousness began? Then how do you know it has?
mayoite160 4 days ago
i just had to watch that right now scene from spaceballs
Darek Tidwell
Darek Tidwell 4 days ago
Mind blown. Its as if information from carrying light is filling up the universe in all 'time like' tenses. Maybe the growing space between everything is just memory allocation.
Jason Burns
Jason Burns 4 days ago
This is my favorite subject.
Michael P
Michael P 4 days ago
Isn't the universe expanding in all directions and not just one, cone form? Whats behind us if we are looking at the circle of the cone?
Michael P
Michael P 4 days ago
Nothing humans ever postulated to be true, has ever been.
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