The Biggest Little League Cheating Scandal Ever

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Jackie Robinson West Little League won the hearts of people everywhere by becoming the first all African American team to win the United State Little League Championship. Less than a year later cheating accusation lead to everything felling apart.
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Baseball Doesn't Exist
Baseball Doesn't Exist Month ago
CORRECTION: at 10:33 I say that a player was claimed by Lansing MICHIGAN.... I misspoke and meant to say Lansing ILLINOIS.... still out of district but very different from Lansing Michigan which is in a completely different state. My apologies.
Brendan Larsen
Brendan Larsen 12 hours ago
@I'm BACK! and why do u think that?
Jacob H
Jacob H 2 days ago
Love how the they’re pictured with biggest cheaters and phoneys of our times, in the thumbnail. Perfect.
RivermanTV 6 days ago
You also stated one was from "Buckwood" IL when showing a headline about Bucktown, a neighborhood on the north side of Chicago.
simon6071 8 days ago
@MrGflash I'm glad that you agree with my statement " Black racism is so pervasive in the USA that many people are desensitized to it. That's deplorable." . But I would have appreciated it even more if you had add a few words of your own to criticize the rise of black racism .
MrGflash 8 days ago
@I'm BACK! yup
ElGalloGomez 2 hours ago
Chris james is a coward and so are those who handled the jackie robinson little league
SPACE Invaders
SPACE Invaders 3 hours ago
I feel terrible for the kids not there fault adults are responsible for their own actions Blame the coaches Honesty I it's stupid they didn't cheat
Johnx Doex
Johnx Doex 5 hours ago
Good job standing up fo the kids at the very end of the video. OTHERWISE, YOU WOULD BE SUED IN COURT!😁
Arnesto Charge
Arnesto Charge 8 hours ago
And the race card was used as an excuse too smh
Campbell Nixon
Campbell Nixon 14 hours ago
They raised a ton of money for charity and got an entire family off the street I don’t understand how people can be so mad about it
Justin Holtman
Justin Holtman 14 hours ago
Another awesome video but that squeak at 13:55ish 😂
gaston 16 hours ago
1:31 at the right freeze frame you can see his face without the censor.
James Matthews
James Matthews 18 hours ago
It's always racially motivated. 😒 No what was racially motivated was the hype and love the kids got that other Little Leaguers didn't and don't get. I rooted for them and love seeing black Americans play baseball since they're almost gone from the game completely nowadays. But there was no conspiracy against this team. Just shitty adults behind the scenes.
Hanzo H
Hanzo H Day ago
Why they always playing the race card ffs.
Kasey Flynn
Kasey Flynn Day ago
Everyyyyything is aaaalways RaCiSt
Derek Finlen
Derek Finlen Day ago
Only in Chicago..
Kai T
Kai T Day ago
I'm 5 mins in and you've already said 3 times that this coach is going to lead to the downfall. Stop repeating that shit please and just get on with the fucking story
Kevin Cooper
Kevin Cooper Day ago
Rules is rules boys. Period
Nathan Durazo
Nathan Durazo Day ago
None of the kids knew they were not in that district? When you play at competitive level you know most people, and surely know your not playing in district.
Just a dude tryin to learn piano
Just a dude tryin to learn piano Day ago
It’s crazy that you don’t have over 100k subs. Guess baseball is that dead, you’re getting views because of your ability to narrate and make these vids
Tree Fiddy
Tree Fiddy Day ago
Those kids knew what was going on. Don’t assume they were just ignorant.
The Expert
The Expert Day ago
Who cares. Theyre from chicago all of them. Let them play. Whiney ass shit.
316 316
316 316 Day ago
If you want to play baseball go to chyna america has had enough of social justice corporations.
Clint Lewis
Clint Lewis Day ago
Well naturally they tried to play the race card
316 316
316 316 Day ago
Obama became president of American corporation with no birth cert?! Wow
David Day ago
I think all the other other kids that played in the World Series should get reparations for being cheated.
David Day ago
Wow! I even got to see photos of MLB players standing for the National Anthem. You had to really pull this form the archives!
ICY BAE Day ago
When in doubt just claim everyone is racist
Eric J
Eric J 2 days ago
Blah blah blah, it's all adults arguing semantics. Other districts artificially give their kids advantages too. İ thought this was going to be a video about the kids being 16 or something. Seems like they were the best baseball team in the tourney. Wonder if any of them made it big time?
Jim Marsh
Jim Marsh 2 days ago
So fitting that they’re pictured with Obama.
Kyle Herrera
Kyle Herrera 2 days ago
I'm so sick of people defending these kids as if they didn't know. You give them no credit, and treat them as simpleton. All of a sudden I'm playing 10 miles away when everyone else I used to play with and live on my street have to play for my old team. Any asshole with a Parkinson's grip on logic could deduce that.
thaSwerve 2 days ago
Cant label kids as Cheaters, Coach ask you to play for his team, parents say yes, Kid show up and play. No kids cares about boundaries or none of that
thaSwerve 2 days ago
He only told on JRW because his team lost and was bitter and that they Won. Had they lost along the way, no harm no foul
thaSwerve 2 days ago
I bet they not gonna check those Korean players birth certificates or check their district boundaries
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez 2 days ago
We got money for this but can’t feed the poor
Super Trooper
Super Trooper 2 days ago
When in doubt..whip it out....the race card that is.
Nitro 2 days ago
I swear I faced some of those kids when I was 13-14. One went 4-4 all homeruns. Won’t forget that damn yellow Easton hitting moonshots
Josh Salwen
Josh Salwen Day ago
Yeah, those bats had pop. The new USA bat standards are pretty dead.
0m3n 2 days ago
Cheating is cheating. And the kids know right from wrong and knew what was going on. They are just as much at fault as the parents/coach
TRUMP MAGA 3 days ago
Well he was illegal so......
Der Kaiser Zen
Der Kaiser Zen 3 days ago
Ed Howard, the shortstop of this team are signed with Chicago Cubs this years as a prospect. I'm glad the kids still playing
L MURDA 3 days ago
Was the kid apologizing to the other teams coach at the end for hitting a home run?
Matthew P
Matthew P 3 days ago
I'm all for punishing cheaters, but stripping the kids of the title is a bit much. Idk ANYTHING about baseball, this just came up in my recommended, but I would assume there is some way to expunge the names of the perpetrators from the title, while keeping the kids on it.
clayton brody
clayton brody 3 days ago
The Nevada team had a 6’2 220lb “12 year old” but y’all worried about the black kids playing ball w there friends
SPCKING87 3 days ago
Here come the bozos deflecting racism cause some LL coaches/parents used zoning infractions in building their team(plenty of other teams have done this) lol. Now racism is made up cause of JRW 🙄😅🤡
Caleb Reid
Caleb Reid 3 days ago
My thing is there was no questions to other kids this sounds very racist.
H scott
H scott 2 days ago
Keep using the race card buddy
naters pataters
naters pataters 3 days ago
Dawg more people need to describe to you damn
gsxrtwitch89 3 days ago
Shocker... obama supporting cheaters. Where you at old joe
Joshman Vegasman
Joshman Vegasman 3 days ago
They got a worse Punishment then the Cheating Asstro's !!!!
Joshman Vegasman
Joshman Vegasman 3 days ago
Here in Vegas a private school Bishop Gorman does this very same exploit , because they are a Private High School its allowed , they cherry pick great players from all around Vegas no matter the distance as long as the parent is willing to drive them that far,and the kids get scholarships for playing a sport just like in college , They Dominate in Every Sport its ridiculous .
erickh82082 3 days ago
erickh82082 3 days ago
They’re not the first team to be stripped in the little league World Series. A Bronx team got stripped for cheating as well. I’m glad that they got stripped because I played little league and know the rules from back in the day and it ruined the game for kids.
2nd-Amendment Glock
2nd-Amendment Glock 3 days ago
Great example of corrupt adults corrupting young minds.
Jarvis Blay
Jarvis Blay 3 days ago
Baseball Doesn't Exist That Chicago little league baseball team won fair and square, Yep it was mostly was racially motivated that they be stripped of they're hard earned title.....
sören ludwig
sören ludwig 3 days ago
Gerrymandering, no problem, but redistricting little league is cheating?
Robert OBrian
Robert OBrian 4 days ago
Not that I actually blame the kids for this happening because I do not. However are we believing the kids did not know where the other kids lived or went to school? I still remember playing baseball at 12 yrs old. Hell, I was practically an adult by that age and we had adult conversations. These kids definitely aware something was off unless they were being lied to by everyone around them. Their parents had to have known. Everyone involved knew. That's just how Little and many other organizations are structured and you know when somebody is from somewhere else.
Robert OBrian
Robert OBrian 4 days ago
Not to mention, in Chi Town you definitely know where someone is from because that is a major distinction and badge of pride.
Robert OBrian
Robert OBrian 4 days ago
If you need Jesse Jackson on your side you already lost.
Ultra x ArT1c
Ultra x ArT1c 4 days ago
I love how people think this is the best players from that age no there some of the middle lol you take any East cobb 12 u or 13 u can’t remember they would run rule them
Ultra x ArT1c
Ultra x ArT1c 4 days ago
My brother won the cal Ripken tournament and they just stole the Troughies
D 5
D 5 4 days ago
How about that. A bunch of thugs cheated!!! Who'd have ever guessed 🤦🏻‍♂️🖕🏻
Grxphyn LxB
Grxphyn LxB 4 days ago
i played little league and every single team does this some even get fake birth certificates for older kids
surprisinglyroomy 4 days ago
Tons of teams do this every year. This is actually very common.
surprisinglyroomy 4 days ago
I actually did this for a couple years too when I played little league. Not to gain an advantage by being in a better league but because the ballpark was basically ran by my family for decades. So even though I lived in a neighboring town- because it was cheaper for my family, how could I not play in this league? We actually made it one win away from the LLWS, but don’t worry, I had since moved right down the street from the park at this point 😉
danial dunson
danial dunson 4 days ago
Yeah. This is stupid. Bet you that Korean team doesn’t have district zoning rules.
Jonny Pee
Jonny Pee 4 days ago
The parents knew. Or they were all stupid? Stop BSing.
E. B.
E. B. 4 days ago
What, cant you say blacks now on youtube? Wtf is this algorithm bullshit. Everytime something doesnt work out for them, it has to be racism. Buhuhu
Hispanic Titanic
Hispanic Titanic 4 days ago
Jackie Robinson West Jackie Robinson West Jackie Robinson West
salemrealtor 5 days ago
The biggest crime in all these cheating scandals is that the rightful team/individual who loses to the "juiced" team does not get to experience "the winning moment" that the cheating team receives. Covers of SI, calls from presidents, memorabilia/meeting celebs... all go to the cheaters. THAT'S the crime. My heart doesn't go to kids playing under corrupt parents/coaches. My heart goes to kids who DESERVE kudos but get an "oops" certificate in the mail a year later. Cheaters suck.
Klein Armstrong
Klein Armstrong 5 days ago
Loooll, the first all black team and caught cheating.
Rolas So Lit
Rolas So Lit 5 days ago
Its like when they stole Native American land, and then wrote the history books about how they "aquired" the land without cheating
B C 5 days ago
Of course the race card is pulled out but still, their offense is recruiting from districts just outside theirs? Seems dumb. I thought you were going to say they secretly altered equipment etc
CrimsonSpectre 5 days ago
Parents get caught cheating? RACISM!!
Stepy 5 days ago
Stupid rules. Not everybody wants to play for their neighborhood. If you’re from the same state, who cares.
Dilly_Dilly_Dale 5 days ago
Well duh since obama is on the cover that's the biggest giveaway
J.T Shark
J.T Shark 5 days ago
you should do a piece on what happened to the kids. Most are at draft age now
CIA 5 days ago
I feel bad for the kids
daniel ray
daniel ray 5 days ago
I remember this. It was like Hardball in real life.
Craig Souder
Craig Souder 6 days ago
Yes, the adults screwed this up, but dont tell me the kids had no idea what was up and are all innocent. The kids know they are in the wrong league, trust me. twelve or 13 doesnt equal stupid. I have the perfect example...We had a rivalry with our nearest league. The kids in that league went to different schools because they lived in another area. That league had tons of talent. A kid that played with us for years, and rode our school bus to school, all of a sudden was not in our league anymore. He was playing for the rival league. He magically had an aunt who lived just over the line. He did not live with his aunt. His parents and aunt were complicit. Its not remotely reasonable to think the kid had no idea why he wasnt playing with his friends that he goes to school with anymore. He left because he wanted to be in the better league. He was pretty popular a guy except to the kids that played baseball. Its a tight community even at that age and he was an outcast because we all knew he left us.
14ognarsie 6 days ago
How they cheat I don’t have time to watch all video
tom timerman
tom timerman 6 days ago
losers never win
Certified Fact Checker
Certified Fact Checker 6 days ago
It’s called breaking the rules not racism.
Chicken Eater
Chicken Eater 6 days ago
Interesting fact the shortstop Ed Howard was drafted first round by the Cubs last year
Jackson Lin
Jackson Lin 6 days ago
I don’t feel bad for these kids. They were scoring 30 runs on their opponents. They had their fun
Jefferson.Hyperplane 6 days ago
The 8 kids from different districts who weren't eligible for that league, definitely knew they were playing for a team they weren't supposed to.. It wasn't their first season. They played in other leagues previously, and had to have some idea when their parents started driving them across town, or even from a different town altogether for practice and games.. They were most likely recruited.. The Kids who actually live in that district are the real victims, but that was only like 38% of the team.
MirMesh 6 days ago
As a soccer player, this makes no sense how this could be illegal, I see this as players playing in clubs, there’s literally kids who are recruited from other continents to play in clubs. Just because they live a bit farther away doesn’t mean these kids didn’t win the league using their athletic ability
Josh Ryan
Josh Ryan 6 days ago
I used to umpire little league. The kids were awesome. The parents were definitely the worst. It’s true what they say... it’s children who teach
nolan mills
nolan mills 3 days ago
When i was 9 in my little league the coach gave a hit and run sign but i mistaked it for a bunt... so i bunted the ball and the other team made an error which lead to me getting a double out of it... the coach got it my face abt it after the 3rd out of that inning
Mystic Bandit
Mystic Bandit 3 days ago
I had a coach get thrown out of the game cause a played trued stealing third but I tagged them out so he started screaming at the ump
Casual Player
Casual Player 4 days ago
There was a team when i was 8 where the coach pushed a kid to the ground when he did something wrong. They filed a restraining order and found a new coach. This was rec😳
The Outlaw
The Outlaw 6 days ago
i hate the coaches and the other adults for breaking all these rules, these kids earned the championship and worked hard for it. I hope these kids are still have the love of baseball. these kids did nothing wrong
Valentin Lopez-Ruiz
Valentin Lopez-Ruiz 6 days ago
The coach should have been a scout for the Cubs 🤣
Ken Xiong
Ken Xiong 6 days ago
Damn how good is South Korea that they beat this team?!!! Crazy
The Nightmare Before you
The Nightmare Before you 7 days ago
Not every team in the league got $300,000 and free trips. The kids my not have done anything but it doesn’t matter bc the coach did it which is part of the team.
The Nightmare Before you
The Nightmare Before you 7 days ago
I’m black, why is it every time a black person gets in trouble they say it’s bc race.
Chris Cummings
Chris Cummings 7 days ago
That's pretty funny
Vandal X
Vandal X 7 days ago
Anything the Obamas touch is a fraud. Barry and Mike
Jose Daniel
Jose Daniel 7 days ago
The coach is embarrassed and reminded daily of the 43-2 ASS KICKING!! Had the crying bitch won none of this would of mattered. I'm not from Illinois but cmon now the kids played with heart and now politics ruined it😤😡😠. I pray for these youngstas to not let them choose drugs & alcohol to mask this speed bump 🙏🏻🙏🏿🙇🏿🙇🏻 it's going to be difficult especially living in a crime area and the devils will tempt them to forget the TROPHY🏆⚾ taken away.
Manshaft 7 days ago
So they cheated, but because they're black, they're supposed to get a pass not to discredit them?
Jose Marrero
Jose Marrero 6 days ago
And people say black privilege doesn't exist lmao
Michael Todd
Michael Todd 7 days ago
Just watch hockey.
Charles Richardson
Charles Richardson 7 days ago
They got in trouble for basically recruiting all park football teams do it I don't see the issue
Samuel Hernandez
Samuel Hernandez 7 days ago
Adults always ruin everything in kids sports... let the kids play man..
Jay K
Jay K 7 days ago
A lot of white tears in these comments.
Jose Marrero
Jose Marrero 6 days ago
Isn't that racist?
michael mckinley
michael mckinley 7 days ago
It was can’t recruit players from out of your district to play if the boundaries weren’t approved. It’s pretty simple. Every organization is slow to approve things. It sucks but that’s how it is. They wouldn’t have won anything if another team did the same thing. The kids didn’t intentionally cheat but they don’t deserve the award. Cheating is cheating. They should have come out and asked for the league to be quicker at approving districts and such and then said thank you for the support but it looks like we shouldn’t have been able to play together “yet.” Then, one year later they’d still have a league and have a shot to win it all. When adults get emotional children lose. The kids could have learned a lesson instead they are dealt with this. That’s why you don’t blame others. You find the highest ground you can and shine. Great players and one is even going to be a star MLB player. No reason to claim a championship they didn’t earn. Move on and help make changes in your community. Stop suing people for dumb stuff.
Kermitt Hezmuth
Kermitt Hezmuth 7 days ago
So the thing that made them loved across black America was their skin color?
Michael Spence
Michael Spence 7 days ago
These vids carry me through school🙏
J C 8 days ago
So if you pause the video right before they blur out the face of the guy in the hat, you can totally still see his face. Good job local news!
kiernan glynn
kiernan glynn 8 days ago
Just because a white man hated losing to black kids
NotEminemsBurnerAccount 8 days ago
When they cheat and people call racism... i guess thats consider a defense?
MoreliaMan23 8 days ago
Damn black people playing the victim... Teaching those boys to be victims
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