Wyze Cam v3: Unbelievable Night Vision for $20

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5 months ago

Surprise! Wyze has secretly been working on the Wyze Cam v3, and it’s impressive how well it works. I’ll show you how bright the camera’s night vision looks with its starlight sensor and dual IR. Wyze Cam v3 also has improved audio, a wider field of view, and is water resistant for outdoor use.
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Wyze Cam v3 pre-order: wyze.com/wyze-cam-v3.html
Wyze Cam v2: amzn.to/2HFIWPA
Wyze Sense bundle: amzn.to/3kwkRJf
25 ft power cord: amzn.to/2QAzmgK
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Wyze Cam v2 review: usposts.info/vision/eabPuNG1aYKepMg/video
Wyze Cam Outdoor: usposts.info/vision/j9HTysHeq4Bqfsw/video
Wyze Sense Review + Ideas: usposts.info/vision/j5fLsbfaa4qof5E/video
Wyze Cam v2 used outside: usposts.info/vision/fp3Ir8u4Z42hb5k/video
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Disclaimer: Smart Home Solver was sent the Wyze Cam v3 for an early look and unbiased review. As always, our opinions are 100% our own and not influenced.

Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 5 months ago
The Wyze Cam Outdoor that should have been… Would you have been willing to pay more for higher resolution?
Kevin Lamarr
Kevin Lamarr 6 days ago
Naw , I’m fine with the way it is for $20!
Malakai Kyree
Malakai Kyree Month ago
I dont know if anyone cares but I just hacked my friends Instagram password by using InstaPortal. You can find it by Googling for Insta Portal password hacker :)
Mark Read
Mark Read Month ago
I dont know why i made this
I dont know why i made this 2 months ago
@Fil-Am Gabe it's 20$ you swine
I Heart Tesla
I Heart Tesla 2 days ago
I would pay more for 2k or more
Ann O'Toole
Ann O'Toole 2 days ago
We need a V3 👉Wireless!
Jonny Smith
Jonny Smith 2 days ago
My low light sucks. Is there a way to activate it??
usa firefly
usa firefly 3 days ago
Good vid. So you have to plug in for power? That's the thing that will keep me researching a little more but this is definitely on my 'list'.
j chan
j chan 3 days ago
any word on rtsp? pretty please?
Knowing THE TRUTH 5 days ago
Kevin Lamarr
Kevin Lamarr 6 days ago
I have Vivint but I’m going to add some of those outside
Kendall Harris
Kendall Harris 6 days ago
Hi great video! Amazing product, I’m gonna upgrade! I love the funny bits, your partner & dog making appearances (hope u gave Luna that bacon!❤️👍🏻), and of course amazing info. Sometimes you speak a little fast for us not-so-techies and I have to rewind, but overall, love them!
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 5 days ago
Thanks! Yes Luna always gets the bacon haha she's spoiled. Also I'm always trying to slow down in my videos and not give too much information at once, so I appreciate the suggestion!
Rodolfo Machado
Rodolfo Machado 8 days ago
Does anyone knows how to show more than 10 min on Echo Show?
Luke Gunia
Luke Gunia 9 days ago
I’d pay $30 for 2k and $45 for 4K
Marco Polo
Marco Polo 10 days ago
Is it wifi?
Marge W
Marge W 10 days ago
Would this be a good camera to sit in my window and record any trespassing, including the ability to identify- see clearly the person? (would not be a great distance but within 20 feet) Would the glass deter the view? And what about the app to review? Liked this review and looking to invest in it for this reason. Great job!
carlos turcios
carlos turcios 10 days ago
I love this cameras ,easy to installed and at a great price
C11 11 days ago
I love this camera a lot, my only complaint so far is the motion detection. It literally detects any little thing, even at lower sensitivity settings lol
Balde Gonzalez
Balde Gonzalez 6 days ago
So you have to wait 5 minutes until you can see anything else everytime?
RT Rey
RT Rey 11 days ago
Can I view the camera from my laptop ? or just from my phone ? Does it come in black
Melissa Figuer0a
Melissa Figuer0a 12 days ago
he got a like from me just by saying: near - far - wherever you are hahahahahaha
Brody Morrison
Brody Morrison 12 days ago
I pre-ordered one in late November, and it came sometime in early January. Set it up, and was instantly impressed when night came around. The low light function worked flawlessly, and for $20, I consider it a steal. I have an Arlo Pro 2 5-Camera system that I purchased for around $750 when it came out in 2017 or 2018, and instantly, there was a noticeable difference. There is only one drawback that I have encountered so far, and that is the fact that it has direct wiring. For around $110 less for each camera, you have better night vision, better quality, and it doesn't need a base station. If you have a power source readily available, then this is the one for you.
Dentinvent 12 days ago
Well presented thanks .
kcb3rd 12 days ago
What is the temperature range when used outdoors? (Will it continue to work in below freezing temps?) I found this. wyzelabs.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360050639412-How-hot-or-cold-can-my-Wyze-Cam-v3-get-
GREG HOLUB FILMS 12 days ago
Will this camera work if disconnected from wifi
Brian K
Brian K 13 days ago
Is there a monthly cost to operate?
Den 777
Den 777 15 days ago
I got a v3 a couple of days ago and was blown away by how much better the night vision is.
Gentlemen's Edge
Gentlemen's Edge 16 days ago
I was wondering, how far does the night vision actually reach?
Gentlemen's Edge
Gentlemen's Edge 16 days ago
Can you tell me the costs associated with using the cloud? And is there a way to avoid the Cloud and record straight to my laptop? Thanks, great review!
Ashley&Daniel Mina
Ashley&Daniel Mina 16 days ago
I want to order 8 of these and was wondering if any one has seen any current promo codes that would help with buying a big bulk?
Chad 16 days ago
You're a good reviewer.
R S 18 days ago
Well the $20. price is GONE! $23.99+shipping so about $30. I feel Wyze misled the public on this one. The App NEVER showed them in stock at the $20. price. I also feel as though they misled the public by Failing to tell people that they were discontinuing the Door sensors and Motion sensors that were really small. (not sure what #) Again, their App ONLY showed them as being Out of Stock. But what FROSTS MY WHATITZS is their new door sensors are only available (as of 3/23/21) as "Free" with 3rd party monitoring. I'd rather pay a higher price than be FORCED to take 3rd party monitoring. Please check me on this, I'd LOVE to be wrong! I am a GREAT FAN of Wyze but on these things, Hey Wyze, WAKE UP!
Christian Stordahl
Christian Stordahl 21 day ago
5:54 wait a minute.. So it will only take ONE 12 second recording every 5 minutes?? Did I understand that right?
Tonya Adams
Tonya Adams 21 day ago
New member here, thanks for this video, I'm purchasing the bundle today
Isaac Alonzo
Isaac Alonzo 21 day ago
Today I went to the wyze website to buy a couple of v2 and was surprised the v3 even existed. Well they're sold out so I guess I gotta wait. Also the wyze sense needs it's own hub otherwise you're forced to buy v2s.
DaylonDoesEverything 22 days ago
Do you need a subscription to use it or is it free to use? With wifi and or Sim Card
BooTV 25 days ago
Stay away from the Wyze Cam v3 for now - they are having major connectivity issues. Some cameras are better than others, but in some lots, 50% of the cameras lose connection through a single wall. Which is sad - the night vision on these is truly unbelievable. And when in the same room as the WiFi router/access point, it connects much quicker than the v2 - just don't move them any further away! I would STRONGLY suggest waiting for v4 - or until they recall these and replace with working ones - I have a feeling they have an antenna problem during manufacture (the most common problem with embedded / IoT devices)
Cheetah 25 days ago
Not sure why everyone saying “color night vision “ if you turn on night vision it’s still black and white with ir lights , if u actually turn off hr night vision it’s a color imagine without using IR LIGHTS WHICH IS Pretty much STANDARD view . And yes standard color view is 100 times better then v2 but still not sure why is everyone saying it has color night vision ?
dcheatbw 27 days ago
I am looking into getting a indoor camera. What are the top 3 cameras you recommend? Is Wyze your number 1 under $50?
Sgt Rock
Sgt Rock 29 days ago
Wyze camera? It would be VERY UNWIZE to purchase these lame ass unreliable cameras. I've had two. Neither of them work properly. They go for hours not recording then start to work again randomly. I had micro SD cards in both. Buyer beware. Same with the Momentum. I cannot find a reliable camera. Does anyone know of any that has worked for them?
Corvid76 Month ago
It's not night vision that you're discussing. It's a low-light amplifier.
YouTube Trucker
YouTube Trucker Month ago
Heck yeah! I'd pay twice or more.
John Evans
John Evans Month ago
Not available in Canada, yet
Terk Franks
Terk Franks Month ago
FYI - I bought the "spotlight" and used the power dongle that came with it to actually daisy chain two V3 cameras instead.... ✌
jason lee
jason lee Month ago
Great review but the V3 has a constant static that is bad when viewing it live or playback. Do your research on static sound for Wyze cam V3 and you’ll find that a lot of people are having this issue. Not good.
Thorn Mollenhoff
Thorn Mollenhoff Month ago
Just out of curiosity, does the camera give you notifications if an event happens when you are not home?
Chad Hamilton
Chad Hamilton Month ago
HD vs 1080p - personally it would be nice to get the HD but for using it as security cameras, I think 1080p is just fine with what they have done in v3. Maybe for other uses HD would be great. For me, I like the $20 price point and its a big selling point I have when I tell others about Wyze against other cams.
Mike S
Mike S Month ago
That dog is too smart to be real. It knows that if you continuously do something wrong, they'll eventually just stop asking you to do it.
Anon Citizen Of Cyber
Anon Citizen Of Cyber Month ago
You'll have to spend well over $20 to get this or V2. Costs over $25 as they tack on shipping and tax, including taxing shipping charges unless you're in one of the few lucky states. That's why Amazon just charges $26.
khurram41 Month ago
1080p is enough for the purpose, we're not watching Hollywood movie.
Rick 'The Greatest Poster' Ever
Rick 'The Greatest Poster' Ever Month ago
Except it was a *BIG FAT LIE.* Wyze had us fooled this whole time. The Cam v3 was listed at $20, but it was _"OUT OF STOCK"_ (which is BS in itself because it had not been released to be sold out). Never the less, the Cam v3 was "in stock" as of a couple weeks ago with the sticker price of $35, AND you have to buy a subscription to CAMPlus *RIPOFF ALERT!!!*
Katherine Amundson
Katherine Amundson Month ago
What a scam V3 etc out of stock 4months !
Mark Read
Mark Read Month ago
Hi. Thanks for the v3 review. I'm after a camera to record my new house construction build. Naturally I won't have wifi available or the ability to use a base station. Features I would want are long life battery to endure non-sunny days, ability for battery to be charged via solar panel permanently plugged in, for an image/photo to be captured every say 5 mins and placed on local SD storage or sent via 3G/4G SIM to Cloud or FTP or Email, and optionally human motion sensor photo snapshots or recording for say 20 secs and again either stored locally or sent via SIM. Local storage needs to accept say 256GB or 512GB card as I'd want to have images/recordings for 6 months as I'd be placing camera on roof of neighbours single storey home for the duration of the build. Can you recommend anything?
blue Moonie
blue Moonie Month ago
good luck finding this anywhere for $20.
Corbett French
Corbett French Month ago
Would not want better resolution. Great review Reed!
Eyes 》
Eyes 》 Month ago
More money for higher rez? Nah. Not necessary.
massimo Parisi
massimo Parisi Month ago
Can't find it in Europe .
Michel d'Xhéneumont
Michel d'Xhéneumont Month ago
Nowhere to be found in Europe at less than $80, four times the claimed price. Same problem with the V2 since its release, two years ago. I'm sick with this brand. Promoting a product without being able to distribute it at an equal price worldwide despite worlwide advertising is just mocking the world.
Srt _
Srt _ Month ago
Where can I buy this? It's sold out on their website
G.I. Geno
G.I. Geno Month ago
Didnt say anything about how the power cord is installed. Hard wire? 120v adapter? Usb?
Average Joe
Average Joe Month ago
So I'm seeing a lot of videos for thos, but no one seems to know when it will be available? 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Nice video btw. Subscribed, liked and commented 👍
@Average Joe the Pam cams are fucking awesome for my setting . tracking , night vision , mix , audio . I recommend.. They gone through snow, , rain. High winds , no probs at all
Average Joe
Average Joe 8 days ago
@SAVAGE MGTOW KOCK I wasn't sure about using it without PayPal but I'll check it out. The cam you do have, it's nice pics and videos day and night?
@Average Joe Theyl b out of stock soon . get em . FUCK IT !!
@Average Joe i used debit /bank card with no issues
Average Joe
Average Joe 8 days ago
@SAVAGE MGTOW KOCK Well buying thru their app with PayPal isn't working. I've tried so many times. Makes no sense. I contacted them, but all they said was I need to put a ticket in 🤦😡 I'm going to have to pay $10 more for 2 thru Amazon
Shane Z
Shane Z Month ago
Your speaking of Wyze is fine. However, your experienced and remember that. A typical consumer can't review like you can and do comparisons. FACT ! it doesn't come with manuals or instructions as to how to use features and what, how and why it works. Figure it yourself through trial and error and going to their own forums page to look at chat and replies. I spoke directly with support and they just stated the are looking into it for future use to supply one. PEOPLE REVIEWING IT on USposts ARE EXPERIENCED AND KNOWLEDGE with comparison. IF typical consumer came into my store and has no experience or professional i would not encourage them to buy WYZE. Yes, a lot of features FREE or more with subscription, but no instructions as to how, why and what as to use the features just figure it out yourself.
Youtube Account
Youtube Account Month ago
Its $60 on ebay and nowhere on amazon
Ryan McKenzie
Ryan McKenzie 2 months ago
i didn't read all the comments, but does anyone know if the Wyze Cam V3 is available in Canada somehow?
Preske 2 months ago
I'm interested, but i have a few more questions. Do you need to make an account for it to work? Does it work with desktop based monitor software? Can it store to NAS?
Robert de Kraker
Robert de Kraker 2 months ago
hi res wont matter if bitrate stays crappy. Wyze would be wise to introduce high bitrate sd recording
Ronald Chandler
Ronald Chandler 2 months ago
This crap doesn't even work with 5G?😡😡😡
camerica7400 2 months ago
I just want them to not detect leaves and trees swaying, I only wanna see vehicles (with option to disable), animals, and people
Lucas J
Lucas J 2 months ago
They need to update the cam pan!
casanova1012 2 months ago
still cant figure out how wyze is making money. it seems like their profit is like $3.00 lol
Varuzhan Avetyan
Varuzhan Avetyan 2 months ago
These cams are sold out and you gotta wait 3 months to get one
Brandon Fulks
Brandon Fulks 2 months ago
Just ordered mine today
massimo Parisi
massimo Parisi Month ago
Where from?
The Sky Pod
The Sky Pod 2 months ago
The Wyzecam company is pulling off a big scam right now. They offered the V3 back before Christmas if you bought into their cam plus package for 3 months , but the V3 were back ordered . The problem is , you cant even use their cam plus (if you really wanted to) because you dont have the camera yet. Now that they have them in stock again , the only way you can get one is to buy one with the Cam Plus again . Meanwhile us people that ordered ours a couple months ago are screwed and doubt if our verification code will ever be valid to use once they take camera orders. STAY AWAY !!!
Bruce Hall
Bruce Hall 2 months ago
Hey Reid, did you get the email were Wyze has finally got the Wyze Cam V3 back in stock but if you want to buy one they're forcing you to buy the Cam plus at 15.00 a year? I would love another V3 but I really don't like being forced to buy something else. I really like Wyze but think this stinks that you have to buy something you don't want to get what you do want. Just wondered if you knew?
Linda Holmes
Linda Holmes 2 months ago
I ordered my wyze cam 3 and paid for it way back 1/2/20 and never received it. Of course no one will answer my emails. I've sent over 20 times. This place is crooked. Don't buy from them unless you want to loose your money.
Drew Lakebrink
Drew Lakebrink 2 months ago
I'm fine with 1080 for now as long as it has good, reliable frame rate. Any news on the hub feature on the V2? I have a contact sensor, but I'd like to get the V3.
ginito 2 months ago
I find it absurd that some people complain about the 1080p... it is a security camera with low power consumption! And this little device has to stream its recordings to your phone. How much consumption and processing power do you think it will need to stream 4K from its Micro SD to your shitty ass phone for you to review the footage on a small screen anyways? You’d think that you can zoom in further? Then perhaps the answer is better lenses on the camera. Stop complaining you whinny people!
Vearn Rogers
Vearn Rogers 2 months ago
I love everything you said about this little wonder. But how do we know we're not being spied on?
LittleLadyk2002 2 months ago
Wish you could buy it. It's out of stock and has been since it cane out. Strange
christopher crowley
christopher crowley 2 months ago
I'm finding WiFi awful on the v3s compared to the v2s
Step by Step Learning
Step by Step Learning 2 months ago
Higher than 1080 p not needed for security for me.
David E
David E 2 months ago
The upgrades are definitely wanted/welcomed, especially the improved night vision capabilities, but it would've been preferred if they also upgraded the camera's resolution by providing a useful higher resolution beyond 1080p.
Coecoebrown 2 months ago
Titanic reference Me: Like
Haley V Firth
Haley V Firth 2 months ago
My preorder should be coming this month! I think. 🤔 super excited for it!
angelisone 2 months ago
Not even up for sale.
Kevin Mitchell
Kevin Mitchell 2 months ago
Wyze seriously needs to remove the low bitrate limit! It also needs an exposure adjustment! The camera has far more potential but is limited by their firmware/software! If you flash the v2 camera with webcam firmware the bitrate is MUCH higher and the images are much less pixelated, which shows it's an artificial limit placed on the cameras!
klepto dathief
klepto dathief 2 months ago
1) does it have alexa or google voice integration? ie. show me the v3 cam , if yes, how much of a delay in real time 2) can u use 128gb micrSD card? 3) is there RTSP?
ayse kes
ayse kes 2 months ago
Where can I purchase the unit. Amazon does not have it.
Rowina Lewis
Rowina Lewis 2 months ago
Does the plug ned to be plugged all the time?
Jay Ryan
Jay Ryan 2 months ago
At 5:50 you said there's a 5 minute cooldown between motion detections-that's not acceptable!
Brett Alkire
Brett Alkire 2 months ago
David Williams
David Williams 2 months ago
i would NOT pay more for higher than 1080p
The Survivalist
The Survivalist 2 months ago
Range issue, I have 8 V2 cameras and unless your close to the WiFi they auto disconnect!
Brandon Bombard
Brandon Bombard 2 months ago
So since this camera isn’t that great. What camera do you use and what you recommend? Thanks
Alloverdaplace 3 months ago
I just got the pan cam wyze as my first wyze cam. I am impressed by the price and what you get for it. Also brought the flexible base that you can screw in so I installed it on the ceiling of my living room. I was gonna get the outdoor one until I bumped into this video. Def gonna get this wyze cam 3 for the outside security area and garage
Joshua Essmon
Joshua Essmon 3 months ago
Any idea when they will release? I can't wait to buy a bunch of these
Joshua Essmon
Joshua Essmon 3 months ago
Can't even pre-order at the moment
Marc Houde
Marc Houde 3 months ago
It annoys me that they keep making these white with a black face. Pick a color. All white...or all black. Makes it much easier to make it inconspicuous. The contrasting colors really make it stand out.
light 3 months ago
no lamo
Sloe Bone
Sloe Bone 3 months ago
I put a little led night light in my garage. It comes on when the lights go off giving the camera, and me, a little more light to see by.
Agustain Sullivan
Agustain Sullivan 3 months ago
As of Jan.4 still can’t get my hands on one unless I pay twice,three times the price on e-bay which I refuse!!
Ari gold
Ari gold 3 months ago
trying to buy 2 atm. great review
Darren Le Gallais
Darren Le Gallais 3 months ago
It seems pretty poor that they keep changing their cameras......? They’re worse than GoPro, DJi and Apple!! Also... why are they not selling in the UK yet or even shipping to the UK??
Just Kelly
Just Kelly 3 months ago
No I would not pay more. If I want a really good surveillance camera I would go commercial. If I want a realistic budget camera that is practical and dependable I would buy this for what they are asking.
Archie Mather
Archie Mather 3 months ago
4:14 that can't be possible😮😮😮
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