Wyze Cam Outdoor Review - Unboxing, Features, Setup, Video Quality & Why I Don't Recommend It

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8 months ago

Today, we are going to check and test out the Wyze Cam Outdoor. A wire free rechargeable battery powered outdoor WiFi camera. Wyze Fans have been asking about this camera for a long time now and finally Wyze has made it happen..but do you think it is too late? We will do the unboxing, check out its features, set it up and run the usual battery of tests and see if this Wyze Outdoor Camera will be a good fit for your home.
In this video, I'll show some issues with these camera that at the end, I will not recommend it as a security camera until Wyze fixes and so an update.
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Michael Sanchez
Michael Sanchez Day ago
Has there been a firmware update to fix the long delay?
usa firefly
usa firefly 2 days ago
Well done review. Good overall but it does lack clarity as you demonstrated distances. That long before auto sensor is unacceptable! A bad person would get in and out faster than that? If you nave to pay for cloud storage than it opens up competitors doesn't it? I'm going to have to pay more $$ for better camera to make sure we're covered?
The Court Of Public Opinion
The Court Of Public Opinion 3 days ago
Why would you mount it there lol
ivanlee ocasio
ivanlee ocasio 7 days ago
I have it and it doesn’t even read my micro sd card it sucks
Venkatesh Govindaiah
Venkatesh Govindaiah 8 days ago
I bought one in feb 2021, I get the notification instantly within 3-5 secs of detecting motions. I like it better than ring and blinkz
John Ju
John Ju 9 days ago
Wyze outdoor cam with starlight/starvis sensor would be great. plus the optional solar panel attachment option will help alot too.
J Diddy
J Diddy 12 days ago
Correct me if I'm wrong, it detects you right away, but it sends you a notification almost a minute later? As long as it records the entire event from start to finish I'm good with that. With the Argus 2 I literally miss everything.
Dcthetruth85 13 days ago
The one that's indoor is better than this one I can't go back and review footage on this one for some reason.
Bob Wareham
Bob Wareham 18 days ago
Thanks for showing me how bad Wyze cam is you saved me money and the monthly charge is bad as well so will not get any wyze products
Juan Rivera
Juan Rivera 19 days ago
Wyze has recently added new improvement for detection. Much better. I know that wyze notification can lag especially with the outdoor cam. To make it for quicker notifications I use my Amazon echo for all my wyze notifications is much faster than wyze. I have no issues with the outdoor camera as of yet. I have three of them and they are working fine. I don't expect it to be perfect even though wyze does a great job doing updates. It is getting better. As long as I get video clips and notifications I'm fine.
H D 19 days ago
Totally agree! I returned it a month ago after seeing the lags in notification and the night picture of my driveway just can’t see anything clear before 15 feet or 3 meters.
Liberalmediasucks 24 days ago
So what camera do you recommend?
fahad waliany
fahad waliany 26 days ago
Which camera do you prefer, if not wyze?
Velveline Ugbomah
Velveline Ugbomah Month ago
Out doors camera is important and for the Elderly people who can't live with there children and the children can have a way to watch there parents from there home and can alert police
Srt _
Srt _ Month ago
For $60 this is a great option for those who need a wireless camera. I’m going to buy 4 cameras to cover my home
Chris Umali
Chris Umali Month ago
Thanks for the demo and info
David Nonato
David Nonato Month ago
Great information all around. What outdoor camera would be on your list that's best priced and overall great features?
LifeHackster Month ago
Eufy Cam 2C or Reolink Argus 3 at this time.
C Month ago
I purchased this with the pre-order program .... biggest problem for me is the battery life.... it's just too short...... otherwise for $50 it's just okay not brilliant ! I wonder how long the battery on the Wyze vacuum will actually last ?
Andrew Luc
Andrew Luc Month ago
Learn how to be a youtuber bud. So why are you being cheap and not pay the $3 for the month of Plus to show what its about? Almost everything you have complaint about is cuz you didnt pay for the plus. Then you waiting on your notification was great. Dumb as. You have to go into your setting in your phone and change your notification timer. Your phone isnt set to always notify on the fly unless you tell it to which will murder your battery life. The cool down timer is set for people WHO DONT PAY FOR PLUS. Mine works great guys. Dont have 1 problem this dude has had
CL Listings
CL Listings Month ago
You do a great job illustrating the details consumers actually want to see. No fluff pieces here! Your videos helped me decide against the WYZE outdoor cam in favor of the Ring stick up.
Richard W.
Richard W. Month ago
I agree with your conclusion: “FAILED!” Thieves don’t care if alert delay time is 41 seconds or 41 minutes if it only takes 20 seconds to clean out the target.
Clark Redden
Clark Redden Month ago
Thank you for this review. I have returned by cameras, and will keep looking for something different.
rolrod85 Month ago
This was one of the most anticipated Wyze products but unfortunately, it is a total fail! I've only been able to get 3-4 weeks battery life.
Chris Hernandez
Chris Hernandez 2 months ago
Show me something better at this price point. Fail is harsh grade concidering it's cost
Mark Romo
Mark Romo 2 months ago
This camera system is not a fail. While I agree with the poor audio quality, the actual video quality is quite impressive for a wireless camera. As far as 40 seconds motion detection, a thief will stay much longer than 40 seconds. At this price point and video quality, it is not a fail. As an example, It will take a lot longer than 40 seconds to break into my shed.
Mark Romo
Mark Romo 2 months ago
@LifeHackster yikes sorry to hear about the break in. I was thinking of using these at a museum. The house was built in the early 1900s with very few electrical outlets and very thick walls. We have had thieves stealing garden hoses, go figure. The 40 seconds or less would give me enough time to call the cops and possibly take video of them. Thank you for reviewing these products.
LifeHackster 2 months ago
You don’t know how fast thieves are unless you are a victim. I had my business burglarized in 12 seconds, from opening the door..got the register and back out..he was out before the 30 second alarm delay sounded.
Eric Oliver
Eric Oliver 2 months ago
My motion detector notifies me immediately.
Eric Oliver
Eric Oliver Month ago
@TIME Wyze Outdoor Cam
TIME Month ago
what kind of camera do you have?
Peter Stasiowski
Peter Stasiowski 2 months ago
Battery life is advertised as 3 -6 months. Actual for me is 3 WEEKS with the infrared lights OFF. That is with the set up indoors in Florida. It does last much longer if it is aimed at a blank dark wall with the infrared still off. If Your set up is outdoors and will actually have to pick up motion, be sure it is in a location easily accessed to allow for removal and recharging. Complained x2 to Wyze. NO response. Have several Wyze cam pans which work quite well.
Paul G
Paul G 2 months ago
This is horrible on the the notification speed. That defeats the entire purpose for me. By the time it alerts me someone can pull up in a vehicle walk around my house and still kick in my door before I know they are there. No thx this is very dangerous to rely on
Ms K
Ms K 2 months ago
FroGetMeNot Jones
FroGetMeNot Jones 2 months ago
He reminds me of tiger woods
g157 fasdf
g157 fasdf 2 months ago
I have 24 wyze V2 cameras, each one life span is about 2 years, I am so disappointed. They just fail without a warning
Dawan Antonio
Dawan Antonio Month ago
I've had mine over 2 years and they're going strong.
BrowndaBassman 2 months ago
We got a 4 cam system. My wife gets notifications. I don't get any or maybe one or two, and my settings are fine. Audio is useless. Mine do a constant repeat loop with awful quality. One cam emits no sound while the other sends everything back to my phone in a constant repeating loop. Returning to amazon. Never opened 2 of the four.
Kevin Fox
Kevin Fox 3 months ago
Thank you!
F F 3 months ago
Thanks for the review. Unfortunately I purchased one before watching this.
sptrader 3 months ago
I'm disappointed in the video quality of the outdoor night vision. I received a Wyze cam V3 and I'm totally spoiled. It has great and sharp color night vision. I'm planning to replace the Wyze cam outdoor with the V3 and a power brick. My only question is how fast will a V3 eat battery power. I was expecting V3 quality in the outdoor cam and it's not even close. For a well lit area or sunny day, the outdoor is fine else it's V3.
B M 3 months ago
You could always put a micro sd card in it then you won't have to subscribe to anything bud
Ares Olympius
Ares Olympius 3 months ago
I like your grass, what do you use to keep it so thick and green?
Combatical Radical
Combatical Radical 3 months ago
You know the notification speed depends on your wifi connection right? Mine I've got a 19 second delay on mine for example.
Gerald Peevy
Gerald Peevy 2 months ago
Yea My v2 is around 18 seconds
SoundsRight 3 months ago
Just hooked up mines today. There were two updates , I believe one for the base and one for the camera. The one thing I wanted to test was the motion notification. Motion detection is around + - 12 seconds ! So far everything is very smooth. Install was ez and internet / syncing was flawless. I am very happy with the purchase and the updates. For what it is and cost, its perfect for my needs. Thanks for making this review and most importantly , contacting Wyze in the issues. Thanks many and cheers !
Sean C
Sean C 3 months ago
wait, what does 3-6 months battery life mean, like after 3 months the battery dies and you need to buy a new camera?? that cant be how that works :O
LifeHackster 3 months ago
Battery life..then it will need to be recharged.
community tube
community tube 3 months ago
What is the best wireless outdoor camera that you recommend?
Thomas Kolankiewicz
Thomas Kolankiewicz 3 months ago
Great overview of the Wyze Cam Outdoor features and capabilities... many thanks!
tempcount93 3 months ago
I don't get it, I have the same camera and an indoor one and they recognize movement way beyond 30 feet and the longest it's taken to get the notification is like 12 seconds...
ubb4me 3 months ago
I had the same problem with the arlo a couple of years ago. Returned it.
jimmybarr1966 3 months ago
This camera is a pos. Battery needs to charged everyday. After charging it to 100% it goes right down to 94% in seconds. Its not recording even with cam plus. And a sd card. I think i either got a shit one. Or they all just suck. Waste of money. Dont buy this. Also. I email them and they never answer me and theres no number to call to talk to someone. Total rip off company
Elite Exposure
Elite Exposure 3 months ago
Thank you for saving my money, subbed forsure. Theres so much work that goes into your videos.
New York Val
New York Val 3 months ago
My Wyze Outdoor sees me take my dogs out to the yard, but doesn't see me come back inside with them. It then notifies me that I reentered the house, without video to accompany it. WTF?
progers1212 3 months ago
I ordered a camera in Oct and have not received it 16 Dec. Received email 10Dec telling me it will be mailed in Dec???
mxfern12 3 months ago
You want rapid notification, them get a dog. They can smell trouble and "activate barking" from 2 blocks away🐶🐶🐶
TUN TUN 3 months ago
Sing LoveTo
Sing LoveTo 3 months ago
never using any battery camera
amadeusb4 3 months ago
My notification times are in the 10-20 second range which is totally reasonable and would work for interacting with door delivery people and such. Again, for THIS price, this is a pretty good product.
amadeusb4 3 months ago
This is a good review. It's a fair criticism but I think you get a lot for the price and this didn't stop you from offering it on your Amazon store. My only issue with it is that the motion capture videos quickly become unavailable from the cloud but I haven't tried putting an SD card into the base station yet.
Patrick Murphy
Patrick Murphy 3 months ago
The 12 second limitation is ridiculous and makes the camera almost useless. When something walks by all you see is the butt. I had to pay $15/year to get Wyze Plus so I can get video that includes all the action. What that does at my busy location is to run the battery down in about 5 to 7 days. The workaround is to have an external battery bank in a weather proof container. I am just now trying a solar powered battery bank now to see how that works. The idea that we can't/shouldn't use continuous power is also ridiculous. It is as if Wyze is doing everything they can to make this camera worthless.
S Bilder
S Bilder 3 months ago
Thank you for testing the camera. I especially like the 5 foot increments for license plate identification. Getting a license plate is probably more important than getting a face. For the price this camera does do a lot but is lacking for sure. What camera do you recommend?
LifeHackster 3 months ago
Reolink Argus 3 has pretty good video quality.
w23857980 3 months ago
my dog is the notification.
Tee Hlfx
Tee Hlfx 3 months ago
Have there been updates or changes to this camera since it came out? I’m looking at affordable cameras and was wondering if your review had changed at all?
KonaFocus 3 months ago
None of my wyze cams take more than 15 seconds for notifications. Sound on the other hand, thats rubbish.
I am Her
I am Her 3 months ago
Thanx for the heads up. I was considering this. Any alternatives..?
mike adams
mike adams 4 months ago
I think you might have a bad program cam. because mine works with in 5 seconds .
cassmc326 4 months ago
My wyze cam wont work wont connect to the network.
David Guymon
David Guymon 4 months ago
First thing I noticed was the audio being complete crap.
John Dougherty
John Dougherty 4 months ago
That's one hell of a thief who can break into your house, locate your valuables and escape in 45 seconds. Porch pirates? OK, I buy the criticism there, though I still think they would need to move fast unless your camera didn't cover the entrance to your porch. Besides, if you're home, you probably don't need this except for porch pirates and you will have a record of who stole your cat food from Amazon. Sound quality and lack of motion zone criticisms seem more accurate.
LifeHackster 4 months ago
You don't know until you become a victim... I had my business burglarized in 15 secs from opening the door.. the time my alarm went off which has a 25 second delay, the burglar was already gone... Luckily, I had my VHS recorder camera recorded everything except there were no IR LEDs option then... back in 2005.
Timm Smith
Timm Smith 4 months ago
Wyze is nothing more than relabeled cheap junk. The Lock that they promised would get Google integration never came. The V2 cam's I have take up to 10mins to send notifications. When I ask Google Hub to show a cam it takes up to 12 mins to load if it works at all, and so on. I will be selling all my Wyze product's and buying something that actually works. You get what you pay for.
Kevin Hair
Kevin Hair 4 months ago
Thorough review. Nice lawn. Thank you. Will you also review the doorbell?
Greg Reaves
Greg Reaves 4 months ago
I bought into the hype. Wish I had discovered this channel before I bought. How I always watch Lifejacket before any more camera purchase. I was trying to figure out why I couldn't adjust the recordings or the notifications. Expensive lesson learned. Needed more research before purchase. So mad at myself. Thanks for the great information on this review. Thanks for the honesty. You rock.
Peter Stasiowski
Peter Stasiowski 4 months ago
Have had one for several months. Battery lasts 1 month, not 3 to 6. Unless it is mounted in an area where it can be easily taken down and recharged, it is impractical. Mine lives indoors at the present and the ir lights are off. Whole unit is off at nite. Max life is 1 month.
Chris A
Chris A 4 months ago
Perhaps the delay in motion sensor notification is because of an issue with your WiFi connection or your router? I have Wyze cams in my home and the motion detection takes about 3-5 seconds. The slowest was no more than 15 seconds. I have SD cards installed.
LifeHackster 4 months ago
Please check my Wyze cam V3 review.
The Truth Channel
The Truth Channel 4 months ago
I fail to see why the 45 second delay to a phone is inadequate. Frankly, you can steal everything I own and I don't give a damn. Just don't let me come home and find someone in my house. That is, and always has been, the number one threat. 40% of the time, of you walk up on a break-in, you would know their face. Now we have a problem. 1/3 of those end in death. Now, if I am home and I am awake and you break in, you've made your last mistake unless you're a kid. If I'm asleep and you break in, I'm not counting on my phone to wake me up. I have other means. Frankly, I have film of two men coming into my home on separate occasions. I watched them place a bug each time. I even let the bug run for a while.
Luis Davila
Luis Davila 4 months ago
Bought 2 cams and I do not recommend those Cameras ,the two way speaker no one can hear the sound, late notifications. I like the video quality only. I will return them. Thumbs down
badboyeee 4 months ago
Which camera do you recommend instead of this one?
jonny 4 months ago
thanks man
Micah Nightwolf
Micah Nightwolf 4 months ago
From my testing, it seems like Wyze waits until after the 12-second clip has been recorded and uploaded to their servers before sending a notification. Instead of sending it immediately like they should, it's more like "hey you've got a new video of crap that happened several minutes ago." Not a failure for me since it still records everything anyway. My only contention is having to take it down and charge the thing every three months. Can't they make a solar panel?
CopyrightStrike Songs
CopyrightStrike Songs 4 months ago
Is the notification faster now?
rekaksky 4 months ago
Kabayan, do you know how can we return the item? Nice review! MABUHAY!
Bill Fong
Bill Fong 4 months ago
I am not getting the same results you are seeing. It usually alerts me within 6 seconds when my iPhone is connected to the same network as the house network. When I am away from the house and on the local cellular network, it does take from 30 seconds to 45 seconds for notification but that is with the camera in California and I am in Manila.
Tim Billbrack
Tim Billbrack 4 months ago
I haven't even mounted the cameras yet as I have nothing but connectivity problems with the base station. I can't even get a firmware update to complete after so may attempts I've lost track. Then I read this. Bummed.
Greg Gebhardt
Greg Gebhardt 4 months ago
I have 3 of them and they work great. I use them for watching wildlife.
mike guerrero
mike guerrero 4 months ago
I'm trying to catch my daughters cat I think I know where she is hanging out is it good if I place it in different areas for recon
Eat More Possum
Eat More Possum 4 months ago
The PIR sensor range is very short even when sensitivity and distance settings are at 100. Makes it ineffective in my desired application. Really only practical for monitoring a porch. In a larger area like a yard it won’t trigger until the person is right up on the camera. All other aspects of the cam are good.
BWTO 4 months ago
Great Review
E. J.
E. J. 5 months ago
Don't waste your money!!! Bad product. Horrible customer service... I mean NO customer service. I just received the Outdoor version a couple weeks ago and it already stopped working. There is no way to return on their website either. They do NOT back up their defective products. BUYER BEWARE!!!! I lost $65 dollars and they lost a loyal customer. Just for the record, I had no problems with the cheaper Pan cam & V2 cams I bought last year. It just sadly appears that if something doesn't work or is defective you are S.O.L.
Dominion's Creekside Newfoundlands
Dominion's Creekside Newfoundlands 5 months ago
Have you reviewed an outdoor camera that to you pefer over others? I have an apartment complex. We have had things stolen in the night. I am not savvy on anything security except a good dog. What wireless camera would you recommend?
Darren Truong
Darren Truong 5 months ago
I am still disappointed that my wyze cam v2s are still not viewable on my google nest display. Could be a google problem, but who knows.... Anyway, great video about the version 3s! I am on the fence about this because of the delay, but could really use a camera that can survive outdoors during harsh winter temperatures and that its wireless.
News 9 Live
News 9 Live 5 months ago
I like wyze don’t get me wrong but the outdoor is the worst product I have ever used
News 9 Live
News 9 Live 5 months ago
I agree can’t hold with out the router it’s $hit I don’t want thr router+ not even close to 3-6 months
Chris WarRior
Chris WarRior 5 months ago
Soooo... which ones would you recommend for an outdoor security then?
Richard Ramirez
Richard Ramirez 5 months ago
Any recommendations? Was going to buy the wyze cam but now i am looking for alternatives.
Fernando Flores
Fernando Flores 5 months ago
Buy the newest V3
Sing LoveTo
Sing LoveTo 5 months ago
For outdoor, I just use a V2 wifi cam and usb power cable is connecting to the same flood light power source and it works well for more than a year and do not have to worry about battery
Kit. J. Benn
Kit. J. Benn 5 months ago
Dear Lifehacker! Enjoyed your review. Thank you! Hence I shall not continue with a purchase at the moment. My uncle has a problem and wondered if you could help. He doesn't use a router nor does he wish to have one! But he does want to set up some form of security system. He only uses a sim card/mobile provider for internet connection "unlimited access"!! Could you suggest a system that could meet my uncles need? Yours sincerely, Kit!
Daryl Jones
Daryl Jones 5 months ago
What is the best wireless battery power cameras
Ervin Johnson
Ervin Johnson 5 months ago
There's a old saying you get what you pay for...after reviewing this camera and the features that you address I was unaware of the motion detection slowness. I have the pan tilt camera in which they now, eliminated person detection but... wanted me to subscribe to it for $0 so whatever amount, which is find bein sad, they sounds desperate? While I'm on the topic of pan tilt camera not also the delay but yet a lot of dark flare-ups and i made the rooms as dark as possible. Had for one year to find out about cancelingl person detection. Guess if I need to invest in a home security camera. I have to come out of pocket. Cuz this Wyze camera system failed me completely.
Dave Vachon
Dave Vachon 5 months ago
the outdoor cam wasn't sold or advertised as a security camera. more of a portable camera.
Duck Landes
Duck Landes 5 months ago
You certainly had a lot better luck with yours than I did with mine. First off, whatever that pamphlet was you showed at the beginning of the video, mine didn't come with. All I got was the Quick Start Guide, which basically just tells you whats in the box and tells you to download the app and "Follow the Wyze app" (whatever that means). I have to search the web to find out anything about this camera since it didn't come with any sort of user manual. I somehow got the camera to pair up with the Base station. Even without an SD card it's saving my videos "somewhere"... to the "cloud" I'm assuming, which I DON'T WANT. The app fails to "authenticate" the connection to the camera, so no Live view. It keeps telling me to "Exit the app and try again." "Power cycle the camera." And "Reboot the router." Which I have done probably 100 times each with no success. Since the app isn't connecting to the camera I can't set a Travel Mode wifi password. The app exits itself constantly for no apparent reason. The only thing the camera does is it will save motion detect videos "somewhere". I can't find them on the base or camera SD cards, and I never signed up for Cloud service, so I have no idea where those videos are going. All in all I am very dissatisfied with this camera. It doesn't work. And there apparently is no desktop app for it. I would NOT recommend this camera to anyone.
kkuenzel56 5 months ago
Mine won't connect with the base station which I have on my 2nd floor of my house 50 feet from the camera mounted on the front of my garage.
Gyro nuts
Gyro nuts 5 months ago
Got the camera, charged overnight (14hrs +) and lasted only 3 months when the battery already was on the 30%, removed and recharged again, lest that a month later the battery charge is showing on the 50% , this is a failure. I will have to wired it out but afraid water will travel the wire and damage the camera. It is a totally disappointed buy.
Dylan Morgan
Dylan Morgan 5 months ago
If you know a burglar who can rob a house in 30-40 seconds, or a UPS guy who can deliver to 3-4 houses in that time... please refer them to me... I have some serious work for them!! Your standards are not relevant to the real world. This sounds like an awesome camera!
LifeHackster 5 months ago
Come here in South Texas and I’ll show you my UPS, USPS and FedEx guys..and see how they deliver packages...also I have my business burglarized in 15 seconds..I have to find the footage...but the guy was out carrying the register before the store alarm got triggered ( which has a delay of 30 seconds) ... I think you live in a fantasy world...also if this it an awesome camera..Buy it then... you haven’t even tried it out...
Royale High Gamer
Royale High Gamer 5 months ago
Wyze cam battery vs Wyze cam Wired please!!!
Ziggy 5 months ago
I was so excited when I per order the Wyze Outdoor cam and I was ready to buy three more add cam's when made available. But not now. The set up took over an hour. The user manual and video's are worthless, along with Wyze's support email. Overall this came doesn't do what it said it could do. I receive more false notification, than useable ones. It will show someone walking away from my home, but not too it. The SD card for the Camera is a waste of $$. I do not recommend this camera. Now I am in the market for a new brand. Any suggestions?
malichi91 5 months ago
As of September 2020 camplus is not supported on the outdoor camera.
Sumer S
Sumer S 5 months ago
For price it still passed my test
LifeHackster 5 months ago
Check my comparison and see -> usposts.info/vision/nNiassWqiqBsbJE/video
Rafael Salcedo
Rafael Salcedo 5 months ago
Rafael Salcedo Hace 1 segundo Hey, do you know if the camera can be set to record manually (without the motion detector) so to as overwrite the SD card? thanks in advance
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