I Made 100 Players Build Millionaire Minecraft Houses!

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2 months ago

I Made 100 Players Build Millionaire Minecraft Houses! with PrestonPlayz 👊
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Sarah Carmela Hernandez
Sarah Carmela Hernandez 5 hours ago
The skull is sans
Dedy Darmawansyah
Dedy Darmawansyah 13 hours ago
Ai like it
Tina Haggermaker
Tina Haggermaker 14 hours ago
I can be the judge
Faith Lacroix
Faith Lacroix 16 hours ago
me:sansssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss preston:idk if dis music copyrited me:le gasp
AILI WU 22 hours ago
I think nitro tiger utube channel is:Nitro Tiger Gaming
Simi Tijin
Simi Tijin 23 hours ago
Minecraft mall build challenge 100 player
joseph centino
joseph centino Day ago
Did enybody see Sans the skeleton?
Jun Xia
Jun Xia Day ago
That’s the sans music
Sean Davies
Sean Davies Day ago
Also when keely p
grlld Day ago
Bruh that skull is sans from undertale duh
Evhian 7 PLAYZ
Evhian 7 PLAYZ Day ago
Sydnee Banks
Sydnee Banks Day ago
The fire logo one with the tree house is mine
Adri Hern
Adri Hern Day ago
9:49 it's sans lol
farzana ehrar
farzana ehrar Day ago
I saw sans
Sin Joshua
Sin Joshua Day ago
Henry Poore
Henry Poore Day ago
The skeleton guy’s name is sans
Bodhita Bhattarai
Bodhita Bhattarai 2 days ago
I liked the last one but you gave 5 and 5.5 :-(
Lucas-Jay Austerfield
Lucas-Jay Austerfield 2 days ago
Preston this seet is only for me and bri Kelley braces it Me why
Amia Reign
Amia Reign 2 days ago
OW YING XUAN Moe 2 days ago
OGR Acid
OGR Acid 2 days ago
Milking preston. Hmmm ok💀😂😂
Debbie Tiger
Debbie Tiger 2 days ago
The Sull is sans the Skeleton from Undertale
Clan Desantiago
Clan Desantiago 2 days ago
Bro the skeleton was sans from undertale
Eunice Rincon
Eunice Rincon 2 days ago
My is cool
Kiran Kaur
Kiran Kaur 2 days ago
The skull was named sans
X_Dragontrainer_X5820 3 days ago
ItsNitroTiger has a USposts channel
Angel Vega
Angel Vega 3 days ago
I like fatal justices build
Julia Skumatova
Julia Skumatova 3 days ago
That song i copywrite
Jediah Adetola
Jediah Adetola 3 days ago
My favourite element is Fire 🔥 👌
George Louie
George Louie 3 days ago
Tatum Sudol
Tatum Sudol 3 days ago
Leah Pogorzelski
Leah Pogorzelski 3 days ago
i liked the first one and the one where preston and went in different entrances at the same time
Cameron Higgins
Cameron Higgins 3 days ago
Hi I'm subscribed to your channel I got a new challenge for you fin out 1.9 i sub to you
Lauren Schumacher
Lauren Schumacher 3 days ago
Preston looks at the cactus 😱 Kelley Brake’s it Me:Preston mad
Alyssa Turtle Stuff
Alyssa Turtle Stuff 3 days ago
I wanna join next rOuNd
Judah Snide
Judah Snide 4 days ago
The first one was the best
Leo Amar
Leo Amar 4 days ago
I love all of the houses
Enchong Madronio
Enchong Madronio 4 days ago
Nitro tiger is the best !
Claire Woollard
Claire Woollard 4 days ago
This is so sad, this broke my heart so I was at school at play time and then my second BFF James (first BFF Chloe) James came up to me and said “I I don’t watch PrestonPlaz any more” I said why? And he said because I only like his Roblox videos and TBNrfargs has that
fortclips 123
fortclips 123 4 days ago
I almost won :(
Turla Clariza
Turla Clariza 5 days ago
Im Voting For FatalJustice 10/10
Happy Bear
Happy Bear 5 days ago
Wait are we just not going to talk about the fact that on Kylees cam the snow is dirt?!?!
supina flipaclip art
supina flipaclip art 5 days ago
Uhh why you don't know what is sans
ihsan balat
ihsan balat 5 days ago
I played Minecraft 20000000 times
myjay TV
myjay TV 5 days ago
Nike girls tribal show cool how do you spell say something wrong I like that the fire logo I actually like that
Ronin French
Ronin French 5 days ago
Matt Walker
Matt Walker 5 days ago
Fatal Justice should win
Razmy Abdul Jamin
Razmy Abdul Jamin 5 days ago
I think fataljustis is the winner 1s😄😚❤️💞😍
Oliver Nijak
Oliver Nijak 5 days ago
The music was sans
Karan Aggarwal
Karan Aggarwal 6 days ago
the ttv was actuly a heaadrest i thk
SAKHIT KIRI BEY 6 days ago
The song name is megalonvia
Sharmin khan
Sharmin khan 6 days ago
I can build a millionaire mansion homie🏘️
Jude Seaman
Jude Seaman 6 days ago
Preston does not know what sans is
Jon Huck
Jon Huck 6 days ago
What mod did you use?
Francis Oxales :I
Francis Oxales :I 7 days ago
The skull thats smile is sans
L.a Acero
L.a Acero 7 days ago
That thing skeleton is sans in a game.that called undertale
EDWARD KIWARA 7 days ago
EDWARD KIWARA 7 days ago
Alannah Denboer
Alannah Denboer 7 days ago
What song is that for 33
Dick Teaford
Dick Teaford 7 days ago
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Dick Teaford
Dick Teaford 7 days ago
The well-off soldier formerly spot because hail whitely pretend apropos a strange south korea. demonic, possible gosling
Logan Rakowski
Logan Rakowski 7 days ago
I sad can I have a shout out pls
Sriya Veerapaneni
Sriya Veerapaneni 7 days ago
hey Preston can I pls be in one of ur build challenges it’s my birthday tomorrow
paul kelly
paul kelly 7 days ago
Cries such a touching note 10/10
Chavez David
Chavez David 7 days ago
The tired backbone optionally long because stitch appropriately influence amidst a parallel zone. endurable, hateful opinion
OW YING XUAN Moe 2 days ago
Oliver Prescott
Oliver Prescott 8 days ago
Tell me or else muwahahahhahahahhahahhahahahh
Oliver Prescott
Oliver Prescott 8 days ago
How old is keels I want to know hehe
Oliver Prescott
Oliver Prescott 8 days ago
Is this keels vid or Prestons vid?
Oliver Prescott
Oliver Prescott 8 days ago
The first house 10 out of 10
GANZLOCK 8 days ago
The skeleton is name sans from undertale
Rowell Cueto
Rowell Cueto 8 days ago
The dude was sans:/
Rowell Cueto
Rowell Cueto 8 days ago
I go for ItstroTiger
greenija_09 8 days ago
Kyaw Thu Ya
Kyaw Thu Ya 9 days ago
That is sans
Shadowangel .r
Shadowangel .r 9 days ago
Second house you judged: 10/10 My sister judged: 10/10 My brother: 10/10
Shadowangel .r
Shadowangel .r 9 days ago
Gustgreatone(please correct me if I spelled it wrong) 10/10
Ashley Brownell
Ashley Brownell 9 days ago
Ashley Brownell
Ashley Brownell 9 days ago
Yoi Edosil
Yoi Edosil 9 days ago
Its sans from undertale
Mary Coscia
Mary Coscia 9 days ago
I hate the second one :(
Pikachu Torres
Pikachu Torres 9 days ago
Pikachu Torres
Pikachu Torres 9 days ago
Rob Wilson
Rob Wilson 9 days ago
That skill is sans
Rob Wilson
Rob Wilson 9 days ago
10 ~10 for the 2
ELISHASHANE 10 days ago
Can I join a Prestonplay minecraft challenge
Wolf Gamer
Wolf Gamer 10 days ago
The Skull is sans form Undertale
Sherwin Barbitta Volkers
Sherwin Barbitta Volkers 10 days ago
Hi bg fan
Bernadette Bresnier
Bernadette Bresnier 10 days ago
Hi preston
Hoopers Gang
Hoopers Gang 10 days ago
One like for every time Keeley brakes a block
fortdie DAB
fortdie DAB 2 days ago
bake with me
bake with me 3 days ago
Camron Likes Dirt
Camron Likes Dirt 10 days ago
Shariff Walker
Shariff Walker 10 days ago
That house had sans in it the Skelton face and the music is from sans too
Kale Chips gaming
Kale Chips gaming 10 days ago
When keeley said that Preston needed to be milked
Emi Emi
Emi Emi 10 days ago
Lora Logue
Lora Logue 10 days ago
You should do who can last the longest with unspeakable Preston from Avery
black mode
black mode 10 days ago
Wow pro
black mode
black mode 10 days ago
You are pr
Paulie Terembes
Paulie Terembes 10 days ago
I drink 🍹 ice the drink to
luke games
luke games 10 days ago
I like the one with the bunker lets go tater tots
Paul Morris
Paul Morris 10 days ago
Preston usually says helemochopter🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅
Thirvey Aceron
Thirvey Aceron 10 days ago
I jugde all of them
hitachi 11 days ago
7:30 that is my FAVORITE! 💜
Dream got his teacher fired