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Missionary Bush Pilot

3 months ago

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Whether you are a seasoned pilot, student pilot and wanting to learn to fly an airplane, or even an avid SIM pilot who just purchased Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (FS2020) or X-Plane, I think you will enjoy this cockpit view flight vlog into some of the most dangerous airports in the world.
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John M
John M 3 months ago
You keep your cool even when itโ€™s obvious that youโ€™re right on the edge. You never just โ€œgo for itโ€ and go around even if the tailwind increases 1mph over limit. Definitely what has kept you safe and alive. You must love what you do because thereโ€™s a lot of mainline carriers out there that would be lucky to have you. Keep up the good work and stay safe.
James Hadland
James Hadland 5 days ago
Do you mean 1 knot
William Facey
William Facey 23 days ago
Good job, I watched from start to finish. Enjoyable and interesting video.
Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill 26 days ago
If it is stressful, don't do it!
Ragnhild Oppegaard
Ragnhild Oppegaard 26 days ago
ร…รฅ0 de
DiaBeat 28 days ago
@Joe Spencer My thought exactly!!! Seriously, I want to know!
SLTV 2 hours ago
That was awesome ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ Well done ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ
John Ward
John Ward 5 hours ago
Super video! I applauded for A$5.00 ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
madpogue 6 hours ago
3:36 is it just me, or does the air pressure in that left side gear tire look low? Or maybe they're aired a little low for that "rustic" strip at Aibai.
Joe K.
Joe K. 7 hours ago
Very cool seeing what kind of jobs you can get that are not "normal". Yes, I would do the flying you are doing. It's unusual and satisfying, although I did rather want to see the takeoff from there. ;/
Klaus Albrecht
Klaus Albrecht 12 hours ago
Dane Montana
Dane Montana 12 hours ago
Do you do most or all of your flights out to the bush strips vfr?
Stephen LaPoint
Stephen LaPoint 14 hours ago
Very cool. Iโ€™d fly it. Been pumped up on many approaches and landing. Go USAF!
Steve Dittman
Steve Dittman 16 hours ago
Dude you have like the most perfect pilot hair. LMAO I have none. I'm jealous. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Danny Haya
Danny Haya 17 hours ago
voodoodle 18 hours ago
Am I the only one that was really looking forward to the return take off ?
Michael 18 hours ago
I always think shoulder stripes look so funny when flying single engine props, especially when there are four ๐Ÿ˜‚
K M 18 hours ago
so how does" paving it "make the approach part any safer? and 2nd where and how does one get the equipment there to pave it?
David Bell
David Bell 19 hours ago
Ede 19 hours ago
I would really like to do this as job, flying short trips at interesting airports.
Malcolm Storer
Malcolm Storer Day ago
Wow what a landing
Shane White
Shane White Day ago
I don't understand the risk here, can somebody explain? where's the situation where he needs to be stressful? landing is bit shaky but I have seen more shakes than this lol seems like the pilot is having a weak heart
Jim Tyranski
Jim Tyranski 22 hours ago
The change in weather that happens, the short and slippery runway, and winds that change direction and speed by the minute. With this pilot's experience and confidence because he knows this airfield, he makes it look easier than it looks, and I was stressed watching it. Lots of factors to decide to commit to it or abort.
DinoHalcrowCreations Day ago
Nice work dude...wow thought you nearly got bogged just before shutdown...I operate diggers, so comin home n watching u do that is super relaxing, informative and entertaining, 110 x better than anything on TV :D Iโ€™d love to experience that landing with you at the controls!
Peter Crutchley
Peter Crutchley Day ago
Appreciate the commentary - very well done. Blessings from New Zealand.
axelram5510 Day ago
This channel needs VR or 3D viewing gimmick. Intense indeed.
Barry Sangkol
Barry Sangkol Day ago
yu fit man....u fly na png stap.
Ed Cox
Ed Cox Day ago
Wow! That was thrilling. Great job. I hope the runway dries out before you need to leave!
German Di Cione
German Di Cione Day ago
Amazing. Well done!
Mario R
Mario R Day ago
Click bait, didnt look like "Most Stressful Landing" all bullshit, move on people..
andrew cobb
andrew cobb Day ago
Do not click on the J R comment, just saying :)
G.williams Williams
G.williams Williams Day ago
Great video,. Very skilful pilot.
Jose Antonio mendez oliva
Jose Antonio mendez oliva Day ago
Great soft short field landing captain. Good job!
Phil Althorpe
Phil Althorpe Day ago
Your mad lol
R Beag
R Beag Day ago
fantastic to see the pilot fly with so much calmness displayed in what was a challenging runway - thank you
Talycomoseescribe Day ago
Wow.....Bailey's Bird!!
Jay Waid
Jay Waid Day ago
Bronte Eckermann
Bronte Eckermann Day ago
Very professional job mate!
sicc_playboys_13 2 days ago
Practice for his drug smuggling runs
Adil Khalil
Adil Khalil 2 days ago
Great landing! Just one thing you didn't do right - you didn't even look at the battery guy at the start let alone gesturing thank you to him. Doesn't look like typical aviation tradition.
Larry Dugan
Larry Dugan 2 days ago
Nice work. Good discipline. Well done.
Allen Hiebert
Allen Hiebert 2 days ago
iiii cannnnn barelyyyy type...Whew I made it....
Phil Rudd
Phil Rudd 2 days ago
Nice one mate .Spot on
Tim Anderson
Tim Anderson 2 days ago
Great video. Exciting!
DS007 2 days ago
very well done.. I'd do it, but Not every day.
Paulo Neuparth
Paulo Neuparth 2 days ago
Very cool and daring. I'm a professional pilot and I respect the heck out of you. Very calm and collected. I wouldn't do it now but in my early years perhaps I would. You say you're a missionary pilot so your cause is I'm sure taking the risks you are. Very well done. Please be safe and God bless you. Couldn't quite figure out where you're at.
Stapler 2 days ago
What's a missionary pilot? Is that when you give people supplies in exchange for worshiping your god?
Jim Tyranski
Jim Tyranski 23 hours ago
Missionaries volunteer to help people who need it because they care. Not in exchange for anything.
Tony Hartnett
Tony Hartnett 2 days ago
Great video and thanks for sharing. Confirmed every fear I have about flying in small aircraft so this is about as close as I'll ever get to it. Thanks again.
P47 Studio
P47 Studio 3 days ago
This is monetized as F.
Tellemore 3 days ago
Not ever would i do that!
UrMaMa 3 days ago
If it takes this long to land...and he called a short fly....Imagine flying in Mars! takes years to arrive to a destination?
Garry Graves
Garry Graves 3 days ago
Tense!...Well done Sir.
Valentin Masloff
Valentin Masloff 3 days ago
I had to write what the name of your plane is and what route the flight is on - the name of the airfields. I don't know much about this area, but I want to see these places in a new fly simulator :)
Bronson Fargo
Bronson Fargo 3 days ago
10,000 hrs military...mostly jet, but couple of 1000 in C-123. Short unimproved strips always exciting...especially when solo. Bush pilots often have remarkable mechanical pilot skills, and enough brains to stay alive in troublesome circumstances. Very real portrayal of a very busy hop into a challenging environmental. Notice the use of checklists...always a good sign.
Balazs & Karin Heller Yoga & Wellbeing
Balazs & Karin Heller Yoga & Wellbeing 3 days ago
I love the Piper pa it is such a beautiful plane
Peter King
Peter King 4 days ago
used to do this in a C210 ... all vfr, no aids, nada, nothing ! em tasol !
John JJ
John JJ 4 days ago
Great pilot you are! From a pilot.
Philip Wark
Philip Wark 4 days ago
Wow just wow
konstantinos Fourkiotis
konstantinos Fourkiotis 4 days ago
I really felt like flying! Thanks!!
ForeFlight 101
ForeFlight 101 4 days ago
Great landing - cool video
Xtreme Fighter
Xtreme Fighter 4 days ago
Is it runway or playing ground.
Manuel Vinuela
Manuel Vinuela 4 days ago
So whereโ€™s the kilos at?
Alois Wabianik
Alois Wabianik 4 days ago
Awesome experience
Seth K.
Seth K. 4 days ago
Wow, why do I trust this pilot immediately? Amazing how that can happen. A great command presence, and a really professional haircut too! ๐Ÿคฃ
JP Rupp
JP Rupp 4 days ago
*I* need a change of underwear, and I was only watching.
B. Gee
B. Gee 4 days ago
My flight instructor used to say, "Never try to save a bad landing, just go around until it looks right." This pilot is a smart one -- Happy Landings!
Richard Mcard
Richard Mcard 4 days ago
paulclaytoncalendar clayton
paulclaytoncalendar clayton 4 days ago
Wow, one of the best jobs in the world!
Shipra Kunwar
Shipra Kunwar 5 days ago
soo cool
Alan Pinkham
Alan Pinkham 5 days ago
The right stuff.Spot on budโœŒ๏ธ๐Ÿ‘
GrumpyOldMan 5 days ago
The FAA should prohibit these USposts cockpit vids, before a serious accident happens. Self-absorption, vanity and hubris are dangerous conditions to be stimulated while piloting an airplane, and that's just what those GoPro cameras do.
MrSchwabentier 3 days ago
Let the FAA do whatever they want, this is not in the US...
RU in US
RU in US 4 days ago
Uhmm...What else should be prohibited?
RU in US
RU in US 4 days ago
Let FAA try Boeing first...
Joyce Rose
Joyce Rose 5 days ago
The accurate division symptomatically whip because penalty optimally bolt apud a ancient creator. skillful, cloistered pheasant
michael broward
michael broward 5 days ago
That landing was a nail biter.
ssorgpm 5 days ago
Good show, your adrenaline is not the only one pumping.
Ed Blake
Ed Blake 5 days ago
You're a great pilot I enjoyed the flight with you.
Richard Lewis
Richard Lewis 5 days ago
AGE SPOTTOO 5 days ago
Steady hand and mind. Well done.
bask etball
bask etball 5 days ago
'well maintained runway' his tablet saiz .. then as soon as he touches the ground rhinoshit , bananapeels and all sorts of crap start hitting his shield :P
Pauley 17:17
Pauley 17:17 5 days ago
Wow !!!!!โ€™ Great Job bro
Missionary Bush Pilot
Missionary Bush Pilot 4 days ago
Thank you! Cheers!
david tomlinson
david tomlinson 5 days ago
Good landing ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™‚
Olav Moldestad
Olav Moldestad 6 days ago
i love your films so much, i wish i some day in fortune wil be able to come over and exsperience this :)
Mark Peacock
Mark Peacock 6 days ago
I would be very happy to fly with this pilot top job sir thanks from uk ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ
paski502 possner
paski502 possner 6 days ago
Bravo dude ๐Ÿ‘
Brad Dunbar
Brad Dunbar 6 days ago
I would love to be a commercial airline pilot. It's kinda late in the game for me. I'm 53.
nono4564 6 days ago
The runway wasn't a real runway. It was a pigsty.
Brad Dunbar
Brad Dunbar 6 days ago
I would love to fly.
nono4564 6 days ago
Avoid commercial airliners. You are a nuisance to them.
Douglas Griffin
Douglas Griffin 6 days ago
Great job
Pierre Bibeau
Pierre Bibeau 6 days ago
Congrats. Good work. I can understand the stress level. This is a no-miss situation.
Gordon Mccammond
Gordon Mccammond 6 days ago
Hi, Ryan, you have just landed at Gorlovka, you had me back 62years when my wife Colleen and I lived and worked with the PNG Health department ,posted to Goroka for several months and other centres I flew as a passenger from there several days per week,exciting and frequently scary. The biggest thrill was the approach to the gravel strip at Kundiawa and wondering if the wind would give ur sufficient lift to clear the threshold.It always did, we are still here with so many great memories. I had to fly a great deal no roads only the corrugated Highlands Highway. My favourite trip was down to Kundiawa in my favourite aeroplane the Twin Otter but most trips were in Various Cessnas,Barons Aztecs or the 336 where the fuel gauge was a 9inch stick more reliable than electric dials my goodness you have taken me right back, Ivetried to write down some of these times and now at 85 the memories are very very important to me and are more vivid than anything that happened to me yesterday. Keep it up Ilove them. I used to know several pilots of the Mission Aviation Felloewship especially the chap who lived with the Fore people and cured the outbreak of Kuru my first ever encounter with Prion disease which we all know of now. I would dearly love to hear from you,,your plane now has a working fuel gauge but the view through the windscreen looks the same Best wishes Gordon McCammond.
Missionary Bush Pilot
Missionary Bush Pilot 4 days ago
Very interesting. They recently redid the Kundiawa airstrip and it is top notch now.
Geoff Marsh
Geoff Marsh 6 days ago
Hope they are paying you lots ยฃ$ยฃ$ !!
Brad Tulk
Brad Tulk 7 days ago
you are crazy but wow u are such a great pilot mate keep up the good work
Gustav0 Mejia
Gustav0 Mejia 7 days ago
Mark Lomax
Mark Lomax 7 days ago
man tan
man tan 7 days ago
OMG, I love stressful landings-the only way to keep the pilot on their toes.
M H 7 days ago
I could do that easily. Am I missing something
George Carroll
George Carroll 7 days ago
Good landing
Ivan Sanders
Ivan Sanders 7 days ago
Struggles with his shaving, but very nice flying.
astrocameras 7 days ago
Yes our CEO landed here back in the 80's to collect emerald tablets.
Oom T Oom T
Oom T Oom T 2 days ago
Sound like a space mission gone wrong> >>>>> > lmao
Oom T Oom T
Oom T Oom T 2 days ago
From where are you dude?
Bob Doppalina
Bob Doppalina 3 days ago
LOL. Sounds like a Mormon joke.
Cristian M. Castro
Cristian M. Castro 7 days ago
where is that ??
sl5311 7 days ago
Clicked on vid, he said P&G...I was like what? With an American accent? "Now I'm committed." Incredible!
Nino Nieman
Nino Nieman 7 days ago
PNG flying is technically very difficult flying, but a socially critical service, and the young pilots who do it are usually desperate to get home and fly for a major, (see other videos where they're almost begging to get back to the UK/EU). It does seem to attract its fair share of 'last resort' pilots who are either older and love flying, or younger, but not up to standard of the 1st world cadets/trainees. The accident rate in this mountain PNG flying is huge, although it's hard to say whether it's the fault of the pilots who couldn't get a job elsewhere, or the weather/geography of the place which is not easy to manage.
el siete
el siete 7 days ago
where was this flight? country/region? br
Joseph Ohara
Joseph Ohara 8 days ago
fun to watch, beautiful video. Glad i was not on the aircraft!
In His Presence
In His Presence 8 days ago
As a fellow pilot, your flying skills and your calmness were very professional. The scenery below was breathtaking with beautiful green hills and mountain tops. Thanks for sharing your experience regarding the most difficult airport to land with your airplane in adverse weather conditions. Blessings to you.
Sam Zurick
Sam Zurick 8 days ago
Des plane boss.... des plane !
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