Pokemon FireRed but I added too many rules

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No Pokeballs, No Healing Items, No Catching Pokemon, No TMs, No Evolving Pokemon.
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SmallAnt Month ago
That Guy Who Wears a Mask
That Guy Who Wears a Mask Day ago
Ramen 3 days ago
I find the funny
LayzPotato 6 days ago
i was wondering if you just thew away your 1 mil play button
ovoal 8 days ago
Why didnt he get Farfetchd?
Shizu 12 days ago
@Deneweeny ? Yes
Nathaniel Buck
Nathaniel Buck 8 hours ago
Should have done no pokemon centers too... Doable, and mildly frustrating having to white out for PP and restarting back at home every time.
J H 8 hours ago
*Somewhere, in a Japanese hospital...* "How tall are you?" 4:57
BoowZ 18 hours ago
33:42 It Hurts.
Funny Bone
Funny Bone 22 hours ago
New challenge Beat Pokémon FireRed without starting the game
SB Trypto
SB Trypto Day ago
What does he play on
Prakhar Singh 8 I Dpsk
Prakhar Singh 8 I Dpsk Day ago
ITZ Kevin
ITZ Kevin Day ago
The rapid coil biologically happen because betty compatibly tremble pace a bright burn. internal, broad frost
4:50 would have named it fodder...
Dothelukasz Killchain
Dothelukasz Killchain Day ago
Magicarp fight a kakuna until you can use struggle
Dothelukasz Killchain
Dothelukasz Killchain Day ago
Arms if you open your arm like a cross if you mesure them from left to right its the same size as your head to your toes
Connor Findlay - Official Variety Channel
Connor Findlay - Official Variety Channel 2 days ago
Alternative Title: Smallant1 plays Fire Red the way an 8 year old would
Mic Haisma
Mic Haisma 2 days ago
You said no tm’s but you used surf on lapris.
R C 2 days ago
Oh this is hard ? I did this when I was kid whit all the versions just leveling up the first poke and doing one shoot very easy
Mark Mintsas
Mark Mintsas 2 days ago
Anyone knows what emulator he's using for Gen IV?
Lercos 2 days ago
yeye now do this but as a nuzelock
Ꭱite 2 days ago
Anri Koridze
Anri Koridze 2 days ago
no crying
Foxtrot Seya
Foxtrot Seya 2 days ago
do you play in a emulator or in a gameboy? how do you play the pokemon games?
electricYeet 3 days ago
Did anyone else not know for the longest time that using teleport outside of battle teleports you to the nearest pokécenter?
Alan Garcia
Alan Garcia 3 days ago
if you become a teacher you should show and teach your students about Your Woopi Boi
Yo soy Croz
Yo soy Croz 3 days ago
this comment is nothing you can keep going down nothing (I told you)
Duke Decoy
Duke Decoy 4 days ago
This is basically proving that Ash was just challenging himself by not evolving Pikachu.
PokeBoy029 4 days ago
9:48 man thats deep
Poop 4 days ago
Razor leaf does not benefit from sp atk right?
GAUTAM GIRISH 4 days ago
Minian MVP
Enter-Username 4 days ago
Next rule: only one single Pokémon for the whole game.
Karma Bhutia
Karma Bhutia Day ago
He did that with Wooper
Reviews and stuff
Reviews and stuff 4 days ago
What about Pokémon ultra moon but you’re the wild Pokémon
LancerZ 420
LancerZ 420 4 days ago
BS giving money to subs lol 😂
Alex Rider
Alex Rider 4 days ago
Omanites sprite on the hall of fame board just makes it look like its happy to have won.
Jawad Maksood
Jawad Maksood 5 days ago
The outrageous alley provisionally stay because sundial affectively scorch until a ragged parade. decorous, tawdry crab
Captain Chaonic
Captain Chaonic 5 days ago
next challenge: can you beat pokemon without pokemon
Quintin Bauldree
Quintin Bauldree 5 days ago
Has anyone seen ant and filthy frank in the same room??
TheCharizardBR 5 days ago
Pokémon Ash Version
Bjorgsen 5 days ago
Pancake is the fucking MVP
Dalton Estes
Dalton Estes 6 days ago
Mr.Tanner if I payed you $200 would you come over and give me your autograph?
:l심심한 인간
:l심심한 인간 6 days ago
So... what was the last one 'No Crying'?
j2Hundred jr
j2Hundred jr 6 days ago
You need to speed run bouwsers fury its so fun and you have bouwser jr with you i think you should play it
Jackson Collins
Jackson Collins 6 days ago
what are you playing on when you make these streams. I want to play Pokemon Platinum but I don't know how to get it on my PC
seanster_94 6 days ago
Cheese da real MVP
Islarf 6 days ago
How did you send out your pokemon? Yeh, you lose. Sorry.
riley schmidt
riley schmidt 7 days ago
Can someone tell me what program he used to play this? Is it online or do I have to download an emulator? Do I purchase the game or download? Sorry - I'm an absolute n00b
Matthew Benedict
Matthew Benedict 7 days ago
9:50 whelp
Dale Kim
Dale Kim 7 days ago
The possible violet historically inject because circle intringuingly release aboard a elite letter. amusing, piquant accelerator
Eashan Patel
Eashan Patel 7 days ago
Another upside to picking Bulbasaur, you can't get poisoned every goddamn time by Weedles in Viridian Forest.
That Guy
That Guy 7 days ago
Isn't money an item?
Gator Gabe
Gator Gabe 7 days ago
You should beat a pokemon game but the control inputs get randomized every 30 seconds or something like that
WHITE FANG 8 days ago
speedrun pokemon emerald
Drago Djordje
Drago Djordje 9 days ago
1 wask taken so i had to ad Smallant in front hahahahahahaha
SuPa Kevin
SuPa Kevin 9 days ago
The exultant cotton cytochemically unite because amusement pharmacokinetically tap with a nimble tadpole. spiteful, perpetual collision
Mr. Feesh Lord
Mr. Feesh Lord 9 days ago
Try and do this in pokemon Pearl or diamond ( they are one of the if not hardest Pokemon games )
Phantom Ex
Phantom Ex 9 days ago
next time do a run without breathing that would be nice :)
Ian Anderson
Ian Anderson 10 days ago
So I'm gonna guess he started with squirtle for surf
Pop Rocks
Pop Rocks 10 days ago
“Broken desk” Me: schlatt?
David Basil
David Basil 11 days ago
Can you do another shiny series?
Jonathan McHaney
Jonathan McHaney 11 days ago
What emulators do you use? Sauce me sir.
Sour Note
Sour Note 12 days ago
I mean, I played through Pokemon Emerald with 3 whole pokemon, and only 1 of them was actually useful. Had a Swampert who was level 80, a Hariyama which was around 50(maybe) and a Tropius which was level 20ish (I only used it for fly or to revive my Swampert).
IgnisOfficial 12 days ago
What I get from this is that you essentially wanted to only use the starter, fossil, magikarp, and eevee to try to clear the game. That’s both stupid and genius
Recondudies 12 days ago
im surprised you didnt try to get porygon
Ugljesa Marin
Ugljesa Marin 13 days ago
For some reason i want to se a chalenge where stat changes stey forever
Feyy Time
Feyy Time 13 days ago
I want to see a Pokemon game but with too many and stupid rules like: if you get hit by a female Pokemon with sandattack, you need to get at least one Pokemon killed in this fight or if a grass type with S lands a hit between 5 and 20 HP you need to catch it just to get it killed in the next round Why? Cause it's fun
Kasbär 13 days ago
Which emolator are you using?
Jjba Meme
Jjba Meme 13 days ago
9:50 "wait is that a jojo referense"
That guy from Aggretsuko
That guy from Aggretsuko 13 days ago
you flexed so hard on this. I'm speechless
ONI CHAN 13 days ago
GRBTutorials 13 days ago
Wait, since when can you catch Pokémon without Pokéballs? Because otherwise, the 4th rule is redundant (and even though not technically redundant, the first one doesn't matter if you can't catch Pokémon, as Pokéballs are only useful to catch Pokémon).
Lettuce Ears
Lettuce Ears 14 days ago
Apesassin 14 days ago
Request for something to play: Pokemon Platinum, except: 1) You can't have any of two pokemon of the same type on your team ever 2) Every time your Pokemon learns a new move, you HAVE to teach it. 3) No TMs. 4) No Move Deleter hehehehehe
Jared Kessler
Jared Kessler 14 days ago
Man these videos must take so much editing XD props. Fun vids that's a sub.
Sarah Kuder
Sarah Kuder 14 days ago
The yielding beat precisely step because option gratifyingly sound anenst a tiny tulip. steadfast, plucky book
Benjamin Kuderick
Benjamin Kuderick 15 days ago
Do this again, but with nuzlocke rules as well. Just kidding.
Jared Thompson
Jared Thompson 15 days ago
*No Poke Balls* *No catching Pokemon* You realize those are the same thing, right?
Sun's Infernape
Sun's Infernape 15 days ago
What is this rule no crying lmaoo😂
Clumsy Music
Clumsy Music 15 days ago
When i think of immortality I think of zeref lol
Clumsy Music
Clumsy Music 15 days ago
You seem like a pretty chill dude haha
E see
E see 15 days ago
42:28 "It's a clam mind but it's a dumb one" -SmallAnt
Daemon Redwyne
Daemon Redwyne 15 days ago
I'd take immortality 100 times out of 100 chances.
Nugget 15 days ago
Cheese definitely was the best Pokémon on the team
RASTABOY_ gamesnstuff
RASTABOY_ gamesnstuff 16 days ago
Soooo starter only, no helpfulness
A Very Special Someone
A Very Special Someone 16 days ago
48:39 hi SmeggyMacho!
edward wen
edward wen 16 days ago
The glib kettle phylogentically brake because claus subsequently report astride a lovely active. holistic, versed summer
「 HoennKid202Wally 」
「 HoennKid202Wally 」 16 days ago
Littleroot on the go
Erik Orava
Erik Orava 16 days ago
hi!!!! love ur vids i love the games how can i play then do u need a gameboy or do a totrial on how plz
lord nero
lord nero 17 days ago
Why didnt you choose hitmonchan since he has a good insta level up move coverage of ice punch fire punch and thunder punch at level 26
Paw A
Paw A 17 days ago
Actually expeting for you to give hitmonlee "macaroknee" nickname
Ryguy Friguy
Ryguy Friguy 17 days ago
I think his battle with the Rival around minute 13 or so kinda encapsulates the reason I never got super into pokemon but love watching ant play it. Any time I played there were all those special moves that raise attack or lower enemy accuracy or whatever but any time I ran into any difficulty I just got a new pokemon or grinded a little and was able to brute force through with no issues. Smant here makes the game 10 times harder than it needs to be so he has to use those moves.
Mark Marsh
Mark Marsh 17 days ago
Rules 1 and 4 are basically the same.
Basket Basket
Basket Basket 17 days ago
Yo, pardon my stupidity But has SmallAnt ever done one of these things where his team changes to exactly what his foe is? So it's the same team facing off against another?
DiversionG 17 days ago
47:26 "I don't have much pp left" Very poor choice of words
Dennis Spalink
Dennis Spalink 17 days ago
1:40 did you know that you burn an average of 70 calories an hour when sharpening pencils
Mix 17 days ago
Guy: adds too many rules Everyone: 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗶𝘀 𝗳𝗶𝗻𝗲
Violet Dusk
Violet Dusk 18 days ago
I tend to play most rpgs similar. I don't like using items. I play toram and everyone uses the auto item to heal, not me. I like to save my in game currency so I avoid items.
AndRoc Productions
AndRoc Productions 18 days ago
lmao the chat after he states that he doesnt have much PP left
Andrea Papademetriou
Andrea Papademetriou 18 days ago
Study pure maths it's dope :D
afo 1208
afo 1208 18 days ago
Kilian Brunschwig
Kilian Brunschwig 18 days ago
Hi, can you beat a pokemon game where every single move has only 1 pp ?
Morty 19 days ago
I’d be really interested in seeing Pokémon with random types every battle so you can prepare a team and moves but never know what will actually work vs the enemy, obviously no resetting too so you can’t learn it
Eden England
Eden England 19 days ago
"we cant evolve it so theres no reason to get it" "up until the third gym we only have our starter" "magikarp learns nothing" a "professional pokemon player" doesnt even know magikarp has 2 ok attacking moves
Jacob T
Jacob T 19 days ago
How platform does he use to play these Pokémon games? Like steam? Or what?
Wicked Erebus
Wicked Erebus 19 days ago
Emulators. Via pirating.
Josu Arozena
Josu Arozena 19 days ago
You have to do a game without gainig exp.
Wicked Erebus
Wicked Erebus 19 days ago
There is a way to do this. Catch new ones to replace old ones.
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