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Liyah Desha

Month ago

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mr farm
mr farm 7 days ago
It was great to like nice
Tiannaa 18 days ago
U and Sierra should do more videos together like sista/bsf stuff I miss my girl duo. Yall lit frfr team sierra n liyah❤❤❤💙purr girl purr
Роман Спиридонов
Роман Спиридонов 18 days ago
carlos lopez
carlos lopez 19 days ago
No me gusta
Iv White
Iv White 20 days ago
Y’all don’t love each one
Justrina Martinez
Justrina Martinez 20 days ago
Girl, u just do u. Forget them Crack heads. Thats why their going thru what their going thru. Can't change no dogs into a house dog ☠🤢 just let them run their mouth for more money for their BASTARD OF KIDS N FOR ALL THEIR BABY MOMMAS 🤢🤮🤢🤮 U don't need nothing from them, just pray for them but don't forget yourself as well 💜💜 stay strong girl u got this 🥰
Kandis M
Kandis M 26 days ago
Those 619 jealous too anyways liyah im here to see you shine,young and beautiful working hard on your own im ready for your youtube journey so I could look back and say im an og 🙂💞‼️
Theyallscream4iicey Month ago
I'ma keep it 💯 I see a constant cycle with mac even lil young Mykel got tf on . It happend with khalil hell runik like dam I understand you helped somebody but if you gotta be reminded of what you did for a person it ain't genuine at all I rather a mf watch me struggle . Humble yourself mac.
Keishawna Carrington
Keishawna Carrington Month ago
Wipe those tears 💯 god got you mama’s 🙏🏽❤️❤️
Keishawna Carrington
Keishawna Carrington Month ago
How the fuck these people gone talk shit about her?? She humble asf!!!
Heyyy Yall
Heyyy Yall Month ago
Since your comments at turn off in your “IM SINGLE” video I came here to say that you don’t need to be strong for us be strong for you and set a goal for life and make sure to achieve it it’s also okay to show your emotions to us because it helps us understand you better and if you ever get hate it’s okay because at the end of the day words don’t hurt💕😊
mssexylegs Month ago
Baby girl that’s all you can do is let them sit high on they pedestal, but trust me when God is ready he’s going to bring them back down off that pedestal, they not going to know what hit them. I’m not sure who you talking about but leave it up to God Because he will have the last say so. But once this test is over God going to have you with one marvelous testimony at the end 🥰🥰🥰
dawn blanton
dawn blanton Month ago
Liyah it’s okay keep your head up liyah god got you u are beautiful and a very powerful young lady you got this I feel your pain on this I’m the same exact way u strong 💪🏽 keep your head up baby let god show up and work his miracles
Tasia Wright
Tasia Wright Month ago
How did they fell out the first time ???
Destiny Miller
Destiny Miller Month ago
We still love...your a sweet girl don’t let them funnymike crew ain’t hitting on nun
Janiah Tv
Janiah Tv Month ago
i feel you i love you liyahh🤍.
Keiava Fraser
Keiava Fraser Month ago
Girl bye 😂,, go get your life together and stay out of Jaliyah’s.
Liyah Desha
Liyah Desha Month ago
Girl fuck you! You can go get yours together and stay off my page
Life with Bree _
Life with Bree _ Month ago
Love you girl just do you 🖤
Travaris cullins
Travaris cullins Month ago
There is nun else to clear up liyah fuck mac and them
Sis and bro For life channel
Sis and bro For life channel Month ago
I didn’t like seeing her cry ,it actually made me cry 😭
Lauren Udalor
Lauren Udalor Month ago
I don’t take funnymike serious if he gets back with someone 50 times in one year his whole life is entertainment
Lauren Udalor
Lauren Udalor Month ago
Who ever hangs out with funnymike at the end of the day they will say I gave you clout and made you
Gamer_goon_ Cam
Gamer_goon_ Cam Month ago
Clout chaser
Gamer_goon_ Cam
Gamer_goon_ Cam Month ago
@Liyah Desha yea yea you was clout chasing for fame and money from funnymike
Liyah Desha
Liyah Desha Month ago
Ya mama
Chii Dariuss
Chii Dariuss Month ago
Y’all acting like this woman begged them for clout
Bene 13
Bene 13 Month ago
c’est un bête type funny mike le succès monte à la tête laisse tombe et ta sœur jaliyah aussi
Bene 13
Bene 13 Month ago
I love you 💓
Tyanna Tyniesha
Tyanna Tyniesha Month ago
We know your feelings might be hurt cause you felt disrespected and at our age a lot do go on no matter how much money you got or how big of a fan base you have life gets you down and you gotta stay strong keep your head held high
Myonnha Prince
Myonnha Prince Month ago
I love you keep your head up🥺❤️❤️❤️
CierraXOXO Month ago
Jaliyah is a SAHM (Stay at home mom). That comes with depression, anxiety, loneliness and it’s sad because she lost some really good friends like you, nene, and others because the depression that she’s in. Smfh! But liyahhh your heart is pure & you deserve a lot ‼️ if only other ppl can see the truth about “their best youtubers”
A.N.T FAMILY Month ago
Jaqua Taylor
Jaqua Taylor Month ago
here we go again jaliyah stay throwing sb under the bus
Trey's Life
Trey's Life Month ago
I neva Liked Jaliyah When She was Talking About Funny Mike Sister Paris and Jaliyah Wouldn't Even Be a USpostsr. Or Famous If She didn't Have Mac She Better Take Ha Ahh But
SiahDaBandit Month ago
honestly don't entertain them, if they gon bring you down, they don't deserve to be in your life💯
SiahDaBandit Month ago
hey liyah😁😁
Queen Khloe
Queen Khloe Month ago
You making me cry I love you I hope you be okay
Funnymike is one of my favorite youtubers but he better know that god can take away all his blessings right know he better chill 👌
Ja'Myre'Leja' Month ago
Liyah gang❤️
Karen English
Karen English Month ago
I Love you honey keep ur head up ❤❤❤❤❤❤
ᔕᗯEᖇᐯO Month ago
ᔕᗯEᖇᐯO Month ago
DeQuory Rowden
DeQuory Rowden Month ago
Its gone be ok we all love you it broke my heart wean she cried 😭😭🥺🥺😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭🤐🤐😟😠 I'm crying right now
Shaquita Washington
Shaquita Washington Month ago
I sorry for you
Demaya's world
Demaya's world Month ago
All y’all talm bout Jaliyah and Mac but y’all be the main one in they comments talm bout I love y’all chille bye
Ha I Splash
Ha I Splash Month ago
I’m a keep it real I don’t think she clout chasing
big shiesty 13
big shiesty 13 Month ago
aye yall all good at youtube i wish yall da best💕
WICHARLEBY thekid Month ago
Damn this just breaks my heart 💔💔💔💔💔🙏🏾🙏🏾💙 we love you liyah ❤️❤️💓💕💗
Frederica Ehimen
Frederica Ehimen Month ago
You are your own person, your beautiful personality shines through. Just saw your next video when your Mama rolled up! Ain't nobody 'bout to do her baby wrong. Don't play wit her. 💖💖
Smooth TheDream
Smooth TheDream Month ago
Hey liyah it's ok
Naira world Prinsees
Naira world Prinsees Month ago
When I tell u I saw her cry bruh tears dropped out of my eyes that’s crazy jayliah Taking up for her bf it’s blood before anything she juss ughh but at the end of the day I’m gonna always love u liyah 🤍💔💕
Dre2Hype Month ago
Bro I latterly thought you n bro broke up 💯
Pretty girl kee 12
Pretty girl kee 12 Month ago
Hope you feel better stay safe !🤍🥰
twin twin
twin twin Month ago
the hate is real
Blessed Blessed
Blessed Blessed Month ago
Wow are u talking about Jslutty,I hope not,it seemed like u guys were cool,but I understand,that each one of us,has to mature In life,so keep yr head up,and keep pushing 👍
Blessed Blessed
Blessed Blessed Month ago
Young Lady life can Have its ups and downs,and what effects you now,will or cAn make you stronger,So continue pushing and do yr best,yes everyone is not always for US,, especially in relationships,just keep yr gard up,and dnt rush things,
Demesia Larry
Demesia Larry Month ago
Liyah you are beautiful , you strong , &' most of all you are independent ❤️. Don't let no man nor women bring you down you have a big heart 😌, you are a very kind &' loving person, like you said as long as you have god himself you don't need nobody else keep your head up and stand tall you got this liyah &' Ilove you❤️.
All Things Jink
All Things Jink Month ago
Itskyla Month ago
wait liyah and jaliyah blood sisters?🤔
flip_ rock123
flip_ rock123 Month ago
Now I'm h a g
flip_ rock123
flip_ rock123 Month ago
I was on your side But
flip_ rock123
flip_ rock123 Month ago
flip_ rock123
flip_ rock123 Month ago
I put a good comment up there too
Kyta M
Kyta M Month ago
If you not subscribed let’s get our girl to 100k real supporters only!
Kyta M
Kyta M Month ago
I’m here for it liyah!! Keep grinding keep doing you! Boss up boo you got this!! Dam got me crying at work but I feel every word you said
R&R Squad
R&R Squad Month ago
Don’t let nb take your shine away you to pretty I hope you feel better 😽
Major Gaiter
Major Gaiter Month ago
Bxby Bri
Bxby Bri Month ago
I felt sooo hurt when you started crying 🥺 were here for you liyah and keep your head up no matter what ❤️❤️🙌🏽🥺✨
d1mel Morris
d1mel Morris Month ago
It's ok u going make it through
Timaya Roberts
Timaya Roberts Month ago
yeah God shows you true colors for a reason, some people are foreal just temporary people no need to dwell on it the only thing we can do it’s push forward.
Trinity Townsend
Trinity Townsend Month ago
Liyah don't feel like you mess thangs up it didn't work out but just know God always has his eyes on you making sure you are safe your eating healthy and you wake up every day
Amir Rosa
Amir Rosa Month ago
I love u
JM GANG Month ago
Otw to 100K ❤️❤️❤️
zuly2wavyyy Month ago
it's funny how people say she looking for clout when she is saying true information like people don't just go straight up to USposts and start to make up lies and story's that's looking for clout she not looking for clout she just saying things the happen close doors and what people don't see but stay strong .
Willaisjah Boone
Willaisjah Boone Month ago
You got this keep going hard🥺❤️
Zylq Month ago
Bruh stop that crying shit u was clout chasing
nya Month ago
jaliyah the problem , but y’all ain’t ready for that conversation.
BreYanna Hall
BreYanna Hall Month ago
listen im going to say this clear🤍,( "Jaliyah can be your sister")but that dont mean nothing she going to hate on you as mush as she want,🤍but dont let that ruin you🤍,Jaliyah not happy with her relationship because her and funnymike break up everyday and she hating on you because 🤎you and slutty dont do that💜, and her calling you a ("cloud chaser") dont get her no where that your blood sister that just mean she (selfish & jealous) and 💙chase your dreams🌺 dont let no one ruin them, PERIOD now i did like funnymike and jaliyah but now i dont because they just haters
queenn milan
queenn milan Month ago
you got to keep moving don't deal wit the people that hate on you or that talk about you . Baby girl don't let people get to your head or make you mad say this : i'm not about to do this bye . so just love yourself an be happy 💛 ✅
Anthony Sanford
Anthony Sanford Month ago
Kaylahh Gray
Kaylahh Gray Month ago
At the end of the day u should not switch up on yo blood sister for a nigga it dont matter how long u been knowing who
Luh Marcus
Luh Marcus Month ago
I like how h recorded it at his house so fake😂
Sonja Davis
Sonja Davis Month ago
That is at her house
Devan Month ago
Funnymike running a whole daycare for clout he to grown for that
Stink Stink
Stink Stink 13 days ago
Why do people keep saying that if he was doin it fah clout he would’ve been stopped USposts cause he alr got clout and money. I’m not trynna defend him fah the stuff he did wrong but still😪
Khady Sall
Khady Sall Month ago
I feel bad for u
Lifewithakira Month ago
girl... you made me cry speak factsss ily so much
Krista Matthews
Krista Matthews Month ago
Know what, I have to speak my mind to. I’m inspired now. You have nothing to be crying about. That’s their mess, not your. You shouldn’t be suffering because of what their mess. If you suffer, suffer from your own mess. Know one owns you. They can’t talk about you. You have Jesus on your side. Whoever those people are, they should just walk out while they can. First of all you deserve better than them. Hey you have Jesus and that is what you will only need to fight this battle. Everyone gets in mess. And it could only end if you end it. Now go do your thing and end the mess
Princess Diamond
Princess Diamond Month ago
Keep your head up 🤞🏽❤️we are here for you💕and I want to be an up coming youtuber🙇🏾‍♀️could you help me?
Raylynn & Deon
Raylynn & Deon Month ago
stay strong 💕
leilani logan
leilani logan Month ago
You got this girl no matter who you got on yo side YOU GOT YOU ! and you have YOUR FOLLOWERS people who look up to you ! Don’t you find it crazy people look up to you even on your worst day but for a USpostsr it’s like you guys look back down at the dans and remember how you used to be when you weren’t surrounded by the fame or people you are around now . God will remove any bumps that aren’t meant to be and the people that have just been removed was for a REASON it could’ve been way worse just pray and keep your self uplifting your fans care we care u might feel like you have no one but little do you know you have the whole world by your side love💙
Donovan Chambers
Donovan Chambers Month ago
Bae you lied about the editing part i see them cuts in the video😐
Sonja Davis
Sonja Davis Month ago
@Donovan Chamber, commercial has nothing to do with editing and she did that off of her cell phone.
v3nombrandon btw
v3nombrandon btw Month ago
Keep your head up liyah .nobody would've never knew jaliyah if funny Mike never brought her around and nobody would have never knew funny mike if he was 22 savage
Facts 🤞
if Geo Leo
if Geo Leo Month ago
I really like you okay
if Geo Leo
if Geo Leo Month ago
Wow you be like that ? Don't cry okay and keep your mind up focusly never mind any one okay
TheyLuv_ miracle
TheyLuv_ miracle Month ago
babygirl , keep yo head up dont worry bout them bc there is gonna be a time when they gonna need you for something , the same ppl who wanna beef & lie and start rumors , just wait ..!! im claiming it .! wen she started crying that really got me so mad .
Flix Gaming
Flix Gaming Month ago
Lol mike gave you money because who you think this 98k is hag if mike tell his fan to unfollow and subscribe you back to normal you know you do make money off this right oh ok
Sonja Davis
Sonja Davis Month ago
@Flix Gaming, Mike is not God, and the people that is following her likes her for her and why do you think that Mike, got on their saying that she was clout chasing; but nobody is elaborating on what really happened.
Life as halatu
Life as halatu Month ago
Dang I like jahliyah but why she being shady? It was all funnymike that got her to where she's at, I never seen her pick up a camera unless it's when she breaks up with Mac and "the mj family" name gets changed she just sit back and let Mac do everything how she pay her bills?? It really don't make sense to tell your sister she's "clout chasing" like why don't you want to see her win? Jahliyah took an L
Fefe’s world
Fefe’s world Month ago
I think that y’all all should come together as grown folks & all talk about this to try to get it settled in .
S Month ago
@Sonja Davis ohh alright My bad
Sonja Davis
Sonja Davis Month ago
@S, Liyah is my niece
S Month ago
@Sonja Davis where u got this from?
S Month ago
I think she said she tried talking to Jaliyah but it didn’t work
Sonja Davis
Sonja Davis Month ago
@Shaquan Starling, Jaliyah told Mike that Sierra, told her that Mike and Jason was at Sierra house with two women and Mike blocked her and had Jaliyah to call her and ask her for her location and she heard Mike in the back ground saying that he was going to slap the sh##out of her and Jason. She tried talking to Jaliyah and Mike blocked her
Tua Lee
Tua Lee Month ago
I am gonna suport you no matter what love u liyah
LifeasMYA Month ago
I know she not a clout chaser at all but if she was it really wouldnt matter because Yall the one's that brung her into this type of stuff... HOW YOU GONNA BRING SOMEBODY INTO CLOUT AND WHEN THEY GET THE CLOUT THEY ALL OF A SUDDEN CLOUT CHASING??!!! make it make sense lol
Danielle Month ago
Y’all weird!!! No matter what my sisters or my family do I’ll never embarrass US on social media 🤦🏾‍♀️.
Sonja Davis
Sonja Davis Month ago
@Danielle, Liyah, told Jaliyah that Mike was at Sierra’s house with a girl Jaliyah told Mike and Mike blocked Liyah, had Jaliyah to call her phone and ask for her location and she heard Mike in the back ground saying that he was going to slap the sh##out of her and Jason. She did not elaborate on that and she did not say there name.
so i watch mac videos but jaliah is dumb and off camra she mean don`t listen to haters i love your videos i hope jslutty and you together because he loves you
Courtney Month ago
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