Donald Trump Jr. Gets a Little Too Excited in Fox News Interview | The Tonight Show

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Month ago

Jimmy addresses Donald Trump Jr. getting a little too pumped on his call with Fox News to discuss his father's debate performance.
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Donald Trump Jr. Gets a Little Too Excited in Fox News Interview | The Tonight Show

Random Moments
Random Moments Hour ago
Jimmy the shitty Talk show host. You sold your soul to the devil accepting payments from the establishment. Shame on you.
Awaited One
Awaited One 8 hours ago
It’s going to be ww3 while Biden is in office. Garantee guys.
Rocky Z
Rocky Z 14 hours ago
Did you used to be funny. Just wondering how you got this gig.
Party in your butt prison
Party in your butt prison 19 hours ago
The inmates are really excited that Don Jr. is coming to live with them.
A king's 2 Cents
A king's 2 Cents Day ago
That's not Don Jr on Coke , that's Don Jr on Meth!
Charley Martinez-Rodriguez
Charley Martinez-Rodriguez Day ago
If you wanna hang out you've got to take her out Cocaine If you wanna get down, down on the ground Cocaine She don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie Cocaine If you got bad news, you wanna kick them blues Cocaine When your day is done and you wanna run Cocaine She don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie Cocaine If your day is gone and you wanna ride on Cocaine Don't forget this fact, you can't get it back Cocaine She don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie Cocaine She don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie Cocaine
Gabriel servant
Gabriel servant Day ago
jimmy your bad jokes about trump are boring .. and we all know who you work for. sham on you !! sale out!!
Tran Duy
Tran Duy Day ago
Jimmy Fallon is nothing but a clown mocking successful people
Nalon Day ago
Let's face it, Trump Jr would never be successful had he not been born rich.
G P Day ago
Fallon oughta know about good coke! And I am a Trump hater.
John Lardas
John Lardas 2 days ago
I don't like to refer to y'all as 'the political left' I prefer 'the indoctrinated left' or 'the clueless left' haha i just prefer honesty and total disclosure in naming.
Ghost Notes
Ghost Notes 2 days ago
He better lay off the booger sugar
Su B
Su B 2 days ago
Joker is joker
tristen woodrow
tristen woodrow 2 days ago
Was he doubled parked ? 😂😂😂
RcHydrozz 3 days ago
'' Cocaine is a Hell of a Drug "
Original Juice
Original Juice 3 days ago
a little Cocaine is fine man that's what got this Country through the 1980's
Harlow Fadel
Harlow Fadel 4 days ago
Don Jr. is very obviously coked out. Ironic when all he talks about is Hunter's past drug problem.
Ernest Gallo
Ernest Gallo 4 days ago
It's called about a 1/4 ounce of blow! 😳😬🤣😂
Maggi Dyck
Maggi Dyck 4 days ago
Get ready for Gitmo with the rest of your arrogant, narcissistic evil parasites! You're history like all thee rest asshole!
Mortal Man
Mortal Man 5 days ago
Sorry to here you’re being cancelled Jan. 4th- we will all miss you.
Furio 5 days ago
I lived with a coke user and I can undeniably confirm he's being on the blow. I'm really glad I didn't do anything more than a few cones of pot, and didn't dabble with the coke. The whole family is a national disgrace
Furio 5 days ago
No coke was harmed during that interview
Ebony Johnson
Ebony Johnson 5 days ago
That cocaine is hellva drug
Al Ales
Al Ales 5 days ago
Jimmy !!!!!! no wonder you have become a alcoholic 🤷🏻‍♂️ you a sell out to them you cant say what you really feel puppet of a man
Heidi Booth
Heidi Booth 5 days ago
I used to watch you and SNL faithfully and you guys just make me sick. You had our President on your show and your network did too. If you don't see that half or more of America see that you are a fucking idiot. You aren't even funny anymore. I don't support you neither does half of America. Hollywood New York all your fucking idiots don't matter to us and I'll never ever support you. Once people are educated and realize how stupid you all guys are fucking stupid as fuck it's so funny. You all make so much money and do you help us middle you fucking don't. Good luck with your pedophile.
Kelley Trahan
Kelley Trahan 5 days ago
You are a sad digrace
Kelley Trahan
Kelley Trahan 5 days ago
Go to rehab
Kelley Trahan
Kelley Trahan 5 days ago
Fuck you Jimmy Fallon Your a JOKE
Steven Walters
Steven Walters 5 days ago
Fallon sux
s s
s s 5 days ago
jimmy FELON is a #SELL-OUT #PROPAGANDA through "culture"
P C 5 days ago
Kid rock is a turncoat.
Emilia Short
Emilia Short 6 days ago
Holy cocaine batman.
pkmcburroughs 6 days ago
Fallon is at his most natural when he imitates the voice and mannerisms of a young child.
Steven Fifield
Steven Fifield 6 days ago
What the fuck Jimmy. You used to like Trump.
John Vanderlinde
John Vanderlinde 7 days ago
When I thought your father fired all day I thought did Trump fired all the good FBI agents well that's funny cuz he put in people that were criminals in the White House he only hired the best criminals.
John Vanderlinde
John Vanderlinde 7 days ago
I wonder if they're worried about going to prison now since Trump won't leave the office he must be thinking he could still be president when we already picked a new one Joe Biden I'm glad Joe Biden picked some other people that Bernie Sanders likes to run for office also and so doesn't Joe Biden like I said they were getting together and I like the new vice president that he picked.
John Matera
John Matera 7 days ago
First of all, tRUMP Jr. Doesn't even look like he belongs in that tRUMP family, except that he's just as stupid as the rest of them! Speak the Truth
Kiko Madrid
Kiko Madrid 7 days ago
When you find dad's stash of Adderall and go nuts. He's got that Trump sniff.
Thomas Mischker
Thomas Mischker 7 days ago
IGNORE Donald Trump Jr.
Just Aguy
Just Aguy 7 days ago
You’re all so hopeless. Good luck supporting a bunch of left-wing monopolist thieves, bought by China, concocting a false pandemic to squash what few abilities to dissent you have remaining. Yes yes, give the billionaires and their lobbyists even more of our money and power, that’ll somehow the poor and disaffected. You’re all sheep.
Chris Brown
Chris Brown 8 days ago
Snort much
roquefortfiles 8 days ago
Don Jr knows where his bread is buttered.
Rick Ryker
Rick Ryker 8 days ago
Just watch
BibleAndSword Gaming
BibleAndSword Gaming 8 days ago
Jimmy Fallon is a punk!!
BibleAndSword Gaming
BibleAndSword Gaming 8 days ago
You Leftist Nazi Democrats are going to prison soon!! Your caught and you know what's coming next!!
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith 8 days ago
Hey - zoloft does not make you speak like this douche lolol
SML 9 days ago
That’s top gear he as been sniffing
Maria Johnson
Maria Johnson 9 days ago
Coño, this president is the smartest president in America history, so how the heck somebody could guess his password?.
Maria Johnson
Maria Johnson 9 days ago
Damn I thought somebody was impersonating Donald Jr.!!.
Malcolm Tucker
Malcolm Tucker 9 days ago
No Justice No Peace
ctigernews 9 days ago
Fake show.
akeames 9 days ago
Wow. Cocaine much?!?
NickWasHere 10 days ago
He 100% did a few bumps before his speech
Jc Speirman
Jc Speirman 10 days ago
Donald Trump will go down in history as the first American president to have willingly betrayed his own country. His acts of treason will be taught in history books for generations to come, and the name “Trump” will become synonymous with treachery
Robert Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez 10 days ago
Obviously under the influence (cocaine) obviously
tdamtoft 10 days ago
Loathe the Trumps, but that you cannot keep up with fast talk may be more of an indication of your abilities than a derogatory verdict of Trump Jrs.
Sensei Cuh
Sensei Cuh 10 days ago
I love coke, coke is great
Hey Canada
Hey Canada 11 days ago
...Enraged, infuriated, and over-excited !....Genetics.....!.......Like Father..., Like son...
Limerick's Finest
Limerick's Finest 11 days ago
Guinness is not legally allowed to sell Guinness 0.0 in Ireland
Stacey Donald
Stacey Donald 11 days ago
I did coke in the 90s and yes, this is someone on cocaine.
Forsaken One
Forsaken One Day ago
@naturepeedbump are you mad bro? Lay off the coke you’ll feel better.
eye see
eye see 5 days ago
@naturepeedbump lol someone needs a bump
Arley A
Arley A 5 days ago
@naturepeedbump holy shit dude lmao
naturepeedbump 5 days ago
Oh ok Stacey Donald now ur a fucking expert .U did coke so who fucking cares ? What have U done with ur life since OH yea I figured NOTHING U fucking loser
Arley A
Arley A 5 days ago
I did coke last night, can confirm this still checks out.
PopRocks 11 days ago
Trump Jr is obv on coke right here
Holly B
Holly B 11 days ago
Geez. Will someone close to Don jr please stage an Intervention
Michael Reardon
Michael Reardon 11 days ago
Cocaine is a helluva drug - Rick James
yoyomi 11 days ago
Dave Kam
Dave Kam 12 days ago
He's on Drugs boy, what a BS like father...
Vishal T
Vishal T 5 days ago
@eye see hunter biden is a failure?? so true!
eye see
eye see 5 days ago
@Vishal T fail post..
Vishal T
Vishal T 8 days ago
oh no you're mistaking him for hunter biden!
Guillermo Ortiz
Guillermo Ortiz 12 days ago
❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ 👃🏻 ice ice baby
Moshe Sierra
Moshe Sierra 12 days ago
Is he on drugs?
Luigi Rnotyourbusiness
Luigi Rnotyourbusiness 12 days ago
Jimmy How dare you
This Host is an embarrassment to all the other talk show hosts around the world!...But trump is an even bigger moron and an incorrigible idiot!
Maxine *
Maxine * 12 days ago
Too funny!!😂😂
henry t
henry t 13 days ago
Snorted way too many lines of coke!
THE TRUTH 13 days ago
News about Donald Jr just tested Positive wow I knew he did crack cocaine but I hope he gets help, hide all the jewelry folks. Now I can understand why Trump needs money donation due to Jr's geeking for more. You can see his lips looked burn must be a real burnner.
RichardGUTUBE 13 days ago
We would have to give a shit about the trump family for this to be funny. We don’t care. We could not care less. JR HAS COVID. WHO THE HELL IS SURPRISED OR CARES ..
Terry Clark
Terry Clark 13 days ago
What is that Backhoe doing? Building another Bunker for BUNKER BITCH !!
American Me
American Me 13 days ago
Jimmy, nobody thinks your funny..please retire for the love of God
Terry Clark
Terry Clark 13 days ago
Scipio Africanus
Scipio Africanus 13 days ago
Cocaine is one helluva drug.
Les Anderson
Les Anderson 13 days ago
The whole Trump family is "Whacko"
Tig Dogsbody
Tig Dogsbody 13 days ago
Jr. is a coked-up asshole. The caption should read, “baking news” not breaking news.
Alison Thompson
Alison Thompson 13 days ago
The drug filled fool will fight the virus now🤐
Dank Dyltch
Dank Dyltch 14 days ago
Jimmy sounds like he’s been smoking weed
Terry Clark
Terry Clark 13 days ago
Lil, Charmander
Lil, Charmander 14 days ago
Jr's neck is weird AF
John Lardas
John Lardas 2 days ago
You probably lie, leftist. Masks and hand sanitizer cause illness btw.
John Lardas
John Lardas 2 days ago
He tells the truth.
Burr Anderson
Burr Anderson 14 days ago
If I'm not mistaken, and I rarely am, D.Jr is high on Peruvian Marching Powder. What a world.
Sherrin Rosette
Sherrin Rosette 14 days ago
He loves and is proud of his dad! Like most children are proud of their parents. Good for the Donalds...
Terry Clark
Terry Clark 13 days ago
fuck u and the "donalds"
THE TRUTH 14 days ago
I think he has New Virus it's been link to brain laps, not thinks straight and makes them crazy, it called, loser Virus this happened when they lost but at the same time it's very funny to us!! Feels good to be a winner like Trump said it's hard to lose.
UFO's Astrology & Predictions With Dr. Turi
UFO's Astrology & Predictions With Dr. Turi 14 days ago
Donald Trump Jr. tests positive for coronavirus Shocking? - With the current 2020 dragon on his house of death Trump's son in danger of very serious respiratory complications! Let’s pray for his recovery! Read more
SM Spector
SM Spector 14 days ago
I love the Cocaine, I love the cocaine
Kevin Hooper
Kevin Hooper 14 days ago
I see Donnie jr has tested positive for COVID . How is he going to get his nose candy while in isolation ?
Terry Clark
Terry Clark 13 days ago
Lindsay Zwicker
Lindsay Zwicker 14 days ago
Daddy, daddy, daddy, I need another 8 ball!!!!!
N Lee
N Lee 14 days ago
Donald Trump Hr has Covid. Rudolph Giuliani son Andrew also has Covid. Maybe this is because of the sins of their Fathers. Sometimes the universe will send “your” punishment to fall upon your children.
Terry Clark
Terry Clark 13 days ago
they share the chicken bone ?!
Simon Gonzalez
Simon Gonzalez 14 days ago
This idiot just tested positive for covid
yogioto 14 days ago
Cocaine? Some speed too, maybe
Mike 14 days ago
Super Yacht Chef
Super Yacht Chef 15 days ago
FACT! We have proof that Baron Trump was fathered by Don Junior because Melania has a long standing 'no sexual relations' contract with President Trump! We have the evidence and will show all!..
Mikey Geeze
Mikey Geeze 15 days ago
Less laughs.. Sad day Jimmy... Wonder why...
MAY YOU PROSPER 15 days ago
WOW!!!!! this guy is weak.
vicenteroj 15 days ago
Sir William S
Sir William S 15 days ago
Wow this dude is on some potent speed..the crazy don’t fall far from the crazy tree
naturepeedbump 15 days ago
Gustav Ganziri
Gustav Ganziri 15 days ago
Der Apfel fällt nicht weit vom Stamm.
Sam U. Rai
Sam U. Rai 15 days ago
Wow, so horrendously unfunny
William R
William R 15 days ago
They just dropped a nuclear ☢️ bomb on the liberals today. Good try. I’m scared 😱 BLM and Antifa might burn our stores down. Burn Loot Murder.
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