Who Does 22 Become? | Pixar Theory

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12 days ago

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Today J dives into the Pixar Universe to discuss Soul and uncover 22’s identity after they land on Earth! Are they Boo? Russel? Maybe even Wall-E??
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SuperCarlinBrothers 11 days ago
Who do you think 22 becomes? (Wall-E right? RIGHT?!)
minecraft man
minecraft man Day ago
minecraft man
minecraft man Day ago
minecraft man
minecraft man Day ago
minecraft man
minecraft man Day ago
minecraft man
minecraft man Day ago
Aurora Rose
Aurora Rose 3 minutes ago
i like all of these theories, however i also think riley from inside out is a strong contender as well
VSL Pluto
VSL Pluto 50 minutes ago
22 becomes art monster University
Elizabeth Gillette
Elizabeth Gillette Hour ago
Team Wall-E all the way that's what I was thinking before I even watched the video!!!
BakedPotato 2 hours ago
She might be rhiley from inside out
FriskTeGamer 3 hours ago
I think I am 22
Justin Fera
Justin Fera 4 hours ago
its ovias she becomes a jazz baby
Hekoruma Art
Hekoruma Art 4 hours ago
I think it's funny that everyone keeps calling 22 as "they", but Jerry kept calling 22 "she".
A26lolheart 4 hours ago
3:39 you could say, some things are better left forgotten. (Laughs in fnaf 4 box)
beagles for life
beagles for life 4 hours ago
bunny gaster Undertale and more
bunny gaster Undertale and more 4 hours ago
plot twist: 22 is 22
Varun Iyer
Varun Iyer 5 hours ago
In 41 minutes I'll sleep
Hubbard Girls
Hubbard Girls 7 hours ago
Yt Albert Pro 03
Yt Albert Pro 03 8 hours ago
Megan Humphreys
Megan Humphreys 11 hours ago
Hello there! >Ellie is the best in Video (robot soul crosses a line for me personally.) An alternative 22 could be: ~ The Hudson Hornet from cars; cares about, and is social with friends(loving moments// memories). Also is cynical about MaQueen when he rolls into town. Racing has "in the moment" times for MaQueen, you can't convince me he didn't have his own moments. Hudson has his own area full of collected items that feel like 22's cubby; AND 22 collected badges from past teachers... even though they CAN"T all be great memories, just like he kept the dusty trophies even though they aren't exactly happy memories, reminding him how they gave up on him. My favorite suggestion from other comments: "I never look back darling it distracts from the now" ~Edna Mode~ from incredibles. (I know its already listed below & other places)
Nicole Montalvo nicolemontalvo41
Nicole Montalvo nicolemontalvo41 11 hours ago
•Pink Ocean•
•Pink Ocean• 13 hours ago
"who is 22" me: maybe it will show up in 2022...
MsNita 14 hours ago
Wall-E is the craziest theory so far, but I'm all for it! That little bot has the deepest soul to accompany his big heart.
Jane Vasquez
Jane Vasquez 16 hours ago
Sorry my internet was laggy
Jane Vasquez
Jane Vasquez 16 hours ago
First comment
Eternal Agony
Eternal Agony 16 hours ago
Sure is me
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 18 hours ago
i think idk because idk well im know there is gonna be a 2 to those who did not know that
Princess May
Princess May 18 hours ago
Does no one notice that she literally lands in Asia? No one else makes sense but Mei Lee
Alrafi onos
Alrafi onos 19 hours ago
Imagine James charles watched this channel and say James Charles: HEY SISTERS carlin: HEY BROTHERS huh similiar
Jana Lancaster
Jana Lancaster 20 hours ago
It's dory
Achievement Poacher
Achievement Poacher 20 hours ago
People saying “they” can’t be used as singular need to watch this video. 22 is sexless and Genderless. The script clearly follows this as doesn’t gender 22.
oh hello there
oh hello there 20 hours ago
Hmmm, maybe 22 turned into the actor 😱😒😮
La'Kisha Guerrant
La'Kisha Guerrant 20 hours ago
No Not Wall-E Him.
Jesse Gartung
Jesse Gartung 21 hour ago
you should start a discord channel to discuss theory's.
C. Ray
C. Ray 21 hour ago
I initially thought Riley or Remy. But I like Colette or Ellie as options too. Someone in the comments said Edna and I think that’s viable as well. Out of all of those I think Edna is most plausible-after all she likes fire 🔥 and is very wise 😁
Norman Mathis
Norman Mathis 21 hour ago
What is two Souls land in the same body? What would happen?
Failingpepper 11
Failingpepper 11 21 hour ago
Plot twist, 22 becomes C-3PO or R2D2
Rachel M
Rachel M 21 hour ago
Honestly J, thanks for using they/them pronouns. I think it’s important to normalize using they/them pronouns for people (also souls and multi dimensional beings) that you don’t know the gender of. Most people would use she/her pronouns for 22 because they have a female voice. This is something I’m working on so props to you.
Briahna T.
Briahna T. 22 hours ago
I think that Ellie is a really good guess!!!!! I think 22 becomes her!
Kenzie Marlow
Kenzie Marlow 22 hours ago
I also think 22 could also be Hero (maybe even Tadashi, tbh) from Big Hero 6. I know that one of 22's traits is cynical, but I feel like they're mostly cynical of living and not necessarily towards other people. In the actual movie, we see 22 being very interested and inspired by other people, as well as being inspiring in return. And Hero is rather cynical either way, so I don't necessarily think that the traits are ones that will stick and that experiences will change and shape them. It's also worthy to note that 22 brings people together and seems very fond of trying new things out on earth. Just a random, not put together, thought.
Parker Vande Vuss
Parker Vande Vuss 22 hours ago
Wallie is the best and most great one you mentioned
Heather Ade
Heather Ade 23 hours ago
can disney just tell us ),:
Heather Ade
Heather Ade 23 hours ago
I think 22 is a boy because he made other voices and they were all boy voices
Cayla lee
Cayla lee 23 hours ago
I really like the idea of 22 being Ellie🥺
Wolfie_Playz Day ago
22 becomes Violet Parr
Celtic Conlanger
Celtic Conlanger Day ago
Definitely Edna from the Incredibles.
Abigail Howard
Abigail Howard Day ago
Wait you keep saying that people's sparks are a specific thing when the whole point of the movie was to show that sparks aren't a specific thing. Joe even says "Its just for when you are ready to live life".
Caleb Sandle
Caleb Sandle Day ago
I 100 percent think it’s Ellie, I weirdly can’t even place exactly why I just have this feeling that is Ellie
Chloe Senior
Chloe Senior Day ago
I was thinking 22 could be either walle or Cruz Ramirez from cars 3! They have very similar personalities and kind of similar stories!
The TV Lover
The TV Lover Day ago
Who do 22 beco- mbe
I’m so sad cuz soul had so much potential and it kinda let me down cuz it had plot holes and unexplored areas but the basic story was incredible
Aaron Krigbaums
Aaron Krigbaums Day ago
I think she becomes Emma Jean
anna hudson
anna hudson Day ago
i always thought it was anton ego, he’s extroverted at the end of the movie, cynical, and the way 22 loved eating reminded me of him. the initial watching i thought they were going to become a good critic
luckyshark buddy
luckyshark buddy Day ago
I don't think it would be wall-e because wall-e lives at the north America continent. I think It could be the girl in turning red
Keith Simpkins
Keith Simpkins Day ago
Fun fact: in the original script, Joe was going to take the job as a music teacher at the end of the movie and 22 would later on become a student of his, which they were going to hint that joe remembered them from someone.
Alexandria Jennings
Alexandria Jennings Day ago
Sorry but smile ;-;
SSSweat Day ago
hold up whered u get that jacket!!!!!
FireIce Day ago
I love you guys, but did you miss the end of the movie? The spark isnt their passion or purpose. The spark appears when they're ready to live
am I the only one who thought Moana?
sillygirlkc Day ago
What if 22 becomes Chef Gusteau from Ratatouille? That quote about having soul was surely quoted directly into the camera... Into my, y'know.
königs blau
königs blau Day ago
Im not digging into the wall-e theory bcs wall-e is innocent and 22 not. Im 22
Young DC
Young DC Day ago
I was waiting for him to saw Wall-E or Eve 😂❤️
Liya Eli
Liya Eli Day ago
22 most def becomes Riley in Inside Out
TestsAreReal Day ago
I would think the kid from up. He seems to be enjoying life so much.
festiveFrogs Day ago
Plot twist: she just becomes a random human being
your nan
your nan Day ago
Why did i think of mike wazouski
Cassie!! Day ago
I don’t know why but after I watched soul. I thought Riley from inside out was 22 but 🤷‍♀️
Piper Solo
Piper Solo Day ago
Maybe possibly a new Pixar movie.
Sly Gamer
Sly Gamer Day ago
and why did he die like two times
Piper Solo
Piper Solo Day ago
All very great ideas I mean 22 could be anyone
Comment Spae
Comment Spae Day ago
"What teenager isn't a moody cycnic," you say, as if your generation along with the people who run Disney's isn't the one who made us this way in the first place with your misguided concepts of how to teach people about reality.
Comment Spae
Comment Spae Day ago
Have you noticed that just about every adolescent personality trait in the 2000s, 2010s, 2020s, possibly 2030s is more intense than decades prior?
Thomas Carney
Thomas Carney Day ago
Is it me but do I recognize your voice?
Phoenix Gunter
Phoenix Gunter Day ago
I think 22 might be boo from monsters inc.
ZipZap 34
ZipZap 34 Day ago
Ellie I think could be 22
JC Canizal
JC Canizal Day ago
maybe 22 was the friends we made along the way
JC Canizal
JC Canizal Day ago
for some reason 22 looks like penelope from wreck-it-ralph
Audrey Tillson
Audrey Tillson Day ago
My first thought was Anton Ego the food critic from ratatouille because his job is directly involved with people spark and 22 is shown to love pizza but also enthusiasm towards other food so maybe they just like food plus the dish that wins him over is one that is connected to a memory somewhat like how 22 collects items connected to memories
Maroza Sulaiman
Maroza Sulaiman Day ago
So technically the beginning of all the Pixar Universe Timeline starts at The Great Before. Pixar is brilliant of turning their latest movie into the beginning of them all
Shadow 64
Shadow 64 Day ago
Hmm, not a bad list. Definitely interesting options you provided.
Ghostman Hunter
Ghostman Hunter Day ago
22 becomes the cool girl with the blue highlights in inside out, ask me why
Emilio Alban
Emilio Alban Day ago
I know that you probably won’t see this, but I think you would love His Dark Materials. It’s a complicated show on HBO, and it has lots of lore and different worlds and portals and different theories. Look it up.
Cursed Controller
Cursed Controller Day ago
Him: Through out the movie 22 is collecting items-Me: Russell- Edit: I was thinking about her traits and it’s in this *bow*
Manuel Medina
Manuel Medina Day ago
She turned to a normal person nothing special all you sweaty nerds
ben connolly
ben connolly Day ago
No lightning McQueen is the most likely Machine to have a soul!!!!!!!!
Andy Lizarraga
Andy Lizarraga Day ago
It wouldn't be ellie because it isn't in the timeline bc in the movie Mr. Gardner brings out a smart phone the timeline would have to be much earlier for ellie. In my opinion I think it is Edna
MarcoTron08 Day ago
Wall-E is mah BOI
ausstin matney
ausstin matney Day ago
Ok work with me here has anyone ever Noticed that all the souls have numbers before they are born i think that has a big part on where she is placed in the timeline. Ok so what if there numbers are the order they are born in time. Like they even say that time isn't a real thing in the grate before but yet 22 says she's been there for a supper long time. But yet all her mentors are also all though time from way back to today's day and age. So what if the numbers they are assigned is the order they are born in time itself but they just aren't born in that time tell the pass they need is filled so when they don they are placed in the right time and era. Like for an example say Adam and eve was 1 and 2 and there 3 sons was 3,4,and 5 and so on tell the number went up to 22 and that would be who 22 was so what if she is one of the croods from the movie the croods. Just my thought please let me know what you think
alyse Rose
alyse Rose Day ago
Em Ebury
Em Ebury Day ago
"If any machine is gonna have a soul, ITS GONNA BE WALL-E" **thinks of fnaf** are you sure about that sir?
Strawberry Viz
Strawberry Viz Day ago
I've always had the theory that they might be Venallope from Reck It Ralph. she fits all of the criteria and Certainly has they're personality on point.
Isaac Andrews
Isaac Andrews Day ago
@supercarlinbrothers GUYS I FOUND SOMETHING! Rewatch the scene where Joe and 22 are walking up to his moms shop to fix his suit. Pause on the outside shot of the shop, notice the subtle yet familiar shape of the maroon car? Maybe make it bright red, and a body kit for racing? Some eyes maybe...
Keira Wolf
Keira Wolf Day ago
My family thinks that I am exactly like 22. They say that I am pessimistic.
Keira Wolf
Keira Wolf Day ago
Zack Amig
Zack Amig Day ago
Oh come on we all know 22 was dropped into the dawn of the first man and manifested as joy in every human as shown in inside out. It's why she is obsessed with core memories because she knows about 2nd death and why she fears sadness so much, because she remembers how she was once.
Samboi123 Day ago
While we’re on the topic of sparks, you know what else has sparks as a big concept? Disney Infinity. I dunno man, I just want DI Switch so bad.
sb_ gernade
sb_ gernade Day ago
I Thought Jessie (Toy Story 2-4)
I_make_songs songs
I_make_songs songs Day ago
I never watched soul
Jack Ramos
Jack Ramos Day ago
My theory, Tina Fey plays 22 but also Dr. Andrea Bayden in unbreakable Kimmy Schmit, a therapist. 22 shows many problem solving skills like therapists, that’s why I think this is a valid theory
Kellie Donovan
Kellie Donovan Day ago
Oozma Day ago
There are too many good theories. Lets just say 22 becomes a 22 year old women who just teaches a parallel lesson to a lot of other pixar movies, and also has the same traits as many of the other pixar characters. I mean, another trait she would have at that age would most likely be a drinking problem. Maybe she is Beth from the Queen's Gambit! Maybe she crossed over too Netflix instead of a pixar film. After all Beth is really her own person, likes to be annoying, and has many other traits that 22 has, including the drinking problem I mentioned. LINES UP, IKR!
Darlene Lockey
Darlene Lockey Day ago
DarkEmo Weirdness
DarkEmo Weirdness Day ago
Must admit I saw 22 havin the spark as a Collecter
Lena Koiner
Lena Koiner Day ago
Lena Koiner
Lena Koiner Day ago
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