NEVER Make A Stop At The Lonely Gas Station

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Jessii Vee

Month ago

In today's story I'm going to be telling the eerie tales of truck drivers that spotted unexplainable things while on the road...
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Asta Møller
Asta Møller 2 days ago
I really want to tell you something creepy that happend to me🤔 So i have this light outside my front door, but for it to turn on You have to move so it can turn on. Now it was pretty late and my family was eating dinner, And then there was a loud bang coming from my front door. My dad opend the door and nobody was there. Then later that night i had to go to bed but i was scared, and then the light outside my front door turned on. And i think someone was outside the front door but my mom told me it could just be a cat or something. But i still think someone was out there 🤐 And i keep feeling someone is outside my window at night😥 (sorry if i spelled some thing wrong im really bad at english😬)
fawflr 2 days ago
0:50 I thought that was real lollipop and in my mind was me liking it
Tracy Alcero
Tracy Alcero 3 days ago
We love u Jessi ❤
DavidPlaysRoblox 5 days ago
Imagine Your Gas Running Out at the Lonely Gas Station
asthetic clouds
asthetic clouds 6 days ago
Ya I do not feel safe now hearing so many stories on her channel and I live an a 100 year old house also at my old house I would always see a little boy running around our house is that normal?
That’s really creepy.
RandomKitty2021 6 days ago
It went from this video(at the most interesting part) to an ad for a Subway sandwich
XxCupCakez for lifexX
XxCupCakez for lifexX 6 days ago
*jessie: hey guys its jessie vee*
Scully 7 days ago
One time I was in my moms car I think I was about 8 or so and we were driving back from my grandmas house and I saw a girl on the side of the road, I couldn't see her well because it was dark but she had a long white dress and brown hair, but her face looked almost like a swirl. I took a picture but when I looked back at the photo it just showed the road and no girl. Like she wasn't really there.
Jessye Phillips
Jessye Phillips 9 days ago
My stepdad is a truck driver and he told me about this one night he was driving by a graveyard and this man walked out onto the road so my stepdad slammed on the breaks but didn't stop in time, but instead of the man being knocked over, he just went through the hood of the truck. And then he looked at my stepdad and smiled and waved at him, and then walked through the middle of the trucks hood and finished crossing the road.
Flick Flick
Flick Flick 10 days ago
My dad’s a truck driver and now I’m wondering if he’s ever experienced anything like this...
Molly The Puppy
Molly The Puppy 12 days ago
Here’s a creepy story One time I was at a haunted hotel and my mom farted and blamed it on a ghost. Sooo scary 😂😂😂
NO THATS A RAT 13 days ago
Jesseil: DONT GO TO SCARY PLACES meh i don't go to scary place
Melissa van Heerden
Melissa van Heerden 14 days ago
me eating a heart lolipop while watching this..💗🍭😂luv your content Jes..😊
merlot van dael
merlot van dael 16 days ago
my dad is a truck driver, i'm getting a little worried lol
Shelbie Chapman
Shelbie Chapman 17 days ago
my dad works at night and he's a truck driver :(
Nenemoosha 3000
Nenemoosha 3000 18 days ago
My mom: " MY KID IS FINE!" Me and jessi: ya sure?
Mixi Onxi
Mixi Onxi 18 days ago
Me when you said a human growling: NARUTO IS ALIVE?
Anime sucks. And it’s my opinion
Maria Pooran
Maria Pooran 18 days ago
I love your necklaces😊they are so adorable😍
Tia Hughes
Tia Hughes 19 days ago
if i heard anything in places like that i be cryin
Sweetcraft 557
Sweetcraft 557 19 days ago
This a real story , i was coming back home to indiana from Tennessee and while we were on the road our car needed gas and i was tired so i told my mom i wanted her to drive so we pulled up to this gas station which it looked to be opend , although it was very foggy and i was really tired we drove close to the gas pumps and noticed a red chevy blazer with the hood and doors opend but no body was inside we looked at the gas station again and it look like it was abandoned so i turned around and drove out of there we drove several more miles and i opend my google maps where the gas station was but i couldn't find it
kibble 20 days ago
The necklace's are so realistic and cute! keep up the good work
Xx Zelda xX
Xx Zelda xX 20 days ago
i have never been in a gas station actually! 😙
gamerdonny12 20 days ago
Kelly Lulic
Kelly Lulic 21 day ago
Carolina Harrison
Carolina Harrison 21 day ago
Some people hate Jessie because she likes scary stuff but don't hate her hate me I love blood I love even monsters
Fajjar Awan
Fajjar Awan 22 days ago
Make more
Emma Pelaez
Emma Pelaez 22 days ago
THICC SALLY 22 days ago
Smash ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
•Zoe Janer•
•Zoe Janer• 22 days ago
My dad is a truck driver And last year he was driving when his front tire fell off
Ruby Mendoza
Ruby Mendoza 22 days ago
Jessie acting like the little ghost girl-Helloo++++++++Me-Oh hello
norman o keeffe
norman o keeffe 23 days ago
Hollen Family
Hollen Family 24 days ago
I have been a truck driver for many years and this is one of the scariest experiences I've ever had. I was transporting grapes to a local grocery store. On the side of the road, I saw a duck. There was also a lemonade stand nearby. The duck walked up to the lemonade stand and said to the man running the stand. "Hey, got any grapes?" The man said "No, I don't have any grapes, but I do have some nice, fresh lemonade. Do you want a glass?" The duck said, "I'll pass" and then he waddled away. I never went back on that road again.
Kristin Chauvin
Kristin Chauvin 24 days ago
Me: licking chest for no reason People: Me: seeing people looking at me because I’m licking my chest Me again: getting scared Me wants again: closes app People : keeps on looking at me Me again: trys not to stare back
AnAn's Story
AnAn's Story 25 days ago
AnAn's Story
AnAn's Story 25 days ago
This means truck driver met scary things
Shane Painter
Shane Painter 25 days ago
At 1:30 the moon looks like a eye
-*foxchu*- Manu :-:
-*foxchu*- Manu :-: 25 days ago
Bruh I’ve almost watched every video! @-@
Rowan The Robloxian
Rowan The Robloxian 25 days ago
Jessii: How bizarre? Me: How bizarre, how bizarre?
Nichole Farrell
Nichole Farrell 26 days ago
My mom: U BETTER NOT BE WATCHING. SCARY THINGS AT NIGHT. Me: watches jessii vee shows every night
DO - 04SS 874695 H F Loughin PS
DO - 04SS 874695 H F Loughin PS 26 days ago
Those hearts and the beggining look like lolipops imangine though... Luv u jess
Yv6ki 26 days ago
My uncle was a truck driver and he claimed that when he was going to a factory to give supplies he passed a cementary that was near an abandoned camp since he was tired so he wanted to take a nap but resisted it so then he turned his engine since he turned it off but it wasent turning on so he looked the cementary to wait he said he saw a weird man figure i guess with like holding flowers? he looked away and he got closer and the man had REALLY REALLY BIG EYES and then he turned his engine on and went as fast as he can
Young Red
Young Red 26 days ago
Who would stop and take a nap in there car next to a Cemetery that is kinda dumb and creepy lol 😂
TheKoolGirl8 Mack
TheKoolGirl8 Mack 26 days ago
Can you do a video of people getting kidnapped
Hanako-kun /Jessi
Hanako-kun /Jessi 26 days ago
Can u make one half red half white heart
Alexandra Pacheco
Alexandra Pacheco 26 days ago
My moms best friend was a truck driver too and he was in textes and there was a car crash in the road and he even took a video I wish i can show you but it was really scary I haven’t watch the video but I my mom told me
Rubber Duckie
Rubber Duckie 26 days ago
Me:hmm.. I wonder what this video is about. Jessi:today I’m going to be talking about truck drivers Me: ummmm...ok?I guess I’ll watch it.... After the video ends: OMG 😳 THAT WAS AMAZING
•bbybunnyシ• 26 days ago
Now im worried about my stepdad 😃
Stephanie Porter
Stephanie Porter 27 days ago
Fun fact truckers aren’t ment to drive at night
ShAsHA C 27 days ago
I can bark and growl too
FxrestMoon 28 days ago
now I wanna be a truck driver :-)
Rebecca steudeman
Rebecca steudeman 28 days ago
Those neckleses are sooo cute!!😍😍
Steven Sanchez Escobar
Steven Sanchez Escobar 28 days ago
Hi jesii I have your tiktok
noirmares 28 days ago
i haven’t watched your videos since a year. i missed them so much, i took the time to watch as many as i can.
Pallavi Gill
Pallavi Gill 28 days ago
my dad is a truck driver ima ask him
Joshua Lee
Joshua Lee 28 days ago
Jessii: *It was barking and growling and chasing me down the road* Me: I- Gurl- Road runner is that you??
itz_ lil_Roar_.
itz_ lil_Roar_. 29 days ago
i'm on zoom while watching this-
Glossysre 29 days ago
My dad is a trucker 0-0
iixbootsandfriendsxii 29 days ago
7:39 hELloOo?
jellybean cat
jellybean cat 29 days ago
everybody body else: me you they me: doesent anyone notice how pretty she is today
Sandra Misovska
Sandra Misovska 29 days ago
She soooooo bootiful;)
Olivia Najera
Olivia Najera Month ago
VteamsMATHworld!!! Month ago
You’re necklaces are too expensive but I love them sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much ❤️💔
ShadowKitten360 I
ShadowKitten360 I Month ago
I would bark and growl at the person until we got chill and went to my house to watch netflix
Melissa Cruz
Melissa Cruz Month ago
Oh my la lorana has a baby that's BAD
Layla Grogched
Layla Grogched Month ago
Bit to scary for to handle anymire can u just lower it plssss
estora maddie
estora maddie Month ago
y do i only watch ur videos at night😂
i must be low on carbs. ill have a banana
i must be low on carbs. ill have a banana Month ago
I lowkey thought that I could eat that lollipop necklace
[ h ¡ m ¡ k o ]
[ h ¡ m ¡ k o ] Month ago
if I saw a person acting like a dog/barking like one I’d be like “hell naw” and get out of there as fast as I can 😃😄😀
Lilly Month ago
I love this
Everyone: ThE SpoOky TEllER me:THE MERCH GURL
Miserkins! Month ago
that’s why i would hate driving late at night. you’d just feel so vulnerable...
RK - 04AM 847326 Burnhamthorpe PS
RK - 04AM 847326 Burnhamthorpe PS Month ago
K!DS CLUB Month ago
I love you jessii!!!💖💞💕
Was Up
Was Up Month ago
i wouldve barked back
Love Serenity
Love Serenity Month ago
I truly love your video's Jessie and they are amazing! 08|03|2021
In the story with the toys the guy was being stupid you never respond to a demon NEVER!
S h o t o
S h o t o Month ago
Jessii:a truck driver saw a pale lady in a white dress Me: girl don’t be lying that’s the girl from the ring
Melanie Ramirez
Melanie Ramirez Month ago
You should a Netflix show called Jesse V's scary stories talk all about your your all your videos that you put
Eleanor Sardoch
Eleanor Sardoch Month ago
6:37 Pause it you can see the guy in the window
Eleanor Sardoch
Eleanor Sardoch Month ago
5:25 Nobody: Me: the Upside down? (the picture)
Eleanor Sardoch
Eleanor Sardoch Month ago
jessii Vee: *makes cool jewelry* Me: mom can I buy i- Mom: no
trinity Harewood
trinity Harewood Month ago
my stupid self would be like "wanna be my friend"
Alice Month ago
The first thing is that how are you.
Myriad Dubstep
Myriad Dubstep Month ago
My grandpa is a truck driver
sophia foshee
sophia foshee Month ago
This was a reeeeally good video
zie visto
zie visto Month ago
Can you tell us the story about the mimic???
Autumns World
Autumns World Month ago
Who is scared but still loves Jessii
Autumns World
Autumns World Month ago
Who is watching this without socks at night 👇
Ally G.
Ally G. Month ago
Um 😟
TheWolf Pack707
TheWolf Pack707 Month ago
But guys imagine if you where one of these ghosts and every one was scared of you how would you feel
m o o n l I g h t s t a r s
m o o n l I g h t s t a r s Month ago
“The beast.” Childhood ruined.
Rodolfo Aguirre
Rodolfo Aguirre Month ago
Hailee RIVAS
Hailee RIVAS Month ago
How do you sleep? 😭
Čăňđý Đřəäm
Čăňđý Đřəäm Month ago
Hi jess,Im new here I wach some if you're videos.I was trying to find some creepy videos then i find ur channel. And I hope you have a good day!!!
Marylei Fernandez
Marylei Fernandez Month ago
Hey! Jessii im a big fan but also how is Moot doing in the pantry?
Rosie blog
Rosie blog Month ago
Dad is a truck driver and he said one time when he got back he saw like multiple people sending one call but they look like they are sick as I drove my next turn are people selling workouts Han shot turn it up when does Enterprise offer stands at Pieology daddy window flags and it said you better hide cuz I'm going to find you how he started bringing back on but he couldn't go to his windows clap when how messed up I can come out to my dad said no my dad said no because I'm not coming out then I will see you saw the back of the knee blocks away then he said and now here I got him back home he told me this was your job and I said okay and now credit card companies don't want you to know if you
Zumaya Month ago
Jessii i am the og fan lol
Roqaya Hassanin 2027
Roqaya Hassanin 2027 Month ago
Beasty & the beauty
evie 003
evie 003 Month ago
love your content, you never fail to cheer me uo no matter what mood im in, also there goes my sleep tonight
Kim Kemp
Kim Kemp Month ago
Thank you for talking about my favorite you tuber Cartoon Cat. You are one of my favorite you tubers!! Anthony Kemp
Ultragirl 75
Ultragirl 75 Month ago
I have a thing. On Sunday 3:00pm I sit in bed Bing watching jessi.
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