Is This Cult Real Or Fake? (Game)

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Good Mythical MORE

Month ago

Today, we're hearing the description of different cults and guessing whether they are real or fake. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE # 1915
If you’d like to help us reach our donation goal for the Los Angeles LGBT Center, please visit Thanks for being your Mythical best!
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Dominik Creeper
Dominik Creeper 4 days ago
Do the cult if eyea next
Meli 17 days ago
they should have said Godley Tx not Garland Tx
Brianna Bushman
Brianna Bushman 17 days ago
"Where were you on March 31, 1998?" well I was born on April 23 of that year so I was in the womb that day lol
Cedriccino 20 days ago
I love Rhett's sweater, does anyone know where I can get the same one??!
mesiroy1234 Month ago
Why allways to la lgbt gay center Isnt thre place
Alexis Garcia
Alexis Garcia Month ago
There has to be fanfic of the mythical crew, right? Rhett, link, AND the crew could read fanfic for the anniversary 😅
Eliös Month ago
Hail Lilih!
Caleb Young
Caleb Young Month ago
I was 4 days old when god was supposed to show up on tv.
Kevin Pearson
Kevin Pearson Month ago
Not complaining but do you do gifticalities for any other organization? It seems y'all have been just donating to them...
CULT of TRAGEDY Month ago
Lisa Andrews
Lisa Andrews Month ago
I too was eleven and in the 5th grade in March 1998.
Autum Who
Autum Who Month ago
I would totally join the organization cult lol
Callum Month ago
Disliked when I heard lgbt community
Isaac Kannianen
Isaac Kannianen Month ago
I was born on March 31, maybe I’m god 🤷‍♂️
Monnisnah Month ago
Why did Link take a handfull of chickpeas, then moved it away from Rhett - then threw away more then half of it. He's so strange...
makouras Month ago
The Slavic Ministry of Defense? From the country of... Slavia? What?
Brouglas Doug
Brouglas Doug Month ago
MagesEatAtJerrysTacos _
MagesEatAtJerrysTacos _ Month ago
No lies, I had a friends family who believed in that first cult. It... It was super messed up to listen to them talk over the dinner table. Also they were vegetarian and made bad food.
Gumpy Druckers
Gumpy Druckers Month ago
She's talking about the episode where your clock got stuck in the peanut butter
Pascal Marcel Kronberger
Pascal Marcel Kronberger Month ago
0:13 i hope they find the cure
richard stevens
richard stevens Month ago
Ear biscuits is boaring and is like listing 2 old men babbling on about their boaring sad lives
Ryan Dailey
Ryan Dailey Month ago
Where was I was March 31, 1998, I was waiting about 7 more months to be born.
Brook Hurst
Brook Hurst Month ago
I was almost 2 in March 1998.
Chris Cann
Chris Cann Month ago
I can't believe Link is wearing a cotton candy Randy shirt lol
David Ritschard
David Ritschard Month ago
I miss the days when gifticality was given to something useful like St. Jude. :(
Grimm Hades
Grimm Hades Month ago
I lived in Garland TX at that time when that cult was there. We all laughed about it
khairan213 Month ago
Ssundee would be watching this video
Hannah Rabinowitz
Hannah Rabinowitz Month ago
Why are most cults just antisemitic theories
JOSHUA M New Age Music
JOSHUA M New Age Music Month ago
Garland, Texas...Yet they were so close to Godley, Texas (Located in Johnson Co) LOL
Nicki Shinn
Nicki Shinn Month ago
Was the Venice Beach cult true?
Tyblorg Month ago
Give $10k to the veterans while you're at had them on 1 gifticality GTFOH
Jace Byrd
Jace Byrd Month ago
Ouch the fanfic 😬 🥜 🧈
Sergio Gomez
Sergio Gomez Month ago
First time ive been insulted by a lesbian lol 😆
Peter Daley
Peter Daley Month ago
I cannot wait for FanFic Episode 2.0
NG Geymer
NG Geymer Month ago
Got to do another fanfic episode but in good mythical more
Cee Tee
Cee Tee Month ago
They look like they are overdue for an afternoon nap lol
Carson Moseley
Carson Moseley Month ago
Dan Schneider?😯😯😯😯
Vmoney Gaming
Vmoney Gaming Month ago
The Harry styles cult is real UwU
Jim Bob
Jim Bob Month ago
Is Rhett near sighted? He always holds the wheel piece so close to his face.
Emily Lee
Emily Lee Month ago
How did I just learn that a cult took up residence in my home town the same month I was born. Now I gotta ask m family if they remember this happening. Though, at least this had a, strange, peaceful end.
Dorian Alexander
Dorian Alexander Month ago
Woohooo, let’s go lgbtqs!!!!
Fedora Laura
Fedora Laura Month ago
To whoever wrote the Quentin Tarantino foot joke: thank you, I loved it
Morgan Jemison
Morgan Jemison Month ago
Where was I on March 31, 1998? In a placenta. Where were you?
Gabriela Pérez
Gabriela Pérez Month ago
Why did Link get a handful of chickpeas and then threw them away?
Hermione can't draw
Hermione can't draw Month ago
Um yeah I’m mad at myself now... I can’t believe I remembered that video...
Jansen Sharp
Jansen Sharp Month ago
Why go to Garland, Texas when theres literally a Godley, Texas
Kyurhee Kim
Kyurhee Kim Month ago
I like how chill Link was in this more.
Seth Ogden
Seth Ogden Month ago
illegal kombucha?
CopPerp_ Month ago
Rhett : i 'm in to this 5:51
Fancy Necromancy
Fancy Necromancy Month ago
Link is incredibly distracting today.
Love you guys but will not support the woke LGBGTRS2
Faith Month ago
Are they really starting a cult? That part didn't seem like a joke. What's going on with them I'm confused 🤔
Joyce DeFelice
Joyce DeFelice Month ago
Link, your hair made you look like a troll when you put your hands through it. Lol
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith Month ago
It makes me so happy to see Mythical being supportive of the LGBT community. It means a lot!
Felix Larsson
Felix Larsson Month ago
Why is it that during the alternate universe snacks episodes the more episode is always more entertaining and more of a fun game than the main episode?
Hyrum Bickerstaff
Hyrum Bickerstaff Month ago
I'm part of the Cult of Jim Pickens.
Rebecca Snouffer
Rebecca Snouffer Month ago
I love every time when link says “welcuh to good mythical more!” Like he’s said it so many times that it just slurs together.
Anna Kremer
Anna Kremer Month ago
Mtb Specialized
Mtb Specialized Month ago
We don’t need to explore cults unless it is why they are so bad. Cults are basically like cartels
Rachel Bee
Rachel Bee Month ago
I feel like ever since Link questioned the entire way More goes Rhett is more apparent about his double taps
Jackson McGrady
Jackson McGrady Month ago
Brian Shemwell
Brian Shemwell Month ago
Sorry I'd rather donate to people who actually need it. Like the people who lost their homes in Texas.
Ali jasem Jafer
Ali jasem Jafer Month ago
Hey what’s up!
slayer1990z ashley
slayer1990z ashley Month ago
My neighbor was a reflexologist and she would help me when I was sick it does work but you still need to go to the doctor
Ahardcorejedi Month ago
They straight stole prince of Persia: and the sands of time, from a video game.
Jack Oliver MSA
Jack Oliver MSA Month ago
6:34 someone explain the joke to me pls
Not Todd
Not Todd Month ago
Donate to better organizations.
superfluous saxicole
superfluous saxicole Month ago
no u
Mind traveling Sagittarius
Mind traveling Sagittarius Month ago
Right 😂
Kaytlin Irwin
Kaytlin Irwin Month ago
Missed opportunity to make it illuminaughty
Bruno the Existor
Bruno the Existor Month ago
the sans of time
redchevyguy Month ago
I live in Garland, Tx, and i remember that cult. They actually lived not far from my house. lol
Deji Adefuye
Deji Adefuye Month ago
I'm in Garland and I've never heard of this group before
Sam Schindler
Sam Schindler Month ago
Heavens Gate is mad interesting
Penguin 101
Penguin 101 Month ago
Who knew Judah from BoJack Horseman co-hosted GMM!
melissjoy890 Month ago
I was literally born on March 31st 1998 I got chills omg
Kenneth Jones
Kenneth Jones Month ago
I like your paddlers, very nice.
dog breath
dog breath Month ago
"We talk about ourselves, but it's cool." is a great slogan for the podcast.
Ignorethespots Month ago
But Illumi-Nah-ti was right there..
Epic-Ace-Studios Month ago
None existant I was
Robby Kunkel
Robby Kunkel Month ago
Love that Link is wearing a cotton Candy Randy t-shirt wish CCR would come back soon
SnoopDabb Month ago
March 31st 1998 I was working a 96 hour ambulance shift in Sheet Harbour.
FearOfTheFuture Month ago
We appreciate you stopping the wheel for Gifticallity Rhett 🏳️‍🌈❤️
Giles S
Giles S Month ago
It took me until the end of the bro pea but to get the joke
marcus garcia
marcus garcia Month ago
That organization cult was an episode of Seinfeld, no?
Too Many Opinions
Too Many Opinions Month ago
I was never totally sure how they felt on lgbtq issues. This makes me happy.
Weather Dragon
Weather Dragon Month ago
They've spoken a bit more about it in their recent "Spiritual Deconstruction Follow Up" Ear Biscuits episodes. I relate with their journey.
alyssa alyssa
alyssa alyssa Month ago
yesss me toooo!!!!!!!!
Among goose
Among goose Month ago
The mythical society is literally a cult
Thomas Todd
Thomas Todd Month ago
New month, same charity. Sad. Still praying for you guys ...
Sierra Lee
Sierra Lee Month ago
"Where were you on March 31st 1998"...being birthed
Jessica Larsen
Jessica Larsen Month ago
If you listen to the Timesuck podcast you can probably guess all of these 🤣 anyone a Timesucker?
Longsandwich BLT
Longsandwich BLT Month ago
Some are so rediculous they have to be real
Kevin Horrell
Kevin Horrell Month ago
I keep forgetting Mythical is a cult. Lol
Grimpond Month ago
A W Month ago
I need to get that organizing cult over to my house
GalaxseaTurtle Month ago
I was waiting and hoping so hard that they’d use the cult from Parks and Rec.
Valci Month ago
Link basically predicted that sneeze 💓
YesitsKam Month ago
Maybe it's time to choose a new charity other than LGBT what about Vets like the charity Got Your Six they can use it more than LGBT esp with the rise of PTSD
Aj Brooks
Aj Brooks Month ago
HAIL ZORP *parks and rec reference*
Tristan Farmer
Tristan Farmer Month ago
does link and rhett seem a lil sad in this hope ur okay guys
Jenere Hunte
Jenere Hunte Month ago
March 1998 I was not born yet😂
Chi Sol
Chi Sol Month ago
Link was very chill in this episode
ItzDiizy Month ago
God I love the casual sexism
Gisela Pagan Diaz
Gisela Pagan Diaz Month ago
Link intuitively knowing without looking that Rhett was about to sneeze and preemptively countering with a “bless you”
Shannon Smith
Shannon Smith Month ago
Will Cotton Candy Randy be in that 4K run?
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