What really happens when you bleed

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7 days ago

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h3ll0_th3r3 39 minutes ago
*how the hell did he hear that.*
Teri Soto
Teri Soto 58 minutes ago
Hilarious 😆😆😆😆😆😆
DarkzPlayz Official
DarkzPlayz Official Hour ago
Does anyone notice the rick and morty poster?
ÄnìmëWëëb2.0 Hour ago
Can you do, what happens when you are sleep walking???
Jl Hour ago
This is better than the science lessons I learn in my class
Nahte 2 hours ago
This some big brain comedy
Kevin S.
Kevin S. 2 hours ago
God bless Ian 🙏
Nick Davis
Nick Davis 2 hours ago
I love the concept of this 😂😂😂
killeroffire 4
killeroffire 4 3 hours ago
Is this inspired by cells at work?
semaj ydoc
semaj ydoc 3 hours ago
Cells at work be like:
RilloX 3 hours ago
Tbh, they should show this in schools, would be more engaging.
1ndecis1veWaffle Gaming
1ndecis1veWaffle Gaming 4 hours ago
some guy
some guy 4 hours ago
Man... my moms ian is killed... She had chemo therapy so no more ian and white blood cells
Raul 4 hours ago
Next Disney’s film
justinbieberlover333 4 hours ago
who needs science class when i have this
Ciel Francis
Ciel Francis 4 hours ago
not the white blood cell clotting
_DrScout_ 5 hours ago
The heart is a muscle no the muscle
Livi's Star Stable
Livi's Star Stable 5 hours ago
At the beginning I thought it said breed I-
Clarks Kent’s
Clarks Kent’s 5 hours ago
This guy straight up stealing anime content and getting away with it
fastrally 5 hours ago
where's the funny
Iris 5 hours ago
Cells at work: live sequel
tiffany hollowell
tiffany hollowell 5 hours ago
Omg lol
Zack Barnes
Zack Barnes 6 hours ago
I like the video
Vignesh Hari
Vignesh Hari 6 hours ago
best educational video in a nutshell
This Guy
This Guy 6 hours ago
Just watch cells at work
J. Owens
J. Owens 6 hours ago
The new John Green videos to go to before you take a test.
Sauerkraut Biscuit
Sauerkraut Biscuit 7 hours ago
2009 coryxkenshin vibes
Imcool2you Yt
Imcool2you Yt 7 hours ago
Bro did you watch cells at work!
Devin Jackson
Devin Jackson 7 hours ago
Cool but funny as hell
Meghan Hurst
Meghan Hurst 7 hours ago
Reminds me of the anime Cells at work!
• Phoenix Potato •
• Phoenix Potato • 7 hours ago
That one blood cell waiting for me to pick at a scab because I'm stupid:
Lily Klave
Lily Klave 8 hours ago
This dude can go to medical school
ggFox 8 hours ago
Why these vids remind of of that one anime about blood cells and stuff
Natallia Thompson
Natallia Thompson 8 hours ago
I love these vids!
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 8 hours ago
That part when he bangs himself to the door was pretty funny.
BeepBot 9 hours ago
The new season of cells at work looks great
W Jun
W Jun 9 hours ago
That must have hurt man
hawk 5
hawk 5 9 hours ago
He has made a lot of these and im starting to think hes either been watching ozzy and drix or cells at work lmfao
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 8 hours ago
Very nice
Rumi Hinduja
Rumi Hinduja 9 hours ago
The ending is TOOOOOOO gooooooood
LoserMC 10 hours ago
but he didn’t really bleed, did he?
Emerson Roberts
Emerson Roberts 10 hours ago
🤣 omg yuus
Golden Puzzle
Golden Puzzle 10 hours ago
I'm studying red blood cells in my anatomy class this is perfect timing lol
A duck with a YouTube channel
A duck with a YouTube channel 10 hours ago
I’ve just basically accepted this guy as my new biology teacher. Honestly, I don’t regret it.
dark 11 hours ago
Sometimes the door has a crack and they still get out
Itss Miyaaa
Itss Miyaaa 11 hours ago
Is it just me or does anyone else wait for their finger to bleed before they do something about
Koby Muessigbrodt
Koby Muessigbrodt 12 hours ago
Me: mom can we watch Cells at Work Mom: No, we have Cells at Work at home Cells at Work at home:
Avan Brink
Avan Brink 12 hours ago
XxXSïmplyAnïmeXxX 12 hours ago
But what happens when you got a nosebleed tho?
Anthony Jesiolowski
Anthony Jesiolowski 12 hours ago
Man, the live action cells at work remake looks really good
John Rambo
John Rambo 13 hours ago
Who is Ian?
Ann Okoro
Ann Okoro 13 hours ago
Is it just me or sometimes he reminds me of the old will smith🤣
Matt Simonds
Matt Simonds 13 hours ago
Awesome video. Like a live action osmosis jones
ANYTIME GIVE 13 hours ago
Very nice
Ryan Jagpal
Ryan Jagpal 14 hours ago
Platelets: Time to shine
NiMatz 14 hours ago
Cells at work - Netflix adaptation
jigar bicu
jigar bicu 14 hours ago
That is so amazing yoi should do more of these vids!!!
Sir Shotty
Sir Shotty 14 hours ago
Don’t disrespect my man megakaryocyte
Kozzzic Kozzzic
Kozzzic Kozzzic 14 hours ago
Damn this is so good
Hitomi 15 hours ago
Yo white cell protecting the red cell yo bacteria. White cell be like: ⚔️🛡️
IAMNathanael 15 hours ago
I like it how the bros got rickn morty posters hanging up on the walls of his veins
_____________________________________________ 15 hours ago
Heat YT
Heat YT 15 hours ago
My blood cells at 3AM when I am bleeding from my nose...
MT 16 hours ago
Jacob Arellano
Jacob Arellano 16 hours ago
Cells at work
LNIGO 16 hours ago
The only tic tok i like
Kiyoshi 16 hours ago
Mom can we have cells at work? Mom: we have cells at work at home Cells at work at home:
draeks 17 hours ago
This animation is cool and wow
Purpled Fujoshi
Purpled Fujoshi 17 hours ago
Cells At Work can’t be better.
Toes 18 hours ago
@crybaby_5670:John 3:16 “For God so loved the world he gave his one and only son and whoever believes in him shall not perish but live eternal life
Ayat Sileshi
Ayat Sileshi 18 hours ago
Kieran_RB 18 hours ago
I love watching these videos 😂
Yuki Ukanami
Yuki Ukanami 18 hours ago
Cells at work intensifies
Kai w.
Kai w. 18 hours ago
White blood cell needs to fight the germs just like it said in the anime white blood cell
Eyad Safwat
Eyad Safwat 19 hours ago
When you get a cut, this is what really happen: 1. Capillary gets cut and and the cut is exposed to bacteria, so bacteria gets in. 2. Thrombin (enzyme) converts fibrinogen (soluble) to fibrin (insoluble). 3. The fibrin sticks together to form a mesh, this mesh helps to catch RBC from getting out. 4. This mesh hardens to become a scab (the thing that you always take of when injured). 5. By this time phagocytes has engulfed the bacteria, and digested it. 6. The skin is formed again by mitosis of nearby cells and capillary (that got cut) is connected to another capillary
justhaniq 19 hours ago
Ngl this makes me understand biology, thx man.
GenPop Joe
GenPop Joe 19 hours ago
I understand why he would want to escape. That blood is under a lot of pressure.
⟭⟬ HEY STOB IT !!!⟭⟬
⟭⟬ HEY STOB IT !!!⟭⟬ 19 hours ago
Mah man helping us to ace the science test.
Dildor of Destiny
Dildor of Destiny 19 hours ago
This guys soundproofing symmetry really bugs me
Amanda Soos
Amanda Soos 19 hours ago
Kanna Kobayashi
Kanna Kobayashi 20 hours ago
Cells at work but make it real
Swatantradeep Gupta
Swatantradeep Gupta 20 hours ago
RBC in a nutshell 😂😂
Chimchims _jamz
Chimchims _jamz 20 hours ago
My way of thinking after watching cells at work
alex nifong
alex nifong 21 hour ago
Blood is actually BLUE before it meets oxygen
Michael Layden
Michael Layden 21 hour ago
This dude teaches us about the human body better than school
likee vid thief
likee vid thief 21 hour ago
He should do what really happens when u cry
GamerGirlRBLX YT
GamerGirlRBLX YT 21 hour ago
the reason why we should always suck our blood: 1 kinda tasty tho 2 it will go in ur body to???
GamerOne 21 hour ago
Why are these only satisfying
YFNMATT 21 hour ago
You loo like a young coryxkension
Nina Studios
Nina Studios 21 hour ago
I cut my fingers 5 times while cutting mini potatoes erlier, and my fingers didn't bleed, I then proceeded to get my whole pinky toe nail to fall off, not bleeding, I cut my ankle, it didn't bleed, and I walked my head on the corner of the wall. It didn't bleed
So Cool day s
So Cool day s 21 hour ago
Omega Wolf
Omega Wolf 21 hour ago
Kid: I wanna watch Cells at Work! on this high end streaming platform Parent: We have Cells at Work! at home already Cells at Work! at home:
Lil ez weirdo :3
Lil ez weirdo :3 22 hours ago
Imagine getting pinned 👀✌🏽
_Glitch_ 22 hours ago
Idk why I laughed when he said single file an they didn't stand single file👬🏽👬🏽👬🏽👬🏽
DRAV-Corp 22 hours ago
i cant imagine why a red blood cell would want to be on the outside
Rick & Morty C147
Rick & Morty C147 22 hours ago
Love the Rick and Morty poster 💚
Wayne Tranchina
Wayne Tranchina 22 hours ago
I don't
aneekaawan 22 hours ago
Anyone else gettin will Smith vibes?
Mapoleo 22 hours ago
You taught me more than my biology school ever did Thank you sir
funny gang
funny gang 22 hours ago
Why did he run into the door like that😂😂😂
Joshua Dela Cruz
Joshua Dela Cruz 22 hours ago
Cells at work, bruh
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