This is one of our GREATEST versus series of all time - Game Grumps Compilations

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2 months ago

Many beautiful bits in this one. Legendary bits in fact. It's.... GRUMPS DREAM COURSE!
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Tinpotgamer 7 hours ago
You can tell from Arin's face that he misses playing games in the same room so much
Trevor Fulk
Trevor Fulk 15 hours ago
I’m gonna pri
Namliler Day ago
Yeah, Dakota Raines, there's nothing gay about genitalia, nothing gay at all about givin' it the ol' hand trick, the ol' slishy slosh, the ol' screwdriver-style to the butt... Yeah, nothin' gay about that at all!
Ferry van Herk
Ferry van Herk 3 days ago
Sonic boom compilation?
alex varey
alex varey 3 days ago
Arins hairline is so perfectly straight.
WrightKnight 3 days ago
I [poyo]ing love how the swears were censored with kirby noises
Ben Clifton
Ben Clifton 4 days ago
I'm here for when they do a compilation of reacting to compilations in 4 years
Digimon king327
Digimon king327 5 days ago
13:40 he never said he stopped
Raiia Beart
Raiia Beart 5 days ago
I would kill for them to do another set of that game :)
Aleron Wolf
Aleron Wolf 5 days ago
You make me cry of joy. I wish I could go back to Kirby Dream course times. Was really a white line in my life.
Hades0 6 days ago
Phone book
Andrew Adkins
Andrew Adkins 6 days ago
I wish the grumpcast was back
Alfie Barnett
Alfie Barnett 6 days ago
Soda, O.J., Purple stuff and GRANNY-D SLIMER
Fabienne Schaller
Fabienne Schaller 7 days ago
At some point Dan's placement of the mic makes it seem like he's wearing a seatbelt.
Zara Wilson
Zara Wilson 9 days ago
I can't be the only person who goes back and watches these wishing for more of this game.
mknz 9 days ago
0:05 "my name is craiiig... i'm 26 and single!"
Colter Arnold
Colter Arnold 10 days ago
will we ever get more kirby dream course. please can we get more kirby dream course
martin pincheira
martin pincheira 10 days ago
danny looks like sideshow bob
Josh B
Josh B 11 days ago
I’m still pretty curious about how that soup was...
trytry32 12 days ago
The grumps make me happy when I’m sucking at videogames.
Malakai 13 days ago
They should play some more levels
Supnub Lol
Supnub Lol 14 days ago
Which episode is the opium shit one
Kyle Glenn
Kyle Glenn 16 days ago
Oh shit there is cocoa crispies or whatever but its the elfs on them
Kyle Glenn
Kyle Glenn 16 days ago
Its coco puffs you fools
Anime Fan
Anime Fan 17 days ago
21:06 - HAHAHAHAHAH!! That "Ok." afterwards 33:59 - Hahahaha 42:52 - Fuckin same, I'm a smiling like crazy & as Frank said "It huuuurrts"
Cheqers 17 days ago
The censoring is trash. I wonder how sanitised Grumps would be if they returned to this series.
Eri 17 days ago
18:54 Arin's genuine happiness at being called "my special dude" warms my heart
ShaggyShan 17 days ago
I was crying laughing at the Obama bit all over again. XD
Miranda Malone
Miranda Malone 18 days ago
oh if they could watch Arin and dan feeling a certain special way towards each other or Arin wanting a dang kiss
Katelyn Straley
Katelyn Straley 18 days ago
Arin is actually really good at the Obama impression.
MarioxZelda Gamer
MarioxZelda Gamer 20 days ago
I feel like the "Did you F my Wife?" Bit Is more hilarious with the Kirby noises 😂
Blue WhatSaabE
Blue WhatSaabE 20 days ago
I would love to see them react to their compilation of best laughter in Super Mario Sunshine
Darke Exelbirth
Darke Exelbirth 20 days ago
God how much I'd love some random peeps throwing together another Grump's Dream Course romhack and them playing it. I'd try doing it, but I'm terrible at game making.
_Zealos_ 22 days ago
"Hey, I'm Grump!" "Am tree."
two-piece a burn toast
two-piece a burn toast 22 days ago
21:01 i think Danny froze
Ein 24 days ago
Dans hair is reaching new levels of WHAT.
Spiderdued 25 days ago
America:I can make a truse if it’s convenient to me.
L Smitty
L Smitty 26 days ago
Dan: Can you hit the video, I can't see your beautiful face... There you go, there's my special dude. Arin: *Smiles big* 😂😭
Ravenous Travis
Ravenous Travis 28 days ago
It's interesting to see them reflect on the point they were at in their lives during these playthroughs, because as I rewatch these episodes with them I'm reflecting on where I was at the time. I remember watching this series while I would sit on campus studying for my degree. I would always wait until they uploaded the new episode to eat my lunch, and I would sit and watch this on my phone while eating cheap frozen sushi from the campus convenience store. I can almost taste the fake wasabi again as I watch.
Whitedock1554 28 days ago
You guys should react to the monopoly compilation of y’all. It’s so damn funny
Benjamin Hixson
Benjamin Hixson 28 days ago
Please bring Dream Course Back!
three bee
three bee 29 days ago
i can't believe that was 4 years ago, i remember watching that in the morning before school and their second upload in the after noon, i always started and ended my day with game grumps, the best part of my day most of the time.
Casey Chapone
Casey Chapone Month ago
I haven’t laughed as hard as I did at 0:23 in a long time, thank you dan’s hair
Jay's Channel
Jay's Channel Month ago
God, I need them to react to Shoocharu's Obama animation video. Better yet, just make a compilation of them reacting to his stuff.
Verena Balbach
Verena Balbach Month ago
ohhhh GOD! YEEZ! Dan!!! Put down your freakish thumb!
Simplyminke0609 Month ago
I love you so much but what is Arin chewing on
Anti Holy
Anti Holy Month ago
Dan looks like howard stern. Or slash.
Benjamin Kasson
Benjamin Kasson Month ago
Can't believe this compilation didn't contain any Prilosec.
TacComControl Month ago
I'm gonna go eat some pre soup.
colin derue
colin derue Month ago
Is Arnold high AF in this video? lol
Jeremy J
Jeremy J Month ago
@Dan Scary Movie 2: -Hanson "Take My Strong Hand!"
Katie Weaver
Katie Weaver Month ago
.... Replay Dream Course????
Glenn Sibley
Glenn Sibley Month ago
Paige Honey
Paige Honey Month ago
I love seeing Arin’s every pore and the vague outline of Dan
triccele Month ago
Hey, what about the guy who can rip a phone book apart?
hellcat1988 Month ago
The vaccine is here! Counting down the days till that 4 way dream course battle!
pascualarroyo Month ago
Grumps dream course got me through my master's degree, no joke.
Caleb Marroquin
Caleb Marroquin Month ago
I love these guys a lot.
Richard Watts
Richard Watts Month ago
Hey it would be great to see you guys react to the 7 keys to a happy marriage compilation :)
青空 - Cerulean Wings
青空 - Cerulean Wings Month ago
What about compilations that show every time they get actually invested in the story? Much love!!
Sky Month ago
43:23 haven't even watched this channel in months, picked this video randomly, was randomly skipping through the video, was not expecting to see me
Samuel Parchment
Samuel Parchment Month ago
Now I just want another run of Grumps Dream Course.
A Lego Man
A Lego Man Month ago
how is that hair even possible irl
Bronzeson Month ago
I like that the one where they talk about Coco Puffs for a looooong time
planck Month ago
Such great memories, you guys were playing this when I was in a "Not so good" spot. Thanks for all the laughs. ♡
TheJege12 Month ago
It's so fucking funny how Arnold here, high on opium, goes from zero to a hundred and IMMEDIATELY back to zero so goddamn fast :'D He's resorted to "yah" and "guh" replies, then gets fucking super fired up for five seconds and then straight away it goes to guhs again!
Twistey Hornet
Twistey Hornet Month ago
My manager at work would pull the "CONSUME PRILOSEC" bit allot lol. We'd both go off on it, and nobody else knew what we were talking about. It was incredible. One of my favorite GG clips to this day.
Peter Westwood
Peter Westwood Month ago
the genuine joy is what does it for me. Keep it up guys!
crazyhank100 Month ago
the winning smash bleep killed me 15:26
kevin cullen
kevin cullen Month ago
Dan... Please. Pretty please. Dress up as Sideshow Bob some day. For the love of God PLEASE.
Ebon Hawk
Ebon Hawk Month ago
how long until there are enough of these compilation reaction videos that the compilation channels can make a compilation of it?
AnyTopMan Month ago
Please react to a Sonic Adventure compilation!
Austin Berner
Austin Berner Month ago
So when we getting started with the Grumps Dream Course Rematch?
Matthew Watts
Matthew Watts Month ago
I was eating carrots while watching this and now they're coming out of my nose!
Rowdyruffbeatz Month ago
Scalz Daddy
Scalz Daddy Month ago
So..... how was the soup?
kieran johnson
kieran johnson Month ago
Someone was using a blowervac in the background
Pookiebutt Month ago
The woodstock thing is a lot like when every kid said their Uncle worked for Nintendo. Had a friend do this and I believed them (I was like 7 at the time) and excitedly asked if they could give out games for my N64. They provided me with a copy of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Zelda: Majora's Mask free of charge. Only later in life did I think back and realise they were second hand copies. Either way I received two free games out of their lie!
Taylor Crowley
Taylor Crowley Month ago
I love watching them crack up at themselves too it makes me happy to know they revere these moments as fondly as we all do ❤️
Badsy the Edgecat
Badsy the Edgecat Month ago
why was the 'started' thing censored but not anything before it, like when arin was straight up saying 'tits and ass'
Craig Shepherd
Craig Shepherd Month ago
I'm gonna go back and watch the entire Dream Course run
Toastility Month ago
18:05 How did I not notice Arin the first time I watched this?
Tyler Anderson
Tyler Anderson Month ago
Cons Month ago
Using Smash Bros Kirby sound effects to censor the profanity was a nice touch 👌
rynostewie Month ago
Will you guys ever revisit Grumps Dream Course again? That would be awesome.
MokuTom Month ago
the dream world VS series is one of the GOATS in the grumpverse... i've fell out of the grumps lately which sucks a lot, but i'll always remember the good times from that series at least Q__Q
Pablo Iriqui
Pablo Iriqui Month ago
That’s funny stuff.
Nicki Nekro
Nicki Nekro Month ago
Why is dan in like 240? And Arin is like 1080p. I need Dan to upgrade his shit. Thank you. :) lol
Nicki Nekro
Nicki Nekro Month ago
@AngelicCinnamonBun Oh for sure, they're entertaining af. Im just saying XD
Jeff Star
Jeff Star Month ago
Maybe we will see more Grump Dream Course in the future? It would make me so extremely happy
AstarasCreator Month ago
After this I want them to react to a Kirby course animation compellation.
Shaboigan Month ago
Dan looks like a pomeranian on a bender
Charlie L
Charlie L Month ago
My favourite part of these compilations is when there are two pairs of grumps laughing
Ace Corndog
Ace Corndog Month ago
I just couldn't watch this without watching the whole damn thing all over again first. thanks for making me pre all over again babies.
Mr. Awesome
Mr. Awesome Month ago
Would like to see you guys watch "wtf are you talking about arin?"
thispurplefox Month ago
Petition to do another run of Grump's Dreamcourse
Vortex Films
Vortex Films Month ago
Dan's hair gets more out of control the more we see him LOL
ajkcool Month ago
all of episodes 55 and 56 could be on here tbh, those were both so funny
Spade X13
Spade X13 Month ago
Id like to see a shovel knight comp. Dans infinu dagger just cracked me up so much.
Oan R.
Oan R. Month ago
There’s nothing gay about a man’s tasty tube steak with water chestnuts.
The Necromancer
The Necromancer Month ago
*danny and arnold*
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