Rust - Unturned Stones

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masoud fatah
masoud fatah 44 minutes ago
Nice man👍
Joshua Barclay
Joshua Barclay Day ago
ur absolutely nuts blooprint Ohhh myy bro
Steel Herrera
Steel Herrera Day ago
“I didn’t want to offline raid that would be lame content” professionals have standards mr blue you are a true gamer
Jack Christopher
Jack Christopher 3 days ago
open the daaaaawr xD
CabooseVX9 3 days ago
I can’t wait to play more I personally got to participate in the rust console edition beta test and there’s a lot of potentials for can’t wait to see what it becomes.
Greg Pickell
Greg Pickell 3 days ago
Wow...great stuff...screwing with everyone...really sick (truly, truly pathetic)
Declan Perry
Declan Perry 3 days ago
Just me, or is this title sound like something frost would use instead of him lmao
Cooper Tully
Cooper Tully 4 days ago
Is it just me or does Disfigure sound like Mr. Mackey from South Park
paintball king2
paintball king2 5 days ago
Yo what if your mom n ps4 and I ant to get your skin for the sar and I Watch your stream on my phone how do I get it then on ps4 for rust wen it comes out
ARES Monarch
ARES Monarch 6 days ago
'Open the dawwwar' they opened the door lol
christian reid
christian reid 6 days ago
"you can't leave a stone unturned" -Blooprint Literal chills
cool gamer
cool gamer 6 days ago
I think it would be cool if they had a sever with onley bows and cross bows no guns
Connor Surgenor
Connor Surgenor 6 days ago
oh i once played a server i had 2 rows of rockets but the profit was more than 3 rows of c4 and half of it was open and the door to their loot room was a wooden door because they were offline while i was raiding them but there were a bunch of garage doors though. it was godly loot.
Денис Гуржий
Денис Гуржий 7 days ago
sora roxas
sora roxas 8 days ago
As a console beta player well was watching your videos helped me when I first started I mad spears and lived close to the beach now I make bows live in the snow and always keep my health up
Tyler Emslie
Tyler Emslie 8 days ago
i got chills when bloo said that u cant leave stones unturned at the end
MisterP Games
MisterP Games 8 days ago
I’ve been suffering depression after my partner cheated on me and broke my trust, since then I’ve been saving every cent, and staying inside cause I’m a fighter, with anger problems, but super mature however, you’re videos make me Forget there’s a worry waiting for me once it’s finished! Awesome work man
Yoink Boi
Yoink Boi 8 days ago
I have been watching and waiting for a year for rust to go to console can’t wait to play and I hope it will be able to play with pc so might be in a video one day
EryLmao 9 days ago
Fuckin Great Video
Speed_z 9 days ago
The sentence its dil*o
Septic Truth
Septic Truth 9 days ago
Imagine getting counter raided by a snitch 😂😂
Zoust1308 11 days ago
18:16 R we just not going to talk about that skin
MGR DESTINY 11 days ago
Someone is bound to find this comment, what's the ending song
Badboi smurf
Badboi smurf 11 days ago
It’s comin to console now yessssss
Willy H
Willy H 12 days ago
You are sooo good at rust😊
Aramis 12 days ago
Open the door bro. 28:03
Unknown Userr
Unknown Userr 12 days ago
Can I still get this skin?
Jason Barnes
Jason Barnes 12 days ago
not sure how i feel about the dude in chat
Funny WEEB
Funny WEEB 12 days ago
Love your vids man
Dillon Stewart
Dillon Stewart 13 days ago
I fucking love ur videos man there literally amazing
Can i get the skin on Ps4 when it launches?
Jon Jones
Jon Jones 13 days ago
Open the dAWWWRrrr mAaaAnn
AfiqNadzirYT 13 days ago
The amused tulip antenatally learn because textbook accordantly name failing a dysfunctional bone. warlike, successful swamp
Physiqs 13 days ago
As someone who just preordered Xbox rust I am too hyped high quality video with an ending that left a shiver up my spine
Casper Grofsmit
Casper Grofsmit 14 days ago
How late your going to stream
StrafeyFN 14 days ago
This was an awesome video
Patriceion 14 days ago
this better than actual movies
Sahapat Boonkan
Sahapat Boonkan 14 days ago
ViZn Shock
ViZn Shock 14 days ago
“Grubbing” just means you got clapped by a guy who isn’t as geared as you
ViZn Shock
ViZn Shock 11 days ago
@ImpiosScurra it’s just being mad over getting bodied by a prim player who shouldn’t have killed you
ImpiosScurra 12 days ago
Ok rat
King Pickel
King Pickel 14 days ago
MRYT Reine
MRYT Reine 15 days ago
its now 6th of april and is it still possible to get the skin for free im considering getting becuse i havent got a sar skin noly crate and ak and 1 armor skin
Bắc nguyen
Bắc nguyen 15 days ago
Why you die to much
xxKillgorxx 15 days ago
17:25 what is that SAR skin?
RiczuU Zz
RiczuU Zz 16 days ago
I just everytime laught: “AHHHH welcome to RUST!”
Ricey 16 days ago
49:12 aint no one gunna talk abt that?
Wuggles Wigwug
Wuggles Wigwug 16 days ago
Using the Enigma portrait when you don't even play Dota, When are we gonna get some Dota vids?
Workbench 123
Workbench 123 16 days ago
i thought my monitor died for a second
Coach YT
Coach YT 17 days ago
Lider Çolak
Lider Çolak 17 days ago
dude take a break you deserve it and thanks for all the fun
Kermite_THe_Toe 17 days ago
Kermite_THe_Toe 17 days ago
where do u stream
Chase Sims
Chase Sims 18 days ago
Would it work on Xbox when it comes out?
olli appel
olli appel 18 days ago
does it work on xbox rust??
Kayn Kayn
Kayn Kayn 18 days ago
Kinda unfair to get chat's help isn't it? They took a risk to raid you guys and unfairly lost cause you were streaming.
kickstepit 19 days ago
no way you said no stone unturned at the end, thjis vid slaped harder than a bag of ruffles chips
killer 9
killer 9 19 days ago
" Ahhhhh welcome to rust " Never gets old❤️
shyboi 19 days ago
16:09 xqc?
Mason Scruggs
Mason Scruggs 20 days ago
Yo Blooprint I’m a big fan of the channel and getting ready to start on Xbox servers when the beta comes out and was wondering if you’d be able to teach me your way of building a bunker base. Thanks and have a nice day.
Rezyy 20 days ago
Blade Monkey
Blade Monkey 20 days ago
holy crap that was a great vid right there it had the plot and the action of the movie and the edits were so clean it basically was!
b1rro 21 day ago
how is the name of the red single door an 3:30?
Snowball 21 day ago
Bloo I have not played rust YET but the Xbox release will change that so I’ll be vibing hard with DA BOYS thanks to your vid I know what I’m doing I’m going to play closed beta keep up the vids
Spinyfurball75 21 day ago
Ah yes my home town, Sweat Mega-Ape Loser-Ville
Pieter Eggerickx
Pieter Eggerickx 21 day ago
Bro people always call youtubers dogshit and theb when they find out its them they appraise them
Thundercat1247 6
Thundercat1247 6 21 day ago
I’m soo sad I can’t get ur skin
Trey Savage
Trey Savage 21 day ago
So your tellin me they just randomly decide to go to their base and all the doors are open 😂😂 wtf
Artem elisseev
Artem elisseev 21 day ago
there was nerly 4k stone 16:39
Ethan Mills
Ethan Mills 21 day ago
I watch this while working out and it makes time go by so fast!
Leon Williams
Leon Williams 21 day ago
The nauseating notebook encouragingly fax because doubt consequentially beg excluding a ruddy window. gray greasy great, macabre raven
John Huggins
John Huggins 21 day ago
wait lemme get my fuckin popcorn
LemonMerch 22 days ago
Wait why is the stone cracking when he’s on the other side at 24:20
IdkBros 22 days ago
Your movies are literally so GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD
FaTaL 22 days ago
42:44 Rust Acadamy
Brian Segovia
Brian Segovia 22 days ago
The five cap contextually refuse because shell proximately suggest beside a possessive pie. defeated, efficient sidecar
kerem saglam
kerem saglam 23 days ago
Türkçe altyazı istiyoruz
pumpikqq_ 23 days ago
0:58 yeah me neither beacuse im banned "selling cheats" well actually sending jumpscares to people that are trying to buy it had a great time trying to explain it to the moderator
Chance Fellinger
Chance Fellinger 23 days ago
Brian-_- 24 days ago
Top 10 best things to hear Number 1: bloo:”welcome to rust”
x 24 days ago
open the daawwwwwrrrrrr
ReverseBros 24 days ago
IN MEMORIAM OF: dil do baggins
alif si bocah fr legend
alif si bocah fr legend 24 days ago
Man i have rust but i cant watvh u twitch im sorry D:
Pierce McKenzie
Pierce McKenzie 24 days ago
ly bloo
Soupy _81
Soupy _81 24 days ago
ngl that was one of the best rust vids i have ever seen
Alex Freeman
Alex Freeman 24 days ago
At 20:31 did I hear 7 python shots come from his gun?
A random Lemon
A random Lemon 25 days ago
I'd play rust but I need more RAM, I only got 8 GB and I need like 10 or something to run rust according to the specs..
Akat Zuki
Akat Zuki 25 days ago
I love my Weekly dose of Bloo's Videos, u deserved the 1 million bro
Evan Smith
Evan Smith 26 days ago
bloo: "where we goin?" disfigure: "in" man is a fecking comedian ong
Jynxツ 26 days ago
bro bloo sar skills are insane now I understand why he got a sar skin
Poony69 26 days ago
I woulda loved a smeak raid tbh
Ethan Sellner
Ethan Sellner 26 days ago
Lowkey mad he ended the video without showing the pog loot
Samuel 27 days ago
Nice bro
JustBullet1 27 days ago
Us, the viewers are so blessed with the quality of videos that get released in the rust community. All of the big creators make such good videos they’re basically movies, I treat them as movies lol I get popcorn and sit back and watch them. Really well done good job
Ethan K
Ethan K 28 days ago
*Promotes sar skin but does not use it me: *slaps forehead
Seth Kaan
Seth Kaan 28 days ago
Arges 28 days ago
Disfigure + good mic = spoonkid
Not Bashca2011
Not Bashca2011 28 days ago
Watching this the third or fourth time...
Privateryan Saving
Privateryan Saving 28 days ago
what is that garage door skin
Alec Longmire
Alec Longmire 28 days ago
I love watching bloo drops a video I watch them all the way through there amazing and keep it up :D
YUBO The Dominator
YUBO The Dominator 29 days ago
What the hell is this 5x5 base I keep seeing? A 3x3 with dualring peeks isnt that much harder. Just build that.
vdtogt 29 days ago
Great storytelling!
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