Instagram Models Be Like:

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Julie Nolke

Month ago

These IG gurls, insta models, influencers- whatever you want to call them- are a special breed...The first 1000 people to use this link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership:
Written by: Julie Nolke
Shot by: Samuel Larson
Editor: Alec Mckay
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Julie Nolke
Julie Nolke 4 days ago
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Vandana Tripathi
Vandana Tripathi 16 hours ago
Can you do a sketch on those annoying af influencers? That'd be gold.
Sascha H.
Sascha H. 18 hours ago
CyTheSpy 3 days ago
Hippie Wiz
Hippie Wiz 4 days ago
also hit the bell button and comment
Wolf Heart
Wolf Heart 3 hours ago
i hate you... :|
Anna *****
Anna ***** 5 hours ago
At 2:26 I had to stop because my agression levels became unmanageable. Love, a disabled person in lots of pain who can't have a job because of the physical state I am in and doesn't leave the house for the same reason - pandemic or no pandemic.
Kelly T
Kelly T 8 hours ago
Too funny!!!
Lila Blassblau
Lila Blassblau 14 hours ago
😂😂😂 motivational perfection was the best!
Raine Stern
Raine Stern 15 hours ago
You are officially my favorite USpostsr.
Ryan B.
Ryan B. 18 hours ago
I thought of this video during the posing segment.
Hiratio Masterson
Hiratio Masterson 22 hours ago
The frightening thing is that there are doubtlessly a bunch of 15-20 year olds watching this and treating it less as a comedic sketch and more as Instagram Influencing 101...
Roman M.
Roman M. Day ago
Omg, this is man, you are watching a trans-lady!
pluvillion Day ago
Your acting is so phenomenal that I forgot you’re playing two characters at the same time.
TheVFXbyArt Day ago
You killed it julie!!!
dorian R
dorian R Day ago
that's actually really good for only having the guitar a week. I hope you keep at it. :)
Beerenmüsli Day ago
This is disturbingly accurate.
Jerald Lifsey
Jerald Lifsey Day ago
What determines the addition of an OnlyFans page? Is there a views versus followers ratio or something else?
p Hs
p Hs Day ago
The tiara Julie really nailed the poses...
Maniac50AE Day ago
1:50 literally looks like Contrapoints!
CantWaaait Day ago
"No, my uncle manages a Rainforest Cafe" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Erick Riojas
Erick Riojas 2 days ago
You would be the only Instagram model I would follow, even though I don’t have Instagram
Rach Vonk
Rach Vonk 2 days ago
"Made the mistake of trying the skinny tea..." made me snort-laugh my tea!
ahchiu9 3 days ago
Amanda Barros
Amanda Barros 3 days ago
"See, THAT'S what I need! I need a new photographer boyfriend!" HAHAHAHAHA
Shades of Sage
Shades of Sage 4 days ago
“What we DO is inspiring!” 💀🤣🤣 Get out those chairs!!!😂 Loved this❤️!
Chris 4 days ago
Are you related to Ryan at Screen Rant? 😁 Lovely, simply lovely,.. ☺️
CherryBoo65 Boone
CherryBoo65 Boone 4 days ago
“Strive to be like me” 😆
VAISHNAVI R 5 days ago
ben cash
ben cash 5 days ago
Influencerism explained in 06:05
A R 5 days ago
Cool, skillshare sent you a free guitar?
Tirtharaj Sengupta
Tirtharaj Sengupta 5 days ago
Hulya Alan
Hulya Alan 5 days ago
Landmark? LOL you mean milestone?
Hieu DoanTrung
Hieu DoanTrung 5 days ago
ok i saw a Vietnamese poster. What does it mean Julie??? Feminist? Anti-colonialism??
gtgrandom 7 days ago
Instagram 'influencers' are SO toxic, and Julie captured my thoughts perfectly. Promoting "body positivity" while getting plastic surgery done, using multiple filters and photoshop techniques, and posing in ways that purposely hide / distort human proportions sends a terrible message to our youth, not to mention all of the (unhealthy and dishonest) diet / skincare brands they promote. (Did you know the US had 4 million plastic surgery procedures in 2018 alone? And an increasing amount of high schoolers are getting breast augmentations and butt lifts every year with parental approval? Why do you think young girls feel the need to meet these ludicrous expectations? -- it's social media!!) I admire content creators, but I despise the way "influencer" has become a job category now. Like no, showing off your boob job and your carbon footprint isn't impressing me in the slightest. Go start a nonprofit or something. Then we can talk.
Milo 7 days ago
I'm new to this channel and love it! The way Julie breaks down topics and builds them back up in a funny way is truely outstanding!
Noodle Poodle
Noodle Poodle 7 days ago
143 dislikes are by the people who drank the shit tea ;D
mohamed abubacker
mohamed abubacker 7 days ago
one doubt, u r weird char roll in comedy is from u r personal char or u changed u r personal char for comedy/money/job or real and profession char or different?
mohamed abubacker
mohamed abubacker 7 days ago
i also hate instagaram unsafe place for women,as usual good there. no is not matter sometime until we have .......
Annabel Chung
Annabel Chung 7 days ago
I have overheard the exact same conversation between two girls at the gym...
JIKitty 8 days ago
2:49 perfect tone :D
Lastman Standing
Lastman Standing 8 days ago
I need to get myself a photographer ASAP. In no time I'll break that glass ceiling and have over 50 followers!
Frank Pignanelli
Frank Pignanelli 8 days ago
I am an old guy who has been around a long time. So with experience I can state the following: “Julie Nolke is one of the most brilliant and creative actors ever...not just since the invention of USposts”.
Jannik 8 days ago
Hats off Julie! I had to stop half way through the video cause I just couldn’t take any more of their crap. Just such good acting! Insane!!! Keep up the good work (I mostly enjoy it haha)
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown 9 days ago
Julie, it doesn't matter if you can play the guitar or not. Just pretend you're playing, take a picture and post it on Instagram with a caption that goes with it such as... "stop animal agriculture!" or something like that.
Heloise Ladroyes
Heloise Ladroyes 9 days ago
Phil Mairs
Phil Mairs 9 days ago
She's fucking brilliant.
Michelle Gbur
Michelle Gbur 9 days ago
When you lifted up the guitar it was like instant Mr Rogers vibes for me 😂 yasssss
Vancouver 9 days ago
I think its great your Mom (Cheryl Nolke) is one of your Patreons ;)
VYVE Videography
VYVE Videography 10 days ago
Wow 👏 so on point. Instagram is very toxic.
Cynthia X Wang
Cynthia X Wang 10 days ago
love this video! Can anyone point me to a tutorial on how to do the hairstyle that Julie is wearing at 0:28?
Jack bob
Jack bob 10 days ago
Most of the girls I went to High School with are trying so hard to be instagram models and it's pretty depressing. And the worst part is, they think they are changing the world for the better by posting Ass pics with inspirational quotes under them lol
J D 12 days ago
Now this is satire
Sose Hose
Sose Hose 12 days ago
Julie.. the guitar is the wrong way around...
Jeff Woolpert
Jeff Woolpert 12 days ago
What if the caption to a picture was another picture?
Kitty Lynndale
Kitty Lynndale 12 days ago
I love the white outfit!
rockblue01 12 days ago
...we're....still getting a "it's still the pandemic in 2021" video soon....right? I have learned to depend on you, Julie!!
Bored piggy
Bored piggy 12 days ago
Nadia Ruiz
Nadia Ruiz 13 days ago
3:03 is just too hilarious
Nadia Ruiz
Nadia Ruiz 13 days ago
Lol this is too accurate well in a stereotypical sense lol but there some truth to it
Slytherin Girl
Slytherin Girl 13 days ago
I... Don't have social media so this video is weird 🙄
Ji Hyun
Ji Hyun 13 days ago
If theres oscar for youtube, that should be for you
Bella Grey
Bella Grey 14 days ago
Lol! Thanks for giving me a good laugh
Lord Dunhill
Lord Dunhill 14 days ago
I had the same feeling when I hit 30! That’s 30 followers... nobody likes a 50 year old man in a bikini apparently.
Steven Peters
Steven Peters 14 days ago
Why say something so brave yet so true
Random Dude
Random Dude 14 days ago
3:32 "You should want my life because it will make your life better."
Cheri Palmisano
Cheri Palmisano 15 days ago
Bali? “No my uncle owns a Rainforest cafe” 😂🤣😂
Jim Davis
Jim Davis 15 days ago
Influencers might be toxic, but you have inspired me and I believe I can do what you do. So, next week, I'm going to take about 5 minutes to write a little skit, then 5 or so minutes to film it with my iPhone 7. After that, I'll use one of those editor things to sew it together, then send it to my channel after I create one. I may not have as many fans the first week or two, but since I hear you make $1 per viewer, I can get by on just 5000 or so likes a week. BTW, does USposts pay you in Canadian money or regular American? I hope it's American because I live too far from the border to go up there every week to exchange Oak Leafs for Green Backs. Anyway, love your channel. You're an awesome talent!!!!!
Nemo-Nova 15 days ago
“...She played it left hand, But made it too far...”. -Ziggy Julie 🤘😎🤘
RoloTomasie 15 days ago
Julie, are you left-handed? If so, you just got even cooler.
Emma Scholtz
Emma Scholtz 15 days ago
Let's just clarify, these girls will never be on the same level as super models.
Derek Rosales
Derek Rosales 15 days ago
(Gentle romantic music)
Richard Herbert
Richard Herbert 16 days ago
U crack me up cheers from nz 👍
Dhiya Denny
Dhiya Denny 16 days ago
I love how you incorporate sarcasm into serious issues and actually describe the impact..❤
Derrick McAdoo
Derrick McAdoo 16 days ago
'Life is so simple, stop trying.. and just enjoy the moment' *Puts hours into photo planning, deleting the first 100, plus editing* Audience: 'God, she is so woke!'
Melek Akkaya
Melek Akkaya 16 days ago
Türk var mı Türk 🤓
Rinn Griffin
Rinn Griffin 16 days ago
XD haha I love your Vid! Awesome song btw!
Aureliano Caballero
Aureliano Caballero 16 days ago
04:43 that guitar is a big one!
Conciousness Rising
Conciousness Rising 17 days ago
Instagram Models be like totally pychopathetic
Windianggs 17 days ago
ahahhaha this is sooo entertaining 😂
Ericsurf6 17 days ago
Subscribed for the Skillshare ad. Love it.
Fab 17 days ago
The layers of satirical sarcasm in this is overwhelming
Fire Star
Fire Star 17 days ago
Omg u look just like Contrapoints with that hairstyle haha
bn mllr
bn mllr 17 days ago
133 Instagram Models don't like the Video😂
Shaanz 2.0
Shaanz 2.0 17 days ago
Babez m in love with you😍😍😍😍😍
Ronald McPaul
Ronald McPaul 17 days ago
I remember trying to be motivated to be a better person before Instagram models. Don't make me go back to that place.
Himanshu Patel
Himanshu Patel 17 days ago
You look hot in that white dress keep it up girl😍
Treza Njeri
Treza Njeri 17 days ago
That was amazing
jeremy weekes
jeremy weekes 18 days ago
If I had the misfortune of meeting a girl like that, I don't care how hot she is, I'd call her an airhead😂lol
DramaWorld 18 days ago
Them saying "I'm an ambassador of body positivity" - sounds like my university essay rip
AlexMeow bleufeline
AlexMeow bleufeline 18 days ago
That’s a rocket barrage worth of shots fired hahaha
Veganlife 18 days ago
Thank you for talking about this!!
Clare Pellerin
Clare Pellerin 18 days ago
Nice chords, Julie!!! Looking forward to your music channel ♥️ Good job re-focusing people on more important things than their own buttocks LOL
İdil Zengin
İdil Zengin 18 days ago
5:40 We ofc willll
Gregor Meisen
Gregor Meisen 18 days ago
"Doug and Carrie, Doug and Carrie, Doug and Carrie, Doug and Carrie ..."
Cat L
Cat L 18 days ago
That's really good! Especially for less than a week! I always thought the hardest part is really just getting used to the strumming! Once that motor memory sets in, that specific sound starts coming out easily. I had a lot of struggle with this in HS and for about 2 years referred to my guitar as my whiney soon to be ex girlfriend who's planning on leaving me. =)
Miriam Strauss
Miriam Strauss 19 days ago
Hahaha this is amazing!! Love that you're highlighting this
Golldii 19 days ago
I believe the word your looking for is *UNEMPLOYED*
shieldwolf fearnon
shieldwolf fearnon 19 days ago
Can you do the bikini scetch please
Nathan Tang
Nathan Tang 19 days ago
The thing is that julie could easily be an Instagram model and I would shamelessly follow
ADVENTURE'd 19 days ago
Plot twist she isn't talking to herself. She has a twin
KR 19 days ago
Nailed it
Cheryl Muir
Cheryl Muir 19 days ago
This video is a masterpiece 🔥
Cheryl Muir
Cheryl Muir 19 days ago
“Caption?” “Take me back.” “Ah. Tried and true. Love it.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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