FACE-TO-FACE | KSI vs. Logan Paul 2

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Year ago

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Joe Esposito
Joe Esposito 11 hours ago
Logan: you know math? Ksi: Ya 1 suicide forest+one unedited uncensored dead person= almost loosing your USposts channel
Benjamin Åsheim
Benjamin Åsheim 12 hours ago
This just Get so much better after JJ won
Mohammad Zaid
Mohammad Zaid 13 hours ago
9:44 "Skiniest fat kid I know". He got that from Conor McGregor who said it to Nate Diaz
Mason Bowman
Mason Bowman 13 hours ago
Y does he ask him math questions
Ilyas gassa
Ilyas gassa 17 hours ago
No 18 hours ago
my left ear enjoyed this video
Relaxing Music
Relaxing Music 18 hours ago
Now I hat Logan but that laugh was spot on
SUNNY 23 hours ago
It's so funny after he won
Diabetic Grandma
Diabetic Grandma Day ago
Lol Ksi just tryna talk and Logan’s showing us his new toy lol
jasonlee Day ago
Ksi actually had a little respect unlike logan
Neil Sonar
Neil Sonar 2 days ago
4:44 fire on
333 sss
333 sss 2 days ago
You cant do maths, that was somthing youbwould say in school
333 sss
333 sss 2 days ago
That isnt logan his acting cuz he doesnt know how to compose himself and be himself
Spaid 1x
Spaid 1x 2 days ago
Logan is actually not that annoying now I’m glad JJ knocked some senses into him
Toess the Degenerate
Toess the Degenerate 2 days ago
this aged well :)
Bernie Stokes
Bernie Stokes 2 days ago
Logan paul acted like a complete child in this
Adil 2 days ago
why cant they just sit on a chair properly
Tychaun Robinson
Tychaun Robinson 3 days ago
is it just me or does it feel like ksi and logan are better off being friends like this is just hilarious
Albert Petrea
Albert Petrea 3 days ago
jj was wrong about the slip, cause logan didn't throw any punches.
David Ironside
David Ironside 3 days ago
This is just so cringe both are cringe
nigi 24
nigi 24 3 days ago
Ngl logan was funny af
Adam 2 days ago
Childish *
Lucas Iyassu
Lucas Iyassu 4 days ago
Who else is scrolling to see all the 8 yr old logangs
Fiona Hedges
Fiona Hedges 4 days ago
KSI: What do you know about boxing Logan Paul: 10 x 10?
Kaylee Kilmartin
Kaylee Kilmartin 4 days ago
I just keep staring at the host! And why does he keep mentioning Math!
AKDUGI 4 days ago
Who is here when Logan is actually streaming Pokémon
Izak Dingley
Izak Dingley 4 days ago
me bro
ZackGrecky 4 days ago
Lol Logan is so embarrassing geeez dude shoulda known ksi was gonna win
Grant Enders
Grant Enders 4 days ago
This is so funny watching back 😂
Lutfi Asrul Rizal
Lutfi Asrul Rizal 4 days ago
Logan said 'u don't trained' My mind be like:(even he didn't trained,he beat u and Joe Weller
Gribby 5 days ago
lol ez dubs
Ahmed Chawki
Ahmed Chawki 5 days ago
11:19 he nailed it
Jj Olijede
Jj Olijede 5 days ago
it’s in the right now let’s goo
Wasif Alam
Wasif Alam 6 days ago
Ksi he beat Logan and let my g ksi kills jake come on ksi and the sidemen
Georgia •_• :]
Georgia •_• :] 6 days ago
Logan is literally the Chad coming to a British school
Georgia •_• :]
Georgia •_• :] 6 days ago
Logan: “your a 26 year old USpostsr what legacy” *hey Siri tell me Logan Paul’s age and career*
Franek Litwinski
Franek Litwinski 6 days ago
This is so awkward
sky blue
sky blue 6 days ago
Logan just didn't let JJ talk
Terrydon 5 days ago
The paul brothers loves to do that
The Task Master
The Task Master 6 days ago
They both made me cringe this is like the two school bully’s fighting eachother
digs on man
digs on man 7 days ago
blazing Killer
blazing Killer 7 days ago
11:20 had me dying
Lzy Df
Lzy Df 7 days ago
Who's here laughing at logan
Kyo _
Kyo _ 8 days ago
Logan’s logic:stop quizzing me on boxing Also logan: quizzes him on maths and cutting the table with a knife
Michael Ayandiran
Michael Ayandiran 8 days ago
Funny of how KSI humbled this dude
alan dolan
alan dolan 8 days ago
this vid is so jokes
Mario Nitu
Mario Nitu 9 days ago
KSI “ We are boxing right ? Logan : what’s 10x10 ?
XOUTHILL666 10 days ago
Anyone here in 2020
nusrat -.
nusrat -. 10 days ago
logan was big mouthing and ksi beat him and now jakes big mouthing and once again ksi will beat him🤝
Deepa Parakkal
Deepa Parakkal 10 days ago
Love the respect that the both have for each other now.
Deepa Parakkal
Deepa Parakkal 10 days ago
11:22 My favourite moment
FIRE 10 days ago
bruh this did not age well for logan
Ya boy LJ
Ya boy LJ 11 days ago
9:08 the way he said “I am going to consume you” 😂😂
Imad 11 days ago
11:20 try not to laugh
Briya Rose
Briya Rose 11 days ago
Actual footage of a divorced couple at a family court
HaydenC968' '
HaydenC968' ' 12 days ago
11:20 BRUH
chaka lungu
chaka lungu 12 days ago
This white dude is annoying 🚶
Abhiy 13 days ago
Jj how can u hold in from punching him in this interview
EliteSprayT8 13 days ago
My left ear enjoyed this
Caleb Mahabir
Caleb Mahabir 13 days ago
my parents fighting
caleeb 13 days ago
Logan really thought he could beat Ksi
Isaiah Garcia
Isaiah Garcia 15 days ago
I love how JJ is talking about boxing history and Logan is like how does that involve us and yet my dude is talking about math equations like what????!!!
SpaceMan Films
SpaceMan Films 15 days ago
Glenn Cohen
Glenn Cohen 15 days ago
Logan Paul is so bad imagine naming your merch maverick gang
Twitch: Chris0_1_0_1
Twitch: Chris0_1_0_1 8 days ago
You go box him and try to create something that’s meaningful to you that will be successful in ur life, go do that then you talk 9 yr old
Lakshscot 15 days ago
For real Logan don’t know boxing all he knows is maths
Mac 17 days ago
my left ear really liked this video!
Cole Nunn
Cole Nunn 18 days ago
I'm so glad logan lost
siawash kargar
siawash kargar 18 days ago
Imagine watching this interview one hour after a real boxing fight
Eyuel Yiferu
Eyuel Yiferu 19 days ago
I am born in November 19 2,007
Lucca Harrison
Lucca Harrison 19 days ago
2:16 this didn’t age well
SA Strongest
SA Strongest 19 days ago
Why are their chairs flipped, just sit correctly
M01xX Va4 S1yck
M01xX Va4 S1yck 19 days ago
Lol that’s all I gotta say
Spino YT
Spino YT 20 days ago
Is it just me or does the audio just come out the left headphone??
Evis . _xd
Evis . _xd 17 days ago
Not only you
Ur Mom
Ur Mom 20 days ago
mans rlly spit and said something in arabic insulting the iraqi, chaldean, and middle eastern community can’t believe this
Hassan Bashar
Hassan Bashar 8 days ago
Not really. One of his best friends is Lebanese, he’s called George btw. He didn’t insult anyone, you just don’t like Logan Paul.
Yellow 16 days ago
Where bro 😂
RealSwivvy 20 days ago
watching this back, it makes me so fkn happy remembering Logan loosing
F-IYI-F 20 days ago
A math question ! A math question lol logan made me laugh so hard
Aiman Coverss
Aiman Coverss 20 days ago
jj's mental and confidence is unreal, when logan showed deji's dm he really don't care
Kayla Goldstein
Kayla Goldstein 15 days ago
Hunter schepperly
Hunter schepperly 20 days ago
KSI got lucky that he won lets be honest. Logan won both fights, KSI is one of the worst fighters I have ever seen, just look at his punches.
sultan wibisono
sultan wibisono 3 days ago
Jay Ajayi
Jay Ajayi 21 day ago
This was tooooo funny
Josh Van Wyk
Josh Van Wyk 21 day ago
16:09 maybe if Logan raise his other hand instead he would have won
Afnan Islam
Afnan Islam 22 days ago
Bruh logan is sooo dumb
Richard O’Leary
Richard O’Leary 22 days ago
5:08 well that was cringe
Thomas Thomas
Thomas Thomas 22 days ago
Logan would be flogged for racism if he asked math to KSI in 2020.
addison thomas
addison thomas 22 days ago
I'm on jjs side but he banged jjs laugh for real
JTL 123
JTL 123 22 days ago
logan won the fight but ah well
Electrifying Destroyer
Electrifying Destroyer 24 days ago
Why does KSI sound like a little kid 😂
Rawan Rimawi
Rawan Rimawi 24 days ago
8:51 the interviewer is DISGUSTED😭😭
Chanelle Lee
Chanelle Lee 25 days ago
I am KSI all the way but at least Logan has actually chilled out a bit now he's not as immature as what he used to be anymore he's matured wow
joeyoeyo 25 days ago
logan was funny
JM 26 days ago
2:12 👀
Bournemouth willwinEPL
Bournemouth willwinEPL 27 days ago
this is the same guy that is 0-1-1
ZS _
ZS _ 27 days ago
This interview will never not be hilarious. 😂 Logan is funny. I honestly miss jj and Logan’s dynamic. Now we gotta deal with jj and Jake😒.
Jessica 27 days ago
It’s so funny watching this after the KSI win ❤️😂 KSI is a legend 👑👑👑
needit 27 days ago
Logi 27 days ago
COSM1C Gaming
COSM1C Gaming 28 days ago
My left ear is weird
COSM1C Gaming
COSM1C Gaming 28 days ago
The speaker next to my charger makes no sound when it’s sideways
COSM1C Gaming
COSM1C Gaming 28 days ago
Why is he trying so hard. Along time ago are used to watch Logan Paul but now I like KSI.
Nitro React
Nitro React 29 days ago
11:21 close your eyes and tell me this doesn’t sound like JJ laughing twice
Blu 6 days ago
Raven Aussie
Raven Aussie 19 days ago
Because Logan's voice is a bit higher, the beginning isn't exactly the same, but the end is 100%.
dawg vm
dawg vm Month ago
dude real fighters be cussing at each other while doing these going crazy and there talking about math and being baby’s🤣😂😂🤣🤣🙂🙂
Man they need some couples counselling
cezz Month ago
Interviewer: "So wh-" Logan and KSI: ⏁⊑⟒ ⍾⎍⟟☊☍ ⏚⍀⍜⍙⋏ ⎎⍜⌖ ⟊⎍⋔⌿⟒⎅ ⍜⎐⟒⍀ ⏁⊑⟒ ⌰⏃⋉⊬ ⎅⍜☌
Señor apex
Señor apex Month ago
Ksi: “you don’t think I got better?” WINDMILL INTENSIFYS
blazing Killer
blazing Killer 3 days ago
@Dreads still lost
Dreads 7 days ago
@blazing Killer so what? We're talking about ksi
blazing Killer
blazing Killer 7 days ago
@Dreads deji and gib lost
Dreads 7 days ago
Still won though
emily dev
emily dev Month ago
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