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We Played AMONG US Zombie Mode! Download TIYA by clicking this link: allsha.re/a/tiyajelly
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Raiden Chang
Raiden Chang 12 hours ago
Chase Matos
Chase Matos 12 hours ago
chase hi
Katie Nelson
Katie Nelson 21 hour ago
Shanecia Solomon
Shanecia Solomon Day ago
Kailyn Mortell
Kailyn Mortell Day ago
Rickert Louw Vermaak
Rickert Louw Vermaak Day ago
Thanks for letting me know about tiya
Rickert Louw Vermaak
Rickert Louw Vermaak Day ago
Thanks for letting me know about tiya I
Juliand Angelo Gumpal
Juliand Angelo Gumpal Day ago
Do more
Ricky Riyanto
Ricky Riyanto Day ago
When he said Thea i thought it was thea and Garrett if you now what i mean
Ludy Yap
Ludy Yap 2 days ago
Ok So I Need The Mode To Install That Mode
cassandra hudson
cassandra hudson 2 days ago
That’s amazing
Jervis Paraggua
Jervis Paraggua 3 days ago
yayy im on youtube
Dom Jarred
Dom Jarred 3 days ago
I saw you in my game jelly I love your videos and you
Flor Monteagudo
Flor Monteagudo 3 days ago
Deepa Mahesh
Deepa Mahesh 3 days ago
but how
Anderson Yim
Anderson Yim 3 days ago
Facebook or apple or google
Anderson Yim
Anderson Yim 3 days ago
I got in Among us tiya and now what
Anderson Yim
Anderson Yim 3 days ago
Poe Meh
Poe Meh 4 days ago
Ok ok ok ok
Beth Reevey
Beth Reevey 4 days ago
Us lobby
Amin Nakhaee
Amin Nakhaee 5 days ago
i eat jelly and it's delicious
Saul Miranda Morales
Saul Miranda Morales 5 days ago
Hi jelly I have Tiya when you alive to play among us
Kim Rabago
Kim Rabago 5 days ago
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 5 days ago
This is how many hours times jelly said zombies. 👇🏻
Madison Randall
Madison Randall 5 days ago
Hi Big Fan
Teriee Cox
Teriee Cox 5 days ago
If jellies ever done anything for me it's cheering me up then
Tom Owen
Tom Owen 6 days ago
Hey jelly I have a sweatshirt
Mahrukh Riaz
Mahrukh Riaz 6 days ago
Alasan Senghore
Alasan Senghore 6 days ago
Thanks for telling me about tiya I now have 28 followers
Saphira Mutambo
Saphira Mutambo 6 days ago
Rayan Ali
Rayan Ali 6 days ago
Jelly. I mum. Kant. Bi. The. Jelly. Sht. Bekuz. Is. Spenv. 😭😭😭
Rayan Ali
Rayan Ali 6 days ago
Jelly. My. Mum. Duzint. Bid. The. Jelly. Shert. Bikz. Is. Spensv
Cesar Eisma
Cesar Eisma 6 days ago
Oh men why do you guys can play and i cant whyy😢
Merlita Candido
Merlita Candido 7 days ago
Check cameras it's even more light
Gary Pennington
Gary Pennington 7 days ago
Pls do a part two iblove the video
Avyon Fields
Avyon Fields 7 days ago
:jelly he’s gonna eat us 🥺 : me he’s not gonna eat u finish ur task
Hamed Benhaddouche
Hamed Benhaddouche 19 hours ago
t3joS 7 days ago
t3joS 7 days ago
you should hide near the lava so that the zombies cant see you
shahid quraishi
shahid quraishi 7 days ago
I have this game mode
GamerBoy11 Kaosoni
GamerBoy11 Kaosoni 7 days ago
How did you get Zombie mode
HoodiePlex 7 days ago
I know tyia but I just can’t find it danget
Kendall Polintan
Kendall Polintan 7 days ago
Let me try # jelly yeah no
Karina Ramos
Karina Ramos 7 days ago
Matthew Hi Jelly you're the best
Karina Ramos
Karina Ramos 7 days ago
Ashley Vercruysse
Ashley Vercruysse 7 days ago
I saw the add for this vid and I love it
Suzamara Pereira
Suzamara Pereira 8 days ago
How do you put the map
Sarah Al-Dallal
Sarah Al-Dallal 8 days ago
Thank you so much 💗
Irma Siller
Irma Siller 8 days ago
jelly I love your videos so much I appreciate I appreciate your videos I want to know why you don't download that you can so you can get 10,000 yen I already know you have to do everything so I don't really do so much
Natali mcdonald
Natali mcdonald 8 days ago
Lol u were on a add lol!
HedgiePlay 8 days ago
Your on the tiya app
Mohamed Baaqir Siddique
Mohamed Baaqir Siddique 8 days ago
Ive been WANTING to play with you, Jelly. I have a question. Is jelly your real name?
James Williams
James Williams 5 days ago
Of course everyone called him jelly
Abidah 9 days ago
Ahahah bro your so funny < 3 love you
Keyla Selvaria Kraus
Keyla Selvaria Kraus 9 days ago
How do you get zombie mode? Use discord or?
benjie morallas
benjie morallas 9 days ago
Jelly ay wana play you me an me en amang as
Mark Meakin
Mark Meakin 9 days ago
Jelly your the best
Rebekah Cummins
Rebekah Cummins 9 days ago
Play minecraft but your a zombie
Hayley Yeo
Hayley Yeo 9 days ago
I love jelly he is so nice!!!!!!!!!
Hayley Yeo
Hayley Yeo 9 days ago
I love jelly he is so nice!!!!!!!!!
P AKMAL KHAN 9 days ago
play with preston
ramya ramya nagraj
ramya ramya nagraj 9 days ago
Wow so cool I'm a boyyy
Jayden Williams
Jayden Williams 10 days ago
I can’t get becuase I’m on apple ios
Zoe White
Zoe White 11 days ago
# jelly
ashwin seevsagath
ashwin seevsagath 12 days ago
Among us you never play?
ashwin seevsagath
ashwin seevsagath 12 days ago
Rita Gray
Rita Gray 12 days ago
# jelly
Yanira Rabelo
Yanira Rabelo 12 days ago
Your Worst Nightmare
Your Worst Nightmare 12 days ago
Carlisle Jayceon Gonzales
Carlisle Jayceon Gonzales 13 days ago
jelly you look like preston u know u guys should be brothers
Mhing Salai
Mhing Salai 13 days ago
내 좀비를 쫓아 내다
Lyam Morningstar
Lyam Morningstar 12 days ago
Mhing Salai
Mhing Salai 13 days ago
하 하하하
Monica Floristeanu
Monica Floristeanu 3 days ago
Bruh whats this
Lyam Morningstar
Lyam Morningstar 12 days ago
Tanya Mariano
Tanya Mariano 13 days ago
# jelly
Kids adventures with Jeff
Kids adventures with Jeff 13 days ago
All jelly
Bj Ballesteros
Bj Ballesteros 13 days ago
How do you do it??
Haransh Singh
Haransh Singh 13 days ago
Good job jelly :)
*•Da Real Cheebs •*
*•Da Real Cheebs •* 13 days ago
Me: * playing with my lego dragon i got for my birthday* Tablet: : *on youtube * This vid: * second down*
Ho Kai Seng
Ho Kai Seng 13 days ago
Jelly i 6 age i can play tiya
Nirvaan Daga
Nirvaan Daga 14 days ago
This is basically among us hide n seek but a zombie version
Eli Masias
Eli Masias 14 days ago
I wanna meet you in real life I wanna meet you in real life
colt butler
colt butler 14 days ago
I remember when jelly just hit 1 mil
Ashwin Reddy Vangala
Ashwin Reddy Vangala 14 days ago
Jellys ping is literally at 500lol
Liven Carl Ellorig
Liven Carl Ellorig 14 days ago
Ying Chen
Ying Chen 15 days ago
XD hilarious vids but im still a fan! XD
Theo Dezan-Fontaine
Theo Dezan-Fontaine 15 days ago
im a new subscriber
JJ Rayes
JJ Rayes 15 days ago
Do you know shut up Dora
Christine Rogers
Christine Rogers 15 days ago
I just search that up And it didn’t work and I didn’t find it so that’s not real
Mark Gerard Sicadsicad
Mark Gerard Sicadsicad 15 days ago
you dead in rell lafe jelly?
Andres Rodriguez
Andres Rodriguez 16 days ago
i know how to get it
Mixels And Sonic Adventures
Mixels And Sonic Adventures 17 days ago
Fun fact: 99 percent of the people who use tiya are 6 I downloaded the app trust me also it asks for stuff like your school and location
Reyn Riley
Reyn Riley 17 days ago
Nadia Durosier
Nadia Durosier 17 days ago
Can you make a new Video about slenderman
Ruby Cleaver
Ruby Cleaver 17 days ago
Wtf 11:13 he literally went threw him like WHAT
Melissa Taylor
Melissa Taylor 17 days ago
Elizabeth CAVANOUGH 17 days ago
Sorry it’s 12 plus I can’t have the app
Ruby Slowik
Ruby Slowik 17 days ago
Jelly I love you
Steveloaf85 s
Steveloaf85 s 18 days ago
mate 18 days ago
Love jelly lol
gamer girl lol egirl
gamer girl lol egirl 18 days ago
More among us
gamer girl lol egirl
gamer girl lol egirl 18 days ago
Abbygaile Galindo (Student)
Abbygaile Galindo (Student) 18 days ago
# jelly
Nunu Sealetsa
Nunu Sealetsa 18 days ago
I like the way he cried at the start
gaming channel
gaming channel 18 days ago
You are a player