7 Alexa Features You Need To Turn OFF Right NOW

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Steve DOES

4 months ago

► Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) - geni.us/PiaH (Amazon)
► Echo Show 8 - geni.us/33u9M (Amazon)
► Echo Show 5 - geni.us/aErO2g (Amazon)
0:00 Intro
0:53 Feature #1
4:08 Feature #2
5:43 Feature #3
6:22 Feature #4
8:27 Feature #5
9:35 Feature #6
10:09 Feature #7
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M M 18 minutes ago
This was so helpful. Will the Alexa run slower if you remove Sidewalk....dont want it to slow down my ring
glissa jones
glissa jones 23 hours ago
Great video!!!!
Steve DOES
Steve DOES 3 hours ago
Raymond Spagnuolo
Raymond Spagnuolo Day ago
Very helpful,. Thanks!
Steve DOES
Steve DOES 2 hours ago
Glad it was helpful!
Pure Luck
Pure Luck 2 days ago
I don’t even have an Amazon echo and I’m still watching this video
Clay Cassin
Clay Cassin 4 days ago
I will never have to turn off any of Alexa's "features". Ever. I also believe in exercising enough to get up and turn on a light switch. It's the least I can do for my physical well being. If I ever become paralyzed, please just leave the light on.
Happy Wanderer
Happy Wanderer 5 days ago
1. I didn't even have this app on my phone. I had to first find out how to add it. 2. Great video. 3. Easy to follow along and pause. 4. He doesn't speak in what I call 'speed rap' like a lot of youtubers do so that was really nice. 4. I don't do things like shop or email on my phone - all I do is make a few calls or text now and then when I'm away from home. (I have a landline which is my primary phone) So knowing this stuff was very helpful. So, because of my limited usage of the phone, do I really even need this app? Are all of those things that I just turned off there whether or not I have the app? If not, then I'll just delete it and go back to the way it was.
Pete Jiles
Pete Jiles 5 days ago
Earned a sub and a like. Keep it up
kerry powell
kerry powell 6 days ago
Really interesting, i liked the brief mode as i didn’t know it was there
Brenda D
Brenda D 6 days ago
Thank you.
Silver Legend
Silver Legend 7 days ago
Why do these expect us to subscribe before we have watched and been able to judge whether or not they merit subscription?
EdWilsonPhoto 8 days ago
Thank god I have no dogs..
Gabriella Garcia
Gabriella Garcia 8 days ago
I cant find the sidewalk
Abby Cross
Abby Cross 8 days ago
Thank god they removed the sidewalk option altogether.
Brian Barringer
Brian Barringer 8 days ago
Thanks for the video. Very helpful video.
James Eiden
James Eiden 10 days ago
Wait what? Your dog has a Bluetooth device on the collar. How could it use WiFi in your sidewalk settings. I have tile which uses Bluetooth
HIGHLY FAVORED 11 days ago
WOW this was very helpful. With all the electronic gizmos, and suspicion, you have to wander if you're being spied on in your home with these devices. Should you get them, get rid of them, or what? Thanks to you, I am now aware of the features that are very helpful to at least eliminate the concern, but yes I know that every things or could it, be done with a lot of devices; THANKS!
Michael Taylors
Michael Taylors 11 days ago
Like one can truly disable any of these snooping features .. lmaof
Mitch Smith
Mitch Smith 12 days ago
So. Is there a dongle for this mouse or not. I got it bc I thought it did not need a dongle. But from another another video I watched there’s a dongle. I’m confused. Lol
Kimberly Smith
Kimberly Smith 12 days ago
Thanks I’m going to look at your channel for more help
Gabriel Hagar
Gabriel Hagar 14 days ago
Very helpful video, every step well explained and most importantly this gentleman does not speak a mile a minute like some others do, thank you STEVE!
R 15 days ago
Sidewalk doesn’t seem to be an option in the uk.
Tony Gotelli
Tony Gotelli 16 days ago
How could your neighbors access your internet service without a password? I don’t get it.
Bill Zardus
Bill Zardus 17 days ago
Nothing personal Steve but I'm pretty sure if this sidewalk issue was REALLY a problem , more people than you would realize it, because we would be hearing about any problems on the major news networks. It's not like Amazon is some tiny company that noone pays any attention to. I just did a news search for news stories about "Amazon sidewalk" and the only results were story after story from a bunch of tech "geniuses" warning to turn this feature off or face dire consequences. There is not even (1) one news story anywhere in this country about someone having a demonstrable problem with Amazon sidewalk.
Davin Hattaway
Davin Hattaway 17 days ago
Thank you for the tip about "hunches". That thing was driving me batty!
Matthew Jenkins
Matthew Jenkins 17 days ago
Why would anyone concerned about privacy, purchase an internet connected device that listens to EVERYTHING? Serious question.
Rali272 19 days ago
thank you
Jessica Holmes
Jessica Holmes 21 day ago
Thank you for going into detailed explanation on everything you talked about. Extremely helpful
Little Camper NZ
Little Camper NZ 21 day ago
Have followed your advice on turning off Amazon Sidewalk but it doesn't appear in the account settings list. Can you help?
W Hall
W Hall 23 days ago
You can also say alexa do not disturb to disable drop in.
Nick WARWICK 24 days ago
Mine activates every time there is an Amazon commercial on tv. Thanks for all the tips. I will be shutting down some stuff for sure.
Malkazoid 24 days ago
Thanks for this! Do you know much about the energy use dashboard feature? I'm wondering whether, in the future, zigbee devices connected to a third party hub that integrates with alexa via a skill, will be able to report energy use as well, and contribute to the stats in the alexa app energy dashboard?
Glyn Radcliffe-Brine
Glyn Radcliffe-Brine 25 days ago
You had me worried about Sidewalk. Fortunately it's not available in the UK. Phew!
Garfield Willacey
Garfield Willacey 25 days ago
How do you make the Ring light bulbs not auto shutoff?
Kiasaur 26 days ago
I'm just waiting to see the Alexa phone when it comes out. We all know it's coming.
Jackie Collins
Jackie Collins 27 days ago
Thanks, great help!
Tricia Booth
Tricia Booth 27 days ago
The app I downloaded today doesn't have the sidewalk feature, at least not in the place you showed. It has recognised voices, kid skills, voice purchasing and workouts in that section. Can you tell me how to turn sidewalk off in the updated app please.
Fubar2Niner 28 days ago
Amazon Sidewalk does not shows in settings ??? I'm using Echo show 10 3rd gen. Any ideas?
Steve DOES
Steve DOES 28 days ago
They are rolling this feature out so you might not have it yet.
Susan League
Susan League 29 days ago
Is sidewalk an issue when you live rurally? My neighbors are not close.
Dave Bostock
Dave Bostock 29 days ago
Why oh why don't they allow you to set up a custom activation word?
Nom Nom nom
Nom Nom nom Month ago
Just don’t buy one, best option
Holly O
Holly O Month ago
This is super helpful. I think it would be nice if Amazon would make these features a little more clear. These are HUGE privacy issues
You Nes
You Nes Month ago
Thank you so much Steve . I hope you do a short video on how to update Alexa devices
Child of the Higher Power
Child of the Higher Power Month ago
This makes me scare to use this Echo device, all of these alien features
Curtis Pazar Jr
Curtis Pazar Jr Month ago
thank you!!!!
Jay Will
Jay Will Month ago
Eventually they will just make it so it can’t be turned off or they limit your services if you don’t play ball.
MorRobots Month ago
What examples do you have of Amazon having poor privacy practices?
Lisa Lee-Lee
Lisa Lee-Lee Month ago
Very informative! Thanks much!!
Dale Winters
Dale Winters Month ago
Thanks, great job, looking forward to seeing more
Susan Anderson
Susan Anderson Month ago
i am having trouble with alexa showing photos from my phone that haven't been selected. i went to settings; then photos/ devices i picked 125 photos to show ...why is it showing extra photos that aren't chosen?
Susan Anderson
Susan Anderson Month ago
the photos are from texts that I have sent to people
Martha Serra Beattie
Martha Serra Beattie Month ago
steve thank you for your info, I have 2nd generation echo suddenly stop, is complete dead, I did everything like unplugged, reset and nothing what is your advice? In my menu I don't find many features that you mention, for example you said: in the app goes to more, setting at the botton my is calendar& Email, lists, reminders, photos and in after that is General, about, please could you tell what should I do?/please
Jill Burns
Jill Burns Month ago
Excellent and very concise. So many people on these instruction videos get so wordy! Your “cut to the chase” format was so enjoyable!!
Your Style by Alma
Your Style by Alma Month ago
Great advice thank you
Mx2 CE
Mx2 CE Month ago
Well done. I truly believe you organize, format and present info the best of anyone on USposts and elsewhere for that matter! Since A LEx a listens randomly (in error of course 🤐) I recommend keeping “never” as a setting for keeping recording. Retired Gov’t employees think this best lol
Darlene L
Darlene L Month ago
Does the sidewalk feature help locate lost Package deliveries from Amazon?? A house in my neighborhood had my package &they were able to track what house had my package
Anna 768
Anna 768 Month ago
I followed your instruction but it dose not have sidewalk I have Samsung s10plus
Nicola Brooks
Nicola Brooks Month ago
All this smart stuff watching us !
Jon Jon
Jon Jon Month ago
If you have to turn off things why in the hell would you want one?
ciscoallah Month ago
way to copy the big boys, and invade privacy.. thanks al.xza! very helpful video.. ill inform my friends and family about the sidewalk..
Jeff Zest
Jeff Zest Month ago
My annual IT security class actually instructed us to turn off Echo Show when dealing with sensitive documents!
David Molloy
David Molloy Month ago
Thanks very much for a really great video.❤️
Monica Gandy
Monica Gandy Month ago
Admission RISE IN ELECTRICITY COST 3/1/2021- 7:28pm
Dakota Silva
Dakota Silva Month ago
drop in (in my own home) is actually how I confirmed that my ex was cheating on me
authenticoverreplica Month ago
Damnnnn.. what's the story?
Tracey Lea
Tracey Lea Month ago
How do I unsubscribe from in skill subscription? I was playing games in skills. When I checked the activity it said I subscribed to a game and they will be charging me every month! I didn't even realise I had done that. Can not find the settings to cancel it.
Tracey Lea
Tracey Lea Month ago
In the first tip. My account settings are different to yours. I don't have side walk 🤷‍♀️ why do u think that is? I have- kids skills, Recognised voices, Voice purchasing and work outs!?
Wonder Ful
Wonder Ful Month ago
Good video
C Hazel
C Hazel Month ago
Absolutely valuable. Thank you.
Hydro Knight
Hydro Knight Month ago
Ridiculous. 100% Stupid. Curious? Feel free to ask.
Flash photography Lee Hensman
Flash photography Lee Hensman Month ago
You really need to do so research before offering advice.
MissouriMatt54 Month ago
Thank you for the informative video.
Twinkle Month ago
My Advice Throw her in the Garbage then she cant Spy on you!
Noel Hartley
Noel Hartley Month ago
Hi, dose anyone know how to disable the clock from the screen when photos are being viewed?
vOCesUGa1 Month ago
be a man, just turn alexa off!!
Kathy Shanks
Kathy Shanks Month ago
Thank you Steve- l am subscribed and sharing!
Steve DOES
Steve DOES Month ago
Thank you Kathy. :)
Graham Arnold
Graham Arnold Month ago
uk calling ----one or two things different here but 10/10 great video great help.
Kathryn Robinson
Kathryn Robinson Month ago
This video is extremely helpful. This is the first video that clearly allowed me to see the settings that he is referring to. Thank yout
David Page
David Page Month ago
As of Feb 2021 in the UK features including Sidewalk and Alexa Guard are still not yet available 🇬🇧
K j Hutson
K j Hutson Month ago
Thank you. 🌹
James Chapman #Autodetailing
James Chapman #Autodetailing 2 months ago
Cool video Thanks
Nedra Waters
Nedra Waters 2 months ago
Thank you! That was so helpful, I just received my Echo Show 8 today.
Smitty 2 months ago
I disabled mine when I heard about it. Watching this video I check to be sure it was still disabled. Instead it was enabled again. No trust here.
G H 2 months ago
Omg sir, you are so awesome, thanks so much for this tutorial loaded with very useful info! My issue is that she no longer understands the resume command after I pause a song or playlist so i lose my spot & i must Stop it & start all over again from the beginning & i might have a playlist of 30, 50, or 100 songs. Sadly, live chat with Alexa"s kive help reps haven't helped any, they are useless! Anyhow, subscriber here!
Steve DOES
Steve DOES 2 months ago
I’m happy to hear it helped. :)
Joshua Skains
Joshua Skains 2 months ago
Yes, you have to say the wake word. A basic knowledge of networking and streaming bandwidth should comfort people. There is no way that having every echo device constantly streaming recordings to home base without major network swamping.
Lexxy S.
Lexxy S. 2 months ago
wow brief mode is a game changer, thank you!
Smash Ogre
Smash Ogre 2 months ago
Great video! These are some excellent tips.
Markus Loving
Markus Loving 2 months ago
Thanks so much for this. I love the convenience and smart home features of Alexa but have always been concerned with the privacy issue. I've subscribed and look forward to your videos! Cheers!!
Unconsciouzone 2 months ago
I have noticed this algorithm recommending videos (sometimes) years old....based on very specific keywords I've used in the comments section on random videos The more it happens the more I'm keying into it.
Kevin Atwell Class A Detailing IDA CD,MC
Kevin Atwell Class A Detailing IDA CD,MC 2 months ago
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !! Stay safe and well God bless
Charles Restivo
Charles Restivo 2 months ago
Who cares
Solomon M
Solomon M 2 months ago
Thank you Sir!
N. R.
N. R. 2 months ago
There’s another powerful option .... unplug Alexa from power and sell it.
isithotmama 2 months ago
You can verbally tell Alexa to "delete everything i said today" I do it every night before i go to bed
isithotmama Month ago
@cloud you can go into privacy settings in the alexa app. I believe the option is there
cloud Month ago
but how do i take it off
SuperZero! 2 months ago
This basically confirms why I do not have Alexa in my house... .
Aquarian Dawn
Aquarian Dawn 2 months ago
Since we know Alexa listens for its name we know Alexa is always listening.
mark m.
mark m. 2 months ago
A really creepy gets a really creepy toy. Do you have a slave in training in the basement?
Life Automated
Life Automated 2 months ago
What door lock do you use?
Life Automated
Life Automated 2 months ago
Dude! I love drop ins. It’s the only way I can get my wife to look at her phone
Life Automated
Life Automated 2 months ago
I liked the setting too but I don’t want to be the guinea pig
Russell Briscoe
Russell Briscoe 2 months ago
Whilst watching your video I tried my Alexa app , it told me something gone wrong , try later 🤔..!
Bee Quinn
Bee Quinn 2 months ago
Great video you made it so easy to follow, do you have any information on Android devices please
ChiPrincess23 2 months ago
I just got an Echo and they must have changed that sidewalk option. It was actually one of the first things that popped up for me to enable or not enable.
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