Producer Reacts to Olivia Rodrigo - Drivers License

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Blake McLain

15 days ago


Jobi 7 days ago
Driving instructor reacts to Driver's License.
Talented Nia
Talented Nia Day ago
Bangun A. Wijaya
Bangun A. Wijaya Day ago
I am dead
Akari-San 2 days ago
Rudaina X •TGTATBO•
Rudaina X •TGTATBO• 2 days ago
@Alandria lmaoooooo
Shivam Kapoor
Shivam Kapoor 3 days ago
Samir she’s breaking the car
Nelushi Koralage
Nelushi Koralage 29 minutes ago
I LOVE ur voice omf
Aaron Alamillo
Aaron Alamillo Hour ago
Check out ally marie she has an amazing voice and I plan on working with her soon hopefully you can work with us too
Van D’amelio
Van D’amelio Hour ago
Me: oh my! He predicted the whole flow of the song Other side of me: I think this producer guy already played this song before shooting a video about this. A false prophet perhaps 😅
Coco Francecisco
Coco Francecisco 4 hours ago
856k in just 2 weeks! Wow!
Joel Sunny Violin
Joel Sunny Violin 5 hours ago
i did a violin cover of this ✌🏽
Alex Barlow
Alex Barlow 8 hours ago
you should listen to jaden hossler’s version of this song!! he releases music under the mononym “jxdn”. i really think you’d get the drums and guitars you were looking for😌
Blowjina Wilson
Blowjina Wilson 8 hours ago
Isnt the second hook the bridge? The tiny hook is the chorus.
Desmond Macedo
Desmond Macedo 14 hours ago
... i like how he knows what's coming in the song, either music is predictable these days, or he ain't listening to it first time
csb 14 hours ago
Please do a reaction KZ TANDINGAN version of "ROLLING IN THE DEEP" in The Singer 2018
Rick Morty
Rick Morty 15 hours ago
first ever video ive seen subscribed halfway through
Audrey Yohan
Audrey Yohan 15 hours ago
this is a great reaction vid!~
TashiStudios 16 hours ago
I’ve never felt a connection with an artist like Olivia since billie eilish and lizzo.
Jade Edgington
Jade Edgington 17 hours ago
Gotta react to skin by sabrina!!!!!
Janet M.
Janet M. 20 hours ago
Matthew Anderson
Matthew Anderson 20 hours ago
This man is a genious
Naoise McCarthy
Naoise McCarthy 23 hours ago
I know Queen is a very old band, but I would love to see you give your thoughts on Queen, or Artic Monkeys...
Simply Underrated
Simply Underrated 23 hours ago
The part that you were talking about where you would build the tension isn’t that called the bridge of the song
I'm Just JhoKing
I'm Just JhoKing Day ago
The bridge >>
sekar arum
sekar arum Day ago
I really wanna watch you react to younger by ruel
Anastasiia Day ago
you just made me smile because of how you love this!
Sophia Alessandra Ailsa
Sophia Alessandra Ailsa Day ago
React to wake up madison Reyes
chhavi Sharma
chhavi Sharma Day ago
okay I don't know how but he legit predicted the whole song like damn Blake that's why I clicked subscribe so fast
Sophia Alessandra Ailsa
Sophia Alessandra Ailsa Day ago
React to more of her work, eg wondering, all i want and river please
chhavi Sharma
chhavi Sharma Day ago
I'm really interested in knowing what he keeps drinking in every video
Benjamin Little
Benjamin Little Day ago
dude how the tf is he guessing every single thing thats gonna happen like damn dude what the fuck are you a fortune teller-
exotic bottle
exotic bottle Day ago
wtf this has like 15k views when I watched
Binee Ameera
Binee Ameera Day ago
Please do reaction for her song “ All I want “. Pleeeeeeeease
Sarah Day ago
his hair oh my god!!😍
Ametaf Johora
Ametaf Johora Day ago
is it just me or is blake lowk highkey cute asf
Ametaf Johora
Ametaf Johora Day ago
he literally predicted the entire song structure, knows exactly what he's talking about
Kylah Margolis
Kylah Margolis Day ago
You should react to conan grays kid know album, he just recently blew up this summer from his song heather and he wrote all the songs himself And he also has an ep called sunset season that he wrote and produced him self when he was 18
Ahona Chowdhury
Ahona Chowdhury Day ago
you have to react to sabrina carpenter's new song skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
valeriano calledo
valeriano calledo Day ago
shes a great songwritter and singer
Carlee Ferguson
Carlee Ferguson Day ago
I love watching someone talk about something they’re passionate about and your smile says it all 🥰
Haleigh Tagert
Haleigh Tagert Day ago
react to Sabrina Carpender’s song “skin” (it’s the reply to drivers license))
Paul Lab
Paul Lab Day ago
Don't react to Sabrina's song she's just riding the success of Driver's License. 🤡
Josh Cartwright
Josh Cartwright Day ago
Love this reaction
Rafa Rodriguez
Rafa Rodriguez 2 days ago
he's so hopeful 😆
V JF 2 days ago
React to Sabrina Carpenter "skin"
Jack Rhythm
Jack Rhythm 2 days ago
I just uploaded a remix of this amazing song on my channel. Would appreciate any support :)
Madison erickson
Madison erickson 2 days ago
I knew she would do something great in music after seeing her in Bizardvark!
shannon voss
shannon voss 2 days ago
Katrina verlade go the distance is so awesome
Ritika Siwach
Ritika Siwach 2 days ago
omg I've been addicted to seeing reactions to drivers license but this one was my favourite and I felt so excited when he LITERALLY predicted everything about the song correctly, kinda made my day in a sense
m 2 days ago
When you predicted the bridge part without knowing this artist, I insta subscribed
Noah Thomas
Noah Thomas 2 days ago
Please do anyone by justin bieber
proudsabrina 2 days ago
react to Sabrina Carpenter - Skin please!!
Fiona Ringgani
Fiona Ringgani 2 days ago
mans just predicted the whole song
Cecilia Van Ness
Cecilia Van Ness 2 days ago
I don’t know why but I think she needs a colab with Ed Sheeran.
Elise Collins
Elise Collins 2 days ago
React to Skin by Sabrina
sander Locsin
sander Locsin 2 days ago
Please react to KZ Tandingan singing '' Say Something'' on Singer 2018 held in China. Thank you.
Hannah 2 days ago
Amorzolo Hollero
Amorzolo Hollero 2 days ago
Vins Sings
Vins Sings 2 days ago
The bridge is a cartoon tune
ABMarianne 2 days ago
I’m obsessed with this song and I want so bad an album
Mason Mas
Mason Mas 2 days ago
fake reaction
HuNG 2 days ago
me when i am reacting to yummy
Janet Madera
Janet Madera 2 days ago
Mary Jane
Mary Jane 2 days ago
My eyes were glued on him the entire time 😍😍
Janaelle M
Janaelle M 2 days ago
React to skins by Sabrina carpenter
Yanje Pau
Yanje Pau 2 days ago
She is half Pilipino and emm ma proud of her😚
sokhita b
sokhita b 2 days ago
Oh there’s a secondary hook alright! Lol
Giselle Castro
Giselle Castro 2 days ago
The way you predicted everything amused me WOW😮
nisha 2 days ago
why yall surprised he guessed the song its a pretty basic structure and he is literally a producer
Holly & Elysia
Holly & Elysia 2 days ago
you look like joe jonas
Malia Johnson
Malia Johnson 2 days ago
Can you do James Charles’s new cover of drivers license? I’d like to know what a prof thinks of his singing :)
Ametaf Johora
Ametaf Johora Day ago
might be better to look at a vocal coach instead, bc he's a producer and not rly a vocal expert
Im_A_Fan 2 days ago
This man looks like Kevin or Joe Jonas....
jayem 2 days ago
She's half filipino 🇵🇭❤
Ozzy !!
Ozzy !! 2 days ago
People are saying that his predictions are good, but is that not a bad thing? Isnt making music supposed to be trying to make something unique???
Ametaf Johora
Ametaf Johora Day ago
i mean unique music is good but a lot of music making is also about using similar patterns or strategies in different ways
Nick Brennan
Nick Brennan 2 days ago
The fact that you predicted the secondary chorus, god damn.
Emma Chan
Emma Chan 2 days ago
I remember her from BIZARDVARRRRKKK
Sara Clark
Sara Clark 2 days ago
can someone explain to me the difference between a secondary chorus and a bridge?
Blake McLain
Blake McLain 2 days ago
Try John Mayer My Stupid Mouth! It’s a good example!
Sara Clark
Sara Clark 2 days ago
@Blake McLain cool. Thanks! I'm now going to spend my night listening to all my favorite songs and seeing if anything I thought was a bridge was really a secondary chorus
Blake McLain
Blake McLain 2 days ago
A secondary chorus is where all of the tension resolves and feels like a normal chorus would. A bridge is more of an aside and creates more tension to set up a release with a final chorus. Haha
Phyllis Knoll
Phyllis Knoll 2 days ago
Um... How did he predict the entire song? I think he watches these before. 😏🧐🤔
Hya Ali
Hya Ali 2 days ago
Why does he look like one of the dolan twins....anyway-
Nícolas Fleitas
Nícolas Fleitas 3 days ago
yo idk but this dude looks like an assasin´s creed character
Gabriella Francesca
Gabriella Francesca 3 days ago
LOVED hearing your predictions/analysis of this song and what it gets so right. Definitely agree that there was potential for things to go bigger with the bridge - I actually just threw together a mashup of it with Green Light by Lorde to see how it'd sound with an uptempo instrumental that hits a big drop and it definitely makes the song a lot more euphoric - but also agree that it was a really nice choice on her part to keep it soft/dreamy. Adds a quiet resignation that really resonates. Awesome vid!
Cody McManus
Cody McManus 3 days ago
Olivia Rodrigo is breaking RECORDS with Drivers License!!
Janaya T.
Janaya T. 3 days ago
how did you just predict everything that was going to happen before it did😂
Piny Chan
Piny Chan 3 days ago
5:46 that is called a bridge for anyone interested
Emily Torres
Emily Torres 3 days ago
Last time I've been hearing a song over and over again was when shawn Mendes released "perfectly wrong"... Guess which song I'm not getting out of my head now lol
Itzel serrano
Itzel serrano 3 days ago
prouduser reacts to olivia rodrigo drivers licens
Sara Rahman
Sara Rahman 3 days ago
*My brother is Olivia's biggest fan from her debute and he did a (Drivers Licence by Olivia Rodrigo)(✿^‿^) hope you'll listen*
Mu jitsu da
Mu jitsu da 3 days ago
that was the cutest intro i've ever seen
33-Samarth Sharma_7E
33-Samarth Sharma_7E 3 days ago
i love his reaction.
Jen 3 days ago
Wait. Is Dan nitro or Blake McLain the producer..... I’m really confused
nick destreza
nick destreza 3 days ago
we stan olivia rodrigo
Tom Bantilo
Tom Bantilo 3 days ago
Proud pinoy
L’inconnu du bataillon
L’inconnu du bataillon 3 days ago
producer yet can't have nice mic settings
Irtiii 3 days ago
no one: him: "i feel like shes gonna start talking about red lights, stop signs and seeing his face in white cars"
Janice Quintanilla
Janice Quintanilla 15 hours ago
slime __
slime __ Day ago
@Candice Laurel around 5:08 he’s basically saying there’s going to be a 2nd chorus different than the first chorus
Candice Laurel
Candice Laurel 2 days ago
Sasha Sukach
Sasha Sukach 2 days ago
😂😂😂 For real tho!😂
Ryan Olson
Ryan Olson 3 days ago
#BlakeMcklain #GreysonChance Please react to HOLY FEELING By Greyson Chance And his album Portraits. There is so much meaning behind this amazing artist who sang paparazzi in 2010 he is a changed individual. Also love your content you keep me going to share your channel through watching you succeed in you journey
Joshua Martin
Joshua Martin 3 days ago
*The only time we can say:* *ONLY people who came from TikTok* *Can like this:* 👇
Romel Amores
Romel Amores 3 days ago
Jade Renmar Comeros
Jade Renmar Comeros 3 days ago
The fact that she's partly Filipino. Come on! Olivia's singing skills isn't a surprise anymore. It's running in her veins already
Candice Laurel
Candice Laurel 2 days ago
Sanaol kasing galing niya. Filipino has a talent for singing
Mia Gonzalez
Mia Gonzalez 3 days ago
I love the way he just guessed the whole song
David Sicari
David Sicari 3 days ago
People who think these "first reaction videos" are literally their first reaction = clowns
Kristin Tambongco
Kristin Tambongco 3 days ago
the way u called what was about to come everytime lol
R Alshraify
R Alshraify 3 days ago
U predicting the bridge is the cutest thing evvverr and when u saw iy happened omh adorable this is the first vid i see of u n nw im obsessed with u ive never leaved a reaction vid more
Theater Kid
Theater Kid 3 days ago
Yo, could you do something like top ten songs written by kids of 2020 or something like that?
Niamh Costello
Niamh Costello 3 days ago
So you watched it before you recate d
Quinn Hoagland
Quinn Hoagland 3 days ago
5:41 “Yes yes, SEE Haah.! Amazing. Perfect. Brilliant.” *huge smile on face* Loved that reaction!!
Lil Penny
Lil Penny 3 days ago
Next popstar. #olivia #philippines
Luisina Letizia
Luisina Letizia 3 days ago
Pleeeeease react to DREAMs by Gonzalo Martin!!!!
Jack Clark
Jack Clark 3 days ago
This man definitely listened to this before lol
Ametaf Johora
Ametaf Johora Day ago
nah, just a producer who knows his stuff
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