Terrorizing My Friends in Proximity Chat Among Us

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12 days ago

Proximity chat allows you to talk ingame using open mic, but only when other players are nearby
Courage: usposts.info
Minx: usposts.info
5up: www.twitch.tv/5uppp
Tubbo: www.twitch.tv/tubbo
Anita: www.twitch.tv/sweet_anita
Jesse: www.twitch.tv/jessesmfi
Basetrade: www.twitch.tv/basetradetv
Ze: usposts.info
Botez: www.twitch.tv/botezlive

Ben Wrycraft-Jane
Ben Wrycraft-Jane Minute ago
5up: If you know you know
Shadow Wolf
Shadow Wolf 12 minutes ago
holy crap, corpse was a crewmate for once
VLone-_- 14 minutes ago
Do you have a hole in your throat after 30 years of smoking that you cover up to talk and that's why your voice is so ugly
Su Marlie
Su Marlie 34 minutes ago
I love corpse
Juli H
Juli H 50 minutes ago
This "straight to hell line" 😂
GEO 58 minutes ago
Daniel Gian F. Gubat
Daniel Gian F. Gubat Hour ago
**The game wants corpse to be impostor**
Mason Hall
Mason Hall Hour ago
Not Gonna lie your voice would sound scary to hear at late at night.
P M Hour ago
Honestly bro I used to watch his videos ALOT like he was my favorite USpostsr, now I can’t even watch him with out being associated with his weird new fans
Cookie Hour ago
Everyone: proximity chat so cool ! Me: did corpse just saw the imp kill and didn’t say anything????
Blinx. Hour ago
Why did tubbo just not care about the fact he saw 2 people dance on a body on cams 4:51
Landon Hunt
Landon Hunt 2 hours ago
Twitter notification? no! Anita.
Morskiszczur 2 hours ago
CouRageJD... In polish slang JD means "Fuck Diss"
Mimamoo 2 hours ago
Sam Rawles
Sam Rawles 2 hours ago
”enjoy me killing my new friends again”
SansAsriel 50
SansAsriel 50 2 hours ago
Nobody: Minx’s cam at 18:27 : *C H A I R*
Olimar831 2 hours ago
11:56 - 12:14 Some Kinky Suff ;)
Common Bee
Common Bee 3 hours ago
this channel are one of the rare channel to hit a million sub a month
Joe Swanson
Joe Swanson 3 hours ago
Corpse sounds like the perfect person to tell horror stories
NateDog 0907
NateDog 0907 3 hours ago
Hmmmmm is corpse simping
darthcarrots 3 hours ago
Corpse giving Tubbo the go-ahead to murder in front of him has to be my favorite bit LOL
Jaslene Brickhouse-Deluna
Jaslene Brickhouse-Deluna 3 hours ago
Hey! Feel free to join my discord sever! Its random so make sure to be nice and follows the rules! discord.new/Tpq7wu6ZCBcG
Jess Atkins
Jess Atkins 3 hours ago
"Where we heading?" "Straight to hell buddy" my favorite line ever
LittleMissRose 3 hours ago
How does Corpse always end up being the Impostor-
Natalie Thomison
Natalie Thomison 3 hours ago
How come no one is talking about this??? 10:34 CouRage: Is your name red, Botez? Botez: No, my cherry is..... on my green head............
pokmon6 fan
pokmon6 fan 3 hours ago
I feel bad for courage😔
Gavin McCarthy
Gavin McCarthy 3 hours ago
I love CORPSE laugh❤️
Fernando Alfian
Fernando Alfian 3 hours ago
cereal box
cereal box 4 hours ago
Tanaka Pride
Tanaka Pride 4 hours ago
Corpse's voice when he killed Tubbo in round one, just so smooth yet dangerous.
Priyanka Chuphal
Priyanka Chuphal 4 hours ago
Is no going to talk about the sound of courage at 3:31 ? #hilarious 😂
bayla sosa
bayla sosa 4 hours ago
Corpse is one of those people that almost never laughs but you can tell when he is excited and having fun while playing Edit: Jesus 63 likes thanks people
Isaiah Castro
Isaiah Castro 4 hours ago
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Bangcok_ At11
Bangcok_ At11 5 hours ago
hey tubbo you looking like tommo and qackity hes easy to beat lookin so sweet
Bangcok_ At11
Bangcok_ At11 5 hours ago
where we going buddy to hell me i'm already there kid
Joel Hills
Joel Hills 5 hours ago
2:11 you can hear a korok in the background.
Half-Blind 5 hours ago
Salty Steambags
Salty Steambags 5 hours ago
Imagine youre doing a task and Corpse’s deep ass voice jumpscare you
Impostor 5 hours ago
5:02 What you came for.
6bugz 5 hours ago
Anita muting herself after courage made fun of her tics is so upsetting :/
Kiki Lala
Kiki Lala 5 hours ago
Courage wasn't talking about anita. He was talking about Tubbo's sub notification that's why he was calling out Tubbo
Half-Blind 5 hours ago
Man...killing with style.
Half-Blind 6 hours ago
“Straight to hell, buddy” who else went back to watch it on repeat? 4:52
Elisha Raii
Elisha Raii 6 hours ago
Subscribe corpse please
Brass Monkey
Brass Monkey 6 hours ago
This man sounds exactly like death tbh
Allan Planty
Allan Planty 6 hours ago
12:37 I love corpses laugh
kL kL
kL kL 6 hours ago
He has a crush ..
Tyler holliday
Tyler holliday 6 hours ago
anitas bird tweeting is on point and i love it
Stephanie Monaco
Stephanie Monaco 6 hours ago
Tubbo barley missed 5up killing on cams
Katsuki-Bakugō 6 hours ago
Corpse marinating and murdering his friends in a monotone voice gives me life
Rainbow Deer
Rainbow Deer 6 hours ago
16:47 Anita And Tubbo looking AT each other
Anime Girl
Anime Girl 7 hours ago
Corpse: Le stabb Tubbo's back.
Chicory Greene
Chicory Greene 7 hours ago
tubbo and corpse is the cross over we never knew we needed
FireBurns Gaming
FireBurns Gaming 7 hours ago
Hey corpse I hope all is well I heard that your voice is so deep because you might have acid reflux which might make you lose your voice one day if I could help you I would love to get in contact and maybe help you I am not one of your simps or looking for clout just worried about you and I understand you have anxiety so I understand if you don’t wanna talk my Twitter is TotemicClaw4228 my discord is TotemicClaw4228(pc)#0670
Bluffzi 7 hours ago
Damn the editing 👌
Ari Lester
Ari Lester 7 hours ago
good video
TofuGaming 7 hours ago
Can someone explain to me what tourette syndrome is...thanks
Lean176 7 hours ago
Nate G
Nate G 7 hours ago
Is anyone else thinking "Joker's kitchen" right now?
Kimberly Wilson
Kimberly Wilson 7 hours ago
4:49 Tubbo: where the hell did CORPSE go?? Oh there's CORPSE!! Hey CORPSE!! Where are we heading?? CORPSE: uhhhhhh Straight to hell dude Tubbo: What Also Tubbo: OH WOW WOW WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Micah Baros
Micah Baros 7 hours ago
No one: Absolutely No one: Tubbo: 5cup
Elixir 7 hours ago
i did this with my friends i spoke the whole of yoshikage kiras theme at the end while my 2 other alive friends wegre screaming with reactor on
Valk 7 hours ago
-turn lights off in your room -wait till corpse gets imposter -play hide and seek with proximity chat -shit yourself
Tippyy 7 hours ago
I know Anita has Tourette’s but like, “I’m in love with a fish” has me dying
Kendall Swan
Kendall Swan 8 hours ago
Tubbo: “please don’t stab me in the back like last time” CORPSE: “wdym by last time” Tubbo: “last time you killed me, you stabbed me” CORPSE: ohhh 😈😏 thinks /and I’ll do it again for a chance/
Professor Sunday
Professor Sunday 8 hours ago
Actually super fucking funny
Rice Cake Productions
Rice Cake Productions 8 hours ago
Your voice is so deep 10/10 would listen to again
captain di
captain di 8 hours ago
cropse have ❤️
Medallion Valiance
Medallion Valiance 8 hours ago
11:58-12:08 *COOOOOOOLD* XD
leom9240 leom9240
leom9240 leom9240 8 hours ago
The flashbacks of what 5up was doing during the last round seems almost like a huge twist in a mystery movie.
Gavin Bauer
Gavin Bauer 8 hours ago
Are we not gonna talk about how beautiful Anita is
Ava 8 hours ago
Lmaoooo courage screaming theres a body then biting it was too funny then tubbo lmao he is like the over trusting naive victim that befriends a serial killer .. 😂🤣😅
Jamie Town
Jamie Town 8 hours ago
I like this format of among us. Makes it better to see who's talking
May Sam
May Sam 8 hours ago
You should think about playing with Nux Taku. He's the best crewmate or detective if u want to call him that
SkskskAndIOop 9 hours ago
“Hey corpse where we going?” Corpse: “straight to hell buddy”
xxPenjoxx 9 hours ago
I never clicked on this for so long cos j thought it was another fake corpse channel but you have this one as well! So glad I found out cos this video is gold
-and she dead-
-and she dead- 9 hours ago
That laugh killing killed me- his laugh- when the laugh doesn't match the voice-
Aviston outdoors
Aviston outdoors 9 hours ago
Tubbo seems like a fun guy
queen bee
queen bee 9 hours ago
Why is corpses voice so damb hot lol
Some Sirius Stuff
Some Sirius Stuff 9 hours ago
PURPLE SKELETON 10 hours ago
Fun fact:70% of the views are female simps
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name 10 hours ago
Bruh when she whistles it sounds like Twitter
Cleo DeBagerach
Cleo DeBagerach 10 hours ago
Corpse sounds like Peter Steele
Leetrendyme 10 hours ago
I love corpse laugh
Angela Kennedy
Angela Kennedy 11 hours ago
Wow corpse laughed
Nothingness Nothing
Nothingness Nothing 11 hours ago
Is this the real corpse?
Kiki Lala
Kiki Lala 10 hours ago
Lucy Oakley
Lucy Oakley 11 hours ago
Bruh corpse I love you :D Also I dare you to pin me
Tyler Pena
Tyler Pena 11 hours ago
Proximity chat is so fun
bettina krieger
bettina krieger 11 hours ago
"you like the song jarvis?" "I was doing it first" the conversations are too funny
levi Ackerman
levi Ackerman 11 hours ago
His voice can turn guys gay👁👄👁(it's just a joke👁👄👁)
Imnothappyimgay 11 hours ago
When’s da face reveal bro
Ebonie Jolly
Ebonie Jolly 11 hours ago
Corpse laughs scares me
Ebonie Jolly
Ebonie Jolly 11 hours ago
Who else thinks corpse body is bueatiful
Rias 11 hours ago
You can really be gaaras voice actor
Silver Crystal
Silver Crystal 11 hours ago
anita is a fucking treasure
TheDownloadBoy 11 hours ago
Honestly I really like the real time reactions
Serina Wong
Serina Wong 12 hours ago
this is my first time watching/hearing corpse. It's like markiplier but crank the deep voiceness all the way down sorta want to hear corpse and markiplier have a duet now
NicSun 12 hours ago
Watching this triggered my Tourettes a bit and it was hilarious 😆
Marissa Machuga
Marissa Machuga 12 hours ago
I love your lil piece about anita💞💞💞
Captian Corn
Captian Corn 12 hours ago
Ze: always dead Tubbo: ruthless Corpse: also ruthless Anita: whistling Botez: loud Courage: noms Minx: gamer girl
Brownie 12 hours ago
This is like a horror movie
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