NFL Biggest Hits on Star Players

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Month ago

When a great player gets destroyed
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CoCo Adkins
CoCo Adkins 12 hours ago
This is when football was football.Players know the risk when they played.. I don't want see people get hurt it's just tough game if ya play.
Chop Chop
Chop Chop 17 hours ago
I didn’t know RG3 is a star player! Lol
Ok Buddy
Ok Buddy Day ago
The buccaneers have half of the clips on here holy crap
Neptune Gaming
Neptune Gaming 2 days ago
No Derrick Johnson hits.... u stink at ur job 🤷🏻
Jimmy Nguyen
Jimmy Nguyen 2 days ago
How the hell did Kam Chancellor hit on Vernon Davis didn’t make it on here😅
Travis Jackson
Travis Jackson 3 days ago
It's the bettis hit for ME 😂😂
Tyler Schroeder
Tyler Schroeder 3 days ago
I love the Lewis hit on the Bus! 7:30 That was two big boys colliding right there.
Tyler Schroeder
Tyler Schroeder 3 days ago
Sucks that the majority of these hits are now penalites.
Ethan Pentz
Ethan Pentz 3 days ago
Where is Sheldon Brown's hit on Reggie Bush?
IMP qw1xzy yt
IMP qw1xzy yt 3 days ago
5:03 it was a tackle
Rhett Butcher
Rhett Butcher 4 days ago
3:58 imagine being able to tell people you cracked Ray Lewis
raizinhell1 4 days ago
As expected, Seahawks didn't disappoint
Chato 53
Chato 53 4 days ago
You should do best “lead block” or “pulling guards”!!!!
John Johnson
John Johnson 4 days ago
Super bowl 55 was just the last game in Longest yard after the line gives up on Adam Sandler
Kawner Lin
Kawner Lin 4 days ago
Bro when Mahomes got hit from the back and the front against the Saints, I thought he was def injured
PurpleLightning6was9 4 days ago
It’s crazy that Gronks biggest hit against him barely sent him backwards. All you have to do is compare it to the hit on Kelsi.
BiG JuiCe
BiG JuiCe 5 days ago
This is why they get paid the big buck's!💰
510LIFE OAKLANDER510 5 days ago
I still say the bucs were trying to take out mahomes. Like Joe Namath out.
Dabby Jc
Dabby Jc 5 days ago
This why I love football
Spotty Blanks
Spotty Blanks 5 days ago
No team had better hits on Tom Brady then Denver especially that championship game where they hit him over 20 times.
Santiago Bastidas-Brecht
Santiago Bastidas-Brecht 6 days ago
I think you should do a 'Best "Out of the pocket" plays' video
raizinhell1 4 days ago
Oh so you want to see Russel Wilson plays
DK Williams
DK Williams 6 days ago
Brady got lit up!
M 7 days ago
6:31, 7:11, 8:27
Benny Spears
Benny Spears 7 days ago
Man at 3:22 antonio brown almost broke his neck
Slau 7 days ago
Tom Brady is tuff as toe nails taking all those sacks.
Mauricio Loreto
Mauricio Loreto 7 days ago
Kams hit on Thomas is the super bowl 👍🏽
Mitchell Bradbury
Mitchell Bradbury 8 days ago
What’s funny is half of these aren’t even big hits, well they are but they are just blind side hits 😂😂😂
C. Jones
C. Jones 8 days ago
Football back in the day doesn't get any better than at 5:22
killab 8 days ago
Most surprising guys who got trucked 🚚 to me were: Marshawn Lynch Ray Lewis Ricky Williams Jerome Bettis Shawn Merriman Troy Polamalu
alexander Garcia
alexander Garcia 8 days ago
Bring back old intro!!!
Z P 8 days ago
Damn, DeSean
TheReelArtist _
TheReelArtist _ 8 days ago
That was a dirty hit on Herbert lol
Cu Cu
Cu Cu 8 days ago
Robert Spillane hit on derrick henry?
Yo Go
Yo Go 8 days ago
Brady almost died
Tony Fant Jr.
Tony Fant Jr. 9 days ago
desean jackson and reggie bush hit
Christian Gallagher
Christian Gallagher 9 days ago
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pika pizza
pika pizza 9 days ago
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Riley Isaacs
Riley Isaacs 9 days ago
The one where it was Washington and Detroit that was a clean hit
Earl Simmons IV
Earl Simmons IV 9 days ago
What was the lamar hit for 😂
Floyd Reyes
Floyd Reyes 10 days ago
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BorneAgainShell 10 days ago
0:15 he could have stripped Brady but went for the sack.
Michael Mulligan
Michael Mulligan 10 days ago
T.O. ate that hit from Troy
Ollie Baker
Ollie Baker 11 days ago
0:24 is why he needed 25 masseuses 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Too soon?
JJ Allen
JJ Allen 11 days ago
3:05 I feel bad for smiling right here
William McIver
William McIver 11 days ago
leo lor
leo lor 11 days ago
nothing like a good ole brain damage.
nike kids go go???? lest go
nike kids go go???? lest go 11 days ago
nike kids go go???? lest go
nike kids go go???? lest go 11 days ago
Mini14 11 days ago
The one on hill made me smile
Larry Leos
Larry Leos 11 days ago
Itachi Lowkey
Itachi Lowkey 12 days ago
“I love this song” everytime Brady gets smacked🙂
what about spillanes hit on henry?
FranciscoVids 12 days ago
Mike evens had Winston back
WP SN 12 days ago
I'll give young players credit. I'm part of the generation in their 30's and 40's now, that about a decade ago, all claimed the new headshot-safety emphasis would take hard hits out of football. But these young players have learned to retarget the body-to-body contact in devastating ways. We were wrong. Hits in the NFL are still brutal.
Zeno 12 days ago
Has anyone made a compilation of how many calls weren't made against KC and how many ticky tacky or bad calls were made for TB from the SB? That or how many plays mahomes' made a great play but it was dropped or otherwise ruined by a teammate would be good.
Squid Prodigy Fisk
Squid Prodigy Fisk 12 days ago
Washington got some hitters
Kim Jong Trump
Kim Jong Trump 12 days ago
Every qb hit would be roughing the passer now😔
Treyon Williams
Treyon Williams 13 days ago
That hit on TAE-17 was straight bullshit😂😂, I’m a huge packer fan but I’m not even being biased here... Shit came outta nowhere @2:23
recassid 13 days ago
No Chase Young hit on Joe Burrow :(
Rahsun GamesYT
Rahsun GamesYT 13 days ago
nfl stupidest plays plzzzzzzzz do ive been watching u for 3 years
Desean Jackson Out of cal
Desean Jackson Out of cal 13 days ago
Deshaun Watson has the worst one
Kendrick Johnson
Kendrick Johnson 13 days ago
Missed several Of kam chancellor, Richard Sherman on Jared Goff, Keanu Neal on jimmy grahm, and Vic Beasley on Aaron rodgers
Max Patel
Max Patel 13 days ago
2:00 TO the only one who expects those hits and got no problem with them
Proma Kondu Rajbari Jala
Proma Kondu Rajbari Jala 13 days ago
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Joshua Kippen
Joshua Kippen 13 days ago
Tom Brady and Gronk to the refs :Where’s our flag we paid you to pull flags against the opposite team🤣
jr 2607
jr 2607 13 days ago
Edelmans block v miami should be in there
Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar 14 days ago
Those hits where you cant get get your arms down and its a straight shot to the rib cage are rough.
Donnie McKinney
Donnie McKinney 14 days ago
Hey,Ding productions,how long have you been watching football?
LXR Spamz
LXR Spamz 14 days ago
Bro Tom Brady’s hit,he just gets up and walks away😂
Aelbereth 14 days ago
I don't get this part of the game. The defender always hits a defenseless player. The receiver has his eyes on the ball, he cannot see the defender, he cannot avoid the hit. There is nothing he can do. The defender only has to put his shoulder in and the receiver goes down like a sack of potatoes. It's like taking a candy from a baby. But everybody's cheering around and the defender receives kudos for no effort. WTF?
5 -iwnl-
5 -iwnl- 14 days ago
“Biggest hits on star players” TO: gets up faster than the defender after taking a fully blind hit from a hall of famer
Kiingkiicks 15 days ago
NFL “Bravest Plays” momment
Alex Gomez
Alex Gomez 15 days ago
they should've put juju getting hit by the bangles defends
Yee T
Yee T 15 days ago
Jesus. Loves u
The JOSH L Show
The JOSH L Show 16 days ago
4:15 “let’s learn a new word boys and girls! Rigor Mortis”
Omeny 16 days ago
dont ever hit diggs like that
bdautch20 16 days ago
Frank Gifford?
Niko Piperis
Niko Piperis 16 days ago
Good video, but not a single Sean Taylor clip?
Nolanator7 16 days ago
4:50 Damn, I haven’t heard the name Dante Whitner in a while! Damn he could hit.
ZENITH PHOENIX 16 days ago
Fun fact: After Geno Atkins slammed Deshaun Watson, the next play Watson ran for a 50 yd TD
Jack Robinson
Jack Robinson 16 days ago
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Nissa Vestal
Nissa Vestal 16 days ago
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Shannon Cruz
Shannon Cruz 17 days ago
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J Chase
J Chase 17 days ago
2 things: You have a very loose definition of star clearly Your glorification of dirty hits is disgusting
Gavin Mercier
Gavin Mercier 17 days ago
Good video but I ain’t even gone lie on sum of them wasn’t even really a hard hit just a normal tackle
Frieza Genix
Frieza Genix 17 days ago
Bruh that Aaron Rodgers one looked the worst
Kate Griffin
Kate Griffin 18 days ago
Day four of asking for announcer voice cracks moments
Francisco C.
Francisco C. 18 days ago
Seeing polamalu getting trucked is just not right 😳
Cal L
Cal L 18 days ago
Why’d y’all have to end the video on my boy like that 😂
Cal L
Cal L 18 days ago
Wow I’ve never seen Ray Lewis get blown up like that 3:58
Brett Engel
Brett Engel 18 days ago
Josey jewl got lucky
XE Joshyy
XE Joshyy 19 days ago
Not even derrick henry can survive
Reaxtion 4
Reaxtion 4 19 days ago
Tavian Bohannon
Tavian Bohannon 19 days ago
can you do "nfl best pick six"
pika pizza
pika pizza 19 days ago
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The Tumbling Man
The Tumbling Man 19 days ago
It was so satisfying to see brady get leveled
Gregg Alton
Gregg Alton 19 days ago
It’s crazy to see Norman lay out Kelce like that knowing Henry made him look like a child lmao. Great video though! I miss the early 00’s football before all the rule changes and safety concerns. It’s smart but takes away a chunk of the entertainment value out of football.
Zachary Whitcomb
Zachary Whitcomb 19 days ago
Am I the only one that thinks mahomes losing the ball when Ward hit him should’ve been a fumble and not ruled down? No part of mahomes was touching the ground except his feet
Garrett Farrington
Garrett Farrington 20 days ago
Gotta love the colored. Make one play which there paid millions of dollars to do mind you..and then they take off running and screaming. I understand being hyped and celebrating but my god
3 Vargas
3 Vargas 20 days ago
No Adrian Wilson, Sean Taylor, Ed Reed, nor the New pancake beast Nelson???
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