What's On My New iPhone 12 Pro Max || Kesley Jade LeRoy

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Kesley Jade

Month ago

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Ellie Locke
Ellie Locke 2 days ago
8teen by Khalid is really good
Addison Lester
Addison Lester 7 days ago
where did you get your wallpaper??
Sophia Jeffords
Sophia Jeffords 7 days ago
Where’s your wallpaper from?
Tifah Boyd
Tifah Boyd 8 days ago
How did you grow your channel
Sofia Serrato
Sofia Serrato 9 days ago
555k subs!
ChloeMSP 010
ChloeMSP 010 10 days ago
I would totally buy castify’s cases if they weren’t so expensive.
Camryn Lewis
Camryn Lewis 10 days ago
where did you find the picture you have set as your lockscreen?? i seriously love it so much
Tifah Boyd
Tifah Boyd 11 days ago
How did you grow your channel
Ben Harter
Ben Harter 12 days ago
Ur so amazing
Rebecha Angove
Rebecha Angove 13 days ago
A good song for summer is geronimo by Sheppards I think I play it in the car with my windows down it's such a good bass song
Nicholas Minter
Nicholas Minter 17 days ago
Idk how you have that many cases there like 60$ like you have like 1k in phone cases
Husna Mohammed
Husna Mohammed 19 days ago
Marlboro nights is a good song! Also what is your VSCO?
Husna Mohammed
Husna Mohammed 19 days ago
Marlboro nights is a good song! Also what is your VSCO?
Jordan Cullen
Jordan Cullen 21 day ago
Kelsey I use canvas (student) as well we started using it over the corona virus lockdown and I live in Tasmania
cobra kai
cobra kai 25 days ago
I love the walking dead I have everything of it hi also
Amy English
Amy English 27 days ago
I love among us
Dorothy Yap
Dorothy Yap 27 days ago
Where did u get the Lock Screen from
Eliza Orrock
Eliza Orrock 28 days ago
I like watching them for new apps I could get xx love you and brock you guys are perfect and sooooooooooooooooooo cute
Armari Bass
Armari Bass 28 days ago
dose anyone here use canvas for school
Brookie Q
Brookie Q Month ago
LillyAnn King
LillyAnn King Month ago
At my school we use google classroom
100 subscribers with no videos
100 subscribers with no videos Month ago
All your cases are sooo cute
Cara Payne
Cara Payne Month ago
I don’t know what home is either
Sammy Kenny
Sammy Kenny Month ago
I use canvas!
Amy wade
Amy wade Month ago
yes they do my bother does no Kesley you are not bad
Cassandra Bewley
Cassandra Bewley Month ago
I Luvvvvvvvv eyes and shortcut run
LoLo LoLo
LoLo LoLo Month ago
How many subscribers do you have to have to get a sponsor from casetify
Izzy Plays roblox
Izzy Plays roblox Month ago
My fav couple
Addie jones
Addie jones Month ago
I use canvas! It’s amazing except the fact that it’s school related haha!💕
Eirin West
Eirin West Month ago
Where are those white jeans in the thumbnail from? 🌞😍
Addison Pemberton
Addison Pemberton Month ago
i downloaded eyes and kelsey you were right that was scary
Brooke Arends
Brooke Arends Month ago
We use canvas
Sherrice Roness
Sherrice Roness Month ago
I love your outfit and I love your hair❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍
Lucy's Gaming Life
Lucy's Gaming Life Month ago
Did you move houses
Katlyn Carter
Katlyn Carter Month ago
I can’t wait to get this phone! I need a upgrade bad lol
jaden jackson-derr
jaden jackson-derr Month ago
where did you find your screen saver of Jesus?? i love it!!
jenna jacobs
jenna jacobs Month ago
where did you get the wallpaper picture
Addison Louise
Addison Louise Month ago
Hey kes love u I am ur biggest fan btw if u don’t mind how do u feel about Brock moving
Sydney Month ago
where did she get her wallpaper? i love it💕
Jess Mayb21
Jess Mayb21 Month ago
I use canvas as well! Amazing video Kes! 💗
Keelie Crumbaker
Keelie Crumbaker Month ago
out of my league is a good song
kyleigh farmer
kyleigh farmer Month ago
Kesley everyone uses google classroom im in person and at school and that is what all of my teachers use to do school
Destiny Nicole
Destiny Nicole Month ago
Stop who cares about your iPhone I didn’t ask
Simply Dejah
Simply Dejah Month ago
why’d you feel the NEED to comment that if your mad that she has a iPhone just say that
Jonnayala Jones
Jonnayala Jones Month ago
Sooooo we’re not going to talk about the pictures in tezza ???
Life with Arianaxr
Life with Arianaxr Month ago
my sister use canvas or whatever it spelled
Madilynn Castro
Madilynn Castro Month ago
How do you make a customize case
Nathan Davis
Nathan Davis Month ago
I use canvas as well.
Evie Hintz
Evie Hintz Month ago
Yay! You have your comments back! I loveeeeeeee Kesley! Such an amazing girl. Very much my role model! :)
Nancy Ortiz
Nancy Ortiz Month ago
I feel like I'm the only like kid that has the iPhone 12 Pro Max because I'm only eight
Pinky Boo71
Pinky Boo71 Month ago
There is no way I’m throwing my iPhone 12 Pro Max around like that... I guess she has the money to buy another one but I do not! I’m taking care of this baby.
Morgan Wood
Morgan Wood Month ago
i live for kesleys vlogs
Simran Gorasia
Simran Gorasia Month ago
Hey Kesley do you want to come to London with your family only? Because I have autism when I was younger and I had 2 operations. I will tell a story all about me to your family then I want you to come to my house and have a sleepover.
Madison Robertson
Madison Robertson Month ago
For your summer playlist you need to put the song Survivin by Bastille❤️ilysm❤️
Bknana Edits
Bknana Edits Month ago
I used Google classroom for ELA my 6th grade year but i have used canvas for everything else since then. edit: who dislikes canvas? who likes canvas?
Jordan Ottey
Jordan Ottey Month ago
Kelsey: No one really uses google classroom anymore Me: (sitting here like) I use it for every class
Emma Rouzes
Emma Rouzes Month ago
You got to play Brookhaven on roblox lol
LucasG Month ago
We also use canvas and we live in a life
Cassidy Mergen
Cassidy Mergen Month ago
Guys I’m the 300th comment yaaaaay!
Julia Meier
Julia Meier Month ago
I used to use google classroom but now I use canvas
Bella Best
Bella Best Month ago
How do you get the battery thing
HK BUILDS !! Month ago
Can y’all do a basement update? Love ur vids btw
Erika Brown
Erika Brown Month ago
omg put one direction in the summer playlists!!!!
Savannah Waugh
Savannah Waugh Month ago
I use canvas for online schooling
Bella M
Bella M Month ago
Ucla by RL grime. Awesome song and feels like summer. Great to jam out to in the car
Alli Osgood
Alli Osgood Month ago
Where do you get all of your earnings?
Emilia Lopez
Emilia Lopez Month ago
Kes: no one uses google classroom me: I do :/ lol
Is the collage kit from the dream kit from texxa
Victoria Garrick
Victoria Garrick Month ago
I watched this video yesterday and immediately after I watched it I organized my apps into folders just like Kelsey does and I love it because now I only have one home tab and it makes my home screen look minimal and less cluttered which before I would organize my apps into folders by subject and ended up having two home tabs which I didn’t like so now I am in love with how my home screen looks all thanks to Kesley ☺️
Sydney Rabold
Sydney Rabold Month ago
I use Google classroom every single day at school
Tanisha Khindri
Tanisha Khindri Month ago
Hey. Just played among us with u.
Kendra Roberts
Kendra Roberts Month ago
Where did you find your lock screen picture, I have been trying to search for it but having no luck
87654321j Month ago
I've always wondered what if your phone drops screen side down lol 😂
ava cella
ava cella Month ago
i love this!
madison b
madison b Month ago
KESLEY: "no one uses classroom" ME: that's all I use for school during covid
Tasnim Month ago
Same lol
Bknana Edits
Bknana Edits Month ago
lol!! I have to use canvas but i had to use google classroom in the past.
Renee Quesnel
Renee Quesnel Month ago
Can you link you Apple Music
Patryk Wiecek
Patryk Wiecek Month ago
Actually it’s called widgets nor bubbles 😂🤣
Natasha Simposya
Natasha Simposya Month ago
Summer playlist: ghost town by eben
Katelyn Eriksen
Katelyn Eriksen Month ago
19 you and me by Dan and Shay
Jenika blogs
Jenika blogs Month ago
Kenz Video
Kenz Video Month ago
I love you kes kes you are the sweetest teen ever even know I have never meet you I know cause you are super sweet and kind to other people that you don’t know
Liz Weiland
Liz Weiland Month ago
What is the cloud one called?! I love it so much and I, trying to find it on casetify right now!
Valeria DIY
Valeria DIY Month ago
Kes I use canvas as well!!!
Joana Carranza
Joana Carranza Month ago
You are three years older than me you are 17 and I'm 14 turning 15 on April 13
Jessica Mercer
Jessica Mercer Month ago
What is the app for your battery
k.nicole Month ago
THANK YOU SO MUCH!! i’ve always wondered what you use to edit your photos because they look SO GOOD so THANK YOU!
Celine Oliver
Celine Oliver Month ago
Kesley can you please please please do a screen recording Of how you got your pictures for the photo collage that’s in your current room🥺 I’ve been trying to create a collage and I just don’t know how
Ashleee Rose
Ashleee Rose Month ago
anyone know where to find the picture of christ she has as her wallpaper??
Melaya Florez
Melaya Florez Month ago
ur bedroom is pretty like bro kes I swear every room you’ve had I’ve wanted lmaoo I try to always be like u 🥺❤️
muntan 7
muntan 7 Month ago
Please like if you want Kesley to do a prank video 😅
Tinley Reagan Guthrie
Tinley Reagan Guthrie Month ago
How do u do the recording screen
Tinley Reagan Guthrie
Tinley Reagan Guthrie Month ago
Thank u for making this video Thursday I got the iPhone 12
Lia Pavlakos
Lia Pavlakos Month ago
For the summer 2021 I think you should put domino
kalyn k
kalyn k Month ago
omg i am one of ur biggest fans kes like i know everyone says everything that i’m about to say but if u commented back on this comment if that works omg i don’t even know what i would do i would feel like a birthday to me or something love u🤍🤍
Steffi Scott
Steffi Scott Month ago
It keeps saying no result when i try to find your music account.
Diego Orellana
Diego Orellana Month ago
Midsummer Madness is a good summer song
Estrella Hernandez
Estrella Hernandez Month ago
LOVE THISSS VIDEO ❤️❤️❤️ your sooo cuteeeee
Hey Hey
Hey Hey Month ago
I use canvas too:)))
trinity heckman
trinity heckman Month ago
How do you add pictures to the phone case I don’t know how to do that
Jorja Underwood
Jorja Underwood Month ago
Why can’t I find her on Apple Music
Lizbeth Mendez
Lizbeth Mendez Month ago
colt 45 - afroman
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