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Rugrat Bri

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Make sure you guys tune in .. it's been crazy.. but here's my truth.
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Mahogany Adams
Mahogany Adams 11 hours ago
Girl get it together you look stupid smh 😂
Tori Roberson
Tori Roberson 15 hours ago
Bruh I seen Vanessa post if was a prank
Leah Dixon
Leah Dixon 17 hours ago
This was weak and click bait
The Youngin
The Youngin 17 hours ago
Ian even tryna be funny but so you was mad cuz the bih didn’t wanna fw you nomore?🤔 you trippin, FUCK EM🤣🤷🏽‍♂️
help me get to 5k with 0 videos
help me get to 5k with 0 videos 21 hour ago
Its crazy how you turned around showed her ass and said she looks good it's sad how women think with their body you can tell her self esteem is low !!you do it in every video 🤦🏾‍♀️ I think you pretty not just when she turns around you needs to gain more confidence Cause your body and good looks are not going to always stick with you FIND SOMETHING MORE MINDFUL
Blue Eyed Angle
Blue Eyed Angle 22 hours ago
Aye this hella fake 🤣🤣🤣
Tyonna Chain
Tyonna Chain Day ago
The fakest fight ever😂😂😂😂😂she just straight lying 🤣🤣🤣
kadejia hoye
kadejia hoye 2 days ago
Kimberly Collins
Kimberly Collins 2 days ago
Bunch of BS forget the full video
Fahd SyLaR
Fahd SyLaR 2 days ago
Where is the fight ! How its ended ?!
Stephanie Hanumansingh
Stephanie Hanumansingh 3 days ago
It's best you didn't upload this. Waste of my time
Ajay James
Ajay James 3 days ago
So I wasted my whole time watching nothing what was that I love u guys but give me my time back👀💀🖤
Daccoldest TV
Daccoldest TV 3 days ago
Wtfc is this 😭 played us BLEW IT 😂
Zaeyon Blair
Zaeyon Blair 4 days ago
Stop talking shut up so we can see
Rxlyn Roblox
Rxlyn Roblox 4 days ago
All they was doing is standing and rolling around lmao where the hands at?
Rxlyn Roblox
Rxlyn Roblox 4 days ago
Straight up lies and tell me why she was talking so much??
DeLeo’n Monique
DeLeo’n Monique 5 days ago're tellin me you just wasted my time..FIRST off you did a million pauses in the video, y'all didn't even really fight yall just rolled arnd on the floor, and THE PART WHERE YALL ACTUALLY FIGHT IS LIKE 5 SECONDS???!?!? watched this whole video for whatttt
WèłūvPłūtø- _
WèłūvPłūtø- _ 5 days ago
Marlea Horsford
Marlea Horsford 6 days ago
I was just going to say that do not ever be THE person to throw the first punch
Marlea Horsford
Marlea Horsford 6 days ago
I was just going to say that do not ever be THE person to throw the first punch
Marlea Horsford
Marlea Horsford 6 days ago
So know one sees the baby I know CPS SEES THE BABY🤗
Gigi Montalvan
Gigi Montalvan 6 days ago
Bruh wtf was that
Elexis Nicole
Elexis Nicole 7 days ago
if y'all knew y'all was finna fight fr u wouldn't have worn crocs & a hoodie to a fight df
Ro'Quan Crowell
Ro'Quan Crowell 7 days ago
why y'all lying
Austin Bennett
Austin Bennett 7 days ago
Weak ass fight
It’s Tae Just Tae
It’s Tae Just Tae 8 days ago
Slater 00
Slater 00 8 days ago
lol this fake ass fight
Brenda Ramos
Brenda Ramos 9 days ago
So all that for views lml pathetic
Brenda Ramos
Brenda Ramos 9 days ago
Stupid fight lmaooo bruhhh
Urvunn _
Urvunn _ 9 days ago
She went for pulling the hair🤦‍♂️
Celeste Quxxn
Celeste Quxxn 10 days ago
Girl why u post this much then
Making The Marreros
Making The Marreros 11 days ago
You said you put Vaseline ans all but went to bang with crocs and ya hair down ????? you said you was taking all lose things to get dragged by but yoooo hair was not a questionable 🤨 factor
Camryn Zachery
Camryn Zachery 11 days ago
i really wish she didn’t stop the video every second 🙄
Jayla Marie
Jayla Marie 11 days ago
They ain’t fight frl😭
Florida jit 813
Florida jit 813 12 days ago
This shit funny it’s so fake
Iamti3rra 13 days ago
This weak ass dumb ass fight
The Lady Royalty
The Lady Royalty 13 days ago
I just can’t I’m mad lmao 😂
Diorr. Lanii
Diorr. Lanii 13 days ago
it wasnt a reall fight if u got to vanessa channel she said it was cap soooo .
sophotia 14 days ago
Y’all playing tag at the end 😭😭😭😭
andrea valdez
andrea valdez 14 days ago
Girl you're sooo childish she has the right to hang out with other people .
India Sistrunk
India Sistrunk 15 days ago
This video is so pathetic 😂
Yg Sar
Yg Sar 15 days ago
They are so immature
Jaylen Brown
Jaylen Brown 15 days ago
Jairus Dantley
Jairus Dantley 15 days ago
She talked the whole video she see why she a bad youtuber like be quiet sometimes
40ty boys 4⃣0⃣
40ty boys 4⃣0⃣ 15 days ago
You did all that talking and can’t even fight
Iyannah Rivera
Iyannah Rivera 15 days ago
It’s talking the whole video and pausing it for me
Savoya Janay
Savoya Janay 15 days ago
Y’all should’ve at least made it look believable
Bianca Vie
Bianca Vie 16 days ago
😂😂😂😂y’all play too much
jihad Jones
jihad Jones 17 days ago
🥱🥱🥱tf is this so lame “it’s families” like ok y’all met at a park to fight duhh it’s gonna be families there you was just not ready for them hands
Phoenicia Jarrett
Phoenicia Jarrett 17 days ago
Oh cause I thought a bihhh who bought her baby to a fight had said sum 😭😭🥺
Breanna Hall
Breanna Hall 18 days ago
bru u kept pause the freakin vid🙄
Sunday’s With Londyn
Sunday’s With Londyn 18 days ago
U talk to much-
Tiffany Burmen
Tiffany Burmen 18 days ago
Wen she said put Vaseline on yo face blah blah I knew rite then and there she never had a fight ever in life
GamingWithTJ 18 days ago
Why df would u fight her just because she don't fw u no mo
Lia’s World
Lia’s World 19 days ago
Lia’s World
Lia’s World 19 days ago
Soooo I kinda watch Vanessa Lynn
Kenzie Jones
Kenzie Jones 19 days ago
Literally you sat there for almost half an hour acting like it was real you guys are weird
Kenzie Jones
Kenzie Jones 19 days ago
Wow you guys did this for more clout! Cause your guys USposts is dry! How about you be creative and think of some actual frigging ideas and videos instead of literally making almost 3 videos and waistline hours of your own time inhate USposts that plan fake sh**
De'Andre Towers
De'Andre Towers 20 days ago
is that a baby
Melissa Slack
Melissa Slack 20 days ago
I have never seen this person before but after this video she makes me wanna show her what a REAL fight is! Waste of 24 minutes!!!!
Sylvia 260Krew
Sylvia 260Krew 20 days ago
I knew off of this video, it was all cap. Y'all want even hitting on shit, goofy 🤪😋
Beauty with Ann
Beauty with Ann 21 day ago
She annoying 🤣🤣 wasn’t even a real fight. Y’all just talked and some what laughed
Neshaondatkesha 615
Neshaondatkesha 615 21 day ago
Girl you got beat up chill🙄
and I oop
and I oop 21 day ago
The he egging you on to fight? What type of boyfriend 😂😂? All this for content smh
and I oop
and I oop 21 day ago
That’s embarrassing asf yo nigga walking you to go fight 🤦🏽‍♀️ shouldn’t even be on that typa time and y’all grown asf! & on top of that, he making jokes about it but the whole point of the fight is over the niggas not “liking” each other 😂🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ big L girl
iizisko 21 day ago
Bruh. Shit was faker than a plastic surgery. smh it was prolly a act. Y'all know how youtubers be
Azaria Davis
Azaria Davis 21 day ago
This was so lame
Levi_ Simp
Levi_ Simp 21 day ago
Idc if its real or fake i love ❤️ this anf your also your beautiful
Rikki Holmes
Rikki Holmes 22 days ago
It's the Pausing every 3 seconds for me. Not a real fight....
Laura Treiber
Laura Treiber 22 days ago
Clipzz 22 days ago
You cute
Ciara J
Ciara J 22 days ago
🙄 I’m mad that I even decided to click on this video. 2021 and people are still fighting in parks. But now bringing their babies...
Staci Brown
Staci Brown 22 days ago
This video is absolutely trash first you talk so much and kept pausing like it play first then talk 🙄 disliked 👎🏾
Mya Dior
Mya Dior 23 days ago
Did y’all even fight
Shantnae Cousins
Shantnae Cousins 23 days ago
Rmayia HarrisR
Rmayia HarrisR 23 days ago
God loves you!! Jesus loves you!! Repent and spread the gospel while you can!!!
Kailyn Ricks
Kailyn Ricks 23 days ago
Xariyah Stewart
Xariyah Stewart 23 days ago
this just made me wanna fight you ..
Life as badxss
Life as badxss 24 days ago
What the fuck is this 😂
May Mitchell
May Mitchell 24 days ago
Wtf was this even about ....Smh not a damn thing STUPID
Mariah Francis
Mariah Francis 24 days ago
I just have to say... #1. As a parent that is so trifling for her to bring her baby to a fight if you don't have a babysitter and you got to bring your baby to a fight then you don't need to be fighting #2. What man condones his girl the fight, he a mark. If he really care about you and your well being, he wouldnt even be standing around waiting on a fight he would be like "nah aint nobody fighting my girl, you might as well go home.. Come on bae cause if you fight its going to be a problem" like he instigatin talkin about so yall not gon fight tf he a mark
Tytiana C.
Tytiana C. 24 days ago
Lol she think she cute
Vonnie DOMx
Vonnie DOMx 25 days ago
you look like 🌹 from Titans ❤
Chiquita Snead
Chiquita Snead 25 days ago
you keep pausing the video pissing me off🙄🙄
Tristan Burns
Tristan Burns 25 days ago
Niggas wasn’t even fighting niggas was rolling on the ground 😂😂 niggas really talked the whole fights
Franice Sanders
Franice Sanders 25 days ago
Y’all don’t waste your time watching this video 😒 it’s nothing to see
TrapEverything 25 days ago
Honestly you’re annoying af
Molly Lí
Molly Lí 25 days ago
Wtf is this
KashMajin 26 days ago
I waste 23 minutes of my life to watch this trash ass fight
Dabrownskynn Manii
Dabrownskynn Manii 26 days ago
Y’all doing too much it was a prank on their subscribers
Brooklyn Kearney
Brooklyn Kearney 26 days ago
You really drug that fake ass fight out for a 23 minute video for views ☠️☠️ giirrrl cut the clickbait out ☠️
Maya Aguirre
Maya Aguirre 26 days ago
Your dumb asf if you think we think this shit real🤣
Never Loved
Never Loved 26 days ago
Bru this is stupid asf waste of time
Aaliyah Kylie
Aaliyah Kylie 27 days ago
girls fighting and men recording is really trashy. and sad smh.
Marquion 27 days ago
There was a baby there just sitting in a stroller 😂.
zelika ouattara
zelika ouattara 27 days ago
You dumb, like you deadass did all of this for not, how you mad cause the girl on different times so childish, like childish, u a punk , ask what you should do, after coming out doing all of that. Grow up 🙄😒
Linda Cantu
Linda Cantu 27 days ago
U did have a scratch on your face. Wtf usually females put there hair up 1st wtf yo shoes? Crops nah BS azz video. Run up on her wtf? I had 2 fast forward stupid azz video throw them hands.
Kamiyah Williams
Kamiyah Williams 27 days ago
Wut a waste of time
iiCrxzyGaming 28 days ago
Why y'all ain't fight this ain't shit 2 me
kristine cortez
kristine cortez 28 days ago
Dang sis you lost
Sarsha Sarr
Sarsha Sarr 28 days ago
Ts so elementary 💀complete waist of a pull up and video
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