Ellen Talks About Her Coronavirus Experience

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Month ago

Ellen opened up about contracting COVID-19, and her experience with the virus last month.

nikita gadpayle
nikita gadpayle Hour ago
Happy to see u back Ellen .... U r so positive human being Ellen I watch you regularly ... I m fan of your .... Love yoy Ellen take care.... And one more thing even though u overcome covid.... But still I want to hug you one day ... You have happy soul 😘😘 take care
Dilipsinh Chand
Dilipsinh Chand 7 hours ago
So fake ..so selfish and arrogant lady
Banrishisha Stepwar
Banrishisha Stepwar 21 hour ago
Ellen please i want to contact with you.please reply and please help me
Joshua James olson
Joshua James olson Day ago
❤️❤️❤️it’s only the Ellen Staff on Zoom with her During this Time it’s Sad no one waitches Tv anymorre ❤️because they are walking the streets to cause more Shutdowns
soccerbfever Day ago
Yeah was arrested and had no adrenochrome
Furdean Sergiu
Furdean Sergiu 4 days ago
Where can i see the full episodes? Can someone please help? Thank you so much!
Sam Russell
Sam Russell 5 days ago
Glad that Ellen's brush with Covid wasn't too severe. But now that she's mentioning it...I do have back pain....
annie beauregard
annie beauregard 7 days ago
If you have back pain , its your lungs ! Kinda normal
RHINO 54 8 days ago
The show so toxic the public is on zoom.
vanilaoryza 8 days ago
Its like watching a traffic accident. You know it is going to be horrible and still watch it
RXG0078 9 days ago
You could experience something similar to this by talking to your neighbor.
Victoria Bulamaibau
Victoria Bulamaibau 11 days ago
Stay safe everyone from Fiji 😁.
Donuts 11 days ago
16시간씩 3일 연짱으로 자서 허리 아팠던건 아닐까..
Chrissy Blazier
Chrissy Blazier 15 days ago
Is anyone paying attention to The Great Reset, Transhumanism (Epstein was doing this for years) and pretty much the end of mankind-might wanna research this like NOW because it’s heading to a city near you in the next 2 years. Or are you so distracted by your tv? Pray for mankind
Talk2 Birds
Talk2 Birds 16 days ago
I didn’t lose my sense of taste..although I did wear crocs with socks. Haha! I like Ellen, don’t give a s**t what people say.
SD P 16 days ago
She looks horrible...
mesfin yeshewaleul
mesfin yeshewaleul 17 days ago
it's my first time for me to admire someone whose completely disagree with her belive. may GOD bless you.
–_– 18 days ago
Quality looks like 2012
TheDresen12 19 days ago
you don't need covid in order to have people scared of you ... you only need your regular mood
Sophia Montegna
Sophia Montegna 20 days ago
Hi happy 2021
Sophia Montegna
Sophia Montegna 20 days ago
Alice Walker
Alice Walker 20 days ago
Ellen just watched a 2003 comedy show of you on stage, honestly i didnot know you were that funny!!! You are good! I missed your stand up more than the show, your dance moves had me rolling when you sung that salt and pepper song!!! I went wow!!!! Lol!!!! Have a good evening , alice walker
D Bruno
D Bruno 22 days ago
She is a goofball leftist
Takashi HONDA
Takashi HONDA 22 days ago
lol at least try to pretend to be an honest person, ellen. even 5 yo can tell that you are reading scripted lines
Ally Real W.
Ally Real W. 23 days ago
I am still in love with her❤
PK Patrik Bado
PK Patrik Bado 25 days ago
She's more beautyfull than Paris
Mohanmad Saleh
Mohanmad Saleh 28 days ago
you are amazing 🌺💕❤️
Scarecrove Croven Crovoux Killuminati2 MakKavX
Scarecrove Croven Crovoux Killuminati2 MakKavX 29 days ago
She was in her million dollar prision....WHO CARES??
Five Dee
Five Dee Month ago
Jacket color choice to match the set's colors? Nope, Ellen it should've been a medium grey shade to match with the light blue instead? Youre welcome.
prikljucak Month ago
"corona virus", she was arrested together with other satanist and pedophiles .
Hales111 Month ago
This doesn't look like Ellen
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez Month ago
Thank God I never liked her I had a feeling
R J 9 hours ago
I used to laugh loud at her shows but I've witnessed moments where I've felt there's something more than the eye, but i just ignored them thinking "too good to be true"...didn't expect this kind of downfall...she deserves it n more..
Felister Aliyson
Felister Aliyson Month ago
,hi wow
Aaron Arkie
Aaron Arkie Month ago
So glad she beat COVID. 💚
Rashmi Tripathi
Rashmi Tripathi Month ago
Great to see you back.ellen loveyou❤️
S Kan
S Kan Month ago
Not liking Ellen anymore after hearing that she is a fake
Gonzalo Espinola
Gonzalo Espinola 5 days ago
she is not fake tho
J M Month ago
She cant bully a screen 😂
chomp chomp
chomp chomp Month ago
luv Ellen 👍
H5Jev Standard
H5Jev Standard Month ago
Sure she talks about herself, noone else wants to be on her show anymore.
Mark Abejo
Mark Abejo Month ago
This is too awkward to watch! 🤣
Mark Abejo
Mark Abejo Month ago
I’m here to read comments, not because I like Ellen. After everything that happened, seeing her still there is like a JOKE. Try harder Ellen 😆
Kenneth Crommett
Kenneth Crommett Month ago
Ken the global glory is coming 100 times more powerful. It will affect the whole Earth. Donald Trump is going to be president watch it will happen. Kids will be raising the Dead. Coming soon anytime now.
Matty McMattamus
Matty McMattamus Month ago
I cried in my mansion.
Jon M
Jon M Month ago
What's worse covid or a buzz feed article about how mean u r
Rizal Abdullah
Rizal Abdullah Month ago
Never feel tired to always say "I Love U Ellen". Btwww, HBD N WUATB. GOD BLESS UUU
Pragya Dahal
Pragya Dahal Month ago
Ellen is so beautiful
River Ward
River Ward Month ago
Ellen sucks and has ruined the LGBT name
Teresa Ellis
Teresa Ellis Month ago
Has anyone in hollywood condemned the violence in Seattle yet..or is that still a peaceful protest?
Nafisa Baratova
Nafisa Baratova Month ago
ellen please invite Justin Bieber
Cheeky Cupcake
Cheeky Cupcake Month ago
Zanance Month ago
2018 me watching her: Wow she looks young 2019 me watching her: Hmm never changes... Maybe never ages... 2020: Okay I was right. 2021: OMG SHE LOOOKS SOOO DIFFERENT!!!
Rey Gaharu
Rey Gaharu Month ago
Please bring back Marcelito Pomoy, love you Ellen
ciaran Mcfall
ciaran Mcfall Month ago
Quarantine was rough on you..you need your dose of andreachrome
Black Eagle
Black Eagle Month ago
All time i come to comment section to make sure someone named Ellen as Karen
lynn lah
lynn lah Month ago
sorry i don know where to type personally to wish ellen's birthday>>> today 26th january...*HAPPY BLESSED BIRTHDAY TO ELLEN...LOVE U AND UR SHOWS VERY MUCH)))*
Alzira Maciel
Alzira Maciel Month ago
Estou muito feliz pela volta do Programa da Ellen. Quando estou em casa de minha filha no Canadá vejo todos os dias. Pra mim é o melhor Programa dos EUA. Tenho fé em Deus quando tudo isto acabar irei assistir a um programa dela
Beesh Alzayed
Beesh Alzayed Month ago
That laugh track is just awkward
BucketHatPotato Month ago
Girl wanna tell celebrities sorry for how u acted to them actually be nicer to them also ur not funny
M G Month ago
Do people even watch this show anymore
DiTech Month ago
3:06 some of sentences i dont like, how you say it. But I still love you
Benjamin Wong
Benjamin Wong Month ago
Is this the Ellen who is nice on screen but super toxic off screen?
shivani yaduvanshi
shivani yaduvanshi Month ago
Happy Birthday Ellen! !
Poe's Dream
Poe's Dream Month ago
I think she lost her mojo that came from her arrogance
princy Nave
princy Nave Month ago
How can I join with u online...Ellen
sonsuz ask
sonsuz ask Month ago
I love Ellen
Ms. Hope
Ms. Hope Month ago
Wow... almost half the dislikes as likes... that should tell you something. It is something though how Hollywood will continue to support evil and keep them rich as long as they promote their agenda.
Liza Liza
Liza Liza Month ago
Justin bieber I love you
Liza Liza
Liza Liza Month ago
Tania Hema
Tania Hema Month ago
Good yo see you again ❤
hitesh pathak
hitesh pathak Month ago
Fake smile fake love and fake kindness.thts elen for u
Dimitris Apollonas Poseidonas Venetis
Dimitris Apollonas Poseidonas Venetis Month ago
She is not the same anymore. She looks sad, concerned, unhappy, scared.
Kim Jong-Un
Kim Jong-Un Month ago
I like it
390- Javelin
390- Javelin Month ago
No one cares... a lot of negative things going on? understatement of the year.
ally smith
ally smith Month ago
Wait what is everyone talking about like the things of “shouldn’t Ellen be in jail” “Ellen’s home is prison lol” like what happened?!
ally smith
ally smith Month ago
@BucketHatPotato oh ok thank you :)
BucketHatPotato Month ago
She is always rude to celebrities off camera search up on USposts Ellen rude to celebrities
Toca Kawaii kitty U
Toca Kawaii kitty U Month ago
@Erin Kutchera same
Erin Kutchera
Erin Kutchera Month ago
that’s what i wanna know!
astera atyu
astera atyu Month ago
I love you Ellen
Brandon Kyle Morris
Brandon Kyle Morris Month ago
ELLEENNNNN!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! How are you!!!!!
Russ D'AMOND Month ago
4:49 ❤️❤️❤️
Russ D'AMOND Month ago
3:11 hahaha
Russ D'AMOND Month ago
1:49 . calm
Russ D'AMOND Month ago
0:33 LOL
Russ D'AMOND Month ago
Russ D'AMOND Month ago
Hi Ellen, ❤️ you!
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams Month ago
So glad you're ok
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams Month ago
Love u
DILAY SA Month ago
America when are you back again or are they finally back again? We missed you arrogant egocentric world superiors 😄 ;
Reaganomics Lamborghini
Reaganomics Lamborghini Month ago
I always wonderd who played the young man with no arms or legs in The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. I guess Ellen is a better actor then I originally thought.
The Wiz
The Wiz Month ago
Omg the audience is hooked upto tv screens like something out of Dr. Raymond Cocteau's conference room from the film Demolition Man! As John Spartan would say, "someone put me back in the fridge"
The A.K.
The A.K. Month ago
I'm sure she had a lot of fun playing with her new "pillows" from WayFair while in quarantine.
Jayce Davis
Jayce Davis Month ago
You need Justin Bieber
Green Planet
Green Planet Month ago
the person that speaks about positivities in her show, but very different behind the camera 🤢🤢🤢
Aniga Adiga
Aniga Adiga Month ago
Still we love you ,who you are
Marnman studios
Marnman studios Month ago
Kueen Ellen on the set , I love you
عبسي Month ago
Blue Fire
Blue Fire Month ago
She didn’t get canceled?
VALENTINEproductions Month ago
She looks off. Her eyes.
Ricardo Teles
Ricardo Teles Month ago
What's with all these dislikes?
Caesar Month ago
God bless you all, glad you're fine now sweetheart Ellen 🖤
Sunny Zacatecas Mexico
Sunny Zacatecas Mexico Month ago
Hello Ellen & Happy New Years 2021 Hope I get to visit your show someday soon! Or get a job on set
Francis Van der Mosen
Francis Van der Mosen Month ago
I could lie to myself but I'm truly happy that Ellen's back. Had to watch The View instead with that horrible Meghan McCain.
Jasmine Krista
Jasmine Krista Month ago
That Meghan girl feeds off of drama she annoys me
K Sagarika
K Sagarika Month ago
Hii Ellen ,Good to see you again..your fan from INDIA
Scott Bc
Scott Bc Month ago
Well upon all what happened I still love her thumps for that
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