The SNEAKIEST Impostor Kill in Proximity Chat Among Us

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2 months ago

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Raspberry Jam
Raspberry Jam 2 months ago
Puffer: Hello! Delirious: you're not a part of this club! *Puffer will remember that.*
Isiah Jimenez
Isiah Jimenez 2 months ago
@AbeYT dude this is literally one of the reasons theres a report button "unwanted commercial content or spam" so fr if youre really trying to promote your channel dont do it in youtube comments
floofy Wolf
floofy Wolf 2 months ago
@AbeYT hmm.. i was going to check out your channel but saw the way you were replying and got turned off but i might give it a chance
floofy Wolf
floofy Wolf 2 months ago
@AbeYT you being rude is not going to get you subs
Manuel Lopez
Manuel Lopez 2 months ago
Stop being a leach
USS Missouri
USS Missouri 2 months ago
@AbeYT just shutup and go promote on Twitter and Instagram.
Ashton Bolain
Ashton Bolain 2 days ago
15:06 - 15:12 is the best clip in this video lol
Ryan 10 days ago
Claim your here 1million subs here
TJ Sullivan
TJ Sullivan 10 days ago
Brock threw so fucking hard. It was so easy. He deserved to get all the hate and I was even more mad when he deafened for being such a fucking idiot
joshua cho
joshua cho 17 days ago
I hate nogla
anakinkat 20 days ago
Puffer: DIE B*TCH Grizzy: A H H H H
TGN 20 days ago
Dawson - DQGJ
Dawson - DQGJ 21 day ago
Brock voting for Puffer is like that one time when Wildcat said “Brian, you’re standing a f*cking dead body” and Brian immediately accuses Tyler without letting him speak and just throws the game.
Emmanuel Menefee
Emmanuel Menefee 21 day ago
Brian,nogla,and wildcat are the biggest amoung us tryhards
Владимир Ленин
Владимир Ленин Month ago
I like how in the thumbnail babylirious is like "what" too with his dad. Lol
J.W. Dyson
J.W. Dyson Month ago
the one youtuber who deserves 1m right now!
Get0 Month ago
Disappointed i can’t use surf shark on my toilet
Rai0711 Month ago
Ima call it. One day, puffer is gonna keep grizzy alive as imposter. During a meeting, grizzy’s gonna ask “puffer, are you imposter?”, and puffer will reply, “If I was imposter, you’d be dead already.” Grizzy will believe it and puffer will win.
Alexiah Welsh
Alexiah Welsh Month ago
Puffer and froozer 16:17 😂
S2H FF Month ago
200k subs soon !
Travis Young
Travis Young Month ago
Look at Puffer wearing SMii7Y merch.
Riley Schuth
Riley Schuth Month ago
Hot fuzz is such a good movie
Jeff Dweath
Jeff Dweath Month ago
love the smii7y shirt
TreeOfLifeCG Month ago
Sasiraffe Month ago
easily the best among us video ive seen 10/10
Michael Scotts
Michael Scotts Month ago
Wasted that play. Shouldvw lights out and took out Nogla instead of Grizzy. Bad call.
Natty Gg
Natty Gg Month ago
He's wearing a smi77y shirt
FireScull Month ago
Puffer just completely forgot about the fact that there was a stack kill on lights when it could only be Delirious or Panda????
Clicked it cause I thought it was neebsgaming but still good content keep it up
UwU owo
UwU owo Month ago
You look nothing like you sound like, in a good way
It's just Tess
It's just Tess Month ago
Well now we know....Grizzy screams like a girl when he fears for his life...! 🤷🏼‍♀️
Andrew Parrish
Andrew Parrish Month ago
If you think about it, these guys have lobbies only for themselves to create videos like this. Panda obviously couldn't have killed. Maybe I'm just over thinking. Idk.
StarBolt0 Month ago
You were so close Puffer. Those were some good plays
Örlogskapten Month ago
puffer actually looks like a fish
jane Month ago
Can someone pls tell me which twitch stream this is
Geez I hate it when moo throws. Like the evidence is right there
Heris Month ago
Which soundtrack is he using?
Roy is Confused
Roy is Confused Month ago
I have watched 3 different perspective and still don't understand how Brock missed that
Leaf guy23
Leaf guy23 Month ago
Best super mario rpg tone song
꧁Cloud•Bxrry꧂ Month ago
Im so sad i got the notification for this 4 days later
AgravainFury Month ago
Delirious is a dad?! DELIRIOUS WAS ALLOWED TO BREED!?!?
Michael Richardella
Michael Richardella Month ago
Puffer is so 5 head holy shit
Elijah Davis
Elijah Davis Month ago
Are you wearing Smii7y’s merch?
WeLuvYouPasto Month ago
16:30 don’t leave me 😂
Andy Kleiner
Andy Kleiner 2 months ago
Hey puffer, love the content you create been with you forever hope you keep growing!
Ricky Saito
Ricky Saito 2 months ago
Panda owned puffer lmao
WayFox 2 months ago
Scotty: *kills off screen* Also Scotty: *off screen: "ah shit shit!"*
Willseer YT
Willseer YT 2 months ago
Puffer You didn’t get the title
Luminescent_Lya 33
Luminescent_Lya 33 2 months ago
Nice Smii7y merch bro
Jacob Rojo
Jacob Rojo 2 months ago
Your firestick?
Jamie 2 months ago
Moo is dumb asf
JUST FOR YOU 2 months ago
what is console?
Аленка Кусь
Аленка Кусь 2 months ago
froozer: Can I have a kiss? Puffer: **kiss** froozer:oooo It was soo cute :3
argfasfgasf 2 months ago
2:15 to skip the ad after the first clip
The Doctor
The Doctor 2 months ago
Look at good guy puffer wearing some of his friends merch
Karthi 2 months ago
He really looks like puffer🐡
Braulio F Martagón
Braulio F Martagón 2 months ago
“You’ve seen to much” I literally stop breathing laughing at this😂😂😂
Danger Zone
Danger Zone 2 months ago
Everyone unmute their mic and yell at brock 😂
Smiled Fire
Smiled Fire 2 months ago
I got 28 months total with SurfShark, thanks for the awesome deal and awesome content my guy, keep doing what you do
Unknown Subject
Unknown Subject 2 months ago
I subbed because of vanoss XD i found your name lmao im glad i did you guys always have diffrrent content that makes the videos even more hilarious 😂😂😂
Gary Matthews
Gary Matthews 2 months ago
Wny haven't i seen that footage in anyone else's!!! Brilliant!! Subscribed just for that
Rifle Dragon
Rifle Dragon 2 months ago
Why arent you facecaming??
Josiah Howland
Josiah Howland 2 months ago
So is puffer now apart of the vanoss crew
Night Orcid
Night Orcid 2 months ago
freaking *MOO*
Synkxs 2 months ago
Top of the description
Lucky 2 months ago
I’m here from vanoss and wildcat 😂👌🏼
maddmichael1 2 months ago
Damn. He should’ve killed Nogla first game and blamed it on Delirious lol
CJ 2 months ago
This was hilarious..😂😂😂😂😂
Jordan Yeung
Jordan Yeung 2 months ago
Nice smii7y merch
Fat N'Boozey
Fat N'Boozey 2 months ago
Best Among Us video out there, love the content man!
cardnal44 2 months ago
Can i run surfshark on my nokia
Meighan Van V
Meighan Van V 2 months ago
“Helllooooo” *sounds of distant Brock screaming* “what the-“ So glad you getting the recognition you deserve puffer! One of my fav streamers 💛
Gavin Thompson
Gavin Thompson 2 months ago
What is your outro song
Michael Silva
Michael Silva 2 months ago
Can I run it on my flip phone?
Elijah Garcia
Elijah Garcia 2 months ago
This guys content is so unique and I love it and everytime at when I get to the outro I always click the link to hear it
EvanPrimus FTW
EvanPrimus FTW 2 months ago
I love that the moment thry say the content thing you can hear Delirious laugh with them but they were so loud thry didn't realize
July Li
July Li 2 months ago
I love your videos! dont stop pls
Shinobi20 2 months ago
I came from Top description
GunterBags 2 months ago
I love each and everyone of your videos. You and Grizzy are sooooo big brain, fr tho. You both seem to be rivals yet are like brothers from different mothers, and you both have very good skill sets. I play Among Us like you when I'm impostor, and like Grizzy when I'm crewmate.
Tashreeq Gaming
Tashreeq Gaming 2 months ago
Marcel made you but we love you 😂 and him
matthew jolly
matthew jolly 2 months ago
Watching panda puffer and moo debating sounds like America electing its next president
Mary Mdukaza
Mary Mdukaza 2 months ago
I love how in the cover art, the pet has its hands up 😂
Rizky Dwi yulianto
Rizky Dwi yulianto 2 months ago
Alex Cortez
Alex Cortez 2 months ago
Damn Puffer be getting those sponsors tho. Good for him 👍👍👍
er 2 months ago
After the sponsor was finished, the ad comes out of nowhere.
Gabe Walker
Gabe Walker 2 months ago
I love he's wearing some SMII7Y merch
Brendawn 2 months ago
So glad u decided pursue ur own channel
Sydney 2 months ago
Watching this from delirious' perspective was hilarious. He stood there under them for SO long.
Hildaa8 2 months ago
Cactus 2 months ago
The „I Heard that you freaks” from Terroriser straight up killed me. Another banger from Puffer. Thank you a lot
andriyanto suyoso
andriyanto suyoso 2 months ago
I'm literally laughing all along during this video.. Like Sh*t laughing!!
Deashaa Maniyaa
Deashaa Maniyaa 2 months ago
LMFAOOO funniest video yet
3:16 Media
3:16 Media 2 months ago
Nogla, “imma fix lights, I’ll be right back” Nogla, “oooooooooooooh!” Delirious, “I heard you the entire time.” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
UrTwkn 2 months ago
Loving the consistent videos puffer
Synezky 2 months ago
Moo is become 2nd nogla gf
Kyle Curry
Kyle Curry 2 months ago
Hey Puffer. I know you wont see this, because most sensational streamers never notice their fan base in a comment section, but i will still say that for the last 2 months and the future, i will continue to share and talk about you and your crew. Thank you for all the laughs and adventures my dude. Hope to play among us with someone of the crew one day!!
NewSallyPurpleYT : :
NewSallyPurpleYT : : 2 months ago
Cool and funny vid.
Maulana Ilyas
Maulana Ilyas 2 months ago
Hey puffer, Vanoss didn't put you on top of the description on his last video. So because of that i'll subscribe you
Bigpuffer 2 months ago
Cynthia ‘T
Cynthia ‘T 2 months ago
Please do more proximity chats !! Hahah
Cynthia ‘T
Cynthia ‘T 2 months ago
Dude lmaooo 😂 I can’t stop replaying clips 😂
488_Koko Nusferry
488_Koko Nusferry 2 months ago
It's delicious and hilarious. Poor delirious
Gabe Grasse
Gabe Grasse 2 months ago
Delirious is a father?
saint nicholas
saint nicholas 2 months ago
4:30 so i can come back and hear grizzy say "youve seen too much" in Scottys voice
Leonie Brown
Leonie Brown 9 days ago
I bet this was hilarious from Scotty’s POV or wildcats POV
Kay Lovely
Kay Lovely 2 months ago
Put your camera back on the screen . :/
ur Noze
ur Noze 2 months ago
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