I went FULL GIGA BRAIN to expose her with 6800 IQ...

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Disguised Toast

Month ago

Disguised Toast goes giga brain to expose the impostor in Among Us.
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Ghost- is-here.
Ghost- is-here. 12 days ago
Me sitting here wondering who had that fat a** ;_;
Brandon Larranaga
Brandon Larranaga 17 days ago
Dianna Brooks
Dianna Brooks 18 days ago
The homely sarah postoperatively help because bibliography booly hover before a curvy japan. descriptive, bawdy block
Wolfblood Klaw
Wolfblood Klaw 19 days ago
I'm still surprised it was Sykkuno and not Sydney. She sounded so sus.
Ann T
Ann T 22 days ago
Lud is precious
Rxterz Māgix
Rxterz Māgix 24 days ago
How to make a disguised toast video, just put in IQ amount the in the title
Dark Neko
Dark Neko 26 days ago
Toast: You should've killed me first hafu Some games later: Died first in 3 consecutive rounds to hafu
Amira 26 days ago
iM sCuBa StEvE!!!!!
Yonad Debell
Yonad Debell 29 days ago
OH MY OH MY I HAD NO ADS THIS VIDEO *illuminati noises*
Live Niyaz
Live Niyaz 29 days ago
Muhammad Rafi Aziz
Muhammad Rafi Aziz Month ago
"thts waht u get for not killing me 1st round!" thts foreshadow your fate toast
Changer Yearning King [Cha Yong Kit]
Changer Yearning King [Cha Yong Kit] Month ago
15:00 choas everywhere
Kyle Hastings
Kyle Hastings Month ago
“but i got the plot right???¿!🥺🥺🥺”
Angeli Kengier
Angeli Kengier Month ago
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Luna Blmr
Luna Blmr Month ago
Hafu is yellowfin me!
Lanlu Hylrean
Lanlu Hylrean Month ago
Dang, Great misdirection there at beginning of video. Get the imposter talking about different subject, then drop the bomb on him. 0:50 Boom.
Azj1 Month ago
Hafu is awesome. Shes a really good player on both the crewmate and imposter sides, and she's super casual in these lobbies. Even when toast sussed her out for no reason she laughed it off. One of my favorite among us players by far.
Helô Month ago
For me, Hafu is the best impostor and Toast is the best crew
XxHaunting HagridxX
XxHaunting HagridxX Month ago
I’m triggered that when toast said he would speedrun task he said I’m task terry not task toast
Summer Powers
Summer Powers Month ago
Toast being any color other than cyan is weird. And Rae being anything other than red. Corpse anything other than black. It’s just wrong man!!!😂
Ocean 180
Ocean 180 Month ago
Ludwig is so extra omggggg that was great
pharohbhill123 Month ago
I need a compilation of ludwigs stories in my life right this second 😂😂😂😂😂
Zexal Digisaiyan Ash
Zexal Digisaiyan Ash Month ago
Gotta be honest, at the start of the last game, I coulda sworn I saw Sykkuno being sus and going Gopher Gary on us, but I think it was just my eyes playing tricks on me. *sees the ending* Holy fuck it WAS Sykkuno!
Zexal Digisaiyan Ash
Zexal Digisaiyan Ash Month ago
Ahhhhh! Hahaha! I am laughing way too hard, man! This is the best opening to a Toast video ever! XD
Luis Ventura Jr
Luis Ventura Jr Month ago
The married guilty structurally encourage because judge additionaly back before a lamentable currency. honorable, unwieldy router
Dazelf Month ago
iconic shts that happened in 1min 1. :AND WHERE DOES SCUBA STEVE DIVE? ;INTO HIS WATER :AND YOU DOVE INTO THAT VENT 2. *"b-but i got the plot right"* 3. //myth sent in the lava "IM SCUBA STEVEE"
Dazelf Month ago
Ludwig: myth vented next to comms Myth: huh???? Ludwig: you vented next to comms Myth: *b-but i got the plot right* had me dying 😭
AFJ Month ago
im gonna watch big daddy after this
isaac lupie
isaac lupie Month ago
S. Russel
S. Russel Month ago
Big daddy... have to check that out
Mika-chan Month ago
*Tsunderae* 👀
Daniel Dulepka
Daniel Dulepka Month ago
7:37 👀
Nadhea S
Nadhea S Month ago
What kind of bgm that toast use? Can anyone help?
Alex penguin
Alex penguin Month ago
big daddy tho ha ha, that was awesome good job Lud and toast nice reaction
Slowmo iOS
Slowmo iOS Month ago
19:36 Hafu: Always Hafu Crewmates: *Always Has Been*
MasterOfSpies 2.0
MasterOfSpies 2.0 Month ago
Can never let two of the big brains live till the end
Tim Grec
Tim Grec Month ago
Mimi Month ago
Adriel Anthony Aguilar
Adriel Anthony Aguilar Month ago
Jadiel Lima
Jadiel Lima Month ago
That crew makes the game don't sound toxic because they make so much fun of it and are laugh even when they're voted out
CarroT Month ago
July Buffalo
July Buffalo Month ago
Rae pegs Sykkuno. CHANGE MY MIND.
J Doggz
J Doggz Month ago
5up: I don't think it's Toast though... Literally 5up as he said that: **votes Toast**
yo malone
yo malone Month ago
4:42 where is the full stream of this???
Eva_ 10 days ago
Hex Month ago
Poor Rae
Supertiredman Month ago
Myth... What's the plot of Adam Sandler's big daddy?
chris nak
chris nak Month ago
Do it do it now 😂😂😂
reka10 Month ago
Aww he didn't show the game where hafu hunted him down her next impostor game.
jacobcoolguy Month ago
Rae: I'M A MURDERER everyone else: she's safe Rae: YOU DONT KNOW ME the entire lobby: she's 100% clear Rae: 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Cjbhel Sarang
Cjbhel Sarang Month ago
Awwwww, that’s cute man
Jaeus A
Jaeus A Month ago
Alt Titles: The 6800 IQ Big Daddy Play, or The 6800 IQ Scuba Steve Play
Hex moB
Hex moB Month ago
Toast: votes out hafu Also toast: " i actually dont know if its hafu "
Linh Nguyen si
Linh Nguyen si Month ago
The poor doggie had to suffer and watch dis XD.
Christina-Leigh Month ago
I’m young and a virgin🤣🤣now I could actually believe that
Mojo Fang
Mojo Fang Month ago
You’re young and a what?
Mojo Fang
Mojo Fang Month ago
Kylie Bailey
Kylie Bailey Month ago
I love how toast is really like that judge that doesn’t give any MERCY
Matei Vitalaru-Moruz
Matei Vitalaru-Moruz Month ago
CORPSE: Rae is clear. Just a really great person in general LOL
cFuo Month ago
I NEED to know what the song is at the start
Ice Water
Ice Water Month ago
"don't kill me don't kill me I'm still young and a virgin"-Toast 2020
rain Month ago
25:30 omgksjglkjfd
smurphas Month ago
the logic at 6:00 really sucks this is so dumb, i know he’s impostor hut that’s not why
birdeynamnam Month ago
why did i just get a notif for this?
I3eety Month ago
“But I got the plot right”
Jd Nimal
Jd Nimal Month ago
Sykunno:- "hey guys what about that defence"🤣
Zacorox Maximus
Zacorox Maximus Month ago
I wish I could expose people with my brain
Florian Monscavoir
Florian Monscavoir Month ago
Hafu was so fast jumping on "Rae is innocent" and the way she said it... it was clear at that moment that she was imposter.
M E Month ago
Lads Bolos
Lads Bolos Month ago
Now I have to watch Big Daddy
WaterFlame3030 Month ago
ayyyyyy, my man knows inspector gadget, LES FRICKIN GOOOOOO
MrLowbob Month ago
that was one of the best intro scenes for a while, damn did i laugh hard :D
Travis Reynolds
Travis Reynolds Month ago
Wait does toast watch comments while hes crewmate
Dianna Brooks
Dianna Brooks Month ago
Toast: Plays as red Everyone: that's illegal
Top show video 7
Top show video 7 Month ago
Sykkuno : "hey guys what about that defence?" *Continuous to vote himself out*
Giovanni Cervantes
Giovanni Cervantes Month ago
Good job to Sykunno in that last one, no one suspected him. 2 second almost got that win, and of course Toast is the best.
Philis Skoczen
Philis Skoczen Month ago
CORPSE: Rae is clear. Just a really great person in general LOL
InterestInADollsLife Month ago
Ludwig epic 10/10 play man
J D Month ago
What’s the song at the beginning?
CookieLegend Month ago
I love how he said I'm young and a virgin. 7:36
Red Pandaz II
Red Pandaz II Month ago
Filonxbox Month ago
Filonxbox Month ago
Ummm ok
XLR8 Gaming
XLR8 Gaming Month ago
no cap rae and sykunno should just get together already
Godsforce Month ago
Got nearly 10 ads this video..
Heaven Takahashi
Heaven Takahashi Month ago
Myth's "I'm scuba steve," had me dying from laughter.
Ria Salazar
Ria Salazar Month ago
so no one's gonna talk about how great Ludwig's Big Daddy?????
Hussain :D
Hussain :D Month ago
Toast You know what to do: When you ask people to sub by showing the icon MAKE IT 3 MILLION BUD YOU HIT A GODLY MILESTONE CMON DO IT
Khizar Khan
Khizar Khan Month ago
where does he stream?
alacarteno Month ago
that was such a cute roundabout way of saying someone vented haha
Jace Month ago
Freda Martin
Freda Martin Month ago
Poki: "okay, it's hafu" Hafu: "it's not always me!" Everyone: "yes, it's you."
khubby Z
khubby Z Month ago
That opening clip was amazing
Thurston Bibian
Thurston Bibian Month ago
Any imposter that doesn't kill Toast first: Toast: How dare you.
Ralph_091 Month ago
“Don’t kill me don’t kill me i am young and...a virgin please.” -Some wise words from toast.
SapnapWasTaken Month ago
Lol young and viRgIn
Katelynn Hart
Katelynn Hart Month ago
my favorite quote “don’t kill me i am young and a virgin”
F Alif
F Alif Month ago
That intro was epic
d00m Month ago
Is "disguised toast" supposed to be like a double meaning that also sounds like "this guy's toast"? Like a double entendre type thing?
Jake Timmons
Jake Timmons Month ago
Why do they say they can take two shots when lights are out?
Jake Timmons
Jake Timmons Month ago
@birdeynamnam got it, that makes sense! Cheers!
birdeynamnam Month ago
Because you cant do 2 sabotages at once, so the timers on button, sabotage and kill cooldown match up that way
daddy _travy02
daddy _travy02 Month ago
God i hate rae's voice so much
ツExplosiveFrogツ Month ago
Treyach U
Treyach U Month ago
Which I feel like it’s kind of sus
Treyach U
Treyach U Month ago
I noticed that his play style is to not do any of his task and just try to be a detective and figure out the imposter but when he’s imposter he’s constantly trying to fake task
slemany Youtube
slemany Youtube Month ago
i knew it was sykkuno the moment he defended 5up for being infront of lights but not toast although i was confused why toast didnt confront him quicker
solving this amazing 7000 IQ mystery...
i killed everyone by myself...
Disguised Toast
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