Teaching Jake about the Camcorder, Jan '97

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brian david gilbert

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Liam Cmpbll
Liam Cmpbll 3 minutes ago
Holy shit this is amazing
DOOPEE Hour ago
So the mustached gain sentient, and the goateed is going insane due to collateral of the other one gaining sentient? Did one of them invade another? This is such a rabbit hole
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones 2 hours ago
So, are you gonna start directing horror movies now or what because damn this was brilliant!
Musicalm Relaxation
Musicalm Relaxation 5 hours ago
👇Great videos always 👍🆙
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat 8 hours ago
At 7:09 you can see a shadowy figure in his glasses. Wonder if that’s intentional
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson 11 hours ago
They should have got Brian to direct the new mutants.
Chat's Meow
Chat's Meow 14 hours ago
*The "Caillou Ni Hao" meme but it's BDG* "Brian!!" Brian had finally uploaded another video. The fanbase was very happy to see him! ["Caillou! Ni Hao!"] *The video is horror* The fanbase: ":D...what?" (I've just recently realized how good his horror is and it's just as good as his comedy, and I'm not sure how to feel about that lol)
ur fav anarcho-communist
ur fav anarcho-communist Day ago
McFinnaPants Day ago
The only button you need to worry about is the red one with an arrow on it.
AJ Hathaway
AJ Hathaway Day ago
At 4:55 for some reason I hear “who were you!?” The subtitles say I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure im not, I doubt that adds anything but I hadn’t seen any comments about it so I thought I’d mention it
Eskalainen Day ago
I want a ten hour loop of Brian Dad-Flexing (TM)
Neon Monkey
Neon Monkey Day ago
i was just checkin in to see what happening since you left polygon and what in the fuck
David King
David King 2 days ago
Haha I hate this!
Henrique de Almeida
Henrique de Almeida 2 days ago
I'm so happy we are able to experience your creativity in every video. Youre amazing
Liam Paiva Acosta
Liam Paiva Acosta 3 days ago
How did you know the month and year I was born?
Cody Jeppesen
Cody Jeppesen 3 days ago
I liked this.
nom deplore
nom deplore 3 days ago
you and @alanreznik should chill.
John Connor
John Connor 3 days ago
Precious memories were made to be destroyed
187Cazcrash 3 days ago
My sister was my favorite person in the world, it broke my heart that she left so young. She wrote her 4 year old son birthday letters till he is 18. She also recorded a video for him to watch when he is an adult. We, the family along with her husband, have been wondering if we should give him these letters and that video, she herself had doubts about him having them. We are hesitant because he might have a better chance at moving on, this youtube video encapsulates well why we are so hesitant.
Ethan 4 days ago
ah nice to see you going to make me unravel you now.
Thatcher Daniels
Thatcher Daniels 4 days ago
Hey man, this is beautiful
Clay Cross
Clay Cross 4 days ago
Jesus, dude. I need to go watch "Earn $20k" to unwind from that.
Sc4tt3r 4 days ago
"How did you get in my house, who are you?" "I am Mr Big Shot Director, i thought you were calling"
Blazimations 4 days ago
Insert_Name_here 4 days ago
I was constantly holding my hand over my mouth, I don't know what I'm feeling now
Sean Hamshar
Sean Hamshar 4 days ago
Why I wanna but a insurance policy from state farm?
Brandon Rugzie
Brandon Rugzie 4 days ago
More proof that comedy and horror are so closely related. This is absolutely brilliant, so much nuance - excellent work!
dan don
dan don 4 days ago
this feels like mgs2 all over again
Angie 5 days ago
"Jake your all grown up" Me **confused**: now wtf is going on in here on this day?? "Who are you?!" Me **terrified**: NOW WTF IS GOING ON IN HERE ON THIS DAY??? 8:05 Me **more scared**: nOw wTf iS gOiNg oN iN HeRe On tHiS dAy???
TheMadsC 5 days ago
The little "you're not-" at 7:12 after the long pause and weird look from the dad. What was that about? He's not what? Jake? Who is it watching the tape then? Idk, am I overthinking. Seems like that part is important, its the only shot not inside the bedroom, but in the hallway.
Emanuelly de Cássia
Emanuelly de Cássia 5 days ago
any other youtuber with a similar style? specially with a british or australian accent please :(
Jacob Straus
Jacob Straus 5 days ago
My name is Jake and this fucked me up. I should probably rewind it and watch again, to make sure I didn't miss anything.
armygamelover 5 days ago
Hey, Brian. So I randomly had a dream that my parents hired you and your sister to perform stand-up comedy at my birthday party. Idk why I had it, I just thought it was funny. Anyways, are you available any time in September?
Medio Naut
Medio Naut 6 days ago
Very good video. Thank you
Quinnfinity 6 days ago
I'm watching this at 4:40pm but this video is so good it feels like I'm watching it at 3:30am, when I get into a headspace that feels like that blue looks.
Jorn Tumrongwit
Jorn Tumrongwit 7 days ago
After rewatching the clip for god knows how many times The shriek in the second last rewind did not go away as the tape rewinded It's not the dad's shriek, it's Jake's
adel mebrat
adel mebrat 7 days ago
This video is amazing and incredibly unsettling. There is one thing that just won’t leave me alone. Who or what is watching the tape? The scene that started this horrifying thought is 7:10 when the dad slowly realizes he may have been interacting with something beyond his understanding. “Your not-“ and the scene before it where he hyperventilates and disappears. Every scene after the dad is no longer a loving father but instead acts like a frightened animal. His first instinct is fear, then rage, and he finally gives up in the end.
Rabenkreuz 7 days ago
The SCP we talking about today is SCP-....
Max Starnes
Max Starnes 7 days ago
miskate 7 days ago
oooh i just realized the hairstyles change too
November 7 days ago
...this is like WandaVision with More Horror
Crit! 8 days ago
Comment for algorithm dab dab dab dab dab dab
Zeek 8 days ago
I really really like these cryptic and creepy videos you’ve been putting out recently. They’re absolutely amazing concepts with incredible execution. Can’t see what you do next in the next in your cryptic series, lol
Meditação Agradável
Meditação Agradável 8 days ago
for you who are reading this comment I wish you a lot of health and faith in your path always
Epicman590 8 days ago
Instructions unclear, pressed rewind while recording.
KYR0S PH0QYREM 8 days ago
This is incredibly well done. Keep it up!
•.༄j a y d e n༄ •.
•.༄j a y d e n༄ •. 8 days ago
..... Sibiling, siblings, siblings siblings!
Ayushmaan Rana
Ayushmaan Rana 8 days ago
These seem like an almost meditation done by BDG on fans asking him to do more 'Unravels' idk just a theory
Sweekdawg Ya
Sweekdawg Ya 8 days ago
Personally, I think that Jake's father because of some sort of breathing issue, and this "tape" is Jake's way of replaying his memories with his father, his way of handling the trauma. The reason it gets more and more broken is that his memory is faulty, and he remembers the day his dad died of the breathing problem(the day this tape takes place) differently. The last version is the true one. It wasn't a special day, nothing special happened, no way of knowing what was going to happen. Jake came to terms with that after "seeing" the last version, so he stops replaying.
Timszzee 8 days ago
Alright theory time: Theory 1: Jake, the child found this tape which happens just before/as a house invader kills his mother and father, since Jake lost his mother and father at such a young age he is obviously gonna be fucked up, so when he watches it it seems he has schizophrenia trying desperately to have his father back but there's no hope for him and he comes to terms with it, I can't explain the shadow on the left with this theory though Theory 2: The home invader is watching the tape that was just recorded and the dad is some sort of spirit that is trying to contact Jake as he thinks it is his him but in reality Jake is dead from the home invader that explains why he says "You're not" as he could be saying you're not Jake and it also explains why in the next bit he is enraged at the home invader and since the home invader has just seen this tape it explains why the dad is so surprised it's a grown up watching it then at the end him walking down the hallway into the mysterious room followed by the character on the side could be the spirit wanting to take revenge
derp1772 8 days ago
i wonder if this is real
sr714jc 9 days ago
Brian: Jake, say something Me: Hello! I'm not Jake but hello Brian: wait, you're not. . .
Caedmon Brady
Caedmon Brady 9 days ago
Please do more horror and spooky stuff, it's really good and scary
Rosalie Campeau
Rosalie Campeau 9 days ago
It's broad daylight on a cozy afternoon, I'm just chillin in my room, watching a very casual video on window mode three feet away from the screen and preemptively squirming. I'm fine, it's fine. It's not real, I'm safe, nothing can hurt me 🥲😬
Fin Lockhart
Fin Lockhart 10 days ago
I'm so glad you're doing creepy shit. I've always gotten the impression that you're the exact right type of creative person to scare the shit out of an audience and it's fantastic to see you leaning into that 🖤
d'Altagnan 10 days ago
I just went from ̶U̶l̶t̶i̶m̶a̶t̶e̶ Perfect Pokerap to Pepcorn to this. BDG is everything. Edit: Shwoopsie
Vrondi 10 days ago
BDG: Big Dad enerGy update: im scared AND sad! :)
Jimmy Miller
Jimmy Miller 10 days ago
This was amazing.
Alex Kelly
Alex Kelly 10 days ago
BDG I love this, very fun and dark and mysterious. Killing it out here and you give me motivation to make my stuff too 🔥
Your Local Stream of Consciousness
Your Local Stream of Consciousness 10 days ago
i hate horror because many times now a days it devolves into gore and jump scares. as unsettling as these horror inspired videos that brian and karen keep making, I find something comforting in the fact that I know there will be nothing like that. its all psychological horror.
Tanya Musasiwa
Tanya Musasiwa 10 days ago
okay so, what i got from this is there was a home invasion of some kind, a burglary that went horribly wrong. This "tape" is a metaphor for the memory jake has of that day, and i don't remember who told me this or where I'd read it but apparently when you remember something, you're not recounting the actual event, you're thinking of the last time you'd remembered that event. so, of course, every time your remembering something, that gets warped ever so slightly. it's like broken telephone, with one person and the message being the memory itself. as jake remembers the day, the memory of the home invasion (whether or not it happened on the same day) also trickle in, the feeling of terror his father probably felt as it happened and his imagining of it, so it gets warped with each memory, until the memory itself has changed completely from one of happiness to one of horror.
Carlos Garrido
Carlos Garrido 11 days ago
Tik Tok when?
MARIO 11 days ago
tf is this
Jacob Hackman
Jacob Hackman 11 days ago
Little did we know BDG would come to unravel us 🥲❤️
Saalo Films
Saalo Films 11 days ago
This is AMAZING😄
One Day
One Day 11 days ago
That's right, because I'm my own boss
Corey Ede
Corey Ede 11 days ago
is this a samsung ad?
vessel thanatos
vessel thanatos 12 days ago
2:20 never been so scared of kwite
Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi
Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi 12 days ago
Re7 vibes
mooglumps 12 days ago
what did i do to deserve this i’m going to have nightmares now
Pluto 12 days ago
You and Karen are really genuinely great at concepts and I love these videos you guys do together!!!!
Charlie Mccollomc
Charlie Mccollomc 12 days ago
When did brain get so into horror
Juliette van Duijn
Juliette van Duijn 13 days ago
Here's my analysis: I think this video shows the five stages of grief, specifically the moments when the dad has a beard: 1. Denial, you can see the dark figure in the background but it is not acknowledged 2. Anger, the dad character notices the dark figure and yells at it 3. Bargaining, I can't really explain this one but I'd link it to the moment where the camera pans behind Jake 4. Depression, instead of emotional pain it is represented through physical pain experienced by the dad character 5. Acceptance, the dad character walks away through the hallway and disappears, a quiet moment, he's gone now. What do you think?
Zach 2K
Zach 2K 13 days ago
Bdg brethren rise up
Gianni Jimenez
Gianni Jimenez 13 days ago
This was absolutely thrilling, probably the best short film I’ve seen in my life!
Maryann Simpson
Maryann Simpson 14 days ago
I probably shouldn’t be watching this at 3 am
Jay Ess
Jay Ess 14 days ago
This is good man. Made me think. Glad you're trying something new
Colin Bunnell
Colin Bunnell 14 days ago
I should not have watched this while high
flatbeat_ 14 days ago
im too high for this
BouncyBeatle0 14 days ago
Jake's dad is 27 at the time of filming jake is between the ages of 3and 7 but presuming that Jake's father graduated college in 1994 this makes Jake the reasonable age of five. So Jake was born in 1992 making jake 29 at the time of him watching this. But the truth of the matter is that Jake is three when he was recording making him 27 when he is watching this back the same age of his father when he disappeared and knowing how DBG works he would purposely put a small detail like that in (or I'm just losing it). So then Jake was born in 1994 and you know who else was born in 1994. Brian David Gilbert meaning happy birthday Brian congrats on 27!
BouncyBeatle0 14 days ago
Also can I have a cookie.
Ryan Groe
Ryan Groe 14 days ago
I didn't learn anything about how to use a camcorder. 5 stars.
Patrick Guilford
Patrick Guilford 14 days ago
As you can tell from how to scream is almost eerily similar to the squishy pickle vid, the kid is obviously rewinding the tape to see if his dad knew how to explain the squishy pickle.
V.V 14 days ago
Brian deserves an oscar
Salmon Man
Salmon Man 15 days ago
I was on one of my nighttime journeys where I watch a bunch of BDG videos to help me go to sleep. This did not help me go to sleep. Why are you so fucking good at scaring me
Rose Hess
Rose Hess 15 days ago
Okay so like.... This really messed with me. Something about the part where he just hyperventilates and the ambiguous end sticks with you for a while, and this has had more of an effect on me than most actual horror has since I was little. I watched it the day it came out and felt really shaken haha Anyhow I really adore the video
skatmanscott 15 days ago
I feel scared for any jakes who just watched this im so glad my name isn't Jake omg
Chance Cole
Chance Cole 15 days ago
eris barnes
eris barnes 15 days ago
i dislike this
Aidan Decker
Aidan Decker 16 days ago
I love the slight differences in colors. The unsettling closeups have a bluer tint and other times there's a pinkish glow on the top
Katherine Masberg
Katherine Masberg 16 days ago
Brian are you ok??
fork Hunter
fork Hunter 16 days ago
Holy shit. This scared the living hell out of me. My fucking kneecaps are twitching.
harrissun 16 days ago
As a massive fan of weird fiction, I couldn't be happier with Brian's shift in content. These videos are little works of art and I can't wait to see more. I hope that a BDG ARG may some day be a reality
Robin Merritt
Robin Merritt 16 days ago
Hey BDG quick question? Hey quick question why did i get to 6:13 and my computer immediately turn itself off for no reason? Hey BDG? Hey BDG?
Bully Maguire
Bully Maguire 16 days ago
Anyone who's name is Jake while watching it is probably really uncomfortable
Adrian Murphy
Adrian Murphy 17 days ago
I want to high five you at Mach 3 so hard that our physical existence becomes one superior creature
Fun terra Dysonic
Fun terra Dysonic 17 days ago
HELLO MISTER I SEEN YOU ARE not been enlightened yet, unless proven otherwise
Jade Tirant
Jade Tirant 17 days ago
you look like my 39 year old stepsister
Zeal Tin
Zeal Tin 17 days ago
Excuse me Mr. Brian David Gilbert, what the actual heck? That being said please please please keep making these weird creepy videos because they are so unnerving in a way I haven't experienced before. it is a sense of unease that hurts my soul in a tasty way. I would love more and would sacrifice someone to some strange foreign god to see it.
The Bass is Loaded
The Bass is Loaded 17 days ago
The shadow figure is lurking in the corner of the room in one of the first few iterations, seen only momentarily. I'm not sure Jake is free in the end either, with that shadow on the wall of the room with the TV. Part of me hopes this is the start of a creepy web series, but in part I feel like it also stands on its own complete.
Emily A
Emily A 17 days ago
Unfortunately the scariest part is seeing Brian with a goatee
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