We Played with a Ouija Board... It Told a Horrifying Secret | 5 Scary Subscriber Stories

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Hello my loves! Today I'm sharing with you five subscriber stories from my loeylanestorytime@gmail.com inbox. From intense and dark premonitions to haunted houses to ouija board stories, in this video we will talk about all of the insane stories I've gotten lately!
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Me Me
Me Me 13 hours ago
Demons have personality’s Ecclesiastes 9:5 says the dead are in a sleep-like state
PANDAPLUS 20 hours ago
I’m freaked out about fires too
Quinishia O'Conner
Quinishia O'Conner 23 hours ago
I had the same happen to me my grandma died and she visited me I still think it was her
A L Day ago
Sad to say that people who do not know Jesus will meddle with all sorts of occultic things out of curiosity that will open the door to demonic infiltration in their homes & life.
poet incorporated
poet incorporated 2 days ago
Don’t mess with Ouija Boards. Use a cleansed pendulum instead and learn proper protection and how to close what you open.
Kiran Singh
Kiran Singh 5 days ago
Your plant behind you on the left looks like there is a face in it
amber j
amber j 6 days ago
Speaking of spooky true stories when my grandma was younger she told me she did a ouija board session with her friends and the board spelt out a date and on that date her dad died I can't remember what she said he died of whether it was natural causes or an accident but weird is it not also the reason and from being told from TV shows to never do ouija board and if you do never forget to say goodbye
Christina Garcia
Christina Garcia 6 days ago
imagine accepting a sponsorship from the same people that did the onision “documentary”. i couldn’t. those ppl are not ur friend.
Sirrush :]
Sirrush :] 8 days ago
All These People Telling Story's Of Their Past While I Don't Remember Anything Of My Childhood 😩
Jaymee R.
Jaymee R. 8 days ago
omg the visions story gave me complete chills!!!!
Inês Cravo
Inês Cravo 11 days ago
this NEVER happens to me but the fire story one gave me so much chills all over my body that i'm actually cold
Sophie Howald
Sophie Howald 11 days ago
My dog constantly just stares down in random places when she's around me, it scares me so bad and that lady story didn't help
Roses And Willows
Roses And Willows 11 days ago
I have a few stories abt dreams almost like visons but i haven't really told anyone but my bbsf says that i should kinda just be aware and just remember my dreams just incase something does happen but this has only happen on few occasions
Kendall McKimmy
Kendall McKimmy 12 days ago
I swear my house is set up the exact same way as the girls room in the last story and I have a dog. 😳 I'm scared now
Darlene Lohr
Darlene Lohr 12 days ago
How could she have told them if they only had yes or no so the sisters just guessed it n it said yeah like clearly if that were the case the demon is just agreeing and how could she had told them to do that if like she said there was only a yes and no makes no sense 😂
Xtine Zayworth
Xtine Zayworth 12 days ago
Idk why that right corner with the outlet freaks me out
Freddie 13 days ago
Fun fact; In Denmark (possibly other places as well in the world??) an Ouija board is not actually used 'traditionally'. In Denmark it is considered a 'game' called (directly translated) 'The spirit in the glass', where, like in the story, a glass is turned upside down (to keep the spirit inside, do not turn it over until you've said goodbye) and you use paper, where you basically write down the letters and yes or no (instead of the board)!
ᴛᴇɴᴢɪɴ ɴᴀᴍsᴇʟ࿐
ᴛᴇɴᴢɪɴ ɴᴀᴍsᴇʟ࿐ 14 days ago
Is it just me or everyone because her voice is so soothing😌
*Cali_girl* Livin*n*Nevada
*Cali_girl* Livin*n*Nevada 14 days ago
You're so gorgeous!!
Veronica Thomas
Veronica Thomas 15 days ago
Oh man hearing the story about the girl with prophetic dreams, using my name? Chills. Especially because I was wondering before that story if I ever sent in an email with some of my stories of hearing things and having intuitive moments. I haven't, and I know I haven't, but I was still wondering if I did and just forgot. Then her stories came up, with my name. 😳
Erin J
Erin J 15 days ago
The fantastic euphonium grossly fade because millisecond inevitably discover aboard a decorous beauty. whimsical, mute grey
Lynette Whyte
Lynette Whyte 15 days ago
How did the spirit manage to get all this information to the girls in the ouija board story if they had only wrote yes/no on paper? 🤨🤷🏻‍♀️
Rocky Gonzalez
Rocky Gonzalez 16 days ago
Okay but that fourth story got me messed up cause I’m so paranoid that each time I’m in a room or building I always gotta see or be near the exit. But as she said her Neighbors house was the one that was on fire and she heard the sirens a freaking FIRETRUCK PASSED BY MY PLACE LIKE UMMMM NAHHH
PeachCream Gaming
PeachCream Gaming 16 days ago
corre corre corre corre corre corre
Samuel Barber
Samuel Barber 16 days ago
visions, she seems to have a close connection to seer ghosts, I have visions and they aren't alike that, however, my friend who sees ghosts does have this kind of vision. All I have to say is you are incredibly fortunate.
Lauren Elliana
Lauren Elliana 16 days ago
The last story gave me chills the last 2
Spencer Han
Spencer Han 17 days ago
Lord Em Gaming
Lord Em Gaming 17 days ago
You're so beautiful Miss Loey Lane❤
Sameera Ramsingh
Sameera Ramsingh 17 days ago
The thing that scares me a little is that my stories are too similar especially the Veronica 1 cause I never know who it is gonna happen to .
Hanz09 17 days ago
2:27 start of the video thank me later😊😊😉
Paul Hicks
Paul Hicks 18 days ago
The Ouija board has been completely debunked on Brain Games
JayTheGay :3
JayTheGay :3 20 days ago
the 3rd story was so beautiful. imagine the swans were representing the soul of the three girls that lost their lives bcs of the brother.
Taylor Ballard
Taylor Ballard 22 days ago
Hay Loey my name is Taylor love your USposts USposts 👻👻🎈🎈
Violet Ray
Violet Ray 22 days ago
In the beginning of the fire story there's something in your audio- like a weird static for a few seconds behind your talking noises. Wasn't in any other part of the video🤷‍♀️
That One Bench
That One Bench 22 days ago
I feel like we don’t talk about it because it was a hoax lol.
Aeryn Gebhardt
Aeryn Gebhardt 22 days ago
I have a lot of blankets made by my great grandmothers and grandmother, all of who have passed away. I would honestly be pretty happy if I saw one of those women as a ghost at night. I never got to meet my great grandmothers.
Sassy Sandra
Sassy Sandra 23 days ago
The struggle is real!!!!
Alinta Richardson
Alinta Richardson 23 days ago
the fire one really hurt me personally not in a bad way like in a very touching and sad story, because i used to to live a old house that i loved and i had 2 housemates and one of them was stupid and was playing with a jet lighter and she dropped it on the bed she was on, i lost my entire childhood in that house all my stuff right from when i was a baby, and i managed to get out with my 3 main teddies laptop and phone i really wish i could have had visions like that girl. It still hurts to this day and even worser she never got charged or anything for that she really should have though... anyways if you took the time to read my story thanks and have a great day :)..!
Hayli Hill
Hayli Hill 24 days ago
The old "I gotta shut you up " kind of thing. Poor girl. That is a bad brother.
niphands _X
niphands _X 24 days ago
The one about dreams/visions (Veronica's story) reminds me of myself. I don't get prophetic dreams in general. However, every year, on the 12th of September, I get the same exact dream of me dying. It has been going on for about 5 years. In the dream, I am walking with my friends in a , very familiar to me, public space which I for some reason can never recognize. And suddenly I'm jumped on and stabbed to death by people wearing plain white masks and black hoodies. But I always wake up before I die.... It's just, it's a very specific dream that doesn't gett altered at all, no matter how many times I've seen it.Should I be worried about this, or am I stressing out for no reason?
Sam EverClaire
Sam EverClaire 25 days ago
I've had 'premontions' but i don't usually act to change it unless it's a danger to anyone. I am also shy and skeptical so rely on these 'premonitons' incredibly rarely but ive learned over the years that my 'premonitions' or 'usually reliable pre-information' can give me insight into the future, but it can be extremely detrimental to social situations and interactions
Narnia Lives
Narnia Lives 25 days ago
At 6:02, you can hear a hiss. Or an automatic sprayer.
Nothera_ Alyssin
Nothera_ Alyssin 26 days ago
Can I write my life real story I've seen a lot of things that I do not want to tell my friends because they might never hang out with me
dnt go
dnt go 26 days ago
I’ll never forget the dream I once had. I dont know till this day what it was supposed to mean. It was the exact same scene from Twillight where Bella runs through the fountain to save Edward but there was a little girl in red dress and it ended by a hair falling down really slowly. The dream occured atleast 2 years before the movie so when I saw the scene I was terrified. Sometimes I think I made it up but I have a few friends which Ive told about it at the time it was happening
FCKFLORAL 27 days ago
The story about the girls with the board that only said “yes” & “no” how tf did it tell them to write their names down and throw it in the river lmao
Bobaaxxgacha 27 days ago
My siri on my phone doesnt even work-
Alisyn Mathews
Alisyn Mathews 27 days ago
in the paid promotion,you frgot the other person type at home,the one who knows what it is but doesnt use it
Jezabella Gray
Jezabella Gray 27 days ago
I have been binge watching your USposts videos and you are the only USpostsr that your videos actually like give me the chills and love it and just keep doing you💖
Faith Slytherin
Faith Slytherin 27 days ago
Hey Loey! I was wondering how we send you stories?:)
A sky child.-.
A sky child.-. 27 days ago
Hey loey i know iam pretty late but there is a scary story about a poem talking about a crookman and the poem if u read it out loud your in big danger i saw this story from a youtuber like u called jessivee and i dont know if its real....
Stephanie Gonzalez
Stephanie Gonzalez 28 days ago
I'll tell you one of my stories. When I was about 5 or 6, my mom and dad had sperated so we went to live at my grandma's house (my mom's mom). In that house we've experience a lot of paranormal things, so one night we had finished eating, my grandma and grandpa went to their room. When you go in the kitchen is at the right and there's a hallway, there's a closet then the restroom, another closet, and my grandparents room, and the door to go to the back, and on the right it's the living room and the room where we were staying. Soo we had finished eating and my grandparents left to their room, my mother, my sister, my brother, and I were talking my sister and mom were in the kitchen and me and my brother were in the living room on the counter (we were able to see the kitchen) then we hear a noice and we thought it was my grandma going to the restroom but we saw a big black shadow coming from the hallway, me and my brother told my mom and my sister to come to the living room, the shadow was already in the kitchen and my mom say so she got me and my sister got my brother and we went to our room and locked it and all of a sudden there was a really hard bang till the point where the mirror was going to fall and our pictures from the wall to fall down. We opened the door and my brother was in the front door (he had also gone inside with us) talking to someone and we looked to the bed and he wasn't there. My mom went to go get him and his eyes were white, he said to leave him there, i go with my mom and see out side, the same guy that tried to attack us was standing up right there and my mom couldn't see him, I told him to leave us alone and my brother started to laugh and ran out and he desepered (my brother) my sister started to scream and said that my brother was laying down asleep in the bed.
Lauren Mashburn
Lauren Mashburn 28 days ago
Im just gonna say it *sigh* GhOsT aRe GoiNg tO hAuNt uUUUu
Miranda M
Miranda M 28 days ago
I love Ghost Adventures and The Dead Files!! I need Discovery+ 😂
bawal Abugan
bawal Abugan 29 days ago
So she will make more creepy videos
Belinda Adams
Belinda Adams Month ago
You gave me goosebumps
Jessica Layne
Jessica Layne Month ago
So I have something that’s happened to me. When I was 13 my grandma passed away. I’m 39 now so it’s been some years ago. My oldest daughter who will be 17 in 2 months. Anyhow, when she was 6 to 8 years old she used to tell me about this women she would see while in school. She said mom no one else can see her, just me. She said she comes around when I’m scared or nervous and when I see her she smiles at me and I feel this comfort feeling and I know it’s ok. She only at the time told me she had short hair (which my grandma at the time she died had short hair). I told her it’s your great grandma just checking in you....me tho not knowing for sure cause I didn’t see her and not much to go in just short hair. My daughter mind you had never seen her before. Years later now my daughter is like 13 or 14. We’re in the car driving and I bring up that time she was talking to me about this lady. I asked if she still she’s her she told me no. So since she’s older now I decide to ask. What did this lady have in can you describe her more than just short hair. She said yea I still remember it clearly. She had on a bluish green dress that zipped up the front that had little flowers all over it. I instantly started to cry cuz it was then I knew it was my grandma. There’s no way my daughter would know this cuz myself or no one else had ever told her, but my grandma was buried in a bluish green almost a mint green house robe that zipped up the front and had little flowers all over it. I said there’s no way you could no that!! I told her what she was buried in and the look on her face was shock. Also, we had went to my grandpas 80th birthday party where my aunt had pictures of him all the kids and grandkids through out the years and even pictures of my grandma when she was still alive. My daughter like I said had never seen her. I took her to the pictures and said the lady you used to see when you was a kid...do you see her anywhere? She looked and said yes I do and pointed to my grandma. I felt a sense of calm knowing she’s still here and looking out for us. She was taken way to soon and she’s missed so so dearly. I’m just glad to know we still have her. Thanks for listening to my story ❤️
Kristina Koua
Kristina Koua 19 days ago
Wow 🥺💜
S. Kreger
S. Kreger Month ago
3 swans.3 murders 3 girls. From what I know is that that digit--333- is in reference to Jesus. It is a lovely thing when you think about it but I'd still find it creepy about the spirit telling them to throw pieces of paper with their name on it in the river.
Christina Hamon
Christina Hamon Month ago
Loey ❤️😍😍😍
tσχıɕッ Month ago
Mine says “I’m over here...”
Katie Gomez
Katie Gomez Month ago
I got the chills SO many times during this video! Oh my goodness! Creepy stuff! Y’all stay safe!
Andrea H
Andrea H Month ago
See my directed energy vs weighted blanket video
katrina Wilcox-Bowens
katrina Wilcox-Bowens Month ago
Loey I had a vivint dream I saw a fox or a Wolf it had red eyes I woke up suddenly and got in my mom's bed
Michael Month ago
If you look long into the abyss... the abyss looks long into you
Cam Bellissima
Cam Bellissima Month ago
You literally have the cutest personality it warms my heart, you’re so cute and smiley
Marylyn Manson
Marylyn Manson Month ago
I miss the old videos from her, in which she tell about the old house stories from her grams
_____Ms Frying_Pan______
_____Ms Frying_Pan______ Month ago
Loeyyy :(( my birthday is in 2 days and I am sick I might have to cancel my party I am feeling better but I may have spread the virus to my family members No it's not corona Hopefully
Cowboy Month ago
i swear yall have no idea about the rules to stay safe. learn the rules before using it
hhgf uigfu
hhgf uigfu Month ago
Kan u make this a podcast
Maku chan Ishiragi
Maku chan Ishiragi Month ago
Joana I think She need to hid the blanket somewhere don't use it or it's the house but I hope she's okay
super cool girly 101
super cool girly 101 Month ago
why do u hate me :(
_____Ms Frying_Pan______
_____Ms Frying_Pan______ Month ago
Noooooo no one hates youu My name is no one Jk Jk Jk
WFlyer 79
WFlyer 79 Month ago
Loey you’re so gorgeous
Lamija Custovic
Lamija Custovic Month ago
Hey Loey! I was wondering if you could do a video about Josef Fritzl, it's about a guy who kidnapped his own 17-year-old daughter in the backyard while nobody was home but them, and kept her locked up in the bunker he had made because of war for 24 years. He was allowed to make the bunker for safety purposes, and no other family member was allowed to go down in the basement, or he would beat them. The daughter he kidnapped, Elisabeth, ended up giving birth 7 times. There's more to it but I would love to see you make a video about this, it's really fucked up, and I'm not sure if people know about this enough, it brings tears to my eyes whenever I think about it :// But on the other side, I really love your videos, hope you continue being such a beautiful soul, love you!! 💜💜
Devon K
Devon K Month ago
This was a really good video. :)
Devon K
Devon K Month ago
@_____Ms Frying_Pan______ Me? Thank you. :3
_____Ms Frying_Pan______
_____Ms Frying_Pan______ Month ago
You are a really good person
Ana R
Ana R Month ago
Veronica's story is same thing happening to me. Visions or premonitions.. I hate it, it scares me.
Andy Alex Rauff
Andy Alex Rauff Month ago
subscribing cuz you’re so cool you’re like kendal rae’s creepy stories version 😬😬😬😬 love those narration skills
Destany ferrara
Destany ferrara Month ago
What even is this
Ruby Roundhouse - killer of men.
Ruby Roundhouse - killer of men. Month ago
Loey, how much is it to become a member? ☺️
Roxy Solis
Roxy Solis Month ago
i have experiences like veronica. lately i’ve been having even more crazy dreams so i’ve been trying to warn people but i’m honestly lost as to whom my dreams are about
aTanooo Month ago
“it was smiling” no ma’am 💀💀💀
_____Ms Frying_Pan______
_____Ms Frying_Pan______ Month ago
Caroline Allen
Caroline Allen Month ago
Great video
Stella Stone
Stella Stone Month ago
Could you do a video on the muffin man nursery rhyme? It was based off the first serial killer, Aka Frederick Thomas Lynnwood theres hardly any story times on him! Or a video about nursery rhymes and how they originated? ❤️❤️❤️ I’d LOVEEE to see this
Lily Atkins
Lily Atkins Month ago
I had a similar experience as the story with the girls seeing someone outside the window. Me and a friend saw a man outside my window on the back porch. We shut the blinds Bc we were scared and pretended that it wasn’t there. We were alone and I don’t live with any men, Just my mother. I’ve always thought my house was haunted. In my sisters old room (the worst place in the house) has two mirrors facing each other
Viole M
Viole M Month ago
I still want to hear the end of you ouija board experience
Avery Falcon
Avery Falcon Month ago
My friends played the oujia board in their closet. Their mom was not like bring that thing here. Well a week or so later the closet caught on fire. Police and fire department never knew what started the fire
Maddie Loftin
Maddie Loftin Month ago
I’ve never had this happen before, but my USposts app crashed right when the 3 swan story was over, almost like my phone didn’t want me to watch the next story
Francesca Greetham
Francesca Greetham Month ago
Oh dear god. As you were telling story number 5 & said the lights came back on... the lights in my room must have had a power surge cos they went off for 2 full seconds. Jumped out of my skin! How weird!
Holly James
Holly James Month ago
hehe I'm watching this during the day so I'm not scared
Ella Month ago
The part of the fire story when it was revealed that the neighbor’s house was engulfed in flames gave me major chills
• Søft _Arıes •
• Søft _Arıes • Month ago
Heres my true story, It was 3 am in the morning, I was awake cause my auncle was working outside, while I was awake I watched tv, but after a few minutes the tv started shaking and i heard noises like tapping, then the tv shutted down, I saw a black figure then it disappeared, I hid by using the blanket, and I never, ever stayed awake after 2 am ever again.
meadow bombard
meadow bombard Month ago
I love your hair
Wolfie Playss
Wolfie Playss Month ago
Cats and dogs can see spirits
KitsuneAdorable Month ago
Raise your arm if you asked Siri where she is and breathed a sigh of relief when she said "here I am." 😅😁 I don't wear necklaces at the present, but, (and I'll never play around with Ouija boards. I have never played with them, but heard enough that I never will play with them. My Mom wouldn't be too pleased to hear that I did either) -If my friends and I were playing with a Ouija board and I was wearing a protective amulet and my friend asked me to take it off no way- I'll be keeping it on thank you! Ya'll can go and spit out pea soup. 😱
TealSunMavra Month ago
I had a recent event happen to me a few months ago. For about a couple days I kept having a feeling that something was going to happen. With every hour and then day, the feeling would get more insistent. By the second night, I was watching one of our burn piles burning the rest of the trash, keeping an eye on it when I kind of zoned out for a few minutes. After a half hour, I went back inside and told my friend, who was staying with me at the time, that what I was feeling was going to happen that night. About an hour later, she gets a message from her brother that their cousin's front porch caught fire. Luckily they got to it before any major damage was done.
Martin Eduardo Cruz Valdivia
Martin Eduardo Cruz Valdivia Month ago
I remember what my grandfather (r.i.p.) tell me whar the ouija is the keye by open the doors at the other word and liberate the demon what is closer in the uoija and i listen what the see in the orifice of the pointer see the darck spirit or the ddmon what is in it site.
Hennzy Johnson
Hennzy Johnson Month ago
My 5 month old border collie won't go into the pantry, i have no idea why, i'm a medium and i don't sense anything there but he does :)
Noodleisheree Month ago
Hey loey! You should review the Battignton tapes (they're really cool and creepy!)
Anne Clark
Anne Clark Month ago
Omg yesss I’ve been wanting her to do this for months
Erika E
Erika E Month ago
Having a fire escape plan that you practice is very normal in Australia!!
alamonds k
alamonds k Month ago
When will there be a update on fancy
Mama Shelbs
Mama Shelbs Month ago
Annnddddd this is why I refuse to ever play with Oujia boards.
pokemon8mushi Month ago
Me this whole video: OH HELLLLLL NAW!
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