Deep Stone Crypt (Day One Raid) | Destiny 2 Beyond Light

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Month ago

Good luck to everyone!!
00:00 Intro
01:30:35 Raid Begins
02:48:48 First Encounter
08:56:34 Second Encounter
09:16:15 Space Time
10:04:45 Third Encounter
11:26:15 Final Encounter/Success Run not included due to USposts 12 hour limit
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Aztecross Month ago
*We completed the raid but after the 12 hour mark, so I'm not sure if that will be uploaded via stream from earlier. I'll link it if it does. Also, I would love if someone could timestamp the encounters.* 00:00 Intro 01:30:35 Raid Begins 02:48:48 First Encounter 08:56:34 Second Encounter 09:16:15 Space Time 10:04:45 Third Encounter 11:26:15 Final Encounter/Success Run not included due to USposts 12 hour limit
Greg Frost
Greg Frost Month ago
@Invisible, hated, Not wanted, Forever Alone hope you're ok man.
Invisible, hated, Not wanted, Forever Alone
Invisible, hated, Not wanted, Forever Alone Month ago
Yeah.. “feel free to come by unless your gamer name is king of kings. You toxic jrk hateful small minded intimidated destiny community
Trenton nothing
Trenton nothing Month ago
Oh thank god for the time stamps was about to do it myself
Greg Frost
Greg Frost Month ago
Cheers dude. first encounter was very fun, it's took us super long to realize we had to shoot the smoke in the cleanse room on the second encounter, gonna have another go in a few hours! Did you see Cheese Forever's solo bonus chest video? Worth hitting for the mods.
Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez Day ago
Anyone know the song playing at 22:15?
Master Cheif
Master Cheif 14 days ago
This raid is a joke now. Double slug anarchy. 3 min 4 second WR
amit ifrah
amit ifrah 26 days ago
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Fussy toy
Fussy toy Month ago
7:45:30 - 7:47:00 was funny af
NSANE Month ago
Jay makes me wanna slap him in the mouth. That clown always acts like he knows everything and don’t you dare question him or tell him he’s wrong. He LITERALLY got an attitude over the void shield captain within 80 seconds of the raid. Lol. Gtfo of here 🖕🏻
Sean Month ago
kujay sucks so much i just dont like him
Sean Month ago
Kujay is a vibe killer
KimchiYeo Month ago
it's fun to see you guys figure the raid out ^^
BigZaddyYumYum Month ago
Got my 1st raid clear today and got the rocket launcher people were maaaad even after i said this is all you guys i woukdnt have gotten it without all yal this is all our exotic
2Juiced4Me Month ago
Yo what happened to the quality of the vid, it's capped at 360p
CycloneSP Month ago
ikr? it dropped down from 1080 to 360 once I hit the 10hr mark (tho I was watching it off and on for the past several days) super miffed, as I can't stand to watch something at that low quality
Toner C.
Toner C. Month ago
The timestamps are super off. You have first encounter where the second should be and the timing is off regardless.
CycloneSP Month ago
why did the quality suddenly drop from 1080 to 360? like, all the other options just vanished outta nowhere
Xander Schuett
Xander Schuett Month ago
I really love the detail at the Taniks reborn fight. If you look at the windows, it looks like the space station is falling into the atmosphere. and the space walk? gives me so many vibes of fighting in space. what do you think, Aztecross?
Alex Soderholm
Alex Soderholm Month ago
God idk who it is but one guy sounds like a huge nerd and he is so rude and sarcastic. Boot his ass.
2Juiced4Me Month ago
1:57:40 can someone please explain why AC keeps bubbling with Helm14 then switching off it and other armor, and rallying? I don’t understand what that’s supposed to be doing.
2Juiced4Me Month ago
@Thraymn I can see him doing the bubble to drop orbs for teammates so they can start off Charged with Light, but I can't for the life of me understand why he switched to Helm of Saint 14 before doing it every time. He switches chest pieces to but that might be for ammo reserves.
Thraymn Month ago
@2Juiced4Me ah, well in that case I am unsure. I do notice he stops doing it after a while, so it could still be for the overshield boost, and since there wasn't an immediate captain spawn to deal with he deemed it not worth the hassle. It could also be that he's proccing a mod, although I don't know what that would be. I'm a warlock main, and this is the first raid race I've watched, so I can only guess at the reasons behind it.
2Juiced4Me Month ago
@Thraymn No I'm a Titan and I use that helm when I bubble. It gives you an overshield when you leave bubble but it only lasts like 15-20s. If you watch my timestamp the OS falls off before the encounter even starts. I do not understand why he switches to Helm14 before the encounter to bubble.
Thraymn Month ago
I heard that that helm makes overshields last longer/until they get shot off (I haven't looked in collections to make sure.) If that's the case then that starting bubble would provide a persistent overshield for the first part of the battle for everyone that can run through the bubble (until it eventually collapsed.) He swaps off the helm to use an exotic that's more beneficial in moment to moment combat.
iF3llOffaBr1dge Month ago
It's crazy how long it took them to figure out the first encounter, but once they had it down, they beat it pretty quickly. The opposite was true with my team. We figured out how the mechanics worked very quickly, but we could not execute it efficiently
mason tucker
mason tucker Month ago
What is the Scout rifle he is using in the beginning of the raid
Mislead 21 day ago
Patron of lost causes.
mnoell35 Month ago
I guess you gotta play by yourself,without a squad?
Ambitious Assassin
Ambitious Assassin Month ago
I honestly don't know how you guys did it......putting up with jay I mean......he is so annoying....every time he says "ahhh that makes sense" he sounds like he was verifiying the fact he was right...."remember if bungie put it in then it's in for a reason" no kiddin there sherlock...massive well done for putting up with him
Hybrodon Month ago
"I can hard confirm that when the overload champions are up, the terminals are disabled." Heh, ambitious, but wrong :p When servitors are up, the terminals are disabled, even pops up in the chat.
KapnKrunch Month ago
He was annoying AF... I could not play with him. I would gladly have missed out on day one emblem if I had to do it with him.
Bleach Btch
Bleach Btch Month ago
Who’s fucking kid is going off in their mic C’mon
frames Month ago
anybody got a debuff for kujay. dude a clown.
lDoxology Month ago
I can hear in his voice, aztecross was tired 😂
aetherfukz Month ago
You might be the only streamer that actually played Titan on the day 1 raid race. And that's why we love you!
Stronkbad Month ago
Um, Datto always main Titan...🙃
squishyt 01
squishyt 01 Month ago
Clovis: "humanities fate is now on you." Guardian: "not the first time."
Toast Party
Toast Party Month ago
jay "that's it IVE figured it out" also jay "WE haven't figured it out guys"
teejovitch123 Month ago
That was highly entertaining. U slayed out. Perhaps one person demanding to be the operator 100% of the time is a bad strategy- in games and all of life. It's like the kid who won't play unless he gets to be all time quarterback. . .
Panda Gin
Panda Gin Month ago
Not gonna lie, this brought back way too many D1 vibes, specifically Wrath of the Machines. Spent 1 hour in the first and third encounter, but the 2nd and 4th, both Atraks-1 and Taniks took about 6-7 hours each.
Birb Month ago
Weirdly I can see the final run, was it because I was there for the stream?
Lord Deathmire
Lord Deathmire Month ago
3:03:42 best scene of the raid
AGamingChannel Month ago
cross fangirling over the space encounter made me smile
Last Wish was to redeem Bungie and multiple studios worked on it. Eventhough it was amazing, not a lot of people completed it legit. We need more people to raid, so more Crota ala VOG raids.
KapnKrunch Month ago
We need a good mix of both... Im a big fan of doing ones that most will never finish.
10000 Suscribers With Videos Chalenge
10000 Suscribers With Videos Chalenge Month ago
Fun Fact: The dislikers didn't even have time to watch the whole video, means even they have notifications on
Chase Priestley
Chase Priestley Month ago
7:40:00 Cross's computer freezing, him getting booted to orbit, Bombad not knowing where his orb was and the intense final stand with Cross yelling callouts like crazy was probably my favorite moment of the raid. Absolutely hilarious😂😂
James E
James E Month ago
Hey boss man, do you have a playlist for the tracks you were listening to at the beginning before the RAID?
Guilllermo Hurtado
Guilllermo Hurtado Month ago
Bro freaky eddy was pissing me off that whole raid holy hell lol
Attican Traverse
Attican Traverse Month ago
Our team did it in about 18 hours 20 min (ps4). Def one of the best raids bungie has ever made.
Wes Month ago
I really like your pve vids man!
Bryan A
Bryan A Month ago
wow my clanmates were right, this guy really does look like Shaw Han lol
Obi-Wan Pepp’roni
Obi-Wan Pepp’roni Month ago
cross was the one who made the joke first, he’s shown his face before
Benjiizus Month ago
I watched for 11 hours and missed the end lmao good job Cross
ruby Month ago
My friends are currently still doing this and I think have spent about 19 hours on it 💀💀💀
Graham De Lacey
Graham De Lacey Month ago
i think jay added at least an hour and a half to the raid himself alone. woah !
James Bews
James Bews Month ago
You must be the only player that can stream for 12 hours and show nothing! I hope you're not this bad all the time and it's just a one-off...Carried by chat and your team
ThePresidentsaidWHAT!? Month ago
@Lord Papi Darkwing I dont expect him to be greatness. Being an awesome content creator (which he is) doesnt mean he's gods gift to destiny. I think we all get that. Ive participated in every raid week 1 except GoS. And while I dont stream I can understand if the moment overtakes you. However I know what I watched and heard. He was not a leader, morale booster, or puzzle solver (and basically they got all their info from chat). He was just....there. When he messed things up he didnt own it a couple of times. When he could've took the initiative, he didnt. On the 3rd encounter he finally started grabbing cores, ill give him that. When the platforming section atarted through space he muted the chat to take in the awesomeness of that moment. That was great. Maybe the highlight of the stream. But it was a 12 hour stream....and as a fan I was disappointed more often than not.
Lord Papi Darkwing
Lord Papi Darkwing Month ago
Not to make excuses because I could be wrong, but did you ever think that maybe being on group and live streaming to an audience, on top of going in blind on a raid, was a little overwhelming? And maybe he was distracted? I can talk for England in my party chat, but sometimes if you’re playing with a new group or when you’re completely new to a raid, I kind of lose my nerve and don’t say much because I’m more focused on absorbing information on what exactly the hell you do. And then people assume you’re a bad player or slow or something lol. Bare in mind, a ton of wipes tends to take it out of you, even if you push on. Not everybody is fucking Gladd, Datto and Sweatcicle
ThePresidentsaidWHAT!? Month ago
I enjoy Aztecross. His personality makes his vids for me. But I agree. He was barely vocal, and barely took the initiative on any jobs. Bad watch compared to other streamers and honestly, as a gamer he lost some respect points for me...if it wasnt making mistakes and not owning up to them, it was just being there and killing adds...
Itamar Zuckerman
Itamar Zuckerman Month ago
7:47 Preparations 1:31:40 Raid Starts 1:33:40 Sparrow Racing 1:46:00 Crypt Security 3:01:54 Platforming 3:03:45 Atraks-1, Fallen Exo 9:14:45 Platforming 9:22:00 Taniks, Reborn 10:11:13 Wreckage 10:15:43 Taniks, The Abomination
Ross White
Ross White Month ago
So glad, you boys finished congrats!!! I watched from 11pm -3 am uk time. Had to get some sleep. I'll attempt next week when my light is up more. I'm 1236 with artifact. Congrats again Aztecross & co. Big love from uk. Ross.
JJ Hype
JJ Hype Month ago
🎵Smooooth Operatorrrrrrrrr! 🎶🎵
Gnostic Juggernaut
Gnostic Juggernaut Month ago
That guy Jay is really annoying. Thinks he knows everything and talks over everyone.
KapnKrunch Month ago
@Emmett Fee you mean the guy that thought the Champions were blocking the terminals? The only stuff he knew he was reading in chat on discord. Guy was a idiot. Like seriously in the history of destiny when something is force fielded or electronically blocked and servitors are around you gonna claim you know for sure its the overload champions ha ha. Guy was douchy and reading shit its great he was scoping on what other teams were doing cause it helped. But I don't think he had one original thought the whole time.
Gnostic Juggernaut
Gnostic Juggernaut Month ago
@Koallz 87 obviously it his choice. Stupid response move on.
Gnostic Juggernaut
Gnostic Juggernaut Month ago
@Emmett Fee lol Good one.
Emmett Fee
Emmett Fee Month ago
the reason he was "talking over everyone" and thinks he knows everything is because he knows every thing unlike you, you know nothing
Koallz 87
Koallz 87 Month ago
He is not your raid teammate stop complaining it’s their choice to choose who to play with
aviatorEngineer Month ago
Never once have I been happy to see a web mine. If I ever try this raid, it'll have me in tears.
Tiger Bears
Tiger Bears Month ago
“I don’t like that Taniks was used there, it could’ve been another Fallen” What is that dude talking about? He’d prefer some other big Fallen boss that would act the exact same as Taniks, but he’s annoyed because we got to fight a character with established story?
KapnKrunch Month ago
I have to agree just cause he has been used so much... Part of my likes it also but that's just nostalgia. Someone above me also made a good point though about why Taniks was a good choice.
Tiger Bears
Tiger Bears Month ago
@Obi-Wan Pepp’roni That might’ve been what people were expecting before Beyond Light, but it was pretty clear after the campaign that Taniks and Atraks were going to play a big part in the raid, and I don’t see how Clovis would fit in there. Also, the guy was asking for a different Fallen, not Clovis. I’m not saying Clovis wouldn’t have been an interesting boss, but that isn’t what my comment was talking about.
Obi-Wan Pepp’roni
Obi-Wan Pepp’roni Month ago
uh yes and i can’t blame him, why not fight clovis bray himself as an exo like everybody who didn’t datamine was expecting
Nacho Month ago
Honestly yes. We’ve fought him 4 or 5 times already. They should’ve used someone else, anyone would’ve been good.
PrototypePlatform Month ago
in fact it actually makes sense because the pyramids chose hosts that have deemed themselves worthy of combating light wielders, all of the nightmare incarnations and resurrected are those we have fought before. and the deep stone crypt raid lore centres around the pyramid being the source of the exo's network. it makes sense that the reborn creatures would be people like taniks and atriks.
Mango Tango
Mango Tango Month ago
Just a suggestion, maybe move your face am to the right so we can see the damage and buff modifiers that pop up ;)
Shrekalisous ‘
Shrekalisous ‘ Month ago
I was watching it live, people said that multiple times, even having the entire chat being a wall of telling him that, he read it and ignored it
mikeysenior Month ago
Still looking for that “Eddy Player One” merch. Make it so Cross. 🙏🏻
Nate Greene
Nate Greene Month ago
I’m sorry Cross but ur boy Kujay is annoying asf man!
KapnKrunch Month ago
@NSANE I get people like that all the time on LFG. It sucks. It sucks was trying to teach this raid to clan mates and we were one short. Musta been this dudes brother or something. Comes in and want to take over and do the 4 ball strat on Taniks. Im sorry I teach everyone the normal way then once they got it down we do fancy shit. And I agree there really is no reason not to do the 4 ball EXCEPT if everyone is new. Sorry im ranting now. This dude just reminds me if the guy lol.
NSANE Month ago
@KapnKrunch yup. annoying as hell
KapnKrunch Month ago
Is he the one talking like 90% of the time...
NSANE Month ago
Yeees. Can’t stand that clown
ShoGuN Month ago
Yeah... kujay, banned_wipe, and someone else were being toxic and calling us cheaters in trials a while back. Definitely not a person I respect but it is what it is
P1S4P0RP01S3 Month ago
Kujay sucks at being helpful no cap
KapnKrunch Month ago
Well he helped by reading chat tips being feed to him... But dude was a idiot lol The overloads are blocking the terminals part cracked me up...
Jinson Toh
Jinson Toh Month ago
Max Novakovics
Max Novakovics Month ago
37:39 buddy after Atraks-1 I would kill and die to fight Thaviks the Depraved
Temp Hill
Temp Hill Month ago
9:16:15 that speech and music, holy shit.
SEVN 07 Month ago
After 8 hours it took my team to get past second encounter this moment made it all worth it.
森Mori Month ago
I belive the OST is "Deep Stone Lullaby" from the Beyond Light OST pack.
Paddy Archibald
Paddy Archibald Month ago
My team spent 10 hours on second encounter. I'm dead inside.
Adam Beck
Adam Beck Month ago
@Paddy Archibald you & me both
Paddy Archibald
Paddy Archibald Month ago
@Adam Beck that statement gives me ptsd.
Paddy Archibald
Paddy Archibald Month ago
@Nacho no, just finished it an hour ago. Fuck contest mode.
lDoxology Month ago
Blake Harris
Blake Harris Month ago
@Adam Beck I heard that so many times
Unten oh
Unten oh Month ago
Aztecross what would you say is the most umportant weapons and weapon atributes you used or would recommend?
nobody Month ago
I could have been your Eddy
Mohamed Asfar
Mohamed Asfar Month ago
Got to the final boss at 7pm est, but could finish he has so much health its insane
Saul Bacelis
Saul Bacelis Month ago
Joseph Lee
Joseph Lee Month ago
I love how Eddy became chat’s idol This was my first raid that I sat through and watched, and I gotta say it was amazing. Especially that outer space parkour sequence. So thanks Cross & co. Really hit it home :)
Joseph Lee
Joseph Lee Month ago
@elfaia Cross added some time stamps Also 9:16:04 is the sequence I was talking about
elfaia Month ago
Any time stamp on what he did? Kinda missed the stream halfway and came back to everyone meme-ing about it
Mr Griffon
Mr Griffon Month ago
Me and my brazilian clan got our first 24hrs happy af
Makochild The Destined
Makochild The Destined Month ago
Who won?
eurus kreacatoa
eurus kreacatoa Month ago
Taniks reminds me alot of the DOOM hunter
Matt 23 days ago
I thought that too
Todd C
Todd C Month ago
Your raid team was annoying AF. COULDNT watch it
greasyginzo Month ago
Lol thats actually not quite enough damage and last stand will suck with shot guns...1 div then everyone else anarchy and sniper worked great for my team
Fleischwolf Month ago
@1:30:35 is the start of it
The1 Excalibur
The1 Excalibur Month ago
We finally make it to the Deep stone crypt and of all the bosses Bungie could’ve but in the there we get Taniks lol. How disappointing I would’ve preferred Clovis even the dark Ana Bray from the Exo Strangers timeline.
Thomas M
Thomas M Month ago
The real exo clovis was mond reset, he is now Bansee 44( gunsmith) and the mind of clovis was disabled and is only a large exo head. And joining timelines wouldn't make sense. So clovis exo body is now just Banshee44, his mind wont be a boss ever either i dont think
Frostborne Gaming
Frostborne Gaming Month ago
I got a pve Godroll snipe
Aiodensghost Month ago
I got stuck on Atracks-1... and we had to quit racing because one of our team had work.
EZRA 13 Month ago
Alodensghost: Dude and your Team respect! 👍🏻
Chunkylover Games
Chunkylover Games Month ago
Did you beat it?
KeenScout Month ago
Just beat the raid. Sweet emblem.
Dragon Wife
Dragon Wife Month ago
I love you Eddy 🥺
Sole Knightmare
Sole Knightmare Month ago
At fist I was pissed that The Deep Stone Crypt was a raid only location, but now having seen it, I don't think I'm missing anything. Idk why but when I hear Deep Stone Crypt, I think of some dark and stoic ruins from some lost civilization, not some generic Clovis Bray facility that looks like all the others. And why is Taniks the final boss? It seemed like they were setting up Eramis coming back via the Crypt or something. I hate to say it but this expansion/season has been very disappointing and lackluster. Europa is dull, the cosmodrome has no reason to be in the game, the weapons and gear are nothing to write home about, and the story is anticlimactic. I wish I hadn't got excited and bought the deluxe edition. From here on out I'm keeping my expectations low.
A hella creative name
A hella creative name Month ago
Idk what you mean this raid is amazing, the atmosphere, the music. The encounters seemed pretty cool too. sure taniks being the final boss made no sense but still it still looked like a pretty interesting fight. The raid felt massive in scale to. I mean you go to space and crash a space station for crying out loud
Thomas M
Thomas M Month ago
@Dad they were at home locked down? Tons of money spent on servers, advertising, cutscenes, etc
Nehhh Jehhh
Nehhh Jehhh Month ago
Yeah this expansion is lame, I waited for today to see the raid and it’s not that exciting at all. Lame all around expansion I love the game but I’ll be passing for 50$ Canadian
Dad Month ago
@Thomas M Why did they have limited resources? They sell season passes, expansions and a shit ton of emotes and other stuff from eververse
Thomas M
Thomas M Month ago
They were locked down and limiter resources, so for me and the limited resources they had, im okay with it, but, in the lore the Deep Stone Crypt has always just been the facility of making the exos, it was just the main facility in the deep of Europa, nothing special, clovis just was a man, not a hive who lives underground in ruins, sooo, it makes sense to be yknow, a facility
Amber Redfield
Amber Redfield Month ago
Wtf was Bungie thinking with Atraks? Like if the best teams take forever to get it down smoothly, I feel like it’s impossible for the rest of us haha
Lord Papi Darkwing
Lord Papi Darkwing Month ago
It was contest mode. I think once someone finished the raid, they lowered the difficulty.
Amber Redfield
Amber Redfield Month ago
@Thomas M I’m aware. I was in the raid all day today, and stuck in Atraks for a good 4 hours or so. It was tough, but we were having enemies not even spawn at the very beginning of the encounter after we triggered it. Was really frustrating
Thomas M
Thomas M Month ago
They are capped at 1230 light
Reese Holt
Reese Holt Month ago
The recording stopped?!!!!
Soldier plays
Soldier plays Month ago
This raid not gotta lie gives me a lot of d1 raid vibes compared to other raids in d2. Mechanics are just exactly at the difficulty they should be with fun encounters and my god the music is superb as always.
Stephen Osborne
Stephen Osborne Month ago
@Bob Bobson That isn't true. Sorry.
Stephen Osborne
Stephen Osborne Month ago
I will say that Destiny 1 raids felt a lot more mysterious than the Destiny 2 raids, but I like most of them anyway. But I think this is one of Bungie's best.
Bob Bobson
Bob Bobson Month ago
@River Lynch VV made Spire and Crown, and I think they helped with making Scourge too. But Last Wish, like all of the other big expansion raids, was made solely by Bungie.
River Lynch
River Lynch Month ago
You guys also have to consider that Last Wish was made in conjunction with Vicarious Visions, whereas this raid was not.
Astrozy Month ago
@L Zapata yeah its more wrath than last wish, not a bad thing. this raid felt massive in scale even though its smaller. i mean fcuk we literally go to space and crash a space station
Dylan Johnson
Dylan Johnson Month ago
Eddy put the team on his back though
Jack Mack
Jack Mack Month ago
The final boss reminds me of villains who strive for the perfect body but in the end they end up becoming more monstrous. TANIKS went from the reborn to the abomination
Noah Ledet
Noah Ledet Month ago
@Saul Hernnadez it times out at 12 hours, but they beat it. he may upload that
Saul Hernnadez
Saul Hernnadez Month ago
They never finished ?
HUEITOR Month ago
Anyone with the timestamps?
Cyternitas Month ago
did they finish? recording stopped at 12h
Cyternitas Month ago
@Astro4545 thx ^^
Astro4545 Month ago
Yup, here is a twitter link:
Eclipse Highroller
Eclipse Highroller Month ago
The fact that Taniks was the final extremely disappointing. So much more stuff would have made sense, a massive Exo, something darkness related, Clovis himself. but Taniks? Taniks has NOTHING to do with the story whatsoever. They could have put in a random enemy and it would have had the same bearing. Whomever though he was a good idea, should honestly be taken off coming up with raid bosses
Eclipse Highroller
Eclipse Highroller Month ago
@Benjiizus except when almost every person I see talk about this raid says that Taniks was a bad/lazy choice and that he has nothing to do with the story, then it’s a problem. I’m not talking about 20-30% of people I see talk about it, I’m talking about 99% of people I see talking about it think that. people like you will always respond to comments without any actual reasoning or counter huh?
Benjiizus Month ago
People will always complain about something
Nicholas Cazmay
Nicholas Cazmay Month ago
I agree... All these Dark Council Fallen... and we get Taniks?... AGAIN? Wtf Bungie? The hell does Taniks have anything to do with the narrative at this point? Quite disappointing.
Eclipse Highroller
Eclipse Highroller Month ago
@Robert Barber Atheon was the head Vex at the time and a direct danger to guardians, as well as the first raid. Calus was empower of one of the main races, mentioned in the red war story, and the main antagonist to the red legion, Raid Lairs aren’t full raids and they are raid lairs because they are shorter and specifically because they have zero connection to the story Galharan connected Savathun to Calus, Insurrection prime dealt directly with the black armory story Taniks is a recycled enemy, we have killed him many many times before, and one he has absolutely zero connection to anything in destiny right now. They could have made the boss a random nobody fallen and it even used a hit of stasis it would have had more bearing to the story than Taniks. Literally anything else would have made more sense. This was just laziness on bungie part, they didn’t want to come up with a new villain for the raid for their comeback expansion and it shows. Almost anyone I come across feels the same way I do and thinks that taniks should have had zero to do with this raid. Bungie was lazy, and deserves to be called out. they are more like activision on than they think
Greg Frost
Greg Frost Month ago
@Thomas M Cheers
Valaned Month ago
Good job! I wish I could play raids, but I don't have anyone to do them with, still, it was fun to watch you guys!
KapnKrunch Month ago
@Valaned im on ps4 also I work a lot bug will be running DSC again after reset.
Valaned Month ago
@KapnKrunch it's buried_boi, I'm on playstation, if that helps.
KapnKrunch Month ago
@Valaned whats your gamer tag... I'll take ya into DSC and GoS
Valaned Month ago
@aKidnamedCudi100 Ps4, I'm a warlock main at 1234.
aKidnamedCudi100 Month ago
You can raid with my group. We also find ppl from LFG all the time. If your ever needing a group go on fireteams thread on the Destiny app or if your in PC there’s LFG discord servers.
Hastur Month ago
marshall tovar
marshall tovar Month ago
Eddy is the only reason yall completed it
Magda Lena
Magda Lena Month ago
I agree.
marshall tovar
marshall tovar Month ago
@Thomas M He was Eddy
Thomas M
Thomas M Month ago
Whatd he do
Jdm 757
Jdm 757 Month ago
Petition for Eddy to be the next raid boss
Gary McLean
Gary McLean Month ago
thanks for the entertainment team!...really appreciate it....
jiklix Month ago
Parker Reed
Parker Reed Month ago
Dude cross, stoked I come jump back on for the last 30 mins of y’all’s run! Epic conclusion! #dayone baby! Good work man!
GeneralFatass Month ago
@JUDGEMENT LAW whyd it stop??
They didn't kill it the recording just stopped
sean kelsey
sean kelsey Month ago
Nice job boys ! Good night
BankRoll Jay
BankRoll Jay Month ago
Bro I spent 8 hours on that second encounter I’m hurting rn
Hatsumi Month ago
@BankRoll Jay ah. Uhh haven’t got that far lol
BankRoll Jay
BankRoll Jay Month ago
@Hatsumi I’m talking about the exo encounter
Hatsumi Month ago
@BankRoll Jay get on a sparrow and position it on the outside of the bubble and get off. If you get on your sparrow that is outside the bubble whilst you are inside you don’t have to worry about the cold
BankRoll Jay
BankRoll Jay Month ago
@Hatsumi how?
Hatsumi Month ago
You can glitch it
Xx_wolverine_ 809
Xx_wolverine_ 809 Month ago
Eddy the final final boss.
Tayler Neill
Tayler Neill Month ago
Not Eddy
OfficialLoneWolfGang Month ago
N.A. Gaming highlights
N.A. Gaming highlights Month ago
Bruuu, I was working
a wonky username
a wonky username Month ago
oh boy
Deep Stone Crypt: Full Raid Clear
I Ruined MrBeast's Video
I Ruined MrBeast's Video
My bro Goose chose VIOLENCE today