Why I Took a Break From Streaming and What My Plans are Going Forward (Part 3)

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Month ago

Part 3 of the successful series on why I took a break yelling into a webcam for multiple hours a day. Stream return date will be on Twitter in the next few days. Thanks for all the support through this guys, it's meant a lot.


TheCcrack 4 days ago
id love to see him try other mmo's from the perspective of a longterm wow player, even if he dosnt stick with them or get very far
Joshua Rollock
Joshua Rollock 6 days ago
I dont even play WoW
Brett the Wilder
Brett the Wilder 8 days ago
I don’t think people really watch you for the WoW content. They watch you for the person you are when you play WoW, i.e. the non-anxious you. If you can be that guy in other content you’ll take us with you.
Jonathan Santiago
Jonathan Santiago 9 days ago
** a squirrel throw a rock at me** Squirrel : S. T. F. U snowflake.
Andrew Burwell
Andrew Burwell 9 days ago
Dude, I haven't played WoW seriously in years and I still watch you because you're a truly unique and special content creator. You've made me smile/laugh more than anyone else on twitch or youtube, and I will ALWAYS watch your stuff. Do what's best for you and keep up the good work.
Andres Akbar
Andres Akbar 9 days ago
my man.. i want u to know, i never played WoW, growing up poor like 3rd world country poor i never had enough chance to play it.. but I do watch you in last couple of month, I really like how you represent yourself on the stream, i like the arguments you gave about random stuff, some of them stupid some of them is great. keep doing you!! have a nice one!
James Watts
James Watts 10 days ago
You got a fan here that dont watch wow at all i never pkayed it dont understand it lol but i love ur content and u as a person so i watch ur videos and sometimes i jump in ur streams i like the way u look at things in life in general
1amdremer 10 days ago
Thanks for being real man. Just do stuff you like to do, and I think that will come across to your viewers. I mainly just watch on youtube, and for me personally I do not mind commercials in the videos as long as they're not overly loaded with them.
d3mon hunter
d3mon hunter 10 days ago
I think u should play more other games , i enjoyed demon souls bro
Flyin DanskMen
Flyin DanskMen 11 days ago
100 IQ to 10 IQ. I mean I get what you are saying but don't agree 100% either. One thing that stands out to me is what a natural communicator you are. Speaking 100 MPH with complete clarity. It's a gift and a reason why streams are so interesting. I don't even like Wow that much, but found myself watching your streams and YT react videos. You do you, make content that you appreciate and you will always find a lot of success. Take care.
oij oij
oij oij 11 days ago
Real talk
NattyCircuS 11 days ago
Take a brush to them teeth
Leeloo -
Leeloo - 12 days ago
I think you are doing great! Just please try to figure out how to not put yourself down. I feel like you partially say things like "if this loser can get through it, i can" is an attempt to make others see you as no better than them, to make them feel even better off than them. I can see where your heart is but Id guess that in some cases it allows people to feel justified in calling themselves losers. It doesnt matter who you live with, how many friends you have, how much money you have, what matters is who you chose to be. If your goal is to be happy, make others happy, show others that life is what you make it, then none of those environmental elements should have any effect on your value. Im not judging you, we all do it, i just think we should all support each other in trying to break free of those negative thoughts. You are one of a kind and so irreplaceable. The fact that you have even made one persons day brighter is enough, its amazing and beautiful. Thank you. ❤
Konstantin Bradicich
Konstantin Bradicich 12 days ago
Azmon or Zack however u wana be called... do you booboo we all love your honesty however you don't need to explain your skeletons we all have them. The only thing I can recommend is literally go live a month in Central or South America leave your technology behind feel the earth. Mr squirrel threw a rock at you for a reason. The birds are yelling at u too... go get a massage or go to the spa do things u have never done and are scared to do... this will give you that new perspective for your channel!!! Love ur persona bro be easy we all love u be safe and go explore real life
Konstantin Bradicich
Konstantin Bradicich 12 days ago
Or try to do a give away where you choose one random followers to run 2s with each week where they join ur discord just the two of ya doing new things... followers decision...
Konstantin Bradicich
Konstantin Bradicich 12 days ago
Or go play Pokémon go live lol that might actually be really fun comment and you can talk and interview people in real life
Donny O
Donny O 13 days ago
Everyone needs a break just take care of yourself we will always be here to watch your streams when you get back.
Ashley Crane
Ashley Crane 14 days ago
Please play more dark souls or finish DS2
Billy R
Billy R 14 days ago
I wonder if those birds knew they would be famous
DankyKang 15 days ago
olympic athletes also have a on-season and a off-season. you are probably too humble to admit this, but your content/streams/videos are of "olympic-athlete" quality. atleast thats my opinion. i am very happy that you take care of your mental health and that you take breaks for yourself. i watch you then and again when i have time in my life and i would really miss you(r content) if you burn yourself somuch out that you wouldn't wanna return. you inspire me very much dude and i think about the stuff you say oftentimes (a lot). i hope someday to come close to that lvl of.. i dont even know the proper english word, so im going to say, that lvl of BIGDICK.
tyty2 wild
tyty2 wild 15 days ago
I watch Asmongold for his arguments, personality and opinions. The gameplay is secondary to me. I would love to just sit down and discuss a few things with him in a professional way. He's funny, clever and he doesn't take himself too seriously. If he were to ever read this I'd want to tell him that I love his streams, if I don't make them I love watching the Vods afterwards. Take as much time as you need, not what your audience says you need. Recharge your batteries my guy, put yourself before your audience. Have a good one my guy.
Yeah Boiii
Yeah Boiii 17 days ago
There are 4666 comments on this vid right now so I have to comment to get that number outta here. 😃 I found you because of wow but I only really watch you reviewing other videos and talking to chat on USposts. Do what you want to do and be happy man...life is too short and you won't realize how short it is until it is over so start now. Today is the first day of the rest of your life.
Eduardo Canas
Eduardo Canas 17 days ago
I understand.
Xeridae 17 days ago
Did the same thing with Valheim. It was just one of those rare games that hooked me.
Lashima Wow EU
Lashima Wow EU 18 days ago
Getting bored of all these attention seeking quitting and come backs... you do it every main patch of the expansions... you complete what you do then you "quit" then come back for the ratings #Yawn
Brad Evans
Brad Evans 18 days ago
Not sure if you will check comments on this video still now your back but in terms of content ideas I honestly think something like an MMO roundup would be sweet. Maybe like a week, a different game every day, initial thoughts and opinions etc. It would give you some variety if you are feeling burnt out on WoW and could even help you to recall what it is you like and didn't like about the WoW experience in general. Honestly though just do what you want because as long as you're feeling good and having a good time the community will as well. Don't hold yourself to standards that you wouldn't hold anyone else to, just kick back, have a laugh and we'll be there laughing with you. 💜
matt2244 19 days ago
Maybe take some time off and hit the dentists was trying to focus on you talking but can always see it.. Infected teeth are the worst have had my fair share.
Scott Buster
Scott Buster 19 days ago
So you can circle back...? Okay Jen Psaki.
Elijah Bond
Elijah Bond 19 days ago
I appreciate that you take time for yourself. Actually a good role model. I don't have any suggestions for your stream. I watch your yt vids more often, as I don't often catch your schedule. But, I suggest you play OSRS off stream, and just try to enjoy it. And, also maybe consider tweeting out your zackrawrr videos? I watch all of them, and personally it would feel wrong if they had ads. I completely understand your point about feeling like they aren't getting seen enough(I noted the same thing on a lot of them), but I do think any other option would be preferable. Thanks for all you do for your community! It's great to see these down-to-earth videos. Love from Canada! esfandL
Ondrej Jánošík
Ondrej Jánošík 20 days ago
You already got the money man, and I can see you're fully aware many (if not most) of your viewers are not even active wow players, so you don't have to pigeon hole yourself into that direction anymore. Even for me personally I'd be much more interested to see you try new stuff and hear your genuine views on it, no matter how much you suck playing it. Anything that sparks conversation, hell, even movies. During these covid times tuning into your channel feels like chatting with a friend.
Tina C
Tina C 20 days ago
Hey Asmon (Zack), really it isnt all about wow, Even the biggest MMO, what is for some people unbelievable to process, it seems to me you havent all your challange in it. From my view , I like when you talk about game backgrounds, politics and even the touch of psychology. Watching you play some really weird games and you really are doing so good at it You give alot material on stream to let my mind work harder. In your streams and in the video, you seem to me like a Alpa person with a wide section on intellect. I have the feeling you can really use some Person with a wide knowledge where you can be in some part a Beta Person .Someone who can talk to you without you knowing where it goes.(on a lvel or above) In your video you still seem to struggle , can t hide it, I hope you will find the way,thats best for you . And btw....we all come online and watch you stream when it fits us, why should you not have your freedom and if you want to take time off to regain energy focus on other things. I know most of your followers will support this . Cause when you rested you will come back more powerful then before. Take care
Mr. Lucky Luciano
Mr. Lucky Luciano 20 days ago
If you wont stream how the fck you going pay bills? You think stack of cash wont run out what next? Your mother going pay for everything? Get a job igf you dont like streaming anymore ..
MaStA MiLlHoUsE 20 days ago
Well Said you Deserve to be happy!
Joe Leonard
Joe Leonard 20 days ago
So are you getting hyped for Pantheon or what?
Patrick hiphop
Patrick hiphop 21 day ago
burnout and category fear, at least you are vocalizing this and not letting it manifest into something much much worse that has been a disease taking many many streamers way too soon.
Patrick hiphop
Patrick hiphop 21 day ago
Chat you hear that, we're are winning PauseChamp
The Centipede
The Centipede 21 day ago
Late to the video, but you are always the most fun to watch when you're having fun and passionate about what you're doing. Take care Asmon, we love you man.
AlrightThere 21 day ago
The way you explain things is pitch perfect. You have such a gift for being a good speaker. You point out a lot of life problems people have but explain them perfectly so we can understand.
Brandon P
Brandon P 21 day ago
go variety, we're with u fam.
unsane 21 day ago
Stream PoE!
DHR 21 day ago
Bro that stream would get heavy most nights.
Jonathan Berman
Jonathan Berman 21 day ago
I played WOW from beta 2004 and launch, off and on for like 15 years... and even though I quit playing WOW and now play another game fulltime, I still watch your stream.
James Myers
James Myers 22 days ago
I haven’t played WoW in years and don’t even like it anymore. I watched you because you are entertaining and have interesting viewpoints about certain subjects. I’m excited to see you putting out different content and finding that feeling that you are looking for. My brother and I hop from game to game still looking for that original feeling of excitement and wonder playing our first MMORPG.
Andrei Moga
Andrei Moga 22 days ago
Hy Zack, I love what you do, so keep up the good work, hope U doin well and for the tip, I would like to see you playing Little Nightmares I/II
Mauro Israel
Mauro Israel 22 days ago
Keep doing what you really enjoy to do. We all kept watching you cuz you used to enjoy playing WoW old times. Now we watch a guy playing whatever he wants cuz he is enjoying it.
Adrien Andivero
Adrien Andivero 22 days ago
I'll be honest, I never comment on USposts. My girlfriend is watching you for Wow and from time to time I'll see one or two of your videos/stream highlights. I have to say that these few videos of you in the wild expressing your thoughts are probably what I love the most. You seem so much healthier and happy and relaxed. Go Zack, keep Asmon alive but never be afraid to be you, lots of people follow you for much more than that human warrior.
RqgerThat 22 days ago
We all love ya dude!
Siim 22 days ago
So thats the what "gold" stands for in asmongold, Zacks heart...
Azerox Doomraider
Azerox Doomraider 22 days ago
Im looking out the window wtf is this bird lmao
Ashley Pittman
Ashley Pittman 22 days ago
this was such a heartfelt and raw video. you're a wonderful streamer and its so important to take care of yourself!
Kimberley Bosma-Iedema
Kimberley Bosma-Iedema 22 days ago
Power up! Cannot wait for the new content and your newfound energy!
do0r 23 days ago
you do this every 5 months lmao
Anthony Alvarez
Anthony Alvarez 23 days ago
Dude thanks a lot for sharing this. Speaking so candid and strongly about what you deal with and your thought process helps more people than we think I’m sure
Anthony Nelson
Anthony Nelson 23 days ago
love you asmon
RotMG Toasty
RotMG Toasty 23 days ago
Teeth brushing stream
smithyhollow 23 days ago
I love watching your content because I generally think you’re a good guy. Hang in there man we will all be here when you’re ready.
Alexander Törnros
Alexander Törnros 23 days ago
I can understand and relate to a lot of what you're saying. Personally I did get an autism diagnose at the age of 31, it has given me more knowledge and acceptance about myself, why I'm doing things in my ways, why I feel the way I do, why I don't do as everyone else and that I don't have to be like everyone else. I support you taking time off to care about your health.
Rictus 23 days ago
You are a great individual and speaker more than you give yourself credit for. Streaming creates a lot of pressure and stress and is amplified by the amount of people viewing. A lot of people don’t understand that. You are at a point that you are going to succeed and do well at whatever you want to do. Don’t feel obligated to do anything you don’t enjoy. Everything is going to be alright. Don’t worry about the views or content. Do it for yourself and your enjoyment. USposts seems a lot less stressful than streaming. You mess up just edit it out. A LOT less pressure. I wish you happiness in anything you do.
CompPerformanceFreak 23 days ago
Dude you take so many breaks i can't keep up with you.
ScapeX 23 days ago
I watch you for you... not any specific game... take the time you need man... don't worry we will be here when you come back.
dONALD42 23 days ago
Just FYI mate, I am saving some of your react videos, they are great! Have a good one!
R & R Sincerely
R & R Sincerely 23 days ago
Wisdom, well spoken. Not just anyone can do that so eloquently. Take care of yourself, do what makes you happy. Peace.
Dominik Greger
Dominik Greger 23 days ago
show some Love 4 Asmon
Chedva 23 days ago
I literally don’t care. Take a break. No need to explain or defend your decision
Jimmy Jay
Jimmy Jay 23 days ago
fuck streaming live your life spend abit of money travel and see things take mum with you thats what its about. stream in a few months or a year or two doesnt matter people are always gonna watch you and you can make that $$ anytime
Jacob Topsøe-Jensen
Jacob Topsøe-Jensen 24 days ago
You a real human being, and your getting older. Getting older means ur priors shift wich is a good thing. Im not a follower of ur channel, but every once in a while i check in on you to see how your doing. If you one day decided to say goodbye to streaming, the internet wouldnt be the same (for me atleast). Ur a real person to me!
sniffing petrol
sniffing petrol 24 days ago
Not gonna lie almost clicked off the video when you didn’t say “ sup y’all it’s me ya boi asmongold “ gotta be careful lotta imposters
Barry Gleeson
Barry Gleeson 24 days ago
Dude, you should play XCOM and Dead Space 1 and 2 blind.
Focus716 24 days ago
i dont play wow, dabbled with few accounts here and there prolly have 100 hours total from 2 major stints. one when i was 16ish and one when i was 24ish so yeah i just watch you because you're smart as fuck and articulate your points better than most
Viking Jack
Viking Jack 24 days ago
TLDR: Tired of being a YT Edgelord - took a break - came back and wanna do none edgelord things and discovering his human side!
Maradnus 24 days ago
100% mate. i stream a few days a week and I am a full-time streamer (different username) People have no idea how stressful it is to be on cam and be in a position where you are center focus! It's really taxing, I too have to take time out from doing something I really love and I cherish the opportunity to make a life doing what I love! Like Zack has said here, as soon as it becomes just a daily chore it becomes harder to put on the face, it's massively important to take time out and reconnect with yourself and what it is that excites you with what you do. It's not like a normal job where you have set functions you can just autopilot through. You have to be on the ball and unique and in some way friends with as many people who are in your chat. even tho you know nothing of any of them and they know all your micro characteristics and personality traits. (ok when you have 40k+ things change a lot, you have even less connection with the people in chat)
tai tai
tai tai 24 days ago
Come on, he gonna stream again. He just a literal trash in real life.
Ebil KloWn
Ebil KloWn 24 days ago
I suggest hello kitty online..! :)
Scav 24 days ago
Yes buddy. God help devs to make the next great game
John Leone
John Leone 24 days ago
It's okay asmon, we all get burned out of wow. It just took you till shadowlands. I actually like when you stream other games.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 24 days ago
I would love asmon just chatting. My favorite content creator ever is this guy
Marcell Peterson
Marcell Peterson 24 days ago
I hate commitments too! Contracts suck I pay more to have month to month because I hate commitments that much. Same with car payments I've just been saving and buying them cash.
Outdoors Nevada
Outdoors Nevada 24 days ago
Change is good man. And taking a break is beneficial for your mental state. Your viewers will be there upon your return. Also having this channel is so beneficial for people to see that gamers are people. Not just a toon on the screen. You are not an NPC and have specific needs. For now you need a break
Danny Maple
Danny Maple 24 days ago
WoW sucks anyway play a real game oh wait they don't exist anymore
Jimmy Jay
Jimmy Jay 23 days ago
Viktastic 24 days ago
You should stream 3 times at week to avoid burn out. Streaming 10 hours on the main then another 5 hours on the secondary per day sadly is way too much. Good luck bro : )
Urukosh !
Urukosh ! 24 days ago
took u long enough
James Ray
James Ray 24 days ago
ILL BE THERE!!! but only if Summit, and Soda are offline.
William Wazup
William Wazup 24 days ago
i'm just putting it out there but an ZackPodcast would be goated
Dre Lewis
Dre Lewis 24 days ago
hmm took a break cause im a millionaire an i want to spend my loot?
Marc Ordan
Marc Ordan 24 days ago
Hey asmon just want to let you know that there's many of us watching your stream that don't really play WoW, We watch your stream and youtube clips because of your personality and the entertainment you bringing to the table. Excited for your return man!
Anthony Infiesta
Anthony Infiesta 24 days ago
Arena content would be great!
Marshall 24 days ago
when i saw this video on my " recommendations " i just said to myself who gives a f*ck
Jason Cote
Jason Cote 24 days ago
Was thinking the same about your comment bro
nathaniel011 24 days ago
Even though he said it wasn't about chat it would have to be hard playing a game fresh with 60 thousand + people spamming KEKW gotta take a toll.
XaviarCraig 24 days ago
PedranZ 24 days ago
LeGremlin 25 days ago
I might have played wow 1 month over the past 10 years and its mostly cuz of you but I like to watch your videos dont give up Asmon !
Zhon Hobo
Zhon Hobo 25 days ago
Can you start getting healthy so we can stop worrying about you dying at a relatively young age
Cu Chulainn
Cu Chulainn 25 days ago
IB Sneekaboo
IB Sneekaboo 25 days ago
Yo man, so heres the thing ill be honest. when i first heared of you some years back i thought u were just a troll who really had no depth and wasnt very interested. in the last year or so my girl started watching your stuff and i would hear in the backround and i would find my self agreeing with alot of the things you say and then i started looking up old videos of yours and watching your streams and honestly man i made a really bad judgement call. i really like all of your content alot. as somone who has suffered from anxiety for the last almost 20 years now i feel ya. mine is pretty crippleing havnt left a radius of about a block from my house for over 2 and a half years. cant work ect. I feel ya there. also i have also slept at every hour of the day and totaly understand the ill sleep when my body just gives in because otherwise ill just let my mind wander and wont be able to sleep. iv wanted to do stuff on twitch and on youtube for such a long time and iv made my attempts and find my self in a place where i can not really find my niche because i play all kinds of games so again i understand where you are there as well. i wish the best for you brother. and while i may only be 1 more person added to the mountain of followers you have. im subbed im all in for you man im glad your looking out for your interest as well as your community. get those adds on your video's and dont feel bad for it like....your doing a service to us just by putting your personality out there you are real man and i respect the hell outa you. keep it up and know that people are here for you and your personality sure some for specific games but play what you want when you want man thats when your at your best is when you having a ton of fun and loving every second of what your doing. whether it be in wow, ashes, runescape, any of it man you will still have those who want to see u regardless of what your playing. love ya man and hope what ever your going through works out in the end.
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 25 days ago
Nasty_GM 25 days ago
Be yourself, do what you want, speak however you want and be who you are. My ass will still watch you no matter what.
Paul 25 days ago
if you want to feel mentally handicapped give poe a go.
TheCelticTiger 25 days ago
do whatever makes you happy bro fuck the haters !!
Hoeyyy 25 days ago
those fucking birds man..
Jo jo
Jo jo 25 days ago
Yay asmon do u man
CigarBeard 25 days ago
Hey zac your really one of the guys that inspired me to stream , very few others have done that you take your time brother , your worth it .
BrulayTv 25 days ago
Zack, I know you probably won’t read this, but I wanted to thank you for speaking about your anxiety. Mine is terrible and messes with my quality of life. Knowing somebody I am inspired by is going through some of the same things I am helps! Do you Zack, that will keep you happy.
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