CRACKED 7 Year Old VOICE TROLLING With My Little Brother

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BH NotLuc

2 months ago

I played on keyboard while my brother trolled people on the mic... this video is amazing lol
25,000 people using code NotLuc in the item shop and I'll drop Macro On Me ft. Ryft...
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BH NotLuc
BH NotLuc 2 months ago
the 3 omigos
the 3 omigos 17 hours ago
1V1 me
kemmzey Day ago
OBT kariku
OBT kariku 4 days ago
upload so you can get at least 900k
Baltaaj Toor
Baltaaj Toor 4 days ago
Why is your brother gay
Shelby Doerfler
Shelby Doerfler 8 days ago
Yes sir
Alexinio 2 hours ago
Khaled Sabry Bakry
Khaled Sabry Bakry 2 hours ago
the 3 omigos
the 3 omigos 17 hours ago
That's my epic
Oliver Ryan Tortocion
Oliver Ryan Tortocion 21 hour ago
bh notul do edit 90s
Cash Chronicles
Cash Chronicles 2 days ago
You cracked
LEGITMUSTAFA6710 2 days ago
Deos he macro im so confused people say he does and some say he dosent
Mint 2 days ago
bhnotlucs face when he 1v1s the sweeaty kid at the end
Pxndx 2 days ago
“People say I’m the best kid in the world”😉
William Mcdonagh
William Mcdonagh 2 days ago
Xiaoiz On PS
Xiaoiz On PS 2 days ago
To be honest luc looks better with face cam
Evie Jackson
Evie Jackson 3 days ago
Daana Newlove
Daana Newlove 4 days ago
It's funny when he keeps saying I'm goanna clap your cheek hahahah
Kathryn Purswell
Kathryn Purswell 4 days ago
Ummmmmmm 4x728
Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez 4 days ago
He sounds like the kid from home alone
CaptnNitro _
CaptnNitro _ 4 days ago
Bro i want to see a 1v1 with you and Ryft make it happen it would be such a good video bro.
IMZ KingMythic
IMZ KingMythic 5 days ago
#Get BH NotLuc to 1 mil
Sky Einert
Sky Einert 5 days ago
I already heard the spng :)シ
S. Harris
S. Harris 5 days ago
Wait 7x4 is 28, so what is his real age?????
phase clan
phase clan 5 days ago
bro your so good
Khalil Massey
Khalil Massey 5 days ago
Thomas Fenlon
Thomas Fenlon 5 days ago
You bullied spaidzz and divine mushy
Natan Klobucar
Natan Klobucar 5 days ago
Wait but 7x4 is 28
Lauren Miller
Lauren Miller 6 days ago
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Petar Kutlesa
Petar Kutlesa 6 days ago
what is the mapcode of your 1v1 map
FntM Trek
FntM Trek 6 days ago
King Ramell
King Ramell 6 days ago
add me 1v1 dollfacLDN1 AND IM AY BOY
Memes LoL
Memes LoL 6 days ago
Your not cracked 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Θοδωρής Καρρίτσας
Θοδωρής Καρρίτσας 6 days ago
Aricha McGowan
Aricha McGowan 7 days ago
Not luc I use code not luc pls ad me it’s beefyeditz126
flint yt
flint yt 7 days ago
ohh i pumped anthere guy i just got a hole team
Gabe Rison
Gabe Rison 8 days ago
Part 2 Please
Liam Lacombe
Liam Lacombe 8 days ago
My name is liam irl
Jaque FN
Jaque FN 8 days ago
3x7 Dose not equal 27 .?..?......?..
Julian Torres
Julian Torres 8 days ago
Sup bro
Tucker Spry
Tucker Spry 8 days ago
hi bh notluc i love your vids can i have a shout out im 9 years oldplz i rilly wanna play like you
Justin 8 days ago
My friend Bh NotLuc is Cracked at fornite my guy
NXZ E P I C PlayZ YT 8 days ago
That guy was 28 because 7×4=28 im good at math lol
Sean Sprague
Sean Sprague 9 days ago
I used your code
s4tark 9 days ago
Crack guy
Stelios Metaxas
Stelios Metaxas 9 days ago
His brother is not playing notluc is playing
Mark Sapian
Mark Sapian 9 days ago
when u here the dream music u now somethings happening
Kailey Triplat
Kailey Triplat 10 days ago
Lemxns 10 days ago
Do a handcam
VoidsYT 11 days ago
I feel like I’m close to doing single edits as fast as u som kid thought I had macro so funny 😂🤣
Tryna be Pink leaf on mobile
Tryna be Pink leaf on mobile 11 days ago
I think rift might use macros but not notluc bc he’s not as fast
Eric Camacho
Eric Camacho 11 days ago
what is the name of the pickaxe you are using in your first name
atzaxykyn 12 days ago
Voidzシ on 60fps
Voidzシ on 60fps 12 days ago
When peeps cuss me out╭∩╮(ಠ_ಠ)╭∩╮
Shaud Playz
Shaud Playz 12 days ago
we all know ur macroing just stop and how we know: cause we dont hear your keyboard when you edit inly when you build
Ryan Suzor
Ryan Suzor 12 days ago
Hendrix Ropitini
Hendrix Ropitini 13 days ago
Your name on yt remindes me of bh blank
sʏᴍʙᴏʟψ sʏᴍʙᴏʟψ
sʏᴍʙᴏʟψ sʏᴍʙᴏʟψ 13 days ago
Just imagine having a brother who is the fastest editor in the game
Izabela Krupowicz
Izabela Krupowicz 15 days ago
I can't even hear your keyboard
Izabela Krupowicz
Izabela Krupowicz 15 days ago
Macros bro
JB Man
JB Man 16 days ago
Just look at NotLucs Face the whole time, his edits shake his face😂
Bh framo
Bh framo 16 days ago
My friend notluc he’s already taken and he’s cracked at fortnite my guy Fun fact if u like this commet u get 1million dollars
SoaRAdlee 17 days ago
He So Cute
Vanish Vaniz !
Vanish Vaniz ! 17 days ago
He said I’m 4 time your age 7×4 he said 27 but it’s actually 28
H&Ericz 17 days ago
Your cracked
Jaxon Nabbefeld
Jaxon Nabbefeld 17 days ago
tbh i want notluc to change his edit bind
BH OneNotluc
BH OneNotluc 18 days ago
Was up
Cameron Taylor
Cameron Taylor 18 days ago
Kid: where are you you ugly macro b*tch! Me: bruhhhh
T6 Koda
T6 Koda 18 days ago
Axzuk is bae
Axzuk is bae 19 days ago
0:43 what did he say?
flash cash
flash cash 19 days ago
He is not playing i can see BH HAND ON THE BORD
Ethan Pituello
Ethan Pituello 19 days ago
Breyden Gissinger
Breyden Gissinger 19 days ago
Make a groot song
Killer Xtw
Killer Xtw 19 days ago
Team Wanted
Team Wanted 20 days ago
Now I realize how bad I actually am
Ro Isbrandt
Ro Isbrandt 20 days ago
Lol can u add me notluc I’m TTVRobro88
Mintz_ Flips
Mintz_ Flips 20 days ago
My friend here Justin
ItzSef 20 days ago
I need to know what song u used for the intro of ur video please lmk anyone.
Alison madigan
Alison madigan 20 days ago
Can you please add me my name is bhe_sean098235
xxzoticcc 21 day ago
It's crazy how this vid has 1.1 mil views and he has 744k subs is it that hard to hit the sub button
Danielle 21 day ago
You bot
Danin king
Danin king 21 day ago
Richard Houghton
Richard Houghton 21 day ago
Nimr ATIYEH 21 day ago
You don’t need macro macro needs him 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣😃🤣🤣😂🤣😂
defult aj
defult aj 21 day ago
He said 4 times his age and hes 27 4x7 is 28 hahahaahah
William Diaz
William Diaz 22 days ago
nice video
Jeremiah Ocran
Jeremiah Ocran 22 days ago
6:21 your edits are so fast i can’t see
Trey's Imagination
Trey's Imagination 22 days ago
Bruh I was playing forza and my game crashed the second the first clip happened
boom 23 days ago
My man can't do math him self 7×4= 28 LOL
gtp1ok 23 days ago
In the thumbnail he was wearing a Barcelona soccer jersey lol
Arabela Nakano
Arabela Nakano 23 days ago
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Skizo 23 days ago
Can you do this in creative fills?
Discharge Awesome P3nda
Discharge Awesome P3nda 24 days ago
When 7 year olds have gfuel
Craig Vanlinter
Craig Vanlinter 24 days ago
Not Luke
Hassan Majid
Hassan Majid 24 days ago
Hassan Majid
Hassan Majid 24 days ago
Javerion Pierson
Javerion Pierson 24 days ago
I use code notloc in the fortnite code
alex parga
alex parga 24 days ago
My eyes hurt when you edit soo fast
toga Himiko
toga Himiko 24 days ago
Me watching in the future: 👁👄👁
Alexander дллд
Alexander дллд 24 days ago
Aj Otey
Aj Otey 24 days ago
Did you bully Mushie
Marianela Tamariz
Marianela Tamariz 24 days ago
He’s not a sqeeker
NOAH JV 25 days ago
Can you get banned if you use a macro
NOAH JV 25 days ago
Can you get banned if you use a macro
Kingston Krumwiede
Kingston Krumwiede 25 days ago
Crewmate SNIPER ROLE in Among Us