Corpse and PewDiePie get Imposter 3 times in a row !!!

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3 months ago

For my fellow poor gang members!
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DiamondHelmet909 5 days ago
Is no one gonna talk about the fact that this is a knock off channel and this does not follow fair use
Molly Hayes
Molly Hayes 10 days ago
If anyone watching this is not subbed to the real PewDiePie then WHAT
chente2vg 18 days ago
That happened to me once and people thought i was hacking so they kicked me
AMONG US ??? 21 day ago
Watch your mouth CORPSE also your the best imposter to ever walk the among us world please comment on this it will make my day your amazing by corpse I'm maks
Sam Wolens
Sam Wolens 22 days ago
as somebody who doesn't play, can someone please explain what the "i love corpse husband" thing is covering up? i know i probably sound dumb here, i'm just curious
Jeera Pulkkinen
Jeera Pulkkinen 8 days ago
I think it coveres the code to the room they play in. Just so that random people won’t try to join
Mr Maverick
Mr Maverick 24 days ago
Corpse should do a Q&A
Amy Zheng
Amy Zheng 27 days ago
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Larson Guo
Larson Guo Month ago
Corpse: always imposter Me: gets imposter once after 43 times in a row
noemie gacogne
noemie gacogne Month ago
I also want to remind that he didnt only get impostor 3 times in a row, he got it right before the first round with pewds
Sydney Addison-Rudat
Sydney Addison-Rudat Month ago
It's the "FUCKING CHOKE ME" before Logic left lmao
Keem Bogart
Keem Bogart Month ago
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UnknownxArmy .
UnknownxArmy . Month ago
Bønje Month ago
Tommy did not pass the vibe check
Into The Haniverse
Into The Haniverse Month ago
When corpse laughs he sounds like a character from mortal kombat
• Fariza •
• Fariza • Month ago
Can someone copy the link of this stream of CORPSE? i wanna watch it and comment somethin-
XXtroller_gamerSpamerXX Month ago
009 009
009 009 Month ago
I like mrbeast too :D
Shalee #147
Shalee #147 Month ago
Corpse should be the next Batman
trin :p
trin :p Month ago
omg i love this vid
toto vibes
toto vibes Month ago
Me: reads title... :) >:) well I got imp for 6 rounds >:))))))
Tammera Power
Tammera Power Month ago
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Vproxs Month ago
When corpse is it to many time Bruh let me be a crewmate
Allison Seahunter
Allison Seahunter Month ago
I triggered when they blamed pewds and corpse because there was literally no evidence lol
Allison Seahunter
Allison Seahunter Month ago
Honestly the I believe second play didn’t make any sense. They voted out corpse without any logical reasons same with pewds
Black Kaiser
Black Kaiser Month ago
Follow us ❤❤
HugeSimp Month ago
I love how rym said "damn, there is so much innocent im this voice" :P
Jack Ford
Jack Ford Month ago
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Hannah MSP
Hannah MSP Month ago
Aakib S Muhammad
Aakib S Muhammad Month ago
How does nobody see corpse do 'ANYTHING'
midnightdancer Q
midnightdancer Q Month ago
corpse doesnt kill enough
Chul Yeom
Chul Yeom Month ago
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Jacob Reising
Jacob Reising Month ago
Is this actually one of pewdiepie's channels
PewStreams Month ago
Nida Sami
Nida Sami Month ago
I got 5 times in a row not lying believe it or not
Leah Month ago
stop cuz bobby is actually funny 😭
Indi Hunt
Indi Hunt Month ago
im sorry but these people take this game to serious thats why i prefer the sidemen
Avagayle Month ago
corpse: *realizes sykkuno was killed* wait- they killed... oh no 🥺
Chickn Monkey
Chickn Monkey Month ago
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SimpForTakeo Month ago
bobby needs to chill tf out god damn
lil noun
lil noun Month ago
Yeah, you too
Australian person called Amelie
Australian person called Amelie Month ago
i think corpse is batman
Kayden Sund
Kayden Sund Month ago
“Did he just call me Charli’s sister?!” lmao
olivia degrazia
olivia degrazia Month ago
Pewstreams i had imposter 4 times in a row! no need for it to be in a title!
Mel E
Mel E Month ago
dont think "Vinny" is so innocent anymore..
mr gt rtx
mr gt rtx Month ago
he had so much insint in his voice rhym-2020 corpses demonic voice-2020
ThatOneGuy2810 Month ago
00:05 21:40 35:20
theodor Month ago
Beyaset Month ago
As an overthinker if i were corpse i would never play with them again- it hurts nobody trusts him anymore
fufufuaru Month ago
4:22 I thought for a sec pewds played with H20 delirious and I missed it, but turns out it's another peron T_T
Monz Munkyz
Monz Munkyz Month ago
i felt that "bro" 35:23 😂
Neil Munjal
Neil Munjal Month ago
I hate when your imposter friend kills someone and you get BLAMED for HIS kill.
svt_ carat127
svt_ carat127 Month ago
i hate poki
SharonWasTaken Month ago
Tubbo: where to go bud Corpse : sight to hell
TheApex_GamingYT Month ago
corpse has to has to HUGE balls that voice tho
10 years ago
10 years ago Month ago
When he said “Are you fucking kidding me?” 🔥
elpinikh palaiopanh
elpinikh palaiopanh Month ago
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Sebastián Arévalo
Sebastián Arévalo Month ago
I'm actually fcking sad watching this, corpse played the last game so well, and noone believed him when framing jack and syk, when it was obvious that they were sus af
lil noun
lil noun Month ago
I mean... they know each other so well so they probably knew he was lying
I like to express my feelings here
I like to express my feelings here Month ago
haha bobby started flipping out lol
Devon Smith
Devon Smith Month ago
ElectroCrimson Month ago
I’m the 666th comment lol
sammie Month ago
46:54 Jack: *"Corpse are you lying to me?"* Corpse: am I lying about wha Jack: oh its Corpse I feel like im like corpse when I lie cuz when someone asks me that i panic and say "lying about what" so they'd repeat the question and i'd have enough time to make some stupid excuse
itsbamzy Month ago
15:20 !! bro too funny
Anurag Tiwari
Anurag Tiwari Month ago
That moment at 4.53 .. Lol.. Just saved Corpse
Brendan Passarell
Brendan Passarell Month ago
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juan pablo PEÑARANDA
juan pablo PEÑARANDA Month ago
So we all just gonna ignore the “it’s getting Spedicey here”
Im Oof The Ooffer
Im Oof The Ooffer Month ago
This game isn't even that good. Never played it before because of it.
Oni Khasbo
Oni Khasbo Month ago
Jhadane Mitchell
Jhadane Mitchell Month ago
I watched Rae, pokimane and. Sykkunos perspective
Jhadane Mitchell
Jhadane Mitchell Month ago
Like for CORPSE face reveal
Jakob Schwabe
Jakob Schwabe Month ago
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Kids Only
Kids Only Month ago
Leonard Patterson
Leonard Patterson Month ago
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Jil' Korath
Jil' Korath Month ago
That frame job was perfect. Idk but Poki comes off like some1 reading chat and cheating because she flipped that with 0 proof. Zerrro. Null. Nada. Nothing. The evidence was against Sykunno and Jack and they didn't deny doing what corpse accused. "Because Sykunno sits on vents" is not evidence. That suggests he can't alter his game play or merely get caught. Such dumb logic. But hey, it worked. 🙈
Tasmia! Month ago
no one is gonna believe me but i got imposter 8 times in a row no joke also i get imposter very often so thats a +
Polaryc Month ago
1 in 7.5 trillion
Richay Madho
Richay Madho Month ago
Boom Boom boom
9cvp9 Month ago
this is the funniest shit ever
Otis Lawson
Otis Lawson Month ago
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Dev1lDestiny Month ago
The way Poki said: "Corpse can do something like killing and sussing other 2 for that", when Corpse literally said he came out decon and see how Sykkuno and Jack stood next to body and don't report... It's so dumb play, if Corpse was innocent, that were be some stupid thing to say, I don't know why, but the way she talks really triggers me, because she was literally throwing and she also doesn't trust a friend, because of "smart play", if Jack and Sykkuno really was impostors, she will be on a blacklist of Corpse, just because she just doesn't trusts him. Corpse is a calm guy, but if someone like Pewds were on Corpse's seat, he probably will be angry and just hate for a short time Poki for being dumbest girl in the world. It's a game yeah, but psychologically it's really upseting, that she don't trusts you, and just trusts the guys, just because that guys is nice, when they can be impostors and she's just breaking rules of game... Nothing serious, just really hate her for ruining someone's play, because she started blaming a innocent for that kill person, while she just don't know nothing. It's like some guy, who reads a detective books and sees a kill in a mansion and immediately will blame buttler, without any evidence.
Cthulu's manifestation dam oh daamm
Cthulu's manifestation dam oh daamm Month ago
"DiD He JuST CaLL mE ChArLiE's SisTeR???"
there all simping for rae and poki
Laiya Ahmadi
Laiya Ahmadi Month ago
i like how corpse dose not kill sykkuno he dose some times but not most of the time
Bruh Salad
Bruh Salad Month ago
Bruh, corpse had logical reasons to frame someone and everyone was just like, “no❤️”
Z7550 Month ago
You credited PewDiePie but not CORPSE Husband. Scummy
Chun Ming Ho
Chun Ming Ho Month ago
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VC シ MEGMA Month ago
Caleigh Tilson
Caleigh Tilson Month ago
My sister is big brain imposter, she ran around with me for 20 minutes and never killed me and then convinced me to vote with her every single time and won. I felt so betrayed
You copied my logo
Rianne Kuilder
Rianne Kuilder Month ago
26 November 2020 (when you made your channel). 25 Juli 2020 (when this channel was made) I dont believe you
Mo Storage
Mo Storage Month ago
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Preston Johnson
Preston Johnson Month ago
Here are the odds! Any one player impostor in 2 impostor lobby: 2/10 or 1/5, For the specific two players being impostor: 1/5 x 1/5 or 1/25, For 3 games in a row raise the denominator to the power of 3 (1/25 x 1/25 x 1/25), The odds are 1/15625. Winning the EuroMillions is 1/140,000,000 for reference!
ch As
ch As Month ago
This voice. It sounds so masculine.🌟🌟
Lynn Powers
Lynn Powers 2 months ago
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SpaceDaddy uwu
SpaceDaddy uwu 2 months ago
Corpse: shit I don't have anyone to snitch on 😡
Dipper Dan
Dipper Dan 2 months ago
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Jose Sosa
Jose Sosa 2 months ago
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Valdez, Elijah M.
Valdez, Elijah M. 2 months ago
They both are the best Duo!🖤
Dipper Dan
Dipper Dan 2 months ago
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Jy'elle Quinn
Jy'elle Quinn 2 months ago
corpse: peeps that they killed sykkuno also corpse:having a low key panic attack
ashley vela
ashley vela 2 months ago
I think Sykkuno was the imposter
April Domingo
April Domingo 2 months ago
sykkuno: would you like to match with us?😊✨ jack: PUT THE CAT EARS ON
saeed 2 months ago
Is it bad that I kept on replaying the part where corpse said "You gotta be fucking kidding me..." It was so soothing-
lil noun
lil noun Month ago
Yeah it's bad cuz um JK I'm fuckingg simpin
dann mena
dann mena 2 months ago
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