They called a meeting right after this happened...

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2 months ago

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Lia Sakura
Lia Sakura Day ago
stxrrymidnight Day ago
Anna Klein
Anna Klein 3 days ago
"uhm, yeehaw"
SavageBearKiller B
SavageBearKiller B 8 days ago
No one gonna talk about how we got rickrolled at the beginning of the video?
victoria balitskaya
victoria balitskaya 8 days ago
so how DID corpse die-
Zofia Alisha
Zofia Alisha 9 days ago
Celine in that round: uh-uh!! Not guilty!!
Rochelle Lobo
Rochelle Lobo 11 days ago
Grandma lived long enough tho
Rochelle Lobo
Rochelle Lobo 11 days ago
Corpse: Thinking about my tractor Leslie: relatable
Rhonda Johnson
Rhonda Johnson 11 days ago
The angry sidewalk bailly screw because bun relatedly hunt versus a unused delivery. living, beneficial copyright
Ablue Sapphire 13
Ablue Sapphire 13 15 days ago
6:49 he should have said “I can’t track down my tractor”
Sal Alfano
Sal Alfano 18 days ago
I like that Rae just has to be herself and everyone else has to act
404 Among Us
404 Among Us 18 days ago
Never gonna give you up is playing on the top computer in the beginning.
Joshua Knoebel.
Joshua Knoebel. 22 days ago
This is so confusing and funny.
Camie Grayham
Camie Grayham 23 days ago
The off brand mario music in the background 🤣🤣🤣
Manj J
Manj J 23 days ago
0:20 We are being rickrolled by the laptop in the back lmao XD
Abbrie Silvano
Abbrie Silvano 24 days ago
please crops
Elena Dawson
Elena Dawson 25 days ago
Famous quote by Sykkuno: “He’s talking slower then a three legged cow on quicksand.”
passiegames original
passiegames original 28 days ago
1:37 you mean cousins in the state of Alabama
XxFoxey _LovexX
XxFoxey _LovexX 28 days ago
unni krishnan
unni krishnan Month ago
Wut happened to crops was Leslie a third imposter??
unni krishnan
unni krishnan Month ago
Can Sherlock Holmes be the villain in his case too I mean this Sherlock can huh
unni krishnan
unni krishnan Month ago
Sykkuno why u simp for people in among us dude grow up
シCloudy Month ago
Sykkuno= no clickbait allowed
シCloudy Month ago
Lily got that kawaii voice something I’ll never have
i l
i l Month ago
PaintedAnarchy Month ago
Sykkuno actually just roleplaying an alien in disguise as a cowboy here. His acting was so on point.
Eris day
Eris day Month ago
whats sykkunos background music had the song stuck in my head and i had no idea where it was from till i found sykkuno again.
Myra Hanaoka
Myra Hanaoka Month ago
“grandma gonna get ran over by a reindeer” hahahaha corpse wtf 😂💀
VanillaRemedies Month ago
Wouldn't've it been great it he was Kaeya instead with Paimon? The clip where his voice matches him intonation to intonation, it's so good
《ballora 》
《ballora 》 Month ago
0:27 did sykkuno really just Rick roll us?
tiona Month ago
corpse as crops is KILLING ME
Not a human
Not a human Month ago
We got rick rolled by sykunno. T-T
nightmare Month ago
aw sykkuno this was so cuuuuuuuure eeeek
kelley yang
kelley yang Month ago
i think ryan could've been RYANdeer too, like in his old Christmas videos lol
grace hopkins
grace hopkins Month ago
sykkuno trying to come up w cowboy stuff is so funny but like he kinda killed it w some of those random lines lol
Hyper Shadow Sniper 176
Hyper Shadow Sniper 176 Month ago
_Very posh accent.._ Edit : That roleplay, though..
Elysixe Month ago
9:45 ThAt DoNe BaKeD mY pAtAtEr
Zoe Huang
Zoe Huang Month ago
They should have called grandma “Meemaw”
S U N N Y Month ago
ceo of 🤭
Chewz Month ago
Bryan McAffee
Bryan McAffee Month ago
The girl in the beginning is RELATABLE AF i just wanna stab someone
frog :D
frog :D Month ago
Me: dad can we please get Corpse? Dad: we have corpse at home Corpse at home: Crops
oReliic Month ago
is no one gonna talking about how corpse’s name is crops 💀💀💀 and that ryan is FRIGGIN REGINA
toony_ vibes
toony_ vibes Month ago
corpse is very sick , the sickness includes a lot of stuttering , being very weak , and change of voice ! to call him out for stuttering is very rude ... - sorry love u sykkuno
Holly Elaine
Holly Elaine Month ago
It’s the “grandma bout to get ran over by a reindeer” for me 😂 (3:20)
Stephanie Morgan
Stephanie Morgan Month ago
i cant believe i got rick rolled
E-Series Month ago
I guess I got rickrolled
Angelina Chen
Angelina Chen Month ago
"what did the farmer who lost his tractor say?" me: NOT TIME FOR JOKES CROPSSS CROPS: where'd my tractor go? me: O-o
mubassir shaikhji
mubassir shaikhji Month ago
0:25 only legends know what it is in background display
CuriousKim :3
CuriousKim :3 Month ago
0:31 never gonna let you in never gonna let you dOOOOOwn
Lightkage Month ago
Valkyrae really sounds like a psychopath and Poki sounds like a French or Italian youtuber or streamer
astral_ astro
astral_ astro Month ago
why is nobody talking about the rickroll video on the laptop at the start 💀
rip cin
rip cin Month ago
These Days
These Days Month ago
Me: **breathes** Crewmates: *Idk man he sus.* Guess what? *(me) was not An Impostor.*
Chloe l
Chloe l Month ago
im still confused how did crops die-
Travis Williams
Travis Williams Month ago
Omfg the donkey kong country music brought back so many memories
Jesper Ingebretsen
Jesper Ingebretsen Month ago
Is that the maplestory soundtrack?
Mina Pinky Ashido
Mina Pinky Ashido Month ago
I've watched his video 3 times and I still have no clue why they ae doing different personas the whole time but- I STAN CLAYKKUNO
Slippy Otter19
Slippy Otter19 Month ago
9:48 idc who it is but someone needs to make this a part of a bad timing compilation
Ceo of Being bored
Ceo of Being bored Month ago
Sykkuno should have been phSYKKUNO instead of claykkuno 😂
Em Me
Em Me Month ago
What's with the knockoff granny
Ankush Vasireddy
Ankush Vasireddy Month ago
Did no one seriously notice the rickroll on the laptop at 0:43
komo cakeps
komo cakeps Month ago
9:28 the current state of among us and why i already stopped playing
Hopsing98 Month ago
I have created a discord server for those that wish to play proximity chat with others. All welcome download link and instructions to install are in the server!
joshawott31 Month ago
Who's jorc? Is that jae or lud or something 😂
joshawott31 Month ago
Nvm that's john 😂
Loud Farter_27
Loud Farter_27 Month ago
“You live one more day grandma.” - Corpse
Baller Turtle
Baller Turtle Month ago
That’s all you need to know
Baller Turtle
Baller Turtle Month ago
Y’all and reckon
Acid kitty
Acid kitty Month ago
Well grandma you bagged ol hag G donut tvtef❤tcefrbj5⃣by 😂😂😂
CeeRstar Month ago
Cringe 🤣
Laura Hart
Laura Hart Month ago
Nice Rick Roll Sykkuno
JackTerrier Month ago
I remember when I used to watch Ryan Higa with my sister. His old videos were so funny, I miss them.
Asa Yagami
Asa Yagami Month ago
These accents were 😔😔😔🙄🙄🙄
Kyle Pape
Kyle Pape Month ago
Anyone else se that he rick rolled us in the intro lmao
Gerrard 114
Gerrard 114 Month ago
0:30 He Never give us up he never let us down he never run around and desert us
Alexandra Guevara
Alexandra Guevara Month ago
Rae reminds me of Toga..y’all know why?
Shadow Wolverine
Shadow Wolverine Month ago
0:59 I need to show this to my friend SHE LOVES THE SONG “NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP” she makes me listen to it…
Laza Month ago
Lily practiced for this
Expepem189 XL
Expepem189 XL Month ago
I always think that Lily is ultra evil!
Ashton 1
Ashton 1 Month ago
Wtf is the song from 2:00 from?? It's so familiar and I can't think of what it is. 😫
DOM Month ago
Poki's accent is on point 😭😂
Jen Lor
Jen Lor Month ago
honestly for Paimon i thought it was the actual voice actor of Paimon
MyThoughtsBelow Month ago
Corpse: "What did the farmer who couldn't find his tractor go?" *Also Corpse: "Where'd my tractor go?"*
Aaliyah Chenelle
Aaliyah Chenelle Month ago
who was jorc? 💀
Pandibear Month ago
CROPS (corpse) : You live one more day grandma.. HAHAHA
Yaz Bishop
Yaz Bishop Month ago
Are we not gonna talk about how Lily nailed the Paimon voice?!
Piecquoro Month ago
applause for the people who recognized Ryan Higa's character
the moon and all her stars
the moon and all her stars Month ago
poki makes such a good Celine
Gertha Saibparvern
Gertha Saibparvern Month ago
Vixey Teh
Vixey Teh Month ago
Lol everyone RPs, Sykkuno is lost... and CORPSE is ever so slightly less deep than usual... but still CORPSE. XD
AnythingStupidTM Month ago
I felt like Sykkuno throughout this. Not knowing whats going on and blatantly confused.
The Fake DJ Gaming
The Fake DJ Gaming Month ago
Nobody gonna talk about Rick astley at 0:34
Lady Blushes
Lady Blushes Month ago
This is a bit cringy in a cute way.💜
samantha sherman
samantha sherman Month ago
i still don’t understand how corpse died when toast vented into office. hadn’t he just killed Lily in o2 like five seconds prior?
altmile chaos
altmile chaos Month ago
I know how sykkuno feels with the rp
plsnolaggame Month ago
i just realised that i got rickrolled after watching this for the third time
Jeremih Reid
Jeremih Reid Month ago
This video is weird 🤣 So that was the funny 😆 video that I ever So I can’t stop laughing 😂 i So it’s weird
Jeremih Reid
Jeremih Reid Month ago
This is weird
UnglePanda Boi
UnglePanda Boi Month ago
This version of Rae scares me but only a lot
Tony_Trash Month ago
Anybody else realize that we got Rick rolled lmao?