Adorable puppy crashes reporter's weather report on live TV! | FOX 5 DC

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FOX 5 Washington DC

14 days ago

FOX 5's Bob Barnard was cleaning icy cars - and rescuing puppies - on a cold and slippery morning in Leesburg! STORY:
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FOX 5 Washington DC
FOX 5 Washington DC 14 days ago
FOX 5's Bob Barnard was cleaning icy cars - and rescuing puppies - on a cold and slippery morning in Leesburg! STORY:​ STAY CONNECTED: INSTAGRAM »​​ TWITTER »​​ FACEBOOK »​​ On the go? Stay in the know! Keep connected to DC, Maryland and Virginia news and weather by downloading FOX 5's mobile apps, and make sure to allow notifications to receive alerts:
Alice Tarrant
Alice Tarrant 8 hours ago
He took his kids to school there and back ! Geez !
M. A.
M. A. 9 hours ago
@dreaming while fat yea you really must be dreaming buddy.
Alisa Inez
Alisa Inez Day ago
dreaming while fat
dreaming while fat Day ago
Covid it's not a virus and the vaccine is not a vaccine
Margo King
Margo King 2 days ago
My question is, did he actually scrape the car window and earn the $20 or did he return it? Lol.
Erika Vera
Erika Vera 18 minutes ago
1:52 ♥️
SansMerci1013 21 minute ago
“Mom, Pierogie’s on TV!” “Well, go get him! And set the dvr”
HurricaneSZN 22 minutes ago
Every second of this was an adventure and I loved it
Ashia D.
Ashia D. 22 minutes ago
This was so chaotic and I loved every second of it
Gwendell Parsons-Hampton
Gwendell Parsons-Hampton 37 minutes ago
cute clever little dog
infallibleblue 45 minutes ago
What a day!
Abeille Magique Dans Coquelicot
Abeille Magique Dans Coquelicot 52 minutes ago
I want everything in my life to look like this
Namjoon dimples
Namjoon dimples Hour ago
This is the definition of chaotic good
Fearless Hero
Fearless Hero Hour ago
noe jimenez
noe jimenez Hour ago
Seeing something like this in the morning would start anyone off with a positive vibe!
Denise K
Denise K Hour ago
Too precious!!
Sarah Chaplin
Sarah Chaplin Hour ago
The owner needs to get a taller gate for the puppy won’t jump over. Cute puppy!
Nicki Sue Moen
Nicki Sue Moen Hour ago
PEROGGI, we love you!! ❤️
m kat
m kat Hour ago
This man is adorable.
Øri Hour ago
I feel a bit bad for the pup, they looked so scared
RetroTV1 Hour ago
If you don’t like that you don’t like NBA basketball
Dolce Scarlett
Dolce Scarlett 2 hours ago
Things like this made my day 💖
Paul Mercury
Paul Mercury 2 hours ago
Did she said " Perrogy" same thing as "Doggy" Spanish/English.
stephanie gaudreau
stephanie gaudreau 2 hours ago
Love the puppy ❤️❤️
Lynn Davis
Lynn Davis 2 hours ago
Did he really keep the $20?
Visori J
Visori J 2 hours ago
Hello 2030
Isis Faust
Isis Faust 2 hours ago
The only man with two side jobs on his actual job 😭😭
Blackythedoggy's OwnerAabha
Blackythedoggy's OwnerAabha 2 hours ago
Lmfao this is amazing
Wendy M.
Wendy M. 2 hours ago
I would totally watch more of any show that had more pets as co-host with their owners.
Priyam Das
Priyam Das 3 hours ago
This easily became one of my favorite videos on yt
Russel Murray
Russel Murray 3 hours ago
I'll bet your heads cold
Danny Kingz
Danny Kingz 3 hours ago
Irresponsable dog mom smh. Puppy could have got hit.
Redvipor 3 hours ago
i love the news reporters energy and spirit. This is the kind of news id like to watch where they can have a bit of fun while also giving out the basic news of the day.
Aidan ODonnell
Aidan ODonnell 4 hours ago
Bob, I love you 😂
Gacha Gurl
Gacha Gurl 4 hours ago
Yeah! Let’s get to know the dog instead!
Sheryl Scott
Sheryl Scott 4 hours ago
This guy has some great energy! Good vibes from all of this news crew!
Klallam Cedar
Klallam Cedar 4 hours ago
This is my favorite fox news
Ashley Ike
Ashley Ike 4 hours ago
Me scrolling through the video “JUST SHOW ME THE PUPPY!!”
Sarah A
Sarah A 5 hours ago
Nothing but love and respect for this king icon and star of screen
Jessica Albright
Jessica Albright 5 hours ago
And thats why we keep bob in the office... he never got to the weather
Wendy Booth
Wendy Booth 5 hours ago
Oh my goodness I love the puppy he is wagging his tail he is so happy I just want to give him kisses
Krys Lucas
Krys Lucas 5 hours ago
Why are these morons wearing a mask outside, by themselves lmao? It sounds so muffled on camera.
Robert Cashin
Robert Cashin 5 hours ago
The embodiment of ADHD
eurobabe 5 hours ago
this was great!
emt5330 5 hours ago
Stop talking and get to work. 😄
Yttel Bruinsma
Yttel Bruinsma 5 hours ago
I think the girl wanted to be on tv 🤔 That's why she sent her puppy 😂😂
alexandra gomes
alexandra gomes 5 hours ago
Now they have fun at work lol 👍
michelle nunez
michelle nunez 5 hours ago
WTH wish they were my reporters
Laila Aytan
Laila Aytan 5 hours ago
Hands down, the best presenter 🥰🤗 Life is good
deepali b
deepali b 5 hours ago
Cute puppy! 🐕
Felix Villefrance
Felix Villefrance 5 hours ago
Hey look, its nazi news.
Simplicity ASMR
Simplicity ASMR 6 hours ago
Daniel Martins
Daniel Martins 6 hours ago
POV: You are the main character
Dirty Honey
Dirty Honey 6 hours ago
This guy is such an amazing person. He just made my freaking day. 🤣
gt3wells 6 hours ago
He handled that well 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
NLE Soaps
NLE Soaps 6 hours ago
Dog sitting 😂😂😂 so many jobs
NLE Soaps
NLE Soaps 6 hours ago
I’ve never seen anything like this lol I’m traumatized lol. Going back to Florida 😂😅
Missmallows 6 hours ago
Puppy: put me dooooowwwnnn she's coming oooouuttt i just experienced freeedooommm she'll get meeee you scoundreeelll
anony mouse
anony mouse 6 hours ago
hahaha! so random and cute!
Shelbee Pollino
Shelbee Pollino 6 hours ago
This has to be my new favorite news clip ever 😂 I wish Bob was my weather man!
Maddie F.
Maddie F. 6 hours ago
Somehow both chaotic and wholesome
Ravina Ferrer
Ravina Ferrer 6 hours ago
E S 6 hours ago
Oh my goodness ❤️
sarag2208 6 hours ago
All the positive vibes in this video!
Lasna34 7 hours ago
These ppl are so fake. Imagine having to be around them.
Black-N-Beautiful 7 hours ago
Funny & adorable all in one short video, cool 😊
p 7 hours ago
Me: what a positive warm weather reporter! ***a puppy runs towards him*** My heart: YES! He's a positive warm person!
Nathania ly
Nathania ly 7 hours ago
So did he ever finish scraping the ice off 👁👄👁
Gabriel Moreira
Gabriel Moreira 7 hours ago
Illuminated Journey Tarot
Illuminated Journey Tarot 7 hours ago
Professor X
Professor X 7 hours ago
I love it.😎
S A 7 hours ago
This guy is a keeper. I would look forward to watching his news segment everyday
Ricardito 7 hours ago
Lol I love this !
Rachelle Rutherford
Rachelle Rutherford 8 hours ago
Whoever that is laughing in the background is what got me🤣
Alana Daze
Alana Daze 8 hours ago
Above and beyond... as always??? I want this guys life :)
Łukasz 8 hours ago
Are we going to pretend that we didn't hear that she named her dog Pierogi?
Kamen Springer
Kamen Springer 8 hours ago
Yo I’m early, imma reserve my seat for the next 7 years
Steve Wilson
Steve Wilson 8 hours ago
He got $20 then left. Must be a democrat.
Hey It's Noreen
Hey It's Noreen 8 hours ago
This is the best weather report I've ever seen! 😂
RyRy Wags
RyRy Wags 8 hours ago
Always nice to have some extra cash flow from a few second jobs!
Lukasz Bien
Lukasz Bien 8 hours ago
YT and its recommendations of american weather report to find out that the adorable dog's name is pierogi (polish for dumplings)... lol.
Batgirl P
Batgirl P 9 hours ago
Puppy at 1:52
popixel 9 hours ago
Jump to 1:50 to see what you came to see.
Kap Pit
Kap Pit 9 hours ago
I eat perogie.
Cesar Galan
Cesar Galan 9 hours ago
This guy’s energy is just magnetic 🧲💯
Sharon Gitau
Sharon Gitau 9 hours ago
I like how in north VA this weather is not too bad. In tx this is horrendous. Lol I love this guy btw
Lila H.
Lila H. 9 hours ago
0:14 🤣
GusBus Shmurda
GusBus Shmurda 9 hours ago
That reporter is great
Simon Z.
Simon Z. 9 hours ago
I have to admit no one does funny and easy going news broadcasts like the Americans :D good for you!
Martyna Galant
Martyna Galant 9 hours ago
Pierogi ruskie 😎
L calle c.
L calle c. 10 hours ago
I head the dog name gatorate
Lemur Blue
Lemur Blue 11 hours ago
Elon 888
Elon 888 11 hours ago
they need to fix their gate!
JANMAR ROD 12 hours ago
Ashley Mae
Ashley Mae 12 hours ago
Pierogi is a happy dog!! 😍
VanHellsing 12 hours ago
Democrats didn't cancel pierogis so far? Thank goodness!
Kammie Winchester
Kammie Winchester 12 hours ago
TheSporehacker 13 hours ago
The puppy stole the show
Lexillios 13 hours ago
I would be sooo happy haha cute puppyyy
10cody7 13 hours ago
this dude is a damn leprechaun
Ratzfatz 13 hours ago
Plot twist: That puppy saw the camera and knew exactly what he had to do.
Diary of a Lesbian Gamer
Diary of a Lesbian Gamer 13 hours ago
This was cute. That's how my puppy acts. So cute.
Zyten Farlier
Zyten Farlier 13 hours ago
Bob gives off only good vibes.
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