I Went UNDERCOVER in a RARE SKIN ONLY Tournament! (Fortnite)

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2 months ago

I stream sniped my girlfriend's superhero only tournament in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 gameplay with Typical Gamer!
Samara's channel: @Samara Redway
Merch: typical.store
Twitter: typicalgamer
Instagram: typicalgamer
Music by Epidemic Sound: www.epidemicsound.com

Crackhead Sisters
Crackhead Sisters 8 hours ago
Andre Iโ€™m sorry but.. thatโ€™s karma for being toxic ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Daniel Segovia
Daniel Segovia 9 hours ago
Some how I got purple like button Iโ€™m a og fan damn then I stop watching for like 2 months ๐Ÿ˜žbut yah
Amy Jane
Amy Jane 13 hours ago
Adriana Hernandez
Adriana Hernandez 20 hours ago
I have the wildcat and i dont live in Europa
Poke Master
Poke Master Day ago
Benita Ople
Benita Ople Day ago
LOL that death tho
allygirl1117 Day ago
love how andre just walks in samaras office just casually talking about how he died but i think Tg shouldโ€™ve won but gg
Kaitlynn Beaverbone
Kaitlynn Beaverbone Day ago
My turned black
allygirl1117 Day ago
i really agree how i said the henchman moved really weird
kap 250yt
kap 250yt Day ago
I think a hot a glitch after he hit the bouncer
Lillian Vance
Lillian Vance Day ago
The like button was bkack
jay Day ago
Andre: I won't turn down a fight Later... Andre: I ain't taking that fight
Seth Tongia
Seth Tongia Day ago
Cool Ezekiel
Cool Ezekiel Day ago
1v1 me in 2 days ok
karla Chamorro
karla Chamorro Day ago
Tg is good at then game
Ashley Barewicz
Ashley Barewicz Day ago
Mine is black
Dante Edwards
Dante Edwards 2 days ago
Minecraft block
anamatronic World
anamatronic World 2 days ago
Grace Encierto
Grace Encierto 2 days ago
I mean fishstick is rare
Gaming Aryan
Gaming Aryan 3 days ago
U always say u try but u always go
cakeyy 3 days ago
TG:I never turn down a fight Also TG: I dont think I should take that fight
Deanna Montez
Deanna Montez 3 days ago
Hollyzwood 3 days ago
White=not liked yetblack=liked
Triqzy ยฟ
Triqzy ยฟ 4 days ago
My guy is out of breath
Quit the game kid 00
Quit the game kid 00 4 days ago
LOL you read this:/
II - 04PM 855030 Stanley Mills PS
II - 04PM 855030 Stanley Mills PS 4 days ago
Can I have one skin please I have no skins I am a default and I subscribe to your channel
Abubaker Mohammed
Abubaker Mohammed 4 days ago
I don't want to watch it
someone being alittle toxic
Megan Storey
Megan Storey 4 days ago
I have wildcat bcs it switch exclusive
Akshara Aggarwal
Akshara Aggarwal 4 days ago
I got black
Ueu cv
Ueu cv 5 days ago
Like blue
Oscar M
Oscar M 5 days ago
Ur map is HUGE!
Michael Mendoza-Trujillo
Michael Mendoza-Trujillo 5 days ago
I always get blue
cheese string
cheese string 5 days ago
Armie Hammer
Rhona Buchanan
Rhona Buchanan 5 days ago
Aminta R
Aminta R 5 days ago
Fall damages is so wired
Juan Roblox
Juan Roblox 6 days ago
Dude cool video!
Shooting_ Comet
Shooting_ Comet 6 days ago
Emirhan payback
Emirhan payback 6 days ago
Word of the year "Doneski"
Cyber Gaming
Cyber Gaming 6 days ago
You should of been a default lol
Patience Etuh
Patience Etuh 6 days ago
Me turned black
Esin Alpay
Esin Alpay 6 days ago
Tryhard1ion293 6 days ago
My like button turned blue
Zajdel Anderson
Zajdel Anderson 7 days ago
*no words*
Zy Carrol
Zy Carrol 7 days ago
White Typical gamer I Love Your videos stay good videos I love it and I will always subscribe donโ€™t forget it about everybody please game your code is not working for my PS4 I donโ€™t know whatโ€™s going on but Iโ€™m sorry
Zy Carrol
Zy Carrol 7 days ago
Nyan linn Htoo
Nyan linn Htoo 7 days ago
Faze Firmino
Faze Firmino 7 days ago
Weโ€™re the ikoniks
Dimitris Savvidis
Dimitris Savvidis 7 days ago
I'm European and......... Yeah..... OK goodnight.........
Riopelle0 7 days ago
FaZe Zari
FaZe Zari 8 days ago
Finley 8 days ago
What I don't get is why he doesn't put anonymous mode on if he doesn't want people to know he's in the game or else people will see his name in the chat.
Francisco Reyes
Francisco Reyes 8 days ago
this was more like a battle royale than a fashion show right after tg's girlfriend got killed lol
noah ramos
noah ramos 8 days ago
It blue
Joshua Matheny
Joshua Matheny 8 days ago
Kelsey Gamer
Kelsey Gamer 9 days ago
The guy who did not no how to hula hoop died of the car that s a different one
Nimo Awale
Nimo Awale 9 days ago
Tam Le
Tam Le 9 days ago
Jafta Terblanche
Jafta Terblanche 9 days ago
How did he die
Claire Sells
Claire Sells 9 days ago
Erik Delgadillo
Erik Delgadillo 9 days ago
is not rare is epic
Finn Horton
Finn Horton 9 days ago
tyreek thompson
tyreek thompson 9 days ago
David alor
David alor 9 days ago
Nova89 Lol
Nova89 Lol 9 days ago
The skin u used is a Nintendo switch exclusive ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
FreshBoyAlex YT
FreshBoyAlex YT 8 days ago
What about it?
Kyle Mallia
Kyle Mallia 9 days ago
Mine turned black the like button
idekxx xxx
idekxx xxx 9 days ago
Aiden Burns
Aiden Burns 10 days ago
Aiden Burns
Aiden Burns 10 days ago
israel garcia
israel garcia 10 days ago
Norma Michel
Norma Michel 10 days ago
My turn white
Stephanie Decker
Stephanie Decker 10 days ago
Typical im subscibed to you like if you are!
Molly Yates
Molly Yates 10 days ago
No its like 50 secs
Cola 10 days ago
I like how literally no one was talking about the minecraft cave sound
ian harrison
ian harrison 7 days ago
Haileywastakenn 10 days ago
The skin your wearing my sister has it,but we live in Texas
you break my heart my love
you break my heart my love 10 days ago
But is not funny
you break my heart my love
you break my heart my love 10 days ago
He was so mad
Aveann Douglas
Aveann Douglas 10 days ago
I follow the rules
Zand Rasheed
Zand Rasheed 10 days ago
Bsbshsjsndbdbd Snznshsbs
Bsbshsjsndbdbd Snznshsbs 10 days ago
Ignort D Blignort
Janahan9 11 days ago
Default skin
Wendy Partida
Wendy Partida 11 days ago
You are toxic
Traveon Allen
Traveon Allen 11 days ago
Traveon Allen
Traveon Allen 11 days ago
Yolanda Sharpless
Yolanda Sharpless 11 days ago
I'm new at your channal
Yolanda Sharpless
Yolanda Sharpless 11 days ago
Whitee like
Spicy Brothers!
Spicy Brothers! 11 days ago
Spicy Brothers!
Spicy Brothers! 11 days ago
When someone whereโ€™s a season x skin: samara: * makes disopointed cace*
Edeltraut Amobi
Edeltraut Amobi Day ago
~Makes a disopointed cace~?
Kieran Fitzsimons
Kieran Fitzsimons 11 days ago
Are u being afrncive to Ireland
Froggo boi
Froggo boi 11 days ago
Your girlfriend must hate you at this point
Animal Johnson
Animal Johnson 11 days ago
Hyper gaming
Hyper gaming 11 days ago
Know what I was not in the custom match but I watched the stream and when she said rare skin I really thought she meant rare skins
Jennifer Lawton
Jennifer Lawton 11 days ago
My cousin have that skin
Kiernan Wilson
Kiernan Wilson 11 days ago
Not sneaky boiii
Cryupted Thunder
Cryupted Thunder 11 days ago
Sub to cryupted thunder
Berglund Family
Berglund Family 11 days ago
I love the fact that he yelled his secret
Catalin Stochita
Catalin Stochita 11 days ago
Hos wathing from 2040
Braylen Davis
Braylen Davis 11 days ago
i have the wild cat and all of the styles
staunchyReal 11 days ago
mine turns blue
Kelly Myers
Kelly Myers 11 days ago
Typical Gamer:come here i have a secret "its free real estate."
Gaming With Kaiden
Gaming With Kaiden 11 days ago
The reason u died was because u uses the mythic means it cancels the effect.-.
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